Cruel Prince


Mephista cringed as she heard Prince Domitian ascending the stairs to her tower. The princess had been his prisoner there for about 3 months now, long enough to know that when she heard his steps she would once again pray for death to consume her before he actually reached her chamber.


Mephista clearly remembered the day she became a prisoner in this evil kingdom. There had been a great battle between her kingdom and his as Domitian fought to take over the land her family had held for hundreds of years. She had seen the prince slaughter most of her kingdom's best warriors single-handedly. He was not a power to take lightly. She remembered the fear that gripped her as Domitian's troops had entered her castle, killing all that stood in their way, finally to establish the kingdom as their own. Then, in the heat of their boisterous celebrating, and surely just to add to her humiliation, Domitian had pulled the innocent Mephista from behind a set of heavy satin drapes and beaten her in front of the remaining members of her kingdom's forces.

Now, 3 months later, Mephista had endured way more than a simple beating. The prince had taken her as a sort of living trophy; only he didn't treat her as such. She was instead to be used as an object for the release of all of the prince's anger. She was forced to listen to his evil plans whenever he needed someone to listen. She was forced to take it as he beat and abused her already weakening body. That's how things had been; only now, the prince had began exploring other ways in which Mephista could satisfy him. He would grab her tightly, and whisper threatening words into her ears. He told her that he planned to marry her, and make her a symbol of his hatred. As his hair brushed lightly and almost innocently against her cheek, she heard him whisper the dark words that would define her future with him. She was to be his slave in any way he wanted.


Finally, his footsteps reached her chamber, and he entered. It was almost dark out, so the only light defining him was that from the glowing torches on the walls, and a miniscule amount of moonlight. He almost looked strangely handsome that way, with the torchlight playing off his hair, and in his eyes. "My darling," he whispered as he took her waist in his hands, drawing her close to him. It was slightly sickening how he would play the part of a loving prince, when they both knew what was about to happen. One of his fingers traced down the back of her neck as he whispered enchanting words into her ears; words that soon turned dark with hatred.

"My darling little angel, let me show you how to love… let me show you how good I can make you feel…" He began to slowly cut the back of her thin white gown with a small knife as his lips caressed her neck. "I'll show you what it means to submit to your prince, to be totally helpless like you were always meant to be…" His words sent a chill down her spine; yet she knew she could not try to move away from his touch. Doing so would only result in a severe beating, followed by a night in the most dangerous dungeon, the one where the demons ruled, and from which normal townsfolk never emerged in once piece.

Letting her dress fall to the floor, Mephista resigned herself to Domitian's strong arms as he lifted her, terrified, and now only clad in her lace panties and almost transparent bra, and carried her as if she were a doll, down to his own chamber. She felt a barely controllable urge to fight him, as he had never taken her out of that tower, in all the three months she had been in his domain. "Wh… what are you going to do?" she whimpered into his hair, as her arms latched around his neck so as not to fall from his embrace and onto the dark, cold floor that lay over the railing.

"Now that you are my official queen, I decided that it would be appropriate to have you in my bed every night," he told her. Fear gripped Mephista's mind as a string of images from the previous night flashed through her mind-least her small tower chamber afforded some sort of familiarity while he beat her. In there, she could draw her mind away from her agony, and focus on the comforting images of her own familiar chamber. In Domitian's own bed, none of those things would be there for her. She only had her evil captor to stare at, and now, he would likely hurt her in ways other than a simple beating. The princess still had her innocence about her, but she feared that would change this very night.

Domitian gently set his captive down on his bed, reminding her "Don't try to run my darling, or you know I just might have to let my demons in the basement have their way with you too!" He laughed at his threat and climbed into bed with her, immediately taking her into his arms. Domitian had never held her this way before, and Mephista was finding it harder to control the rising urge to fight him. His breathing grew heavier, and his arms held her with increasing strength. As he began to kiss her neck, the princess could no longer control herself.

Pulling her right arm free, she hit her attacker in the head, while trying to roll away from him. This angered Domitian, and he slapped her face, twice as hard, while pinning Mephista's struggling form beneath him. An evil smile spread across his face as her desperate squirming only served to excite him farther. He covered her mouth with his, kissing her while stifling her terrified screams, and ground his cock into her body, meeting resistance only from her panties. "This will not do," he said, as he tore them off in one swift movement. Blood trickled from her lip from his rough kissing, and her arms now bore marks from his fingers. Mephista knew she was fighting a losing battle against him.

"You like it don't you?" Domitian laughed as her struggles served to mash her tits into his chest. Quickly undoing her bra and throwing it off the bed, Domitian grasped one nipple between his fingers and playfully pinched it. Never having felt such a sensation, Mephista instinctively screamed and grabbed Domitian's arm. "Not good," he laughed as he roughly brushed her hand off. Moving one hand to her neck, he held her down as he licked down her chest and took one tit into his mouth, sucking, her nipple quickly becoming hard. At the same time, she could also feel his dick brushing her inner thighs, probing at the entrance to her cunt. "You think that hurts sweetheart," he murmured, "just wait until I'm ready to fuck your brains out."

Mephista could not struggle anymore. His strength was too much for her. Of course, she expected no less from him, knowing that he was a prince of pain and destruction, while she was an innocent princess from a finished kingdom.

Suddenly, Mephista felt herself being lifted up by her hair. Domitian was merciless as he shoved her into position between his legs. She knew what she had to do, simply to stay alive. Her lips closed around Domitian's hard cock, and with no mercy, he slammed it into the back of her throat. "You're a little cock sucking slut," he chuckled as he pumped in and out of her throat, watching as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Running a finger up and down her slit, he could not help noticing that she was dripping wet. "Hey, you really do like this don't you?" he said with mock surprise. "If I am to prove my power over your wasted land, I'll just have to fuck you till you can't take it any more… let's say… until as the last living member of royalty from your kingdom you officially turn your land over to me!… Now be a good girl and keep your tongue nice and tight around my dick when I fuck your face."

So this is what it was about. Mephista fought the urge to bite his foul dick as she realized what his words meant. He would fuck her until she gave him what he wanted, and even then he would probably still not let her go. After a few more thrusts, Domitian threw her aching body back onto the bed, and positioned himself on top of her.

Mephista closed her eyes as Domitian slowly pushed his dick deeper and deeper into her cunt. It felt like fire between her legs as he was very hard, and she was so tight. Finally, he thrust hard, and was all the way into her. Mephista gasped as she stared, wide-eyed and terrified at her tormentor. He pulled almost all the way out before ramming back into her full force. Again and again he slammed into her helpless body, feeling every inch of her with all of his hardness. Soon, as her initial pain subsided, Domitian could feel her hips moving to meet his thrusts. She began to moan softly as his hands moved to her tits, squeezing them roughly as he pumped in and out of her. Mephista was too weak to fight, she could only lay there under him taking in every inch of him, and submitting to his hands as they rubbed her body, his fingers squeezing her, his tongue down her throat.

With prince Domitian raping her brains out, she could do nothing… and maybe she didn't want to do anything anymore. She reached up with one arm and caressed Domitian's face, wanting nothing more than to truly know the man who was her undoing. Maybe she was a slut. She couldn't say at this point that she didn't enjoy it. She was certainly feeling things she had never felt before, something like electricity in her cunt… a wave of pleasure threatening to crash over her entire being.

With one more hard thrust, Domitian collapsed onto the princess's body as he filled her with his cum. At the same time, she moaned with great release as her own orgasm took hold of her. They lay there like that, for several hours, not saying a word… Mephista knew now what her destiny was. She was to be queen to prince Domitian forever, loving him, obeying him, and doing anything that made him happy. She was his slave to be used as he pleased, and maybe… maybe she did not mind at all.

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