tagInterracial LoveCruise Control 02: The Beginning

Cruise Control 02: The Beginning


This story is a sequel to "Cruise Control" which follows a reluctant wife on an island cruise and her sexual escape at the Blue Parrot Nightclub. Since I felt the original was well written I thought I'd do a sequel as a tribute to the author. I provided an alternate ending from the original as a start.


As we returned to our room Maria took a shower and packed her clothes in her suitcase. As she packed I asked her "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean your asking me to let you spend a whole week with someone we don't really know. Tonight was wild but I'm concerned for your safety. We're talking a whole week here."

"Don't worry," Maria told me. "How many opportunities will I have to do this again. I'm here now ... I did it already ... it was wild ... I'm not hurt. Don't worry. I will text you often and let you know how things are going. If it turns out to be a bad decision I will leave and take the next ship home."

With that being said we walked towards the exiting platform and I gave Maria a big hug. "I can't believe I'm letting you do this. You're my wife of 15 years. But I want you to be happy. If you feel this is something healthy for our relationship then I'll let you do it."

Maria hugged me with a big kiss. "Don't worry," she said. "I'll be fine." She then hollered a cab down and off she went.

As I walked back to the room I couldn't stop myself from thinking of what was going to happen to her all week. "Can Carlos be trusted?" I asked myself. I became consumed with fear ... and excitement. The ship was leaving in two hours. Back in my room I decided to stay on the island and follow her. I grabbed my wallet and walked off the ship.

I yelled for a cab asking the driver to take me to the Blue Parrot. Upon arrival I noticed the club was closed. It was about noon now so I guess a nightclub would be closed. "So where could she have gone?" She did say she needed some new dresses for the week. I decided to head into the village to see if she was there.

The village was fairly small. There were a few restaurants and some shops. In order to avoid being spotted I decided to buy myself a large straw hat and a change of clothing. After I changed I spotted Maria across the street with Carlos. She had two large bags with her. It looked like they went shopping. They were sitting at a table drinking. I decided to discreetly leave the store and walk down the street a bit. Finding a bench I was able to watch them as they drank. It looked like things were okay. They exchanged laughs and seemed to be having a good time. It looked like several young male friends of Carlos stopped by to say hello. Perhaps they were at the Blue Parrot and recognized Maria. They shook hands and walked away as if they were planning something.

By now it was 6pm and the sun starting setting. Carlos and Maria got up and called a cab. As they drove past me I quickly did the same and asked the driver to discreetly follow that car. The cab Carlos and Maria were in eventually drove down a winding dirt road.

As we entered the road the driver stopped and said "Are your sure you want to go down that road?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Oh mon, white folks no go down that way. It be dangerous."

"Why?" I asked again.

"How 'bout I drop you off here, mon. You can walk the rest. It not far."

"Okay," I said and walked out.

I began walking along the dirt road. It was really dark. No moon in the sky. It was also hot surprisingly cause it was night. I could hear the waves crashing along a beach in the distance. As the waves became louder I noticed a faint light in the distance. It seemed to be coming from a boathouse along the beach. I slowly crept towards the boathouse. Then I heard Maria's voice coming from the ocean. There were other voices too. As I watched the voices became louder. Suddenly out of the darkness I saw Maria. She was wearing a tight white swimsuit I never saw before. The front was cut low exposing the inner sides of her breast and the sides road high up on her hip. She was walking towards the boathouse with Carlos and several young men behind them.

I noticed a small ventilation window off to the side of the boathouse. Quietly I made my way over to see inside. The room was dimly lit. I couldn't see anything until Maria walked under the ceiling light. Her tight white swimsuit stood out in the darkness. I could see drops of water sliding down her legs. Her body glistened under the light.

Carlos stepped in front of her and reached down and grabbed her wrists. He began tying a rope around her wrists and slowly raised them above her head. Then he placed them on a hook hanging above. I watched Maria's face as she looked a little worried.

I heard her quietly say, "What are you going to do to me? I thought we were going to the Blue Parrot?" But Carlos did not reply. She looked concerned. Carlos then walked towards the window I was peering through. I quickly ducked. Then I heard a funny kind of cranking noise. I heard Maria ask in a panic, "What's are you doing???" "Please don't hurt me," I heard her say.

As I leaned against the boathouse I noticed a small light coming from a crack along the wall. I looked through and couldn't believe my eyes. I saw Maria hung up by her wrists barely touching the floor with her toes. Her body was fully stretched. There was water probably perspiration by now streaming down her tight white swimsuit. I could hear her moan as if her wrists were in pain. Even though I started to fear for her safety I decided to wait and see what would happen.

As I looked around the darkened room I could see about eight young black men staring at her. They looked like teenagers. Not even close to Carlo's age. Soon the young men began removing their swimming trunks. I could tell they were very aroused cause they were exposing their large erect cocks. Their large cocks pointed to the ceiling.

They all looked at Carlos as if they were waiting for a signal. I heard him say "Begin."

One of the young men walked over to Maria and placed a bucket on the floor next to her. Then two more men walked over and did the same thing. Reaching in the bucket one of the men pulled out what appeared to be oil or grease on his hand. It was brownish in color and had a kind of industrial smell. He slowly started to rub it on her thighs. Then another did the same. Soon three of the men began rubbing grease on her thighs slowly working her body.

Maria questioned Carlos, "What are you doing to me? Why are you putting this stuff on me???" But Carlos did not answer. I held my breath as he was standing right next to the crack I was peering through.

Undistracted, I became hypnotized by the site of my white wife being painted by several greasy black hands. Helpless, Maria began to squirm. But that didn't stop the men. It only increased their arousal. I watched as several greasy hands engulfed her tight perspiring white body. Slowly working her inner thighs. One hand entered her swimsuit from her hips covering her tummy with grease. Another hand reached inside the swimsuit from the back rubbing her hard nipples with the slick oil. I could see another hand working her pussy from inside the swimsuit. As they spun her around another oily black hand worked between her ass cheeks. Soon the other young men joined in rubbing grease in and out of her tight white swimsuit. Oiled hands were now on top of each other as they competed to work her pussy, ass and breasts. Some of their hard cocks rubbed against her oiled body as they surrounded her.

Maria began to moan ... this time with pleasure. I felt helpless as these strange men sexually took advantage of my wife.

Suddenly Carlos said "Stop!" The men walked back leaving Maria hanging. Her body was completely covered with the slick oil. Her white swimsuit was now brownish in color. Her body seemed to glow under the dim light. The young men looked at Carlos waiting for another signal. Carlos must have nodded or something cause the men began rubbing grease on their bodies. I noticed them rubbing the grease on their erect cocks too. Some started to masterbate as they stared at Maria's helpless body. I could hear Carlos masterbating above me too. Maria's head was hunched over as she looked over at Carlos. She looked around the room noticing the all the men were jerking off their greasy hard cocks while staring at her. It was a surreal site to see Maria covered in oil as these young men jerked off around her. She was too tired for words.

Then Carlos said "Begin."

The young men walked towards her helpless hanging body and began to grind up against her. They appeared to be rubbing their greasy hard cocks against her oiled body. Grinding their hard cocks against her oiled thighs and sliding them between her ass cheeks. Each of them began clawing at her breasts and pussy. Soon they couldn't contain themseleves. They began violently grinding against Maria's stretched body. It was a wild frenzied site as these men grinded and humped their bodies against my wife. In the dim light I couldn't tell if anyone was fucking her cause all I could see were men surrounding her. She completely vanished in the sexual frenzy.

All I could do is hear her breathlessly moan with pleasure. "Ahh .... ohhh ... fuckkkk ... ahhhh .... ohhhh. Fuck meeeee ... ohhhhhh ... yeahhh ... my .... ohhhh ... asssss ... yeahhhhh."

The young men started moaning too. "Fuckkk ... yeah bitch ... like that shit ... feelin' that woman ... ahhhh." Some of the men sounded like they were having an orgasm. "Oww ... shitttt ... hell yeahhh ... fuckkk"

As each male orgasmed they pulled back. Soon I could see Maria's body exposed. She was completely covered in oil with streaks of white cum oozing down her legs. She was completely exhausted by now. Carlos walked other to her lifting her off the hook. She immediately collapsed on the floor. As she laid there one of the men brought in a bucket of water and dumped it on her body. A few others did the same. After they did that the young men exited the boathouse.

I kept quiet in the darkness as Carlos picked up Maria and walked out the door. Someone had pulled up in a car and they both got in.

As they drove off I wondered how I would be able to find her again.

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