tagNovels and NovellasCruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 09

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 09


Angel and I were pretty much left alone for the rest of the cruise. We had a wonderful time, visiting the islands, walking on the beaches, playing in the surf and enjoying the sites of Hawaii.

We also enjoyed the ships facilities. We went to the nightclub shows, swam in the pools, watched first run movies and enjoyed the amazing cuisine offered almost twenty-four hours a day.

We figured the Captain and his wife had gotten their fill of us and were busy tormenting other passengers. We had seen them both in passing and they were polite, nodding and giving us knowing smiles.

It was the last night aboard ship before we sailed to Ensenada and then home to Los Angeles. We were in our cabin getting ready for dinner when the phone rang.

"Good evening," It was the Captain's wife's voice. "My husband and I would like you to join us and some friends after dinner in our cabin for a "Bon Voyage" party. We want to say goodbye and give you the tapes we shot of our last get together. Shall we say around nine?"

Both Angel and I knew it was not a request but a demand. Well, what the hell, one last night and then we will be free of them forever. Besides, we wanted those tapes back.

We arrived at the Captain's cabin promptly at 9pm. We were greeted by Eve, the Captain's wife. She ushered us into another room and explained what was to transpire that evening.

"We have left you two alone during your cruise but now it is time to pay the piper. During your cruise, you have been catered to, given top service and treated like royalty.

Tonight, in appreciation, you will serve us. There will be two other couples who are, shall we say, in the same boat as you. They have kept us busy and entertained while you two were enjoying the rest of your cruise.

All six of you will be our slaves for tonight's party. You will serve us drinks, refreshments, and do whatever is requested of you. Any hesitation or refusal will have severe consequences.

Your videos will be sent to your employers, friends and families. However, if you cooperate, you will be given your videos and all charges for the cruise will be refunded to your accounts. Do I make myself clear?"

Angel and I nodded meekly as Eve continued.

"First of all, strip. You will remain nude this evening for our guest's pleasure. The guests attending tonight are all close friends who often travel with us and participate in our little parties. You will immediately follow any and all of their instructions.

They will be arriving in a few minutes. So will the other two couples. You will strip now and wait in here until your co-slaves arrive. You will not talk to the other slaves and only speak to the guests when asked a direct question. Now strip!"

Angel and I quickly removed our clothing, knowing the consequences for hesitating to obey an order. My wife looked magnificent in her naked glory. Her faced was flushed with embarrassment, her nipples proud and erect. Even my usually flaccid penis was beginning to engorge, caught up in the excitement of the evening.

We heard a knock at the door from the next room and soon the two other couples were ushered into the room and given the same speech we had been given upon our arrival. The first couple was younger than Angel and I.

He looked like he might be an athlete or in the military judging by his short hair and buffed body. His cock was a respectable 8-9 inches and he had chiseled good looks. He wife was a knockout, a curvaceous redhead with large rose-colored nipples and a shaved pussy.

The other couple was Asian. She was a dark-haired beauty of about forty, slim and graceful. He was short but well built with an average sized cock.

We waited, naked in the other room, nervously glancing at each other, forbidden to speak. We all knew that we had all experienced the servitude of the Captain, his wife and friends previously and wondered what lie in store for us tonight.

We didn't have to wait long. Eve summoned us into the front room and started giving orders. She looked at me and said, "You will be our bartender, and Angel will serve the refreshments. The Mings will act as butler and maid, answering the door, taking the coats and help serve the refreshments.

Bill and Cynthia, you will assist any of the guests who wish to use the Jacuzzi or Sauna with disrobing, toweling off or getting them robes. Are they any questions? Good. Remember, no speaking to each other and only speak when asked a question by one of the guest, above all, you are not to refuse any request, no matter what. Do I make myself clear?"

We all nodded in compliance, looking sheepishly at each other, waiting for the guests to arrive.

The first guests to arrive were the ship's doctor, Michael Burns and his wife Mary. They looked like William Powell and Myrna Loy from the Thin Man movies. They were followed by a fortyish black couple, John Wells and his wife Aziza. He looked like a NFL football linebacker and she had the presence of a beautiful African Queen with a Grace Jones look about her.

Next were the Captain's nephew Daniel and his friend Bodiddy. Finally the Gillians arrived, a scary couple to say the least. He reminded me of the deceased actor George Sanders and she resembled the ex-thriller host Elvira.

The guests were greeted by the naked Mings who bowed respectfully and took their coats and raps. Angel offered refreshments and I mixed the drinks. The guests smirked at us in our naked and submissive states.

Daniel and Bodiddy had Bill and Cynthia assist them in disrobing and got in the Jacuzzi. I brought them cold beers. They decided they both needed to have their cocks sucked and Angel and Cynthia were assigned that task.

I kept mixing drinks while I glanced over to the Jacuzzi and watched my wife and the redhead take the huge black cocks into their mouths.

Cynthia's husband, Bill was seething as he watched his beautiful wife take a load of cum in her mouth and she was then ordered to gargle the semen and blow a few cum bubbles but not to swallow, for everybody's amusement. Bill knew there was nothing he could do and tried to remain cool.

Mr. Gillian, sensing Bill's anger decided to push the envelope a little. He told Bill to go over to Bodiddy and thank him for coming in his wife's mouth and French kiss her so he too could enjoy the taste of black semen. Bill followed his instructions to the amusement of the guests.

I realized that if we showed any emotion, it would be used against us by the guests and decided to remain as calm as possible. After Angel had sucked Daniel to completion she was told to snowball Cynthia with his load. The two women looked lovely embracing and passing the cum in their mouths back and forth to each other.

Meanwhile the Mings were instructed to sixty-nine each other on the floor while the Captain and the doctor fucked them both in the ass. As their passions rose the other guests chanted "Cum, cum, cum," repeatedly and applauded until all four of the participants reached orgasm.

The Mings were then ordered to lick and clean the cocks that had just penetrated their asses.

I watched the various scenes unfolding before me. It was like watching a porno orgy movie. I suddenly heard Aziza's voice addressing me, bringing me back to reality. It was soft but commanding. "Come here slave and kneel before me. Kiss my feet and worship your queen!"

I quickly fell to my knees before her and pressed my lips to the toe of her boot. She in turn placed the other boot heel on my back.

"Look between my legs slave and tell me what you see." She said.

I looked up from her boot and saw that she had lifted her dress to expose he beautiful brown hairless cunt with its pink inner labia. She was moist and I could smell the intoxicating musk exuding from her lovely pussy.

"I see the gates to the kingdom and paradise just beyond mistress." I replied.

She smiled, or rather smirked down at me and said, "Very good slave, someone has taught you well. Would you like a taste of paradise?"

"Yes please Mistress. I would be deeply honored to taste your honey and feel your moist cunt anoint my face." I respectfully replied.

"The do it, slave. Inhale and taste my sweet nectar and don't stop until I tell you." She commanded.

I became lost in my task. I was completely into my submissive zone, sucking and licking and breathing her essence when suddenly I felt someone spreading my ass cheeks and lubricating my anus.

I dare not look around to see who it was for risk of incurring Aziza's wrath for interrupting my oral administrations.

I suddenly felt something hard and large against my rectum. It was not a real cock because it had no give to it. I realized that one of the other women there had strapped on a dildo and was about to fuck me with it.

At first it hurt but I fought the urge to tighten up and relaxed as best I could. It worked. The pain started to subside as I yielded to the plastic phallus that was assaulting it.

The pain was replaced with pleasure as the dildo rubbed against my prostate and soon caused the semen in my balls to involuntarily rise through my penis and spill out on the cabin floor.

The woman behind me laughed and pulled out the dildo which made a popping sound and said, "What a good little faggot. You came quickly; I'll bet you love a big cock in your ass!" It was the Captain's wife Eve's voice.

It was not pleasurable. It was more like a reflex action which I had no control over. I had been milked like an animal.

Meanwhile Aziza, who was pulling my by my hair so tight against her quivering cunt I could not breath, began to cum. She came violently crushing my face.

I was close to suffocation. I started feeling dizzy from lack of air and was about to pass out, when she finally came and pushing me back with her boot, sent me tumbling backwards on the floor.

As I started to regain my equilibrium, I looked up and saw Eve, smiling down at me with the dildo strapped to her groin.

"Ok faggot," She said, "You can thank me for giving you your puny little orgasm by laying on your back while I straddle your face so you may pay homage to my cunt.

I quickly rolled over to oblige her as she ripped off her dildo and pounced on my face smothering me and drowning me in her copious juices.

Once again I found it difficult to breath. I knew if I didn't make her cum quickly, she could easily suffocate me with her luscious pussy and thighs.

I quickly drew in a deep breath as she resettled herself on my face and using my lower lip to anchor her clitoris, started circling it with my tongue, carefully avoiding direct contact until I heard her start to moan.

I then quickly ran the flat of my tongue back and forth across her clit to create the most friction possible and listened to her screams as she came against my mouth.

At first she just collapsed on top of me but fortunately I could manage to get enough air to keep me going by arching my head forward and breathing through my nose.

She rolled off me and said, "You will be punished for making me cum so fast bitch, I prefer my slaves savor my pussy longer before licking me to orgasm. First get up and mix me a Manhattan, on the rocks.

I got up and headed for the bar. My jaw ached, my ass burned and I felt like I had been raped by the Hell's Angels. I had made her cum too soon and was in big trouble. Worst of all, I had no idea how to mix a Manhattan.

I looked around the bar at the Captain's party and found a "Bartender's Guide to Mixing Drinks." I quickly looked up the recipe for a Manhattan and mix the drink for Eve. She grabbed the drink from my hand and took a swig.

"Not bad for a beginner," She informed me and walked away from the bar looking for another slave to torture.

As I looked around the room I could see that the Gillian's were putting my Angel through her paces. She was on her knees with her face buried in Mrs. Gillian's crotch while Mr. Gillian took her doggy style from behind.

The Mings were giving blow jobs to Daniel and Bodiddy while the Doctor and he wife, spanked them with belts. Bill and Cynthia were busy fucking the Captain and his wife.

It was nice to be left out for a change and I must admit the various scenes going down were quite erotic.

After a few more orgasms it seems everybody was ready for a break. "Let's go for a swim," the Captain stated and we all adjourned to his private pool just behind his cabin.

It was really refreshing, the water was about eighty-five degrees and there were millions of stars that you don't see from the mainland blotting out the sky.

Angel swam over to me and said, "How are you doing baby, holding up ok?"

I took my new bride in my arms and gave her a long lingering kiss. She tasted like Daniel's semen and Mrs. Gillian's pussy. "I'm ok, how about you?" I asked.

"My anus is sore from Mr. Gillian's cock. I'll just be glad when this night is over and we can go back to our own lives!" She answered.

After the swim, well all put on our terry-cloth robes and returned to the Captain's cabin. We were expecting to once again be told to strip and resume our slave status but instead we were told to dress.

We dressed and returned to the main cabin room. The Captain then informed us that we were no longer slaves and had paid our dept and passed out the tapes which they had used to blackmail us with.

We then spent the rest of the evening being served drinks and refreshments by the Captain's staff. We were treated like equals and spent a very pleasant evening chatting with the other guests just like a normal cocktail party.

As we were preparing to leave, the Captain informed us that we were now part of the "Captain's Circle" which entitled us to VIP treatment for the rest of the cruise and any future cruises.

All charges on our credit cards were cancelled and refunded to our account. We were given express disembarkation privileges and there was a limousine waiting for us to take us home.

The cruise was over, it had cost us nothing but a little humiliation. We were told that all future cruises would be half price and we would be given automatic upgrades and VIP treatment as a permanent part of the Captain's Circle. We can hardly wait for our next cruise.

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