tagLoving WivesCruise with Momma Ch. 04

Cruise with Momma Ch. 04


All this time I am sitting at home wondering and creating scenarios in my head. I have cum numerous times just realizing that she might be finally getting the good sex I have hoped she would get for a long time. Oh well, that part of the story is well known so I won't rehash it.

Anyway back to the story.

The Blonde and my wife are in a 69 position cleaning each other up while enjoying the soft warmth of to women licking and sucking on each other.

The guys, Eric and Tom, both wanting to watch the lovemaking but having been told to call room service and get drinks for all everybody were hesitant to make the call. Finally, Eric breaks away and picks up the phone ordering cold refreshments. Then right back to watching the girls have at each other. Tom has picked up the camera and is rapidly clicking away from all angles.

My wife in her first girl girl encounter was totally lost in the lust of what the Blonde was doing to her willing and ready cunt. The Blonde repaying her for past favors slowly starts to lick my wife's twat from clit to puckered ass hole. The Blonde pull my wife's legs up under her armpits so her twat was totally available to her tongue and mouth. This went on until there was a knock on the door. "Room Service" a voice said from behind the door.

The Blonde rolls off my wife, who whimpers in disappointment that she did not get off again from the twat licking she was enjoying for the first time from another woman. Without thinking she with an almost reflex motion puts her hands on her cunt and starts to play with herself.

The Blonde says, "Poor Baby wants more? Look guys, she can't keep her hands off herself."

The guys are all eyes as they slowly begin to regain their erections.

The Blonde then tells my wife, "OK Horny Slut, open the door."

My wife slowly stops playing with her cunt and slides her legs off the edge of the bed. Wrapping a sheet around herself while standing to answer the door. She slowly opens the door and lets the room service guy into the room with a tray full of drinks. He is all eyes. Two naked guys with erections, a beautiful Blonde totally naked and my wife wrapped in a sheet is quite a sight to behold. He sets the tray down, stands there waiting for a tip. The Blonde says, "Tip him cunt!"

"I don't have any money on me" my wife coyly smiles."

"Then I guess you have to work something out with our waiter. We can't let him do all this work and not get fair compensation now can we?" the Blonde says with a wicked smile plastered all over her face.

My wife remembering she was the slut of the night and was supposed to do as told, looked at the young waiter, who did not appear to be much over a teenager wondering what it would take to keep everyone happy.

She smiles and says, "Since I don't have any money I guess I will have to offer you something else. Do you have anything that I might give you that would be OK?"

The young waiter's eyes got even wider and he spits out, "I've never had a blow job, would that be OK!" Then thinking he had over stepped his bounds he starts to stutter and mumble about how that is OK, how he really doesn't have to have a tip, it was Ok, just fine.

Before the Blonde could say word my wife slowly step over in front of the waiter and drops the sheet. Again, if it was possible his eyes got even bigger, as the sheet dropped to the floor. Gently my wife reaches out and takes the waiters cock in her hand through his trousers. He is already harder than a rock without needing any help. She slowly licks her lips as she kneels down in front of the young waiter. Reaching up with both hands and unzips his trousers. She reaches into his fly and pulls out a cock hard enough to cut diamonds. She smiles as she realizes how hard this young guy has gotten thinking about what was about to happen.

She knows that after having Tom's huge cock in her mouth this youngster's cock will be no problem for her to deep throat. She sticks out her tongue and licks the underside of his cock thinking she was taking her time to let him enjoy it more. About half way up his cock he can't stand it anymore and shoots his cum load all over her face and hair. It just keeps cumming and cumming. She quickly tries to get the head into her mouth before he gets totally done. She manages to catch the last couple of spurts before the young waiter almost collapses on top of her. Smiling she takes her fingers and pulls the thick globs of cum off her face and into her mouth. The young waiter gathers himself and says, "Thank you, Mam, Thank you very much. He then moves quickly out the door as Tom tells him to see him tomorrow and he will give him pics of his first blowjob.

The Blonde says, "It's time to get serious about some real sex, now."

My wife looks at he guys with brand new hard ons and at the Blonde wondering what she/they had in mind for the rest of the night. The Blonde took charge without being encouraged. She told Tom to lie on his back on the floor. My wife was again totally involved with looking at his huge hard cock as he slid down on to the floor, resting comfortably on his back. But she waited to see what the Blonde had in mind having feelings of excitement, fear and longing for more.

The Blonde told my wife, "Now Slut why don't you straddle Tom's big, long and hard cock and slowly lower yourself onto it. My wife did not waste any time, she stepped over Tom's body facing him, smiling as she slowly lowered her self down until she could get her hands on the big cock. Guiding this huge schoong into her fuck hole she gasped as it began to inter her inch by inch until she was sitting on the base of his cock feeling more full than she had ever felt before. She slowly began to rub her clit on the base of his cock so wanting to cum again. Tom raised his hands and took her nipples between his thumb and forefingers. Slowly rolling her nipples with harder and harder pressure until she let out a small moan of pleasure. He pulled her down on his chest and began to slow fuck her never letting go of her nipples and steadily increasing the pressure he was using to roll then back and forth. The Blonde went over to Eric and whispered in his ear explaining what she wanted him to do without my wife knowing what might be coming next. Quietly Eric stepped over behind my wife between Tom's legs as he continued to slow fuck her, pulling her up and down his cock with her nipples. Gently so as not to scare her to quickly, Eric took some of his pre-cum in his hand and rubbed it against my wife's ass hole. She jerked at first touch but quickly got back into Tom's rhythm of slowly fucking her cunt. Then Eric as the Blonde had told him raised up and rubbed his cock up and down my wife's puckered hole. Between moans my wife whispered, "No, no I can't take any more fuck stick in my bottom, please, no more, no more...." The Blonde nods her head and Eric gently begins to insert his now raging hard cock into my wife's tightly puckered asshole. At first he was having a hard time getting past the sphincter but he finally creates enough moisture and the head of his cock slips past the tight ring. My wife grunts, I wish it were joyful moan but at first it is nothing more than a grunt of physical exertion. Once in Eric slowly and gently begins to slow fuck my wife's ass trying to get into the same stroke pattern that Tom was using in her cunt. Gently but steadily Eric worked his cock deeper and deeper into my wife's ass. The grunts begin to turn into low moans of erotic pleasure. Finally they get the rhythm right and as one fucks in the other cock fucks out. My wife grasps Tom's hands on her nipples squeezing them harder and harder as a roaring orgasm begins to take control of her body. Her voice begins to let out a slow rumble from deep inside of her gut. The guys continue to slow fuck her cunt and asshole in and out as they also build to their next climax.

My wife lets out a blood-curdling scream as the guys continue their assault on her lower body. She screams, groans, moans and cries as the climax racks her body. It just does not seem to stop. She tries to rise up but the two guys bodies hold her between them as they continue to slow fuck her ass and cunt. Tom is still pinching and rolling her nipples as she rolls her head back and forth.

Eric begins to fuck faster as his next climax starts to roll out of his cock. This in turns sends Tom over the top and they all cum somewhat together. My wife slumps over as Tom releases her nipples. Eric slowly pulls him limp cock out of her ass and sits back on his haunches looking into her stretched ass that has loads of cum sliding out and down into her cunt. Tom's limp cock gradually slips out and cum is everywhere. Tom smiles as he watches my wife limply melt onto the floor totally spent not sure if she should rub her nipples or caress her cunt and ass hole.

The Blonde, who had been taking pics of the whole scene, took charge again. She tells my wife, "OK, Slut, get up and clean these guys cocks for me." My wife opens one eye in disbelief, wishing she were in her cabin so she could just crash. The Blonde says again, "Get up Slut you still got things to do. I mean now!"

My wife slowly pushes herself up and leans over to Tom's now limp cock, which is covered with both his and her cum. Taking the limp cock in her mouth without even putting her hand on it she slowly begins to lick and suck up one side and down the other carefully making sure she get all the fuck juice off his cock. Once satisfied she had taken care of Tom she rolls over to take care of Eric's now limp cock. Tom says, "Wait Slut, you haven't gotten it al yet."

My wife looks back at him with a quizzical look on her face. Tom raises his knees up and out, lifting his nut sack up and show her the cum that had run down between his butt cheeks. My wife did not convey any emotion just leaned back over and began to lick the cum from Tom's butt crack. Tom liked this action a lot and reached down and pulled his ass cheeks apart for her to get it all. Slowly and surely she got into his asshole making positive she tongue fucked him while cleaning the mess. Slowly his cock began to get hard again.

The Blonde said, "Good work Slut. Now I have something to fuck while you clean Eric up."

The Blonde pulled my wife out of Tom's ass and sliding her cunt onto Tom's reinvigorated shaft. "Get over there and take care of Eric," she coos as she begins to get to full benefit of Tom's enormous cock. Tom reaches around the Blonde and begins to pinch and squeeze her nipples with more and more pressure.

My wife scoots around and with out even thinking about where Eric's cock had been starts to suck and lick his cock up one side and down the other. Eric's is really turned on by the nastiness and sits up on his knees for my wife to get to all areas. My wife pushes him over on his side and raises his leg as she begins to lick his ball sack. Slow working to his asshole Eric is more and more turned on again. My wife is so into what she is doing she just keeps licking and sucking his cock, balls and asshole. The more she did it the more turned on Eric got. Finally he can stand it no more. He rolls my wife over on her back and raises her legs up to her chest as he savagely crams his cock into my wife's stretched cunt. Both couples get into a steady rhythm as they wear down into a one last climax. Moaning, whimpering and letting out guttural sounds they all reach one final climax before falling spent on the tiles of the floor.

After a few minutes of catching their breaths the four of them untangle and lean back against the bed, tables and chairs totally spent. My wife without being told crawled over to Eric and began to lick his cock clean. Eric smiled and gently rubbed her hair with affection. When she was done with Eric she moved over to the Blonde and began to lick her cunt clean, sucking Tom's entire final cum out of her fuck hole. When she was through the Blonde took her face and kissed her deeply, tasting all the wonderful juices she had accumulated in her cleaning. The kiss lasted long enough for them both to enjoy the warmth and affection.

Finally my wife slides around and looked again at Tom's huge but limp cock. Taking it in both hands she rubs it all over her face and hair. After taking as much cum on her face and hair she tried her best to suck his whole cock into her mouth not wanting to let this wonderful fuck toy go, unsure if she will ever find a cock this size again. She tells Eric to please take pics of her loving, fondling, playing with and sucking Tom's cock.

Tom finally pulls her away from his still limp cock. Smiling he says, "You like that big dick, Slut?"

My wife still looking directly at it cooed, "God yes, it is wonderful, I have never been so full in my life."

Tom grins and says, "OK nasty Slut that you are, why don't you be in the lounge tomorrow night about the same time as tonight and if you are really good to my friends I might let you have some more. Would you like that?"

My wife crawls over and hugs Tom with one hand while gently stroking his limp cock with the other hand in hopes he might get it up at least one more time tonight.

Tom smiles and says, "Just be there tomorrow night."

My wife finally lets his cock go and says, "Yes, sir."

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