tagLoving WivesCruise with Momma Ch. 06

Cruise with Momma Ch. 06



Glenn then decides it is time for him to take his two sluts out for the ship to enjoy or be envious of what he might show them. He has you both pull on your dresses and suggests I stay close to the computer until he/they get back on to continue the show. I assure him I'll be available.

He then decides the black dresses the two of you have on are not to his liking. He tells Blondie to find a couple of slutty mini skirts and some fairly see through blouses to put on. Blonde digs around in their closet and comes up with some really great stuff for you to wear. A little wrap around skirt that barely covers your twat and ass, a black almost transparent, long-sleeved, pull over blouse that is more transparent than any thing you have ever worn, but so low cut you aren't sure it will keep your nipples covered.

It was obvious; any bending over would allow your nipples to be viewed by any and all. The thought scared and excited you. So again you strip off your dress, which gets both Glenn and the Blonde's attention.

She squats down in front of you, takes her thumbs and pulls your cunt lips apart. She says, "Poor baby, all wet and no one will let you cum yet. Here let me help". She then begins to lick and suck on your already juicy clit. You begin to moan almost immediately. Glenn not wanting to feel left out reaches over his wife and begins to twist your nipples a little more roughly than you are used to. Again your moans overcome any protest. As this continues Glenn realizes you are on the verge of cumming. He lets go and pulls Blondie to her feet leaving you standing there shivering with your legs spread and your hips humping back and forth wanting more.

You moan, "Please, please don't stop. Please, please."

Glenn laughs and tells you to get dressed and get ready to have plenty of opportunities to climax before this nite is over.

Sadly you reach around for your new "Slut" clothes. Wrapping the little skirt around your hips trying to push it far enough down your body to keep your cunt from being totally exposed but not wanting to show too much skin over the top of the skirt band. You slipped the blouse over your head and adjusted it over your half bra. You turn and look into the mirror. Your nipples are not totally exposed but enough that if someone looked long enough they would be able to see them. You were thinking how much I would love this look.

The Blonde is dressed in a similar fashion, short skirt that is split up the side to the top of her thigh; her top is a halter that ties in the front. Her nipples are prominent for all to see. She is smiling and appears to be looking forward to a night of erotic play. She asks Glenn since she is his number one slut does that make me number 2 slut?

Glenn smiles and says "Sure, did you have something in mind?"

The Blonde hugs him and says wait and see. With that he opens the door for his two sluts to parade their image of two ladies wanting and looking for sex, down the passageway. We must have really been quite a show from the looks all the cruisers giving us. The guys wanting to stare and most of the women shaking their heads, which did not bother her the way she thought it, might. I knew I was going to have fun tonight regardless of what anyone thought and that my husband was going to love every minute of it. Wow!

Glenn led us into a lounge that was quite loud with what sounded like a good time. The guy on the stage with the microphone saw the two sluts come in the door and let out a huge wolf whistle. All eyes turned around and locked on the blonde sluts. Hooping and hollering broke out. Glenn proceeded to the stage and asks the MC if his sluts could karaoke to "Can't Get No Satisfaction". He then wiggles his finger for the two blondes to join him on the stage. The MC pumps up the crowd with lewd comments about the way the girls were dressed, whistling and clapping his hands. Finally he hands the mic to the Blonde who points to the monitor where the words to the Stones "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" begin to roll on the screen.

The girls being unprepared stumbled a bit at first but then began to get with the program that Glenn was looking for. Leaning into each other to share the mic they attempted to make it easier by putting their arms around each other's waist. The crowd loved it. As the song picks up the girls begin to dance and sway, doing their imitation of Jagger and the boys. Cries of, "Take it off! Show us some ass!" And other male fantasy demands.

The Blonde gives the mic to my Child Bride and steps around behind her. More hoots and hollers erupt. The Blonde grabs my Child Bride around the waist and pulls her body into her back and ass. With her free hand the Blonde begins to caress the front of my Child Brides stomach in slow circular motions. This really excites not only the crowd but my Child Bride starts to really get into putting on a show. She, between verses, takes the Blonde's roaming hand, pulls it to her mouth and in a very erotic manner begins to suck on her fingers. The crowd loves this to the point of cheering so loudly the music cannot be heard. This inspires my Child Bride to take both of the Blonde's hands and place them on her scantily clad breast and on the very short skirt. Then she begins a slow erotic humping movement, which brings the crowd to their feet. The MC finally grabs the mic and hurries them off the stage before there is a sexual riot.

Glenn in turn grabs the girls by the arm and rushes them out the door and down the passageway. Laughing their heads off, the three of them have to stop for a moment to catch their breaths. Glenn shares his enjoyment of their show and kisses and hugs them both. Then the Blonde grabs you and pulls you into a deep tongue-probing kiss with her body pressed tightly against yours. Again you are surprised that how much this girl/girl action is turning you on as you respond with a sexual vengeance. The Blonde picks up on your willingness and turns you around and pushes you against the bulkhead never breaking the kiss. She takes your arms and pushes them around her neck, then slowly starts to lower her hands to your throbbing breasts. Taking each of your nipples between her thumb and forefinger she begins to roll your nipples thru your flimsy blouse with more and more pressure as each roll grows harder and tighter. You moan into her mouth and push you hips harder into her groin area. Glenn stands back enjoying this passion as he clicks pic after pic from all angles.

The Blonde takes her right hand and reaches under you skirt and connects with your juicy wet cunt. Again you moan begging for release which attracts the attention of the passengers moving down the passageway. This attention does not retard the action at all. Fearing you will cum the Blonde drops her hand and steps back. Without thinking or caring you immediately reach down with both hands and begin to rub your cunt and fingerfuck yourelf. The Blonde grabs your hands, pulls them away and tells you not yet. I have special plans for your first orgasm of the night. With this she leads you down the hall to your next adventure.

You are almost angry at the whole situation. You really want to cum to the point that it is pissing you off considerably. Glenn picking up on your mood, steps up and shares a word of patience. All the while reaching down between your legs as you all move down the passageway. He moves the three of you out a doorway onto the deck. The wind is blowing and the smell of the sea engulfs you. Glenn leads you to the end of the deck close to the bow of the ship. Pushes you into a dark corner, pushes you down to a squatting position. You look up to his face as he unzips his fly and pulls his cock out inches from you mouth. Without a word you again take his cock in your mouth trying your best to suck it all down your throat hoping this would please them enough to allow you some relief. After giving his cock a wonderful working over he pulls out and wipes the juice from his cock on your face. He then says, "OK now let us go get you some attention." After whimpering in disappointment you say, "Oh please, please."

You get up and spryly gather yourself for whatever the evening might hold. You're wondering where you are going and then begin to realize it just does not matter after what you had been through the night before where you could go on this ship just did not matter to a hill of beans.

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