Crying Wolf


The evasion was noticeable, especially with the glint of playful amusement in Rhys' large brown eyes, though Karl seemed oblivious to it, as he apparently always was when it came to his best friend's behaviour towards her.

"Sure, that's a good idea." Karl replied, slapping her leg lightly as he turned to look up at her smiling.

Elizabeth looked at both of them, her boyfriend with his usual peaceful and serene expression and his friend smiling at his interpretation of Karl's words in conjunction with his original insinuation, as if Karl had sounded pleased about the idea of her 'helping' Rhys out with his 'inattention'.

"I don't think any of them are looking for anyone right now." She replied to Karl before turning back to add to his best friend, "Besides, aren't you the one who is always saying he can have any girl he wants?"

"Always." Rhys answered with a faint predatory glint in his eye, though this time Elizabeth knew she had outwitted him, and so she added...

"So you don't need my help at all." She said calmly, stroking Karl's hair with her free hand, knowing Rhys either had to admit defeat in his insinuations this time or come right out and say what he meant, from experience she knew her boyfriend's best friend didn't like either option.

Instead of either though, Rhys simply shifted tactics by changing the subject.

"You know you don't have to sit on the arm of a chair, there's another seat by me free." He said, once again patting the couch seat beside him invitingly.

Elizabeth sipped her drink a moment before she gave Rhys a sardonic smile.

"I'm fine where I am, thanks." She replied a little sarcastically, which seemed to make Rhys' small smile turn amused. Then Karl spoke.

"You should go sit babe." Her loving boyfriend suddenly said and Elizabeth turned to look down at him a little surprised as he knew how she felt about the guy.

Karl looked up at her with those deep eyes of his and Elizabeth could see the 'peacemaker' expression he had as if he were trying to make things between her and his best friend better.

After a moment she sighed gently to herself, and with one more look at her boyfriend, stood up and made to walk, though admittedly half-heartedly, to the couch seat the other side of Rhys.

The moment, however, she stepped over his legs that he was too ungentlemanly to move Rhys moved suddenly and grabbing her waist pulled her towards him as he spoke.

"C'mon Beth, sit..." He said as his hands found her waist and pulled her towards him. "'re blocking the game."

The latter was obviously an add-on excuse to grab her, however Elizabeth didn't have time to think as she twisted in instinctual reaction to get away from his grasp. Rhys, though, was too quick and as he pulled her towards him, Elizabeth half spun in her attempt to avoid him and landed straight on his lap facing away from the seat she had intended to reach.

Her drink half ended on the carpet as she stumbled to sit on Rhys' lap, luckily missing her completely. It took a moment for her to realise what had happened, and to actually realise that she was now sitting on her boyfriend's best friend's lap; a guy she couldn't even stand.

With that realisation, Elizabeth tried to get up, however Rhys' hands encircled her slim waist held her on his lap though not pulled against him. Looking to Rhys' hands and then from him to Karl and back, Elizabeth tried to pry his fingers apart so she could get up, but to no avail.

"Rhys...let me up." She finally said irritably, shifting on his lap to try to free herself, however this only made her boyfriend's friend more amused.

"I would, but the game's getting good and you were blocking the screen." He replied, supporting his 'excuse' by shifting his head from side to side as he tried to peer past her as she moved about.

"Well let me go and I won't be." She replied a little more impatiently, however Rhys had no intention of letting her go now he had her sitting on him.

"When the adverts come on, Beth." He replied sounding as amused as his smile showed him to be. "And quit squirming your ass, unless you want to sit uncomfortably for the next ten minutes."

It took a moment for Elizabeth to register what he meant by those words but when she realised her eyes widened and she did indeed stop struggling, looking up first at him before turning to look at her loving boyfriend for help. That was when she noticed that Karl looked as amused as Rhys did!

"Karl, will you tell your friend!" She exclaimed, no longer struggling though her hand rested on Rhys' around her waist, waiting for any sign of them loosening so she could free herself.

Her sweet, loving, caring boyfriend of just over three years then shook his head. He shook his head! And with a very amused smile at that! And to make it worse, he added...

"Sorry babe, gotta wait till the adverts. Can't come between a man and his game." He answered her with the same amused tone his 'best friend' had.

Elizabeth sat and stared for a moment at him - her boyfriend - completely dumbfounded, but then her irritation sparked hot again.

Here was her boyfriend, sitting opposite her, finding it amusing that his best friend (who he knew was a 'player' kind of a guy), who she constantly told him was always hitting on her, who had blatantly insinuated he would have a hard-on if she kept squirming, and who was holding her on his lap, and who he knew she couldn't stand, and he sided with him!?

Karl was always laid back, and she knew it would take a lot for him to see just what his 'best friend' was really like, but this...this should show him! But all he could obviously see was some bantering or playing around because 'that's how Rhys was'!

The gorgeous brunette's ire suddenly moved once again from the guy whose lap she was sitting on to her sweet boyfriend sitting opposite them.

"Karl! Don't you care that your friend has your girlfriend sitting on his lap!?" She exclaimed smoulderingly.

For an answer, Karl's smile simply grew a little more amused. Amused! He thought it was all just his friend playing around! The earlier annoyance she had felt came flooding back as she stared heatedly into her boyfriend's eyes, yet Karl simply sat back and gave her a warm smile before turning his attention to the game.

Indignation flared inside the hot girlfriend, and so she broke the silence.

"Fine!" She replied irritably and turned her attention to her drink, releasing her grasp on Rhys' fingers and not moving an inch when he relaxed his grip and rested one hand on her jean-clad thighs while the other still held her slim waist. Even though she could get up now if she wanted, she was too angry at Karl for being an asshole to do so. So he found it alright for her to sit on his friend's lap did he?...

Turning to look at the television, Elizabeth sipped her drink and deliberately didn't say anything to Karl, though he didn't say anything either, no doubt he really was fine about it all, probably just seeing it as good 'friends' behaviour, which she might if it wasn't Rhys' lap she was sitting on.

A few minutes passed in silence, before suddenly she began to feel Rhys' hand that was resting on her jean-covered thighs begin to gently move very slightly as his fingers softly moved back and forth, lightly rubbing her leg.

Turning to look at him and about to say something, Elizabeth didn't get a chance to speak as Rhys turned to speak to her boyfriend.

"What time's J.V. heading over?" He asked curiously, his fingers moving a little more now, though still too subtle to catch Karl's eye.

"Shouldn't be too long now," Her boyfriend answered before he gave her another amused smile, "He said he'd be over soon, after he's grabbed something to eat."

Frowning inside at the fact her boyfriend really was so cool about her sitting on another guy's lap...why wasn't he jealous?...Elizabeth sat there stubbornly, as she listened to them both.

"Man, I could do with something to eat, feeling pretty starved myself." Rhys replied, and Karl glanced at the clock and nodded.

"We should order pizza or something." He said, "Shouldn't take long."

"Sure man, sounds good." Karl's best friend responded, before adding with a small, almost undetectable insinuation, "Would have preferred a good 'roast' though, but pizza will do till I get some."

To subtly punctuate the insinuation that her sweet boyfriend didn't pick up on, Rhys ever-so-slightly raised then lowered his knees, causing Elizabeth to bounce faintly on his lap, her drink swirling dangerously close to coming over the top of the glass.

Karl seemed amused, as if she had almost fell off Rhys' lap, but Elizabeth wasn't so naïve and turned to glare at his 'best friend'...though she was still too annoyed at Karl to actually get up, at least for now anyway. The dangerous light in her large blue-green eyes told him she knew what kind of 'roast' he had been talking about...a 'spit-roast' with her in the middle...and made sure he knew exactly what she thought of that. Though as always, it was like water off a duck's back with Rhys, who simply smiled amusedly and swigged his beer before winking at her and turning back to look at his friend.

"Seems Beth's had too much to drink." He commented, amusedly reinforcing her boyfriend's notion that she had indeed almost fell off his lap.

Elizabeth didn't know who to frown at more, Rhys for being an ass, or Karl for believing him. Once more she took a sip of her drink.

"So what shall we get?" Rhys asked, before answering his own question, and Elizabeth almost knew what he was going to say before he said it. "How about sausage? Everyone likes sausage? You like sausage don't you Beth?" He asked with that small, playfully-self-assured smile of his.

Elizabeth gave him a sardonic smile before she replied by turning to look at Karl, completely blanking the man on whose lap she was sitting.

"I'll have whatever you want Karl." She said, with a hint he should have picked up on that he should know there was something not quite right in her tone.

However in typical style, Karl simply gave her a loving smile as if she had told him how much she loved him...which was true, but she could still be annoyed at him at the same time though dammit...and nodded before he stood up to head to the phone.

The moment Karl headed into the kitchen Rhys' attention instantly turned to her.

"Comfortable?" He asked with a cocky tone, his hand now began openly stroking her thigh.

"Not really." She replied blandly, pushing his hand from her leg at least twice before she added. "You're legs are too bony." They weren't, but she had to say something.

Rhys obviously knew perfectly well why she was actually still sitting there, unlike her sweet boyfriend, however he still couldn't resist commenting on her words as he finally gave in and stopped trying to stroke her legs and instead used his other hand to pull her closer towards him.

"You should get more comfortable then." He said as he pulled her to him.

Startled for a moment, at first Elizabeth slid right close to him, her side resting against his chest and his face close to her soft cheek, before she regained her composure and slapped his shoulder and moved a little further away from him, though only a touch, as it was actually a little more comfortable, and she may as well be comfortable while being pissed off at Karl. Still, she replied...

"You're such an asshole." Before sipping her drink again and looking towards the kitchen.

"Yeah, but you love it really." Rhys responded, once more jolting his knees so she bounced up on his lap, though this time with a little more force and her drink actually did spill over the top, running down her chin as she tried to drink while some spilled onto her lap. Of course, Rhys found this most amusing, and most enjoyable, as he added, "Man, you look hot like that" in a tone that was both truly appreciative and arrogant.

Either way, the movement and subsequent spilling only pissed Elizabeth off more and so this time she punched him in the shoulder, causing her boyfriend's friend to actually cry out softly in pain.

"Fucking asshole." She grunted irritably as she wiped her chin and brushed her jean-clad thighs.

Rhys simply watched with a smile and glint in his eyes that said he was either imagining something like a wet t-shirt contest or something very similar to what had happened, only a lot dirtier. Either way, Elizabeth shook her head and cast him a look as she wiped her legs. Then she looked up as Karl walked back in to the lounge, folding the pizza flyer in his hands.

"It'll be about twenty-five minutes." Her boyfriend announced as he reached for the beer he had left by his chair.

Deciding to leave the splatter of wet patches now over her jeans Elizabeth nodded to Karl's announcement, though she was still not best pleased with him, before she once more turned to look at the television. Her glance was only brief as suddenly the doorbell rang and all three of them looked round towards the open door to the hall, though none but perhaps Karl who was standing, could see the front door.

As Elizabeth glimpsed up at her boyfriend he answered the question in her eyes before she could speak.

"That'll probably be J. V." He stated and Elizabeth nodded slightly at the mention of her boyfriend's friend's name, one of the guys he and Rhys would be heading out with that night.

At least with J. V. at the door, the stunning brunette girlfriend thought, this could only mean it wouldn't be long before the three of them headed out to the bar to meet up with their other friend, Donny, then she would be free of Karl's asshole 'best friend' -- and her boyfriend for that matter, he wasn't being much better.

"Thought it was the pizza, ah, Beth?" Rhys quipped with an amused twist to his lips before he sipped his beer, his eyes on her pretty face for once.

"You're so funny." She responded sarcastically before once more looking towards Karl as he smirked at his friend amusedly before heading out towards the front door.

As Elizabeth heard her boyfriend open the door, Rhys prodded her side, causing her to jump squirmishly a moment from the nervous-ticklish response before she turned to half-glare at him.

"So you are ticklish, I'll have to remember that." Rhys said, seeming both amused and for some odd reason, a little smug.

Arching a cool eyebrow, Elizabeth asked him, in a very nonchalant manner, and showing perhaps a little of her irritation towards him, why.

"Because it makes you squirm." Her boyfriend's best friend answered, his smugness growing, and Karl's beautiful girlfriend suddenly realised why as he once again 'bounced' her on his lap again, adding "And I love it when you squirm on me Beth."

Rhys' words were punctuated with a self-assured smile that glinted in those large brown eyes of his just as he bounced her on his lap, causing her to land sharply on something hard that dug into her tight, jean-clad ass.

The hot brunette girlfriend's eyes suddenly widened, and not for the fact some more of her drink spilled over her glass all over her large, t-shirt-covered, luscious 36D tits, but as she suddenly realised exactly what that hard bulge was in her boyfriend's friend's lap...and it most certainly wasn't his cell.

At first Elizabeth didn't know what to do, and so she simply sat there, slightly wet and sitting smack bang right on her boyfriend's best friend's bulging hard-on, speechless, with all thoughts out of her head. Not because it felt big or anything, though now the thought had come to mind it felt more than a little...reality suddenly crashed back as Rhys' expression of smug conceitedness abruptly registered in the stunning brunette's mind and she reacted instinctively.

"Fucking jerk!" She snapped and had a knee-jerk reaction and tossed what little remained of her drink in Rhys' face, which though not much still had the desired effect, before swiftly jumping off his lap and turning to face him, tossing the glass onto his lap. "You're a fucking arrogant pig Rhys!"

Her boyfriend's best friend, wiping the liquid from his face, only grinned more, even going so far as to chuckle gently as he looked up at his best friend's girl, the woman he had just knowingly made bounce on his bulging jeans!

Just then, as if on perfect cue, with Rhys sitting more soaked than Elizabeth was as she stood there glaring at him angrily, in walked Karl and J. V., who Elizabeth, in the moment, had completely forgotten were in the same house.

Both guys glanced from Elizabeth, with her now spottled-wet-patch-covered yellow t-shirt to Rhys with his wet face and half-soaked shirt.

"We having water fights before heading out?" J. V. asked curiously, in his usual calmly-witty demeanour.

"No idea." Karl replied amusedly as he looked between his girlfriend and his best friend with a grin.

Elizabeth eyed all three guys a little dangerously as she thought of what to say. It wasn't like she could really have a go at Karl about Rhys, even though he knew what would happen when he bounced her on his lap it wasn't like he had pulled her hand onto his fucking bulging jeans, and if she told Karl he would simply say it was an accident which no doubt Rhys would say it was before making some sly comment about her being the cause of it all and he couldn't have helped it. Of course, her sweet, loving boyfriend would believe his friend...the fact the story was really believable this time only made it more he always did, regardless of the fact his 'best friend' had had her bounce on his bulging, she couldn't say anything, and though J. V. hadn't done anything he didn't escape what Elizabeth finally did decide to do.

Eyeing each of them, Rhys sharply and Karl angrily, Elizabeth threw up her hands scowling.

"Agh! Men!" She growled before she stomped off passed them all into the hall.

"You alright Beth?" Karl called after her, STILL sounding as calm and laid-bloody-back as ever.

"I'm fine!" She called back, obviously not so as she stomped up the stairs. "I'm going to take a shower!" At least by the time she got out all three of them would fuck off and she could finally get some peace!

"Alright babe." Came her boyfriend's sweet reply, which only made the infuriated brunette stomp upstairs even louder, slamming the bathroom door behind herself a few moments later as she headed for what she hoped would be blessed bliss...only the most irritating night of her life wasn't over yet, it was all going to get much worse until something the sexy 24-year-old girlfriend would never expect would happen...for now though, she simply shrugged out of her damp clothes and headed into the warm embrace of the shower, oblivious as everyone else to what was about to occur...

Rhys Jenson placed the empty glass on the coffee table in front of him, smirking to himself as he took a deep swig of his beer and once more settled back into the couch. He had always loved the ladies, especially the unattainable ones, and he didn't always get the women he went for, sometimes, but not all the time, but he did enjoy the chase. Especially with his friend's girlfriend. It was more than obvious that Elizabeth hadn't been able to stand him since the moment he had first met her and kissed her, and the more he hit on her, the less and less she liked him. But Karl always believed that charm of his, and though his friend had seen him sweet talk more than a few ladies in his time, he had no doubt that Rhys would never try anything with his girlfriend.

Rhys himself was unsure whether he would ever try anything with his best friend's girl, even if she did want to. Despite kissing her and ogling her, he didn't know if he could actually bring himself to nail his friend's girlfriend of just over three years. She was incredibly hot, and he had no qualms with other things, but actually banging her? Karl was his 'best friend' after all, there were limits a guy just didn't cross.

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