tagGroup SexCrystal Clear Ch. 01

Crystal Clear Ch. 01


This story begins the long-awaited continuation of my Road Trip series also posted on this website (see the end of 'Road Trip -- California' for a list of the chapters of that series, in order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this one, although I do make references to events and characters in that story to tie this story and that one together. My plan is to post weekly additional chapters to this story, so check back about weekly. This story is fiction. Please 'read, enjoy, vote, and comment.'


Jim's New Life After the Road Trip

My meditation was broken by the almost inaudible sound of a footstep nearby. I sensed an animal; but instead of jerking my head around to look I remained absolutely still and fully opened my eyes.

From my right side, a fawn moved into the clearing with me -- light brown with white markings, large dark eyes full of curiosity. The pretty animal knew I didn't belong, yet obviously didn't fear me. It approached and sniffed at my ear. Not too far away, I heard the heavier footfalls of the mother.

I slowly turned my head to stare face to face with the fawn. She looked back with beautiful loving eyes. Over her head, I could see the mother slowly and cautiously come into the clearing. She watched me closely.

I sat cross-legged in the mossy clearing wearing nylon running shorts, a singlet, and running shoes. I exuded my male aroma owed to the seven-mile run I had ended moments before stopping here, near the house, for a brief time of meditation.

The doe shook her head slightly, and the fawn backed away from me at the nearly silent command. Just for kicks I nodded slowly at the doe, as though to say thank you for visiting. She too nodded, turned, and pranced away with the fawn in close file. She didn't bolt or run; she pranced.

The moment was touching, and I gazed back at the shaft of light through the conifers I'd been using to focus my meditation and thought with thanks for the closeness I had felt with the animals. A minute later, I acknowledged that the pair had irreparably disturbed my concentration, so I rose and started to walk the last half-mile to the large house that Crystal owned outside Nashville.

I did have so much to be thankful for.

From the low point in my life when my young wife Karen had died, I'd rebuilt an old Harley Davidson motorcycle and started on a road trip across America -- a road trip to grieve and re-find my center. I carried Karen with me, surely in my heart; and I had distributed a part of her ashes in each of the lower forty-eight states. I'd expected a solitary journey where I wallowed in grief at my loss, yet as I traveled I met many interesting and loving people -- often going out of my way to help them in some way. I even got shot in the process in Alabama, yet each person made my life better, and helped me 'up' in some way.

Surprisingly, I seldom slept alone in my travels from Massachusetts to California, and the journey took months. The sex started when I visited Lauren, Karen's sister and my sister-in-law, in Vermont. A near look-alike for Karen, we'd quickly formed a physical relationship in which neither of us could get enough sex from the other. Although we parted as I continued my trip, she reconnected with me a couple of times along my journey, even joining me at my sister's home in San Diego where along with others we put the last of Karen's ashes into the Pacific Ocean. Lauren also made me promise to give her the graphic details of my sexual exploits along my trip; I promised her believing at the time that I'd have a chaste trip across country.

Something else happened in my travels -- sexually -- that had never before occurred in my life. I had sex with more than one woman at a time, and later shared a foursome with another man -- although neither of us was into other guys. At first in Pennsylvania, and then in other states as I went west, group sex was often the norm. In Oklahoma, I became part of an orgy after a debutante's ball. Yes, my life changed a lot on my trip. I often wondered what kind of pheromones I'd started emitting. I'm an Average Joe coming up on forty, yet when I met a pretty woman we ended in bed more often than not.

Besides a loving relationship with Lauren, at least three other centers of gratitude registered in my mind as the big house came into view. First, I'd formed a sexual relationship with my sister Anna. Against social norms, we'd found we cared deeply for each other as both siblings and lovers.

Second, I'd met and fallen in love with Crystal Lee -- America's country music sweetheart, and fortunately, the feeling was mutual.

Third, I'd also had a loving relationship with Ellen Lee, Crystal's younger sister. She worked with Terry Ross, Crystal's agent, and helped organize her appearances, travel, concerts, and recording sessions.

Crystal saw some things in me that came to light pretty quickly after our chance meeting when my road trip took me through Tennessee. She saw me as the lover she'd been looking for, and for a good portion of our time over the past year since then we'd been bouncing around together in one bed or another satisfying our mutual urges.

Crystal also saw a talent in me I didn't even know I had: singing country music. We did a song together called "Texas Dawn" that alone spent over forty weeks on the country music charts and that I still frequently heard on the radio. We did an album together that made the top of the charts, and she coached me to do some solo music that too made the hit parade. I became a bono fide country music singer -- even a star in a matter of weeks. Jim Mellon was now a name known in every household in the western world.

Crystal and I had a highly sexed relationship from the get-go -- very highly sexed. We both acknowledged that we had an 'open' relationship, easily admitting others, including Ellen. This made my trip across country guilt free as I enjoyed sexual relations and new friendships in almost every state. The requirement was that I shared the details -- the nitty-gritty, sexual, wet, orgasmic details -- with Crystal ... and with Lauren who asked the same of me ... and with Anna who also asked. The whole 'family' had an interlace of highly sexed and loving relationships.

As I got sucked into the country music industry, I quickly adopted Terry Ross, Crystal's agent, and Ellen as my own. Terry was in his early thirties, and a ball of fire about making high payoff events happen for the two of us. We stood amazed at some of deals he put together that put us and our music out in front of the world -- and made us all a lot of money.

Crystal introduced Ellen to me early in our relationship -- and I mean that in a sexual way. If I hadn't fallen in love with Crystal first, I would have picked Ellen. The two were beautiful, smart women with upbeat personalities and loads of talent. Crystal found her primary skill in singing and entertainment; Ellen excelled at arrangements and all the behind the scene preparations. She also had an artistic streak that would later influence our lives together.

Terry and Ellen became a pair; however, we shared partners often as we moved about the country or did concerts. Our foursomes became frequent and filled with pleasure and caring for each other. There were even times on my cross-country journey when Ellen and I got to spend significant quality and erotic time together.

Crystal and I were targets for the press too -- the paparazzi. One overzealous photographer caught Terry, Ellen, Crystal, and me swapping partners in a fuck fest in the great outdoors on a lake near Branson, Missouri. The pictures were scandalous and career destroying. I used some skills I'd learned in the Special Forces to take the memory card with the pictures from the photographer's camera in the middle of the night. He figured out what had happened, and for spite he stalked Crystal and me all over the country until some friends helped me put a stop to his menacing harassment through sheer intimidation -- not a tactic I favored, but it had worked.

I strode across the large backyard and up the back steps to the rear terrace of the rambling house and then into the living room. Crystal and Ellen were talking, both still in their sleeping attire -- short t-shirts that revealed a lot of leg and on Ellen, the curve of her sexy buttocks. Neither wore anything beneath the tee -- I knew.

I leaned in and kissed each of the women good morning, receiving a 'pee-you' from each, the holding of their noses, and immediate urging of me to shower. As I moved away toward the bathroom we shared, I told them about the doe and fawn on the back property. Both seemed amazed and pleased. Deer were not uncommon in these parts; however.

I stripped off my shoes and running clothes and went into the large shower bay off the master bath. Water jets could be turned on at three different levels from two sides, as well as overhead. I adjusted the temperature and stepped into the spray. The endorphins of the run still surged through my system sustaining my 'runner's high.' Yet, when the warm water surged over my body I instantly felt another high of pleasure high at the sensation.

A couple of drops of shampoo in one hand led to a full head of suds; my eyes squeezed shut to keep the suds out. Before I opened my eyes, I sensed the presence of two others sliding into the shower stall.

Crystal and Ellen caressed my body and pushed their wet nude bodies against me as I rotated my head under the nozzle washing away the shampoo suds.

Ellen said playfully, "We thought we'd join you. You're always so much fun in the shower because you have body parts that we don't, and we get to play with them in here." Her hand carefully grasped my swinging cock in a solid lock; she rubbed the head against her wet hip.

Crystal's breasts teased my back; I could feel her erect nipples moving around in small intentional circles as her hands encircled my torso and started to stroke my nipples -- a sensation that can often give me a hard-on the consistency of rebar steel.

Ellen pulled my head down for a long and passionate kiss. My mind raced through the experiences the three of us had shared the night before. She said, "Oh my, someone is having nice and nasty thoughts." After a pause she added with a touch of humor, "Have I ever felt you this hard before ... oh, wait! It was just last night when you were pounding my little pussy with this big stick, and leaving all sorts of white fluids all over my body." She laughed at her own humor; Ellen had a great sense of humor.

Crystal slid under my arm to join her sister in front of me; the jet sprays from the shower at her back. "Oh, wow! You've got a blue veiner. Did my sis do that to you in just those few seconds?"

I responded with a bit of pant, "Sort of, plus your stimulation, and I thought about the three of us last night." As I talked, Crystal had started to kiss my chest and lick my nipples. I fondled one of her breasts with one hand, as I dipped slightly so I could insert a finger into Ellen's slit -- she groaned in pleasure into my left side.

Crystal and Ellen took turns washing me with some soap, I rubbed my soapy hands all over their wonderful bodies, and we did a quick rinse. The water went off, and both girls bent over, spreading their butt cheeks back at me. They both held onto a small tiled seat in the shower stall.

Without even using my hands for guidance, I slid into Crystal's cunt -- slowly, but with certainty until every inch of my shaft had been engulfed by her satin sheath. She moaned.

I slowly pulled my cock out, covered in her juices and probably even the juices we all shared last night. I moved to my right and held Ellen's hips as my cock sank into her quim. Again, I moved slowly allowing my entire length to penetrate before stopping and allowing her to savor the fullness of our love.

"Oh, Jim. That feels so ... so good. I love this. I love you."

I extracted rapidly this time, jerking my cock from deep within Ellen into the air in a split second. Ellen whimpered, "Oh fuck, I'm cuming. Please put it back in just for a minute." I slid slowly back into her, and as I did I could feel her vagina spasm around my shaft as her orgasm struck like a lightning bolt.

Crystal reached down to where Ellen and I were joined and diddled her sister's clitoris with two fingers vibrating at some erotically high frequency. Ellen threw her head back, "Oh, fuccccccck." I leaned in and kissed Ellen's shoulder and stroked her wet back.

After Ellen's pleasure had passed by her, I disengaged from Ellen; Crystal turned her backside to me, bending over again. Wet with Ellen's juices, I slipped back into Crystal's warm cunt, this time starting as oscillation of my hips that started with small imperceptible movements and grew until each of my oscillations consisted of near extraction from her pussy followed by rapid deep penetration, and then extraction again.

Our bodies slapped together, the sound filling the room. Ellen had turned to sit on the tile seat and watched us. Crystal moved to kiss her sister -- passionately. "I love you, Ellen. I ... I love this ... what we do ... what we've become ... how we all blend and fit together." Ellen kissed back and fondled her sister's swaying breasts. The two women were sisters, yet before I met them their relationship had extended beyond that simple label to a mutual incestuous love affair.

Ellen reached down to where my cock penetrated her sister, and repeated the gesture Crystal had done to her minutes before -- a rapid, staccato movement of fingers atop her clitoris and right next to my slick dick. Crystal came, and I marveled at the similarity of sensations I felt as she came. This time I allowed myself to jet my seed into her body; my jets filling her cavity to the point of overflow.

When our orgasms had passed and I pulled slowly away from her body; a rivulet of my sperm trickled out of Crystal's pussy. Ellen scooped up some of the cum on one finger and then tasted the effluent with an evil smile directed at me. She held her finger up to me, and I too licked it. I'd learned that tasting one's own fluids was neutral to me, but highly erotic to them.

Crystal also caught some of my jism and demonstrated her preference for its taste. We eventually turned the water back on and rinsed off the morning sex juices.

* * * * *

Crystal walked into the room with her iPhone held tightly against her ear. Ellen lay beside me on the large chaise working on a graduate-level music theory course on her iPad. I could occasionally hear the overtones of music through the earbuds she wore. Ellen was a superb student, and had resolved to learn every nuance of the music and entertainment industry. Both Crystal and I encouraged her, hoping that someday she'd move more into the spotlight with us.

I shifted my attention to Crystal, trying to guess who she spoke with. I could hear one side of the conversation: "They think I have a great body." Pause. "Has any other country singer done this?" Pause. "You really think it'll help sales?" Pause. "OK, OK, I'll think about it." Pause. "I love you too -- you slave driver. Talk to you Monday, Bye." By then, I had guessed it was Terry.

Crystal plopped down on the luxurious white sofa next to me. "That was Terry. Playboy called him, and they want me to be their Playmate of the Month in six to twelve months, maybe even for their Christmas edition. He says it's a big deal. They want to do a photo shoot, a spread about me, and everything. What do you think?" She carefully studied my reaction. As Crystal's agent, if Terry thought some publicity activity had merit, it did. This seemed different; however.

I gave her my initial reaction, "Cool, I like the idea; I always like to see you naked, and now I'll have pictures too. How wonderful!" Crystal threw a half-hearted punch at my arm. I speculated further and more rationally, "But how will it affect your career -- our careers? What image of you or us will persist after the pictures come out? Is it too scandalous for this industry?"

Crystal looked pensive. She stared out the window at the small, rustic stream running behind her suburban Nashville home -- if you could call homes on heavily wooded five-acre lots suburban. She'd earned this property by working hard and becoming the number one country music singer in the country for three years running. Her rise to fame showed no tendency to dim as she popped out one recording after another that were hits, many with me.

Crystal Lee had at least one top single on the music charts every month since I met her over a year earlier. She was a stunning woman that oozed sex appeal, yet she could also maintain that 'girl next door' country-western style to go with it that attracted fans and kept her grounded. She was smart, understood the music and entertainment business, and often came up with promotion ideas or solutions to some of the problems faced by a country singer who spent much time touring, making public appearances, and doing radio or television appearances.

I suggested, "Why don't we do a little research on the Internet and see who else has done it, and what the fallout has been for them, if any?"

Crystal walked ahead of me to my den -- the place she calls my 'man cave.' I had been writing up my escapades from a year earlier when I rode cross-country -- this was the X-rated version. I'd been publishing them on the Internet a chapter at a time, state by state, with the overall title 'Road Trip.' With all the sex I wanted to write about -- stuff that happened in almost every state -- I had to disguise my authorship, so I'd adopted the nom de plum of 'Romantic1.'

Terry describes my road trip as 'fucking my way across the USA.' He's right; I had many sexual encounters, yet I helped some people along the way. One time I even got shot stopping a rape in Alabama. That wound healed and went along with half-a-dozen other major wounds from various weapons that I'd collected when I was a Green Beret and working outside the country.

As I walked behind Crystal, I marveled at how her Daisy Mae shorts accentuated the curve of her ass and the way her backside sashayed in the sexiest way possible when she walked. Those short shorts were her favorite apparel, and when worn in public helped her sell records and albums by the thousands. No one should doubt that sex sells.

After an hour of Internet research we knew that no female country music star had appeared as a Playboy centerfold, at least any of note. Some rock and pop singers had appeared, among them Madonna, Debbie Gibson, and Tiffany -- the latter when she had been almost my age -- thirty-nine. Others had appeared nude in other magazines or in released PR photos. Other playmates who listed themselves as 'singers' neither Crystal nor I had ever heard of, and we knew the music industry. The closest to a country singer doing a foldout that we could find was Lee Ann Rimes who had been asked and had stated she felt flattered, but 'no'.

Crystal posited, "Why do you suppose no well-known country singers have appeared in some men's magazine?"

I speculated, "It probably has to do with not wanting to blow away their squeaky clean, 'girl next door' image; you know: wholesome, ripe, pretty, acceptable, desirable, and maybe available -- but still pure. A few pushed the envelope, like Dolly with her 'double-Ds' and lots of cleavage, but no one appears to have uncovered any really interesting skin in this music genre."

Crystal said with a chuckle, "Maybe it's about time somebody spices up the country music scene by showing a whole lot of skin." She thought for a moment and asked, "What do you think I should do?"

I thought for a moment and responded, "The world's different today than even five or ten years ago. With the wide availability of porn and erotica on the Internet, I expect a few risqué photos of a country star in a mag like Playboy has become totally acceptable. That said, I think we should do some more research." I grinned at Crystal and mimed riding a motorcycle with my hands.

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