tagGroup SexCrystal Clear Ch. 04

Crystal Clear Ch. 04


This story is part of a continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of 'Road Trip -- California' for an ordered list of the chapters of that series). You need not read that series to enjoy this one. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please 'read, enjoy, vote, and comment.'

Synopsis of This Story So Far: After a cross-country road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim now lives with Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen in Nashville. Jim and Crystal are top country music stars. Crystal posed for Playboy in a sex-filled weekend photo shoot. After a busy six months, an incestuous New Years orgy on a Caribbean isle, and busy winter months, Crystal and Jim separate to different parts of the world to make two different movies.

Chapter 04

Separation, new careers, and new playmates

"Ellen will be your very special assistant. She'll be your script girl, check your makeup, help you go over your lines, and keep you on schedule." Crystal smiled at me, "And, of course, she'll keep you warm in bed." She laughed at her innuendo. We stood in the living room holding each other, our hips grinding together or Crystal's crotch straddling one of my legs.

I told Crystal, "I'm going to miss you like crazy. The idea of not seeing you for several months doesn't sit well with me, even with Ellen around. I don't know how to say it as you're about to leave ... well, I don't want you to think I'm changing horses in mid-stream."

Crystal interrupted, "You mean am I still aware that Ellen would like to have you all to herself? I know that. I've known that since the two of you first met, the first night we had a threesome. She's transparent about that, even open about it. She has no guile. I thought she might cool down by the end of last year; however, she only became more devoted and in love with you."

"I ... I love her too, but you ... you're my number one girl."

"I know that too. Look, Ellen and I have gotten closer over the past three or four years. Sure, we're still sisters and will have our petty grievances with one another, but on balance we have a lot of love for each other. Couple that with the fact that we've been physical -- sexual -- with each other for a long time, and we have a tolerance that goes beyond what most people would expect of two women loving the same guy -- or maybe sharing the same guy."

"Will this turn out well?" I asked, concerned about the future trajectory of things.

"Yes, I guarantee it." Crystal pulled me to her body. "All I ask is that you keep me in your life -- deep in your life. I want to grow old with you being close by -- real close. As we work, we'll both be pulled off in different directions to work or do something somewhere in the world. That's temporary. I'm talking about the long haul. Be there for me. Be there with me."

I nodded my assent, and we kissed.

I asked, "And, since Ellen seems to feel the same way, how do you want this to play out?" I didn't want a detailed roadmap, but if there some rules I needed to play by while we were apart I needed to know what they were.

"I want the two of you to go off together to L.A. and to Central America, make a movie, have a ball, fuck each other's brains out, even fall deeper in love, but always know that you have to save an equal space for me."

"And what about other men and women that come in our lives?"

"We've had an open relationship since we found each other. I feel we're each other's bedrock, and any others that come and go are temporary interests or fun dalliances. They don't and won't interfere with what we have deep down. George Rinard is my co-star; he's the sexiest man in the world according to a dozen different magazines -- next to you, of course; if I can bed him, and you can bet I'll try, I'll be a happy girl, but I'm not going to fall deeply in love with him and end my sunset years with him."

"And what if I sleep with Jill Danes or one of the other actresses in the movie I'm doing?"

Crystal licked my neck; her tongue warm and moist. "Then you'll add another notch or two to your six shooter. Hell, fuck the entire cast, I even encourage it." She ground her hips into mine. "I lost track of how many women you've bedded, but as I recall you left a trail of happy faces and fulfilled women from one end of the country to the other." She chortled at the thought.

"Does it bother you that I have sex with my sister Anna or my sister-in-law Lauren?" We hadn't talked about my incestuous relations, even when we were on the island down in the Caribbean.

"Heck no. They're fun; I wish they were around more. I liked Mark too, Anna's boyfriend too."

I laughed, "You liked taking him to the edge of total exhaustion! You were insatiable on that island and you took it out on the poor man. You even decimated Terry and me, especially when you and Lauren ganged up on me the last day."

Crystal smiled. "Want me to try again? I'm all alone now, so it'll be more of a challenge."

I leaned in and kissed her. As I did, I popped the top button on her blouse ... and then unbuttoned the next one ... and the next. Crystal worked on my shirt as well.

We weren't alone in the house. We'd just hired a beautiful young Russian woman, Nadia, as a house manager with duties that included cleaning, cooking, and personal errands for us. She'd take care of the property while we were away. We'd promised each other we'd try not to embarrass her with our spontaneity. That said, we did warn her about our lifestyle and dalliances. She could be trusted.

"What about Nadia," I asked.

"She's reading. She won't be out of her apartment for at least an hour."

Crystal dropped my trousers and briefs in one swoop. My cock bounced into view, finding further stimulation in the open air. She blew on me, and then stood to allow me to remove the last of her clothing. Our clothes were scattered around us in all directions.

Crystal and I sank onto the sofa with Crystal straddling my legs. She reached down and grabbed my shaft, using the head to stimulate herself as she rubbed it up and down her slippery gash. I hardened further, and she aimed me into her vagina and slowly sank her lithe body down onto me. As her warmth enveloped me, I felt I'd hopped a fast jet to heaven.

I fondled her breasts, and took time to bite and suck around each nipple. I pushed her globes together so I could bite at both nipples simultaneously. I knew Crystal liked that, even when I got a little rougher with her.

She started to rotate her hips around my shaft, using that motion to drive me in and out of her pussy, as well as to rub the side of my shaft against her clitoris. The combination hurled both of us towards orgasms faster than any other position or activity we'd found.

"If you do that ..." I started.

"I know, and I want you to cum inside me again and again. Fill me. Carrying your juice reminds me how much I love you. Maybe I can carry it all the way to Europe and around with me all the months I'm making a movie."

"You carrying my juice reminds me how much you love me. My sharing it with you is my gift of love to you."

I didn't try to use any of my Tantric techniques to extend our union. I came about ten minutes after we started. Crystal came. We were jerky together as our bodies shuddered in response to our orgasms.

Crystal leaned forward and allowed me to cuddle her nude body. I loved the feel of her full breasts against my bare chest, particularly as my shaft softened and slowly slipped from her slippery tunnel millimeter by millimeter.

Just as I slipped all the way out of Crystal, I saw Nadia cross the room towards us. She wore a tight top, and we could see her erect nipples against the thin material; below the waist she wore a miniskirt that revealed her shapely legs and one of the most perfect little asses I'd ever seen. Nadia carried two washcloths, but also looked a little disheveled. She knelt behind Crystal and out of my line of sight, but only for a moment. I felt her grab my deflated cock, and pop it into her mouth. The stimulation she provided was almost too much coming right on the heels of my climax in Crystal's tight tunnel. She was thorough and brief; she'd cleaned all the sexual juices from me. I felt a warm washcloth encase my shaft -- another heavenly sensation.

Nadia nudged Crystal until she rolled off of me to the side so she was sitting on the sofa with her pussy hanging over the edge of the cushions. I watched as Nadia lowered her head to Crystal's cunt, tongue extended. Surprised beyond belief, Crystal and I watched her suck my juices away from where I'd deposited them; she used her fingers inside Crystal to accelerate the collection of my fluid. Crystal moaned in the renewed pleasure. When Nadia was done, she pulled away, and carefully applied a warm washcloth to Crystal's gash. Crystal moaned again at the attention to her overheated cunt. Crystal and I had kept looking at each other as though the other had arranged this.

Nadia's face glistened with the remnants of my love making with Crystal. We looked at her, and I was at a loss for words. We hadn't anticipated anything like this.

Nadia stood and in her cute Russian accent said, "I watch you. I had to ... play with myself ... you were so much hot. I had a nice cuming too, and then I realize you would be messy from your cumings so I decided I would help clean you both from your loving."

Crystal tried to say something, "Errr, Nadia, we didn't expect ..."

"Oh, not to worry, I will not be doing this all the time unless you wish -- I do not mind at all. Just today it felt like something I must do for you each. I know this duty is not required, but I like and that is OK and fine with me. Thank you allowing me to participate a little. I like you each so much, and this can be my way to show that feeling to you."

With that she turned, and slowly walked out of the room twirling a washcloth in each hand. She did have a really nice ass, and I could swear there was an extra wiggle there I hadn't seen before.

Crystal added with a smirk, "If you tap that while I'm away that's okay, but please don't do something that will make her leave. Good help is so hard to find -- and she may be the best we'll ever find."

* * * * *

Crystal left Nashville about seven-thirty the next morning. Her eighteen hour travel itinerary took her to New York, and then directly to a landing in Paris. Crystal got VIP treatment: not only a first class seat, but also a private lounge area at each airport to shield her from the general public. Further, the flight crew had special instructions about how to keep her from being hassled on her trans-Atlantic trip.

To create some excitement over the film she'd be doing in Europe, Terry arranged for her to be met by one of his friends who had orchestrated a press conference for her at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, complete with a bevy of foreign photographers. I knew she'd handle it well; she always did.

We had a teary goodbye before she left the lounge area. I stayed at a window watching until the plane had left the gate and taxied out of sight. Unrecognized, I made my way back through the airport to the limo we'd taken to the airport for the trip back to Crystal's home.

At the house, I had enough work for two weeks that I had to do in one. I had a script I had to wear like a comfortable shoe, becoming the character in the story I would portray starting in another month. Terry also wanted a new album from me to go with the movie Pressure Limit; thus, he'd given me about twenty songs I had to work through to see which ones I felt might fit a 'movie album.' Sony had saved a couple from the many songs we rehearsed leading up to the release of Crystal and my album, The Naked Truth, so I wasn't starting from scratch.

I read more effectively in the morning, so I studied the movie script in the a.m. after my morning run and meditation time. In the afternoon, I worked on the songs in the studio we'd built in part of the house, usually alone but on a couple of days with Cal Jennings, our regular keyboard player. I'd learned enough about the studio electronics to be able to play Terry's musical accompaniments when alone without deafening everyone in the neighborhood or cracking the walls.

At six o'clock a couple of days after Crystal left for Europe, the studio door opened and Nadia appeared. She carried a small tray with a glass of wine, a glass of ice she knew I would add to the wine, and a small plate of cheese and crackers.

"Mr. Jim Mellon, I can serve dinner any time you would like after a half hour. Just let me know. And if there is anything else you would like -- anything -- please let me know and I will be glad to be of service." I felt there were sexual overtones to her statement, particularly in her emphasis on the word 'anything.'

Nadia gave me a warmer than usual smile, and sashayed out of the studio, again with that extra wiggle of her fine looking butt. After she was gone, I had to adjust myself in my pants, and it took me a minute to regain my concentration.

I wandered towards the kitchen about eight o'clock, more typically the time Crystal and I ate dinner. Nadia was on a stool reading a book as I came into the room. She jumped to attention and awaited instructions.

"Nadia, you don't have to do that when I come in a room. Relax a little. Can you pour us both some wine?"

She relaxed a little. I watched her get a second glass, pour us both a few ounces, and then she joined me. This was only the third opportunity when I'd had time to get her talking about her life in Russia before she came to the United States. As we talked, she assembled two plates of food for us, and served both of us, as I requested, at the eating island in the kitchen. I could tell she thought it unusual the 'master' of the house wanted to eat with her.

Dinner slipped away, and so did the rest of the wine and part of another bottle. As the time passed, Nadia loosened up, and soon we were laughing and having fun sharing stories about ourselves.

I guess it was ten or so, when I decided I would take a shower before bed. I had another long day following this one. I thanked Nadia for dinner and the company, and walked over to the master bedroom wing of the house.

I stripped and sauntered into our luxurious shower. I turned on all of the jets, opting to experience a full body wash from head to toe. After a total soak, I lathered up my hair with shampoo and rinsed. As the last of the suds left my body I felt a pair of feminine hands start to scrub my back with a loofah.

I tried not to react with shock. I turned slowly to take in Nadia's adorable nude body: a magnificent visual study in sexuality -- a perfect ass, trim shapely legs, a flat tummy, and full and excited breasts. Nadia gave me a seductive smile, and pulled my head down to kiss her.

"The kiss is from Miss Lee -- Crystal. She asked me to take care of you whenever I wanted ... and I want right now. I also take care of you whenever you want; she said was OK too."

She kissed me again, and this time I kissed back, our wet, slippery, naked bodies sliding together. I felt her small hands gently fondle my prick and balls. There was innocence to her touch, something I'd have to ask her about sometime. I swelled rapidly as she held me in her hands.

Nadia washed me completely from head to toes. She allowed me to return the favor to her, a pleasure as I got to run my hands over every inch of her tight body including that magnificent bubble butt. When we were through, she produced two warm towels and dried me in a most seductive manner. I returned that favor too.

She pulled me to the bed, and had me lie face down. She massaged me, a skill I never knew she had. Part of the time, she straddled my body so she had greater leverage in her massage strokes. In that position, I could often feel the small tuft of pubic hair I'd discovered she had around her pussy as she moved around my legs or straddled my back. After a few minutes, she had me roll onto my back, a pleasure I wanted dearly so that I could watch her sexy body move above me.

After she touched each muscle group in her massage, she positioned herself to fellate me. Her small mouth encircled the head of my cock, and she worked me deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. As she did, more blood surged into my cock from all directions in my body.

As I reached that stage of ready erectness I call a perfect "10", Nadia moved up and kissed me with passion and tongue.

"Nadia, I want to taste you -- to eat your pussy."

Without a word, she spun around and straddled my head so her pussy and her fabulous ass hovered over my face. I actually salivated at the prospect of being intimately involved with both. She went back to her blowjob in our sixty-nine position.

I pulled Nadia's hips down slightly to my mouth and tongue, lapping wildly at the lips of her labia, and then the small flaps of skin surrounding her vaginal opening. I thrust my tongue in and out of her visible hole, actually running my tongue around the edge of her opening. Nadia's lubrication started to flow and it tasted like some exotic cocktail with an aroma you know will stay with you for a long time as a memory of the event. I savored every drop of her moisture as her body responded to my attentions.

Nadia hummed around my cock as she brought me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I could feel the drips of drool and my pre-cum on my legs as she played her oral games. Several times she slammed her head and throat down on my cock in a rapid gesture, taking every inch of me until her head could go no further. She kneaded, caressed, and squeezed my rapidly swelling testes too, occasionally gasping for breath when she tried to do more than her oxygen allowed. I frequently writhed beneath her in response to some move she made.

I had been holding her hips with my hands as I drove my tongue into her heat and lapped at her fluids, and then I decided to reach beneath her and find her breasts. With each hand I held a breast, stroked and then pinched her nipples. I heard and felt the sharp intake of breath as I pinched, careful to not overdo it.

"Harder. Really hard, please."

I obeyed her command, twisting and turning her significant nipples in my hands. Although awkward, I slapped her breasts several times.

In the sixty-nine position Nadia had adopted, she continued to make love to my cock and ball sack but now with renewed vigor. All the time her hands were in constant motion, fondling and stroking, even rubbing up and down my thighs and my abdomen with her finger nails to entice me further. Her mouth was magic, and I couldn't imagine another action she could take to bring me pleasure.

When she took my cock into her mouth and down her throat again, I knew I wouldn't last long with her expert ministrations. I asked her, "How do you want us to cum? If you keep doing that, I'll get messy again --maybe in your mouth." I thought of the time a few days earlier, when Nadia had shown up as Crystal and I made love on the living room sofa; she'd cleaned me with her mouth and done the same to Crystal.

Nadia answered looking over her shoulder, "I will do whatever you prefer, but my own preference, at least for tonight, is to have your beautiful cock inside me -- in my vagina. I want to feel you cum in me."

I gestured for her to turn around. As she did I asked, "Birth control?"

She smiled and said, "I take pill."

The next I knew, Nadia was in my arms and we were kissing passionately again. I rolled us over so I was on top, and she directed my erection to her open hole -- the same hole my tongue had ringed only moments earlier.

I thrust forward, and met unexpected resistance at the tightness of her channel, even though she appeared well lubricated. She pushed up into me hard as I pushed down, and I bottomed out inside her.

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