tagGroup SexCrystal Clear Ch. 16

Crystal Clear Ch. 16


This story is part of a continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of 'Road Trip -- California' for a list of the chapters of that series, in the order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this series. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please 'read, enjoy, vote, and comment.'

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read the Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia live together. Jim finished his first movie, enjoyed several orgies with his leading lady and rescued her when she got kidnapped in Nicaragua to great media acclaim. Later, the press discovered that Jim fathered a child in Ohio during the road trip, but Crystal and Jim managed the news, revealed the truth, and the story faded away quickly. In the course of the baby story, the pair met Edie, the sexy reporter who deduced Jim's parenthood, and they bring her back to Nashville for further loving romps before they leave on a concert tour. Billy, their bandleader, and Dan, their publicist, joined the group more often. Claire finally revealed her mysterious past, admitting to doing porn films and being a high-end escort even sharing some details. Crystal and Jim get Grammys for their great music. During a concert in London, Jim receives a blackmail note. He hires a private detective to help search for the culprit, and hence meets Margo. The musical and movie entourage moves to Paris for the next concert and movie premieres. Ultimately, Jim and Margo fly back to London, joining the Mile High Club en route, confront some suspects and resolve the blackmail threat to Jim.

Crystal Clear Ch 16

Playful friends. More concerts. A request from the CIA

By the time Margo and I finished dinner, we'd made each other horny with a series of stories: Margo sharing some of the cases her private investigation agency had conducted, many about various infidelities she'd investigated and how they turned out; and me sharing some stories from my road trip across America. I think we both had the expectation of making love in her apartment that evening.

Margo kept checking her watch even though we ate dinner on the early side. We left the restaurant, retrieved her car, and motored north on the M1 to Watford. Margo had a townhouse -- an end unit in a cluster with three other units in a larger neighborhood of carbon copy units.

As we walked to her unit from the parking lot I noticed lights on inside but didn't think anything of it. Margo stopped at the front door, and we shared a long French kiss on her doorstep. As we kissed our hips ground together. She put my hand under her blouse even pulling aside the bra she wore so I could reach her taut breasts. When we were both panting and I had a significant hard-on, Margo said, "Come, let's get inside. There's more to come. It'll get better, a lot better."

I didn't understand her comment; at least, until she opened the door, and we stepped into her living room.

To my surprise, Caroline Reynolds Huff, the pretty twenty-one year old that had briefly been a suspect in my blackmail, sat pretty as a picture in the middle of Margo's sofa with a couple of books around her. What made her presence most notable involved her lack of clothing. She gave me a coy look; "Hi, Jim Mellon. I hope you don't mind my being here. Margo thought the two of us could entertain you better than one, and after all we've already had ... an encounter back in Oklahoma a couple of years ago. I'd love another, if you can handle two of us at once."

I turned to Margo, whose lecherous smile betrayed her interest in not just me, but also Caroline. Caroline unraveled her long and shapely legs, allowing me a quick glance at her womanhood. She rose and came over to me. My arms automatically went around the attractive young girl as she raised her face to mine for a serious kiss. One of my hands slid down her back to a tight little ass, and the other reached between us to fondle a pert breast. As I squeezed and kneaded the breast I moved my fingers to gently pinch her nipple until it could cut glass because it was so hard. By then, we were on our tenth or so long kiss; I wasn't counting.

Not unexpectedly, another pair of hands joined me as they wrapped around Caroline from her back. Margo's naked body pushed against Caroline's nude form pushing her more tightly into me. She spoke in a low voice, "Somebody has entirely too many clothes on. Caroline, I think we should do something about that."

The two of them took over undressing me; one worked from my waist down, and the other from my waist up. I quickly became a willing participant. As my briefs got yanked down my legs, my erection swung into view.

Caroline grabbed my shaft and brought her mouth to my crown, lapping and mouthing the mushroom head. Her other hand joined in, counter twisting with the other around my shaft as she tried to suck my insides out. Caroline added some saliva to the mix to smooth things out.

Margo watched her briefly, and then said to Caroline, "Here, let me show you how to give a really exciting blow job. Do this and any man will worship you the rest of your life." Margo knelt next to Caroline on the thick carpeting, and quickly inhaled my cock. She started her twisting, turning, kneading, humming, and swallowing activities that had so turned me on the previous evening. She taught Caroline how to duplicate her moves, insisted that she practice on me until she got it right.

As Caroline's wonderful blow job continued, Margo stood and turned my upper half to her so she could drag her breasts across my chest and make out with me. Her hands were busy too: one caressing my chest and rubbing my nipples as the other running through my hair.

I allowed one of my hands to caress Caroline's hair, stroking her long brunette locks and running a finger around and in one ear in a sexy gesture. The other hand went to Margo's slit; I used one finger to slowly run through her wetness -- a near-liquid sign of her arousal long before we got to her home. She'd probably been thinking about this threesome since she set it up with Caroline. I'd have to find out later how she did that.

Margo moaned, "Oh, fuck." After a minute of my finger's focus on the clitoris, she said, "Please, let's take this to my bedroom."

Caroline allowed me to pull her to her feet and kiss her. She looked surprised at the affection. "You don't have to kiss me if you don't want to."

"I want to. You're beautiful, arousing, sexy, I like you more with each minute I know you, and you give great blow jobs, why wouldn't I want to kiss you?"

"Because I'm so young? Because you're a star, and I'm a nobody? Because I was just a hole to fill when we met in Oklahoma?"

I pulled her to me and hugged her naked body to mine. I kissed her again. "Honey, Oklahoma was about lust. Some people have fun with sex, and I'm one of them, and based on what went on that night I bet you are too." Caroline nodded. I continued, "You don't have to think that all sex is predicated on that model."

Caroline said with surprise in her voice, "You mean you really like me?"

"Yes, you're a hottie, and I don't think you're too young or I wouldn't be here with you now -- in this way. And as for you being a nobody, let me assure you that you are a 'somebody' of great importance. My recent fame doesn't change the fact that up until I met Crystal Lee in Tennessee two years ago I might have also called myself a 'nobody.' Just know inside yourself, that you have talents, capabilities, and motivations that can take you far beyond being a 'nobody.' Got it?"

Caroline studied my face to test my sincerity. I must have passed her test, because I got a smile that lit up the room and a real hard kiss as she pressed my cock between her belly and my groin. She said, "Thank you. I am so going to enjoy tonight. I've dreamed of this almost every night since that debutantes ball, and I can't tell you how often I've masturbated to a vision of us doing this. I'm probably crazy, but I do care for you ... a lot."

We followed Margo's naked body up a short flight of stairs to a modern master bedroom with large double doors that opened to look down on the living room. Climbing behind Caroline reminded me of Nadia back in Nashville; both had extremely sweet rear ends that made me harden more than I already had. Margo's taste in decorating appealed to me: a mix of the feminine and the masculine woven together in the room.

Margo turned to the two of us, "I'm not sure how to start this."

Caroline said in a low voice, "I haven't much experience with girls ... I mean I've done some stuff, but you're both so much older and more experienced."

I held out my arms to Margo and Caroline, and they both came and let me hug the two of them together. I said to Caroline, "First, you have to forget any cultural messages you've been taught about being with a woman; in this day and age, only the most unforgiving and unenlightened people would chastise you for enjoying someone of the same sex. Second, why don't you kiss Margo -- really kiss her, as if you mean it. Kiss her as though you've waited all day to do this with her, as though you want to seduce her."

I backed away slightly, and the two women embraced each other, their breasts and groins mashing together as their lips first touched in a brief kiss, and then a deeper kiss, and then an open exchange of tongues initiated by Margo, and then their hands came into play.

When the two parted, they looked into each other's eyes for acceptance and found it. Both smiled. Margo took Caroline's hand, and led her to the bed. She had Caroline recline and then started on her breasts; flawless breasts that only an early twenties woman could sustain. As Margo worked on one, I worked on the other. Caroline rapidly went into orbit.

When Margo saw I had her breasts in hand, so to speak, she slithered down Caroline's body to the 'V' between her legs; Caroline spread wide at Margo's suggestive touch. I watched as Margo repeated some of the actions Crystal and she had shared only the night before: her hands massaged Caroline's thighs and rubbed up into her abdomen, an errant finger would glide down the outside of her slit on one side of her labia or the other, another finger might meander through the tuft of pubic hair carefully manicured on that landscape, another finger might touch her anus for a second or two threatening something even more intimate, and then Margo blew her hot breath directly on her pussy from only an inch away. I could see the glistening female moisture all around Caroline's pussy, now even more generous in proportion to what she'd been like in the living room.

Margo's tongue carefully made contact with Caroline's cunt, first in a full-tongue swipe from anus to mons right up the valley of the slit, including maximum contact with Caroline's clit. Caroline jerked alert, her eyes practically bugging out of her head and a low moan of pleasure and excitement coming from deep inside her.

Margo knew how to please another member of her sex. Tongue, lips, teeth, and mouth all were brought into play, and she licked, sucked, blew, bit, and savored Caroline's sweet juices. Between moves, Margo praised Caroline for tasting so delicious and for being willing to come and play with us.

I watched as Margo added a finger, sliding it into Caroline's warm vagina. Moments later, a second finger got added -- and then a third -- and then a fourth -- and then her whole hand trying to twist and screw itself into Caroline's hole.

Caroline did not idly lie back and passively allow the activities on her body. She jerked and writhed in response to each motion Margo made, sometimes pulling away from too much pleasure, and other times pushed herself down into Margo's face or hand to drive tongue or fingers deeper into her body.

I alternated between watching Margo assault Caroline's cunt, and sucking on both of her breasts. Caroline finally caught my eye, "Come up near my face -- your cock, I mean. I want to suck on you while Margo does me." Seconds later, Caroline inhaled my cock once again, this time allowing me to piston in and out of her mouth, and after she got used to it, even her throat. She used one hand to keep me positioned and to twist around my cock to heighten the pleasure for me.

I continued to reach down and fondled Caroline's breasts, pinching and tweaking her nipples. I got instructional, "Caroline, let yourself go. Allow yourself to have the orgasm that Margo wants to give you. Relax and enjoy the sensations, let them build, let them sweep over you."

I pulled my cock away and lay down beside Caroline. I put part of my body along her upper torso, and started to kiss her, using my fingers and tongue to do her ears, lips, around her eyes, neck, and other erogenous zones. Caroline not only panted, she started to emit low squeaking sounds in sync with Margo's fist thrusts into her body.

Caroline's eyes suddenly got large; "OH, MY GOD, I'M ... I'M HAVING AN ORGASM!" I could only imagine what a major earthquake would be like, because Caroline's body became a replica for that experience. Every inch of her body quivered; her skin rippled out of control as spasm after spasm of pleasure washed over her. She let out a long, low wail, "Oooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh!"

Caroline's back arched so dramatically as she pushed her pussy into Margo's hand that her buttocks and lower back were not touching the bed. At my end, Caroline ground her mouth into mine with tongue extended between her moans. We kissed and kissed hard.

And then, she suddenly became a limp noodle with no starch, no backbone, no form. She allowed the bed to absorb her body and every limb. Margo backed away with a satisfied look on her face as she licked her fingers ripe with Caroline's juices.

After a minute, as the afterglow waned, Caroline's eyes fluttered open, and she looked at Margo and me with such a look of love. "Oh, that was so wonderful. I've only had a couple of other orgasms in my life. I didn't think I could have one with someone else, particularly a woman ... oh, and I didn't dream about you Jim, I had you here with Margo making love to me -- well, almost. Let me rest, but then I do want you to make love to me -- to fuck me."

Margo came up so we surrounded the young girl. We both rained kisses down on her. She became our love object for those minutes.

Later, I watched as Caroline returned the favor, successfully trying to give Margo an orgasm. She gave her half a dozen to both their amazement.

My turn came, but I was in no rush. I started with Margo, fucking her to an orgasm, and then I switched to Caroline.

Caroline told me as I sank into her tight twat, "I guess girls don't have clitoral orgasms from intercourse, huh?"

I just said, "Let's see."

Four-and-a-half minutes later, Caroline screamed out her second orgasm of the night. Margo and I kissed her through it. I had Margo sit on Caroline's face, so Caroline could be having sex with a man and a woman simultaneously; she loved it. Five minutes later, she had another cum, this time emitting girl juice into our union.

Margo suggested that I cum in Caroline so she could experience my 'full treatment.' She nodded enthusiastically that she would like that. I pulled us around to several different positions until I maneuvered her into one where I guessed my cock might be rubbing against her G-spot on my in strokes. Caroline's reactions certainly suggested that was what was going on.

"Caroline, I'm going to cum inside your luscious body very soon. My cock is going to jet semen deep inside you, and you're going to love it. You will be all drippy with my fluid. You like being fucked by me don't you?" She nodded rapidly. "And you'd be willing to be one of my slut girlfriends wouldn't you -- what some of my friends call a 'Mellon Girl'?" More nodding. "And, you'd want all the cock I could give you anytime of the day or night after this wouldn't you?" More nodding and now moaning occurred as she started her build up to her next climax. I continued to talk dirty to Caroline because I could tell she was getting off on it.

Beside Caroline, Margo lay in my line of sight thrusting a large dildo in and out of her cunt. She locked eyes with me whenever she could. She entangled her legs around Caroline's so we were all touching in some intimate way.

Caroline's vagina spasmed, and I could feel the Kegel muscles start to clench, trying to pull me deep inside her. Caroline looked at me with big doe eyes; a signal I'd already learned meant she was about to explode into a colossal orgasm. I warned her I was about to cum, and she went over the top.

"Ooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!" Caroline loudly moaned as her climax started and her body arched into mine.

I banged my cock deep within her on those few last thrusts to try to scrape my glans over Caroline's G-spot before I filled her vagina with a gallon of cum. The pleasure washed through my body with a jolt; I think I made some pleasing noises of joy. By my last thrust into Caroline's boiling body, I had overfilled her hole, and as with Margo the night before the cum oozed out of her around my shaft in a couple of large dollops.

I clutched Caroline to my body, and reached over and pulled Margo in as well. Margo had come by her own hand, aided by her pink dildo. The three of us made out with one another, savoring the afterglows.

Margo needed more, and she slid down Caroline's body again and sucked my cum from her cunt in a noisy display of affection for the two of us. Initially, Caroline looked amazed at the lewd act. She'd occasionally pull away and describe in graphic detail what she was doing, how good Caroline tasted, and how much she liked us. At one point, she brought the mix of fluids up to Caroline and pantomimed that she wanted to kiss her -- to share the fluids with her. Caroline opened her mouth, and Margo dribbled the cum, girl juice, and her own saliva into the willing youthful mouth. The two girls then joined in an amazing French kiss, made extra-erotic by the seepage of fluids from between their mouths onto their faces and breasts. Before they were through, Margo pulled me into the kiss as well.

Margo coached Caroline into a classic sixty-nine position with her, teaching her by example how to deliver even more pleasure to a woman. Caroline only had distant knowledge about G-spots before they started, but several orgasms by each of them later, she had become an expert.

When I'd recovered, I took turns on either side of their sixty-nine demonstrating close-up views of fucking, and teaching about how to use a tongue and mouth during a fuck to create pleasure for both the 'fucker' and the 'fuckee.' Caroline proved an apt pupil, occasionally screaming or whimpering through her own orgasms. I thought the house might shake off its foundation on every one of them.

After one set of afterglows passed, I had a serious discussion with Caroline about her self-image. "Caroline, earlier today you said you felt you had to leave Oklahoma because you got a reputation as a slut; right?"

Caroline nodded.

I went on, "Well, I want you to rethink that moniker. What if the word 'slut' stood for 'sexuality-love-understanding-tolerance' -- would it be so bad?"

"No, but it doesn't."

"Ah, but Emerson wrote, 'There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.' So if you think of yourself in a bad way because of something you did, you make it so and those around you will adopt your viewpoint. Did you tell others you felt that way?"

"A few. Several of us from that party ended up thinking poorly of ourselves. Maddy was one of them too."

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