tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 03

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 03



Catherine, Warrick and Ryan dined together, took in a show and then gambled a little bit before they called it a night. Catherine asked Ryan back to the house but she asked Warrick if he could come over on Saturday rather than Friday night. Catherine was anxious to fuck again but she wasn't ready for two guys at the same time. Even though Sara told Catherine how enjoyable it was to have two and even three cocks in her, Catherine just wasn't ready for the group scene.

Warrick said goodnight to Ryan and Catherine and as he did he could not resist giving Catherine's ass a little squeeze. Ryan rode back to Catherine's house with her and this time he planned to stay the night. Catherine took Ryan to the bedroom immediately and told him to take off all his clothes. Then she told him that she wanted him to undress her. Catherine told Ryan to take his time and to play with her as he stripped her. Ryan already had a raging hard-on before he started to disrobe Catherine.

Ryan first removed her blouse and then slowly unsnapped and peeled her bra down her arms. He stepped behind Catherine and reached around to cup both of her tits in his hands. Ryan fondled her tits raising her nipples to an erect state and then he twirled her nipples in his fingers. Catherine was groaning softly as Ryan played with her tits and nipples. Ryan then moved around in front of her and kissed her breasts lightly before taking one of her nipples in his mouth. He alternated between her tits kissing them and sucking her nipples driving Catherine wild with passion.

Ryan then dropped to his knees and unfastened Catherine belt and slacks. He turned her away from him so that the first thing he would see was Catherine's fantastic ass when he lowered her slacks. Ryan slowly pulled the tight fitting slacks down off of Catherine and he watched as her panty covered hillocks appeared. Ryan tortured himself as much as Catherine as he deliberately and slowly peeled down her slacks. Ryan pushed her slacks to the floor and then he lifted her legs one at a time to remove the slacks completely.

Ryan then ran his hands slowly up Catherine's legs caressing her calves and thighs along the way. Catherine was naked now except for her panties. Ryan noticed the goose bumps on Catherine's skin and he sensed her pussy was dripping wet. Ryan reached her waist and he hooked his hands in her panties and slowly pulled them down over her hips, past her thighs and finally off her legs. He stared at her magnificent ass the entire time he lowered her panties. Ryan then placed soft kisses on Catherine's buttocks causing her to wiggle her ass and moan softly. Ryan couldn't stand the seduction any longer as he had to have her ass.

He led Catherine over to her bed and had her lean over the side of it. Ryan retrieved the lube as he remembered where she kept it. He quickly greased up Catherine's asshole and his own cock then without further delay he plunged his cock into her ass. Catherine gasped as the cock entered her asshole and slid in easily. Ryan knew that he wasn't going to last long as he was very aroused. A few strokes into Catherine's hot ass and he was spewing cum deep into her rectum. Catherine groaned aloud when she felt her ass fill to overflowing with another of Ryan's volcanic ejaculations. She worked her anal muscles to perfection and milked every drop from his cock.

Catherine fell forward on her bed and then let herself be rolled over to her back. Ryan dove between her legs and licked furiously at her pussy as he sensed that Catherine needed to cum. Catherine was ready as Ryan had suspected and it didn't take long before she was humping her pussy into his face. Catherine screamed that she was cumming and she wrapped her legs tightly around Ryan as her body jerked out of control. Ryan ate her pussy drinking down every drop of her love juice until Catherine sighed and collapsed on her bed. Ryan was rock hard again so he just sunk his cock into her pussy and fucked her until they both came again. Catherine loved being fucked in her pussy when she had a load of cum in her ass and Ryan had left some load in there.

Catherine told Ryan to pour some wine while she ran the Jacuzzi tub. Catherine filled tub with bath oil and hot water as Ryan got the wine. Then the two of them entered the tub and Catherine nuzzled back into Ryan's arms. The sipped the wine as the jets blew the warm oily water over their bodies. They were in the tub for at least 30 minutes and had finished their wine when Ryan had Catherine kneel over the side of the tub. He used his fingers to play with her asshole. The bath oil had made them slippery enough to slide easily into Catherine's anus. Ryan teased her with his fingers for awhile and then he leaned over and planted kisses on her ass.

Catherine almost jumped out of the tub when Ryan's tongue touched her anus. Ryan held both of her ass cheeks in each of his hands as he tickled her bung hole with his tongue. Catherine loved to be rimmed and Ryan certainly was into it. Ryan probed her ass with his tongue and Catherine cooed in delight. A few more licks and probes and then Ryan knelt behind Catherine and slipped his cock back into her ass. Catherine groaned at the welcome penetration and pushed her ass back toward Ryan. Ryan took his time fucking her ass again and it took some time before he was ready to cum for a third time that night.

He felt his balls tighten and his body tensed just before he blasted another load into Catherine's ass. As before Catherine groaned with pleasure as she felt her ass fill up with Ryan's cum and she worked her anal muscles to extract every drop from his cock. Ryan stayed in Catherine's ass as she milked his cock dry until it softened and slipped out. Ryan watched as his cock slipped from her shapely ass and drooped between her ass cheeks. Cum oozed from her ass following the path of his deflated cock. The two of them then sat back in the Jacuzzi and relaxed briefly before they decided to get out and dry off.

Ryan joined Catherine back in her bed and it was assumed that he was staying the night. Catherine lay on her side as Ryan snuggled up behind her and draped his arms over her body. He cupped one of her breasts and she pushed her curvy ass back against him. They fell asleep in this position under the watchful eye of Sam Evans as he observed them through the video surveillance system. Sam had already masturbated twice as he watched Ryan and Catherine as once again he envisioned himself in Ryan's place. During the night Ryan got another erection and it nestled between her buttocks. Ryan's erection awakened Catherine so she reached back and took the firm hard cock in her hand and guided it into her ass. Ryan fucked her slowly as they were both in a slumber state until he came in her ass again. Then they both fell back asleep with Ryan's cock embedded in Catherine's ass. Eventually Ryan's cock softened and slipped from Catherine's ass but by then they were both asleep again.

In the morning Ryan fucked Catherine's pussy thoroughly before they headed for the shower where he fucked her ass once more. Then they dressed and had breakfast on the way back to the hotel. Catherine dropped Ryan off at mid-morning and then she returned to her home. As she drove home she thought about getting some more sleep and getting ready for the evening when Warrick would be paying her a visit. Ryan decided to hang out by the pool that day so he called Calleigh's room to see what she was up to.


Calleigh was sound asleep when her phone rang. She wanted to just let it ring but she also knew that it could be important so she rolled over and answered it.

"This is Calleigh," she said sleepily.

"Calleigh its Ryan, did I wake you up? Sorry!"

"Oh its okay, I should be getting up anyway. What's up?"

"I was going to hang around the hotel pool today and I wanted to see if you wanted to join me," Ryan offered.

"Sounds good to me I am a little tired today. Give me about 45 minutes and I'll see you down there," Calleigh replied.

"Great, why don't we order lunch poolside and then we can hang out after we eat. I'll get us a table," Ryan suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Calleigh confirmed and then they hung up.

Calleigh slid her achy body out of bed and made her way into the bathroom. She was still sore from all the sex that she had with Sara, Greg and Nick last night. Calleigh stepped into the shower and let the warm water cascade over her shapely body. Her ass was still tender and she felt a little constipated. Sara told her that the constipated feeling would pass in a day or to. Calleigh still couldn't believe what she had done last night. Not only had she lost her anal virginity but Greg fucked her twice in her ass before Nick shoved his thick cock in her as well. She shook her head as she thought about being fucked in her ass three times the night before.

After she showered she checked her ass in the mirror the best she could. She was looking for any obvious signs of damage or change. Seeing none she was satisfied that she had not been injured. As she thought about the anal sex she kind of liked Greg's average size cock in her ass and she thought about how it spurted and filled her rectum with cum. Then she remembered Nick's cock and it wasn't that he was that long it was because he was thicker that she felt the pain and pressure. Then she thought about Sara eating her pussy while she sucked on Greg's cock and Nick fucked her ass. Never in her wildest fantasies did Calleigh ever expect to make it with two guys and a girl. She put those thoughts aside and donned her bikini and sarong. Then she left the room to join Ryan poolside.

Calleigh made her way down to the pool and she spotted Ryan at one of the tables. He had ordered a Bloody Mary and was sipping on it when she arrived. Just as Calleigh sat down, the waiter appeared by her side.

"I'll have one of those for starters," she told the waiter.

The waiter hurried off with her order and then they both ordered lunch when the waiter returned with the drink. Calleigh and Ryan had a leisurely lunch and conversation before they headed poolside. Ryan located a couple of lounge chairs and picked up towels for them both. Calleigh took of her sarong and Ryan once again admired her shapely round ass. He even felt his cock stir slightly as he watched the curves in her ass as she moved about and got settled in the lounge. Ryan had no idea that Calleigh had been royally butt fucked last night and that she was no longer an anal virgin.

Calleigh and Ryan kicked back on the lounge chairs and watched other people in the pool. When it got too hot they took a dip to cool off and then they returned to their lounge chairs. Ryan always let Calleigh walk ahead of him as they got out of the pool so that he could watch her bikini clad shapely ass. After one such dip in the pool Calleigh lay face down on her lounge chair. As an after thought she asked Ryan to put some lotion on her back. Ryan immediately grabbed the lotion and applied it to Calleigh's back. He worked it into her neck, shoulders and back then he moved his hands to her lower back. It was all he could do to keep from running his hands into her bikini bottoms.

"I'll do your legs for you too Calleigh," Ryan announced instead of asking permission.

"Okay, thanks," Calleigh replied.

Ryan was surprised that she didn't object but he was glad that she didn't. Ryan started with her calves and worked his way up to her thighs. He rubbed the lotion on the back of her thighs and then moved his hands to her outer thighs and then inner thighs. Calleigh subconsciously opened her legs a little as Ryan rubbed the lotion on her inner thighs. Ryan stared at Calleigh's ass and he wished that they were in the hotel room. He had a raging hard-on and the outline was visible in his swim suit. Ryan let his hand move high where it just touched the crotch of Calleigh's bikini and she gasped and instinctively closed her legs together.

Ryan stopped putting the lotion on her and announced, "There that should do it."

"Thank you!" Calleigh whispered.

Ryan had no idea that Calleigh had gotten turned on while he put lotion on her. She too secretly wished that they were in the hotel room as she was sure that she would have given herself to Ryan. The rest of the afternoon they made small talk, drank margaritas and took occasional dips in the pool. By the time it was time to go in Calleigh was a little tipsy again. She was giddy and slightly flirtatious as they packed up their things. Ryan was happy that Calleigh had lost her aloof attitude and cockiness at least temporarily. She was actually fun to be with. They headed back to their rooms and Ryan invited Calleigh in for another drink. He said he would call down for a pitcher of margaritas and some appetizers. Calleigh was all for it and she joined Ryan in his room.

Ryan then suggested that they watch a movie while they had their drinks and appetizers. Calleigh agreed so Ryan dialed up the pay for view menu and they selected a movie. The two of them stretched out on the bed and put the food and rinks between them as they watched the movie. They both really enjoyed themselves but by the time the movie ended Calleigh was a little tipsy. Ryan watched as she turned on the bed and her sarong separated showing her shapely leg all the way up to her bikini bottom.

Ryan decided it was now or never if he would ever score with Calleigh. He moved the food and drinks off the bed and lay down next to her. They were both still in their swim wear. Ryan moved toward Calleigh and put his arms around her and then kissed her without any resistance from Calleigh. Calleigh kissed him back and she felt her emotions running away from her again. Calleigh sighed and cooed as they kissed and Ryan ran his hands over her body.

Ryan peeled off Calleigh's sarong and kissed his way down her belly to her thighs. Then he kissed his way back up her thighs as Calleigh closed her eyes and let it happen. Ryan pulled her bikini bottom away fro her crotch and ran his tongue over her vulva. Calleigh moaned loudly and pushed her pussy toward Ryan's face.

"Calleigh your pussy is very wet. Would you like me to take care of it for you?" Ryan asked in a sexy voice.

Calleigh had just closed her eyes and nodded affirmatively. She had vowed never to fuck anyone in her department but she was so turned on she gave in to her desires. Ryan pulled the bikini bottom to one side of her vulva and stroked her outer lips. Calleigh could feel her juices flowing and she bolted when he touched her hooded clit. He stuck one finger into her twat and with his other hand he tweaked her erect clit. Calleigh went bonkers and came immediately but Ryan did not stop and he brought her to multiple orgasms with his fingers and mouth.

Ryan didn't ask permission this time but simply pulled her bikini bottoms down and off of her legs. Calleigh instinctively allowed her thighs to part and exposed her dripping wet blonde pussy. Ryan smiled, leaned over and ran his tongue up the length of her cunt. Calleigh's body tingled and she shivered with desire. Ryan licked her a few more times and he had her close to her first orgasm when he stopped. Calleigh reached for his head but he was out of range and she was confused by his actions.

Ryan removed his swim suit as he said to her, "Calleigh it is time for you to reciprocate as well."

Ryan moved back toward her and she spotted his erect cock. It was a beautiful cock and it looked ominous as he approached her. Ryan lay on the bed with her so that his cock was beside her face and his face was aligned with her pussy. Calleigh knew she was expected to take his cock in her. Ryan guided his cock to her mouth and then he resumed eating her pussy. Calleigh adjusted to his cock in her mouth as she enjoyed Ryan's skilled cunt licking.

Ryan was very sexually charged and he knew that he would cum quickly. He did not warn Calleigh that he was going to cum but just as she was humping her hips into his face with her own orgasm, Ryan ejaculated into her mouth. Calleigh was stunned with the first jolt of cum as it hit the back of her throat. She swallowed out of instinct rather than desire as she had not expected Ryan to cum in her mouth. She no sooner swallowed the first load then another load filled her mouth. This time Calleigh swallowed but pulled her mouth off Ryan's cock. The third volley hit her in the face and the fourth hit her neck and chest. Ryan moved her head back to his cock in a sign that he expected her to suck him dry. Calleigh opened her mouth again and sucked on his cock until it softened in her mouth. Ryan had returned to eating her pussy and he brought her to another orgasm.

Calleigh was a little annoyed at Ryan for cumming in her mouth. She was about to scold him when he moved around the bed and lifted her legs up to where her knees touched her chest exposing her pussy and asshole. Ryan began to lick her pussy once more and Calleigh momentarily put aside her anger. He kept eating her toward another orgasm and then he shocked her by running his tongue across her asshole. He licked her from her asshole up over her pussy and then back again. Calleigh was stunned by Ryan's action and the same time excited by having her ass licked. Ryan would dip his tongue into her pussy and into her asshole. Ryan then fastened his mouth on Calleigh's twat as he slid a moistened finger into her asshole.

Calleigh flinched with the intrusion of her ass. Ryan worked her pussy with his mouth and her asshole with his finger as Calleigh seemed to adjust to the anal invasion. Ryan then pushed the thumb from the same hand fingering her ass into her pussy and held her in a bowling like grip. He continued to suck on her clit as he finger fucked her pussy and ass. Calleigh was going crazy and her head was rolling from side to side in ecstasy. Just before Calleigh came again Ryan removed his finger, thumb and mouth. Calleigh frantically tried to get him back to her pussy but Ryan climbed back on the bed and Calleigh noticed that he was fully erect again. Ryan knelt between her raised legs and eased his thick cock into Calleigh's pussy.

Calleigh thought, "Oh he is going to fuck me. I shouldn't let him fuck me!"

But Calleigh was too far gone and she let Ryan penetrate her hot pussy with his big dick. She moaned as he filled her cunt. Ryan rocked his body into her and kept his cock in constant contact with her clit. Calleigh was crazy with desire and she was approaching a mind blowing orgasm. Calleigh's body went rigid and then exploded as she was overcome with the intensity of her climax. Her body seemed to go into convulsions and then slowed down until she finally collapsed.

Ryan pulled out of her and then rolled her over onto her stomach. He unfastened her bikini bra and threw it on the floor next to her bottoms. Then he lifted her by the hips until her ass was level with his cock. Ryan slid his cock back into her pussy and slowly fucked her doggy style. Calleigh turned her head to one side on the bed and stared into the mirror on the wall. She couldn't believe it was her as she looked at the woman in the mirror getting fucked by her colleague. She watched as his big cock sawed in and out of her.

The Ryan pulled out of her and went into the bathroom. He returned with the body lotion supplied by the hotel and he began to massage Calleigh's ass. She put her head on the mattress and turned it to the side so that she could watch. Ryan then put an ample amount in her asshole and then he fingered her ass and pussy at the same time.

"I love the feel of your fingers in my ass and pussy together!" Calleigh exclaimed.

If there was one thing Ryan liked besides fucking a beautiful ass it was preparing an asshole for a good reaming. After several minutes of finger fucking her pussy and asshole Ryan couldn't wait any longer and he had to get his cock in her beautiful ass. Visions of her shapely ass the past several days crossed his mind and he knew he just had to fuck her in the ass. Ryan removed his fingers and lined up the head of his cock at her moist puckered ring and pressed forward slowly. Ryan's cock head strained to pop through and she let out a little groan as the pressure from his iron hard dick forced her little ring to open like a flower and suddenly the large mushroom head slipped past the ring and into her ass. Calleigh let out a groan as her rear passage was stretched to accommodate his cock. She didn't even think about the possibility of pain and she was somewhat glad that she had been butt fucked so thoroughly by Greg and Nick.

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