Cuck and Wife


When the head was in I stopped moving letting her get used to it. I could feel every quiver of her contracting sphincter. I still had 5 inches to go so I pressed forward. Soon I was pressed up against those wonderful firm cheeks, my balls against her dripping wet pussy. I reached forward taking her tits in my hands and she buried her face in the sheets screaming out! I could feel her orgasm as her ass began spasming all around me. The hot velvet glove of her rectum convulsed sending waves of pleasure all around my cock. I held as still as I could enjoying her orgasm almost as much as she. James lapped at her clit extending her orgasm longer than normal. By the time she finished her legs quivered so much I had to let her lay down on the bed fully. I balanced myself on my elbows and knees not laying completely on top of her.

I slowly began pulling out of her. As the head almost left her ass I slowly pushed back in. I gradually picked up the pace until I was fucking her asshole like it was a pussy. Soon I was pulling out completely and slamming back in deep. Tai was moaning and yelling as I took her ass. I relentlessly pumped enjoying the site of my cock disappearing between her beautiful ass cheeks. I loved hearing her cry out; loved the thought of her husband seeing her asshole brutally used.

I pulled out of her as and Tai yelled for me to put it back in. I turned her over on her back, hoisted her legs up and slammed back into her asshole. I pulled James' head down to lick her cunt. Every now and then I'd pull out of her ass and feed my cock to James. Tai watched as he sucked it deeply then pushed it back into her ass. I fucked her ass for about a half hour sometimes pulling out to let James suck on it while I watched her asshole shrink back to almost normal then crammed it back in. I knew I was going to cum soon and I wanted Tai to know her ass was mine.

Pulling out completely again I put Tai back on all fours. I pushed full length back inside her asshole. She cried out from the pain of the new position. I just fucked full length in and out for about ten strokes then pulled her back into my lap, the two of us kneeling. I crammed two fingers into her cunt while pinching her nipple with my other hand. I pumped deeply then just couldn't hold back any more. With a yell I thrust against her ass using the fingers in her pussy as a fulcrum and shot and shot and shot into her grasping asshole. My hips jerked then settled back into a rhythm slowly fucking her still as she squirmed in front of me shaking off the last of her own orgasm.

My cock was still rock hard so when I pulled it out her ass gaped wide open. I grabbed James by the neck and crammed his face to Tai's beautiful open asshole, "Suck my cum out of there, Sissy Boy! Keep licking until I tell you to stop." I pushed his face into her ass and his nose disappeared right into her bung.

Tai yelled, "Lick all that hot cum out of there, James. You'd better get it all too or we'll punish you!" she said menacingly. I watched him lap at her open asshole for a minute then settled back onto the bed. Tai purred as James tongues her. She eyed my semi hard cock so I knelt in front of her and pushed it between her lips before it registered that I had just pulled it from her asshole. She sucked it back and forth to the rhythm of James' tongue in her rectum. Suddenly she stopped with half of it in her mouth. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes wide with realization that she tasted her own ass. Then she just went back to sucking.

We all stopped to rest a while. Tai told me her ass was hurting but that it was a good hurt. She loved me pounding her asshole like I did but wouldn't quite say it. We shared a bottle of wine and then rinsed off. Debating with myself to go to my own room I said fuck it and stayed with them. I spent the rest of the evening trying to make Tai's pussy as sore as her ass. I did a pretty good job too. I lost count of how many times she came after 14. James spent the rest of the night providing oral service to Tai and me. He did have one talented tongue and he nearly got me off again with his mouth clamped to my asshole while I fucked Tai.

We parted company the next morning each of us sore in different ways. They came back a few months later and we've been fucking and sucking ever since. We finally figured a way to keep James from coming but that's another story.

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