tagLoving WivesCucked by My Wife's Gym Trainer Ch. 02

Cucked by My Wife's Gym Trainer Ch. 02


Hi, my name is Andy and I am married to an incredibly sexy wife named Yvonne. We have been married for 19 years now and she is even more beautiful today than any time I've ever known her!

She is Latina, with beautiful brown skin, an awesome smile, and a beautiful face! She has a full set of lips and the hair on her head is absolutely gorgeous!

Whenever we go out, men and women often stare at my sexy wife. She stands only 5' tall, but her measurements are 36-25-36, she has a full set of beautiful boobs, wearing a 36Full C cup bra, or sometimes a small D along with her size 5 panties. Her ass is one of her most wonderful attributes, so round and inviting, oh in tight jeans, my goodness, her butt looks so nice!

In my last story about her Cucked by My Wife's Gym Trainer, you can read about her and Bob, but not without my reluctance. She was finally taken and fucked by another man, in my own house!

Well for about the next week or so, my wife and I made love like rabbits, reliving the episode that she and Bob had, when he fucked her in our living room.

Of course she and I kept going to the gym every other day for our workouts, and twice we ran into Bob, who simply shook my hand and gave my wife a small kiss on the cheek, keeping our 3 way relationship a secret.

Well one day, I was in the locker after my workout and Bob approached me, and said that he was putting together a photo shoot for some of the clients that he has trained, and that he would like for my wife Yvonne, to be part of that.

Now I know that it was just that one session in our house where he trained her, or I guess you could say, fucked her, but still, she has a wonderful shape from all of her years of working out and eating healthy.

I knew that she would want to participate, so I agreed and told him that I would tell her.

After taking a shower, I met up with Yvonne in the lobby and told that I had seen Bob in the locker room, and that he wanted to get together with us, for a photo shoot with people that he has helped trained.

When I mentioned his name, my wife's pretty face lit up and she told me that it sounded wonderful to her! I have to admit, this made me a bit hesitant, but the thought of seeing her and Bob together again, well it just made my penis jump in my sweats.

So, I called Bob and he set up an appointment for us to meet at his friend Jimmy's place. He said Jimmy was one of his workout clients and now has his own small gym that he had constructed at his house.

He said that we could do the photo shoot there, because he had weights and modern gym equipment.

So it was all set, we would meet there on Saturday afternoon at 2:00PM.

So when Saturday arrived, Yvonne, always wanting to look her best, showered, put on some light make-up, her super tight black stretch pants over her small red thong panties, along with a Maroon sports bra and a small jacket. She chose a pair of stylish cross training workout shoes along with black booty socks. Needless to say, she looked pretty hot!

Well I followed the directions up the Jimmy's place and we went up to the back of his house, as directed by Bob, to find him there. He introduced us to Jimmy, Todd, Mark, and Evan. All were in workout clothes and all were in great shape too.

I noticed that there were no other women around and Bob said to me "Well, I figured since Yvonne is so beautiful and she is in such great shape, we would use her as our only woman model"

Ok, I thought, well I looked over and saw her in the middle of all 4 of those men, and she really seemed to be enjoying the attention, so I let that go.

I also noticed that there wasn't a professional photographer there.

I asked Bob and he replied "Oh you know digital cameras are these days, they are so easy to use and the pictures are such high quality; I figured we could take the pictures ourselves and it would all be ok."

Well, ok I thought, as he sort of punched me lightly in the arm, and said, "Let's get this started and by the way, your wife looks hot!"

Hmmm I thought, well she does look hot!

Bob started by directing the men to start using the weights, to get a pumped look going and he told Yvonne, " why don't you stretch some and get going to, maybe jump rope for a couple of minutes."

As she did I noticed the men looking at her, she has since taken off her small jacket and there was my wife in just her tight maroon sports bra and her tight black stretch pants on.

Just as she was about to begin, Bob said to her "Yvonne, honey, you look great, but for this photo shoot, I need to also promote our sponsor, and I'm going to need to you to put on this light blue bikini"

I said "bikini?"

He replied, "Yes Andy, Evan here also owns a local bikini shop and I agreed that our female model, in this case, your wife Yvonne, would wear it for our shoot."

Well needless to say, my wife is a big show off, so she grabbed it and said to me, "oh honey, it's really no big deal, I mean I wear my bikinis to the beach and pools all the time, besides, you know how hard I work at having a nice shape!"

She approached me, and gave me a small kiss on my lips. Well I mean, who could say no to that?

So I reluctantly let her go the bathroom and change. As I did, I noticed that all of the men took off their shirts and were just working out in their shorts and workout shoes.

Jimmy was the first to tell me "Hey dude, you wife is beautiful, you are a lucky man my friend"

I smiled and replied very proudly, "well thank you, she really is a great little wife,"

Yvonne then walked out of the bathroom and she was in one of the small and tightest bikini's I have ever seen!

I mean the top was so small it barely covered my wife's big brown boobs, they were spilling out in the front and the top didn't quite cover the bottoms portions of her amazing tits.

Then I looked down, and her bikini bottoms were not only very small, but they were extremely tight on her and since she keeps her vagina shaved, you could clearly and visibly see the lips of my wife's cunt.

Oh man, I thought to myself as I believe every man there got an instant hard on!

At least I know I did, and she is my own wife!

Bob was the first to say "Oh hmmm mmm you look great in that bikini Yvonne, turn around for us, let us see all of you!"

Oh my flirtatious little wife smiled, as she looked right at me, and proceeded to turn around, not completely, but staying facing away from all of us!

My goodness, the bikini bottoms were thong bottoms!

You could completely see my wife's entire naked butt, except for the piece of material that just disappeared into her round smooth brown Latina ass. That wonderful upside down heart shaped ass!

Oh I heard a couple of the men let out a moan and sigh.

She then turned her head over her shoulder, keeping her ass in view to us and said, "well, what do you think honey?"

I said, "Oh Yvonne, I mean, wow, you look sensational babe!" I was well aware of all five men looking at her ass and I could feel my penis moving and stirring in my shorts as well.

"Ok then, let's warm up" Bob said, as he tossed the jump rope to my wife

The men kept lightly lifting weights, as she grabbed the jump rope and she began to jump.

With each jump, her big beautiful full boobs would go up and down, oh they looked magnificent!

She certainly enjoys working out and she kept up her jump roping for a good two minutes before stopping and beginning her stretches.

She then stood with her feet just wider than shoulder length apart, she put her arm over her head and she began to stretch.

The small material of her tiny bikini bottoms began to pull and creep ever so slightly up into her naked little shaved snatch, outlining it even more clearly for all of us men to see.

Her bottoms we so small they completely made a mold out of her vagina, my wife's vagina, on display to those 5 men!

Soon, Bob was in front of her, snapping photos of my wife like that, dressed like that, in her tiny bikini.

He told her to turn around, so he could get her stretching from the back, as she bent over you could see my wife's little snatch outlined with her legs apart and her thong bottoms going up her nice ass.

Oh my dick was hard, rock hard!

That's when Bob said, "You know a guy, Andy here, has watched me do an in home private workout at his house, right Andy?"

"Well I mean, sure, yea, I admit I did watch" not really thinking about what I was saying.

Bob then said, "Here Andy, since you really like to watch, why don't you take pictures of us? You will take pictures of the shoot, with your wife and us."

Before I could say no, the camera was in my hand.

Before my eyes, Bob then yanked down his shorts and stepped out of them. He stood there with just his shoes and socks on, and that, Huge Pussy pleasing penis on display.

Now if you haven't had a chance to read my last story, Bob's cock is over 9" long and as thick as Yvonne's wrist!

She openly sighed upon seeing his big beautiful cock once again. It really seemed to put my pretty little wife in such a trance.

A Trance that last time turned her into a sexy little cock loving slut before my very eyes!

As Bob walked up to my wife, he looked over at me and smiled, with a smirk on his face.

Then he reached out and began feeling her big boobs, fondling her tits right there and then.

Saying "that's it, there they are. Those are the nice tits that I remember, and oh I love your big tits Yvonne."

He fondled them and pulled them out of her small top!

The other men didn't wait for any other signs, soon they all had their shorts off, and they all had raging hard on's for my wife!

I suspected that Bob had already spoken to them about her and what she likes, because as I looked around, I noticed that they had pretty big dicks!

Maybe not as big as Bobs huge cock, but they all seemed to have large and some thick cocks!

Jimmy walked up to her my wife and began to massage her cunt thru her small bottoms.

Todd began to put his hands on her tummy and rub her as Mark started to pull down my wife's bikini bottoms right there!

The thing is, not only did I not stop them from openly feeling and fondling my pretty little wife, I started to take pictures!

Here I was, taking pictures of my pretty little wife, being felt up, by strangers, by men I had just met.

When Mark got her bottoms off her, Evan sat on the ground and positioned his face between my wife's legs as she stood there.

Her legs were about shoulder width apart and he started to lick out at my wife's naked cunt!

She let out a moan, as the men ripped her top off her.

I could see Bob sucking on my wife's tit as Jimmy sucked her other tit.

I saw them grab her hands and place her soft little hands around their hard shafts!

Those bastards! I thought to myself, not even caring that me, her husband is right here!

I saw Todd change places with Evan, and lay on the ground, pulling my wife's snatch to his face as he hungrily sucked and licked at her wet puss lips!

She was moaning now, sitting on his face, and soon the men surrounded my wife with their big hard cocks, like she was some sexy whore.

Like they were in some porno movie, and they were pushing their cocks in her face!

All of them saying things like "suck it baby, that's it suck my cock baby, oh good girl, suck my cock yes that's it."

I heard Bob saying "that's my girl Yvonne, suck my cock and suck my friends cocks bitch, good sexy girl. That's a good cunt, suck our cocks, you fucking little cock loving whore."

"Man Bob, you were right, this little bitch loves cock, doesn't she?" Mark said

Suck my cock baby, you are such a little cum slut aren't you baby?" he kept going.

The fact that you are sucking our cocks in front of your own husband, mmm mmm man, what a sexy fucking slut you are!"

Jimmy looked at me, and also smirked, as I was naked now, with my smaller cock in my hand. I was masturbating as I watched these five men using my wife, and my dick was so fucking hard!

Since Todd was already lying down, he pulled my sexy wife on top of him, his big dick right at the entrance of her hole.

He looked over at me said "Andy, come here dude, guide my fucking cock into your wife's wet pussy!"

He didn't ask, he told me to. The others laughed as I walked over, grabbed a hold of his thick prick, and put his cockhead into my own little wife's pussy hole.

I am straight and I don't know why I did it, but I did. I had never felt another man's cock in my hand before, it was just so hot and hard, all for my wife!

I heard him let out a big moan as he began to shove it up her cunt.

She was soaking wet, and she moaned loudly as his thick dick began to penetrate her small hole!

Even though his cock was only about long as mine, it must have been as thick as a soda can.

I went to look at my wife face, she looked so beautiful, like she was just caught up in the pure lust of it all and all these big hard cocks around her.

I felt so proud of my beautiful little wife, and so proud that these men were so hard for her!

I started taking pictures of her beautiful face as she was getting thoroughly fucked by this massive sausage!

She whimpered as he continued his assault on my wife's little fuck hole!

Her cunt rapidly got accustomed to his size and she yelped out "oh Ohhhhhhh fuck me! That cock is so big, oh fuck me!"

I suppose he hears that a lot from women, he just laughed and said "hmm that's it good girl, take my cock like a hot slut, you pretty little married cock loving cunt!"

Jimmy than put his cock in her mouth and said to me "oh fuck man, your wife is hot dude, oh fuck look at her suck my cock!" "You are married to a fucking beautiful little cocksucker man, what a sexy tramp!"

I was jacking off the whole time, watching listening to these men just openly say dirty lewd comments to me about my pretty wife!

Bob had his hand on her tits as she rode Todd.

She was riding him hard and deep, until Mark came up behind my wife, and said out loud "What as Ass!"

He then spanked her ass! He took a couple of nice swats right on the cheek of my wife's round ass!

Soon Evan was spanking her too, saying "you naughty little whore, fucking men in front of your own husband, what a sexy fucking little slut wife you are Yvonne!"

Mark then said, "well can't let this prime ass go to waste," and as I watched, Mark came up behind my pretty little wife and started to rub lots of her pussy juices all over her asshole, that's right , My wife's little asshole!

I wanted to stop him, my head was spinning, I didn't know what to do, but I did know that my smaller dick was leaking all over the place, I was so turned on!

She looked back and started to protest, but to no avail, as he started to push his cock head up into my wife's small asshole!

She gasps, as Todd grinned with his cock in her cunt, and he could feel her tighten up as Mark started to fuck my little wife in her ass!

Bob sneered and said, "Take it bitch! Take his cock up your fucking ass! That's my pretty girl, that's it cunt, you fucking little married whore,"

"You are getting your ass and pussy fucked at the same time and you love it, don't you slut?"

"Oh fuck, oh I do, I do love it!" Yvonne screamed out

"Fuck me, oh use me, fuck me like a hot slut, I love all of your big cocks, oh I do!"

She looked at me saying "Oh Andy, I can't help it, I love you, but I also love big cocks!"

"Big beautiful hard cocks oh fuck me; fuck me in front of my husband! He's so hard, oh Andy jack off, jack off as you watch me fuck!"

Bob then thrust his cock into my wife's open mouth saying "suck my cock whore...you fucking little cuckolding bitch, suck my cock!"

"Take a cock in your pussy, one up your nice ass, one in each hand, and mine in your mouth, as your fucking husband watches and beats off!"

Oh oh...my head was still spinning; they were using my pretty wife, using her, like a slut!

I kept snapping pictures, of my wife getting gang banged! She looked wonderfully beautiful! Soon they were changing places; it all became a haze as they all took turns fucking my wife!

They all wanted her pussy and they all wanted her asshole!

I don't know how many times she came! I know she's multi-orgasmic, but I have never, and I mean never seen my wife cum over and over and over like that.

It was like she was in pure fuck lust bliss! She wanted those cocks, she couldn't get enough cock. Oh she was a cock loving cum slut queen!

During her fucking session, the men all had a second round of being in her asshole and cunt hole.

After she had cum, what four counted 4 times, she reached out her hand for me.

She said "I love you so much honey, thank you for being the way you are and allowing me to have so many cocks and so much fun, I Love you so much."

I looked at her and smiled, I had already beat off once and my cock was there so hard, as I told my pretty wife, "I love you too babe, thanks for doing this for me to watch, you are the best wife in the world!"

The men lifted her up and moved her around changing positions and cumming with her.

They all took turns cumming on my wife!

Shooting their hot white jism all over her!

On her face, on her big tits, on her tummy, in her asshole, and in her hair.

They all came on her and in her she looked like a total slut!

My pretty little wife was covered in cum!

She looked like a beautiful horny little well fucked wife, and I would have her no other way!

I love My Wife, the perfect little Cock Loving Slut!

Every sexy wife should have a stud gym trainer like Bob!

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