tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCucking My Man Ch. 02

Cucking My Man Ch. 02


I watch the man chug the beer and wait for him to tell me what to do. Can there be a doubt that he controls the situation completely and absolutely? I know he will do unspeakable things to me and that thought sends a chill down my spine. Fantasies of being degrading flow through my mind at such speed that I am almost numb that it is happening, as if I'm not in my body.

"Slut," the man says, snapping me out of my reverie.

"Yes?" I ask, not knowing how to address him as I do not know his name.

"Get me another beer. And call me sir or I will teach you a painful lesson."

My stomach jumps as I imagine what type of punishment he will inflict if I disobey. Fetching the beer I bring it to him, my knees weak as I come within an arm length.

"Get on your knees, slut, and play with my balls."

"Yes, sir," I say, kneeling in front of him. I grab his balls in one hand, which are slick with sweat and cum and juice from my pussy, and with the other stroke his semi-erect penis. The smell makes me want to gag, but I can't take my eyes away from the massive package in my hands. His cock hangs like a hammer between his legs, at least twice the size of my husband's tiny dick and I find myself wondering what I will not do for this man.

"So, you're not on the pill? I think I'll breed you tonight. Nothing more of a turn on than breeding a blonde slut in front of her wimp husband," he says, giving my face a light slap. I don't know if I am supposed to answer him, so I keep quiet. Yes, I'll let him get me pregnant. My husband does not make me orgasm at all, never mind the earth shattering one this man forced from me a few minutes ago. Why would I say no?

"Don't just stare at it," he says, pushing his cock into my mouth. He grips my face and begins forcing his thick meat into my throat. I relax and let him control me, trying to avoid gagging as he starts working his now slick cock into my mouth at a steady pace. My eyes blur from tears as he presses his balls against my chin. I can't believe he fit that monster down my throat. He holds still for a few moments, my nose buried in his pubic hair and my hands on his hips.

Finally pulling out of my mouth, he lets me breathe, though he slaps his thick cock against my cheek several times, quite hard. "Are you mine, slut?"

"Yes, sir," I say, panting for air.

"No, tell me you are a slut."

Looking up at him, trying to focus on him through the tears, I push the disgrace away and say what he wants. "I am your slut, sir."

"Perfect. I want you to promise you won't have sex with your husband again."

I turn to look at my husband, who watches with a mix of horror and desire in his eyes, not sure if I can agree to this stipulation. I hear the slap of his palm against my face before the pain registers and I scream before I can stop myself.

"I promise, sir," I whisper.

My husband's mouth hangs open with shock. I am not sure if he knows whether I mean it, but he will find out. This man controls us for the night and perhaps beyond, who can say? The man yanks me by the arm onto his lap, stomach down. Without another word, he begins spanking me, each strike a stinging blow that shakes my body.

"Do you have lube?" he asks of nobody in particular. My husband rises without answering and fetches him a black bottle of lubricant. The man opens it and squirts a generous amount on my ass, which clenches as a thought runs through my mind. He is going to fuck my ass. I try to squirm off his lap as I am not sure I can possibly take his massive cock in my ass, but pins me easily with one arm as the other starts rubbing the lubricant in slowly. He finally inserts a finger, gently, which surprises me. I expected him to be far rougher.

I moan as he works his finger in, the pleasure I feel surprising. It does not hurt and I lift my ass to encourage him. He inserts another finger and begins a slow slide, working the fingers deeper inch by inch. Never in my life did I consider letting a man fuck my ass and here I am, soaking his leg in anticipation. I feel a little faint as he pushes another finger into me, the pain rising a bit and sweat forming on my temples. I know he will soon fuck me and I try to breathe normally as he pulls his fingers out and lays me on the bed.

He climbs onto me and I feel panic in my stomach as the head of his cock rests against my ass. Could I stop him? The panic increases as I know the answer to be negative. He will take me, whether I wish it or not. As I wonder what my husband must be thinking, the man inserts the tip, sending a wave of pain through my body. I put the pillow between my cheeks and scream into it as he drives his cock a few inches into my ass. It feels like hot fire and I pound the bed with my hands as he keeps pushing it into me.

Stopping for a moment, he takes a few pulls of beer, giving me time to adjust to the feeling. I turn to look back and almost faint as I realize he only has half his cock in me.

"I...don't..." I try to speak, but my voice cracks and I press my face back into the pillow again as he presses more cock into me. "Arrrrrrrggh."

"Scream, slut," he says, smacking my already red cheeks. Pain shoots through my body as he begins fucking my ass for real, pulling his cock out and jamming it in again, forcing more and more of his monster into me each time.

"Oh. My. God," I scream into the pillow, sweat and tears pouring down my face. I can't take any more of this, he will break me. He mashes me into the mattress, pounding me viciously, his entire body slapping against mine, which knocks the wind out of me. Unable to speak or scream or move, I pray for him to finish, the feeling of him owning my ass seeming totally surreal, as if I'm watching it happen to another girl.

He owns me, totally and completely. That thought keeps running through my mind as he savages me. I don't even feel it anymore, I think I've kind of left my body and drift deep into my private place as he continues doing as he wishes. As if in the distance, I hear his skin smacking against mine and his grunts as he unloads on me. I feel spit dripping on my back, which brings me out of my dreamlike state. With a grunt he pulls out of my ass and gets off me, flipping me onto my back. Climbing on my stomach, which forces the air from my lungs again, he strokes his cock to orgasm, covering my face with rope upon rope of thick cum.

He rolls off me and I hear him walk into the kitchen for more beer, but I can't move or see for that matter. I feel a cloth against my face and soon open my eyes to see my husband lovingly wiping me clean.

"I love you," he whispers, kissing me gently on the lips.

"I love you, too. Always. Don't worry about what I said. I'll take care of your needs forever, I promise."

"I know," he says, brushing sweat slick hair away from my face. "Did this live up to your expectations?"

Smiling, I hug him against my body, covering his neck with kisses. "Oh, my love, tonight couldn't be more perfect."

...to be continued

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