I'm an always horney man, constantly thinking of sex in some form. I wonder about the type of sex every woman, I see, enjoys. That prudish old bitch everyone knows, whose ass is so tight you could stick a lump of coal in it and get a diamond out. I even imagine her with a penis in her mouth or a tongue in her pussy. That hot little thing everyone is slobbering over. Is she a hot piece of ass? Or, is she a bland fuck that leaves you wanting and needing more?

Sex is always on my mind. The imagination is great, sex with any female at any time. But, mostly, I want my wife. I want her in all ways at all times. I want to be a hundred years old and fucking her. That doesn't mean, I don't want to occasionally try life's buffet in my mind.

I don't know what lead to what happened. All I know is I am in it and both hate and love it.

My wife came home from work and was immediately frisky. Something she usually isn't being a working woman.

While I wanted to quickly get into making love, she was in control. Keeping me going while holding me off, she removed her panties and pushed me to the floor.

I knew what she wanted and it was unusual. Unusual, because she wasn't wasting any time and was forceful about it. After pushing me down she grabbed my head in her hands. It wasn't soft and loving. It was a viselike grip. Leaving nothing to the imagination. My head was going where she put it. She pulled my mouth to her pussy and began moving her hips in circles.

"Lick it!" She commanded. "Clean me out."

She didn't have to order me like that. I love, licking, sucking and tonguing a pussy. Her pussy, especially. The taste was different. It wasn't her usual velvety smooth sweetness. There was a tangy coarseness intermingled in her flavor.

"What is this, 'Lick It,' 'Clean Me Out,' shit?" I thought.

Normally she doesn't orgasm from beginning oral sex. That is usually a start for her and her orgasms come during our lovemaking sessions. This time she built to a strong orgasm, pulling my head against her rotating pussy with so much force it hurt.

As soon as her climax subsided she grabbed my head like a ball. Her fingernails digging in to my jaw and neck as she pulled me upward.

"Fuck Me!" Again she was commanding. "Hurry up! I want your cock in me, now!"

She began kissing me wildly, never letting go of my head.

Through her kisses, she said, "Get your cock in your wife's pussy." I was at a fevered pitch and as quickly as I could, I obeyed. She was so wet and ready that my entry seemed to be at light speed. The heat of her engulfing my erection was pure heaven.

"Oh, God, Yes! Now, Fuck Me, Hard! Drive it into me. Punish my pussy with your cock."

"What the hell!?" I thought. "She doesn't talk like this!"

Lust consumed me and I did as I was told. I repeatedly thrust into her as hard as I could. She was thrusting back, moaning, thrashing and gasping.

I felt and heard her orgasm several times until she wrapped herself around me.

She whispered in my ear. "Cum in me baby. Add your cum to your wife's pussy."

"What!" I thought. "Add my cum." This sent my mind reeling but my balls were already tightening.

"Yes, yes, yes. Cum in me baby. Give me your cum, too."

I was cuming and it was so intense, I thought she was draining the life out of me. All the while, my mind was full of, 'add your cum,' and 'your cum too.'

She was having one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen her have.

When we both came down from our mutual ecstasy, she did something different again. Usually she cups her pussy and hurries off to clean up. But, not this time. This time she quickly pulled her panties on.

She caressed my face, kissed me and said. "Gotta do something. Be a dear and start the meat. I'll be right back." As she walked away, she said. "Think about how my pussy tasted."

I was addled and before I could think, she was gone. "Son-of-a-bitch! What is going on?" I sat there for several minutes before I could think. Wanting to know what was going on, I began to let my mind wander.

Okay, let's see, what just happened?

She forced me to do oral. Not the usual slow urging of sensual lovemaking.

She commanded that I fuck her and fuck her hard. Not the usual slow tender lovemaking.

She didn't clean up. She always cleans up. Even if we're going to do it again, she cleans up each time.

She took off to do something. What? What did she have to do? What? And, she told me to think about how her pussy tasted. Why? Wait a minute, it's tasted like that several times the past couple of months!

Then it hit me. "CUM! That's cum, I tasted in her pussy. Oh Fuck! She's found another man!"

It felt like my heart had been ripped out. Emptiness filled me and I began to cry. I was thinking she had just given me a 'goodbye fuck.'

I stopped crying and sat there wondering what I had done wrong. Thinking, over and over, what I could have done better or different. Devastated by the thought of losing her.

Time had stopped.

"I'm back." Her cheerful happy voice rang out. "You still sitting there?" She walked over and kissed me. "My, my, you haven't even pulled your pants up." She kissed me again. "Super's going to be late, since you haven't moved." Off she went to the kitchen.

"What the, am I going crazy? I shook my head to clear my thoughts and tried to stand. My legs trembled as slowly my strength returned. After getting my pants up, I went to the kitchen.

"Where did you go?"

"I just had to take care of something. Asparagus or Brussel Sprouts?"

She quickly changed the subject and I knew that meant she wasn't going to talk about it.

Everything was back to normal. She talked about her day and asked about mine as we both worked on the meal. We ate with our usual small talk of doing something together on the weekend.

I knew something was still up, when she reached for the wine glasses and asked me to get a bottle. I got queasy again.

She walked over and gave me a passionate kiss. "Let's go to the living room and have a drink. I have something to tell you." Taking my hand she said, "Bring the wine." As she led me to the living room.

She opened, poured and handed me a glass. "Drink up." She said as she took a sip.

I wanted to just down the bottle.

"Did you like what happened earlier?"

I didn't answer.

"Well, did you?"

"Yes." I said meekly.

"I told you to think about something. Did you?"

I swallowed and again meekly said, "Yes."

"And?" She saw the questioning look on my face and continued. "What did it taste like?"

I must have looked pitiful as I said, "It tasted like you've found another man."

She poured more wine in our glasses and pushed mine toward my mouth. I downed half of it as she sipped hers.

Smiling, she leaned forward and kissed me before continuing. "You are a cuckold. If you stay, you will stay as my cuckold."


"Yes. You may stay or go. I've decided, I like having sex with other men occasionally. I've made my choice and now you have a choice to make. Stay as my cuckold or go and be my Ex."

Tears were filling my eyes. "Y-you don't love me anymore?"

She took the wine glass from my hand and put it on the table before taking my face in her hands and kissing me. "As hard as it is to believe, I Do Love You. I do not want to lose you. But, I am not giving up this sex I love and need." She paused, touching her forehead to mine. "You must choose: Stay and be my cuckold. Or, leave."

I sat in silence. My mind locked up and I was unable to speak. She handed me my glass and I emptied it.

Filling my glass again, she asked. "Do you know what a cuckold is?"

"Not really. I'd guess it's a man whose wife fucks around."

She sipped her wine and said. "That's basically right. By definition, 'it's a man who knows his wife has sex with others.' However, if you check its origin. It's a man who knows his wife has sex with others, while he does not."

I was more confused. "Are you saying we can't have sex anymore?"

"No. I'm saying we will have our marriage. Sex and all. Only, I will have sex with others, while you will not. You will be my cuckold."

I went to the bathroom and almost couldn't relieve myself, for thinking about it.

When I returned to the living room, I sighed and said. "OK. I love you and don't want to lose you. And, it seems I already am your cuckold."

She smiled and downed an entire glass of wine before coming over and kissing me, passionately.

"Oh God, you have no idea how much I hoped you would. Now, no more talk. And, tonight, when we go to bed. I want you to make wedding night love to me."

She kissed me so passionately, I wanted to fuck her then and there.

That night, we made, slow, sensual, passionate, caring love, all night. And I do mean, All Night.

We both went to work the next day and it was all I could do to make it through the day. All I could think about was, why and how did she get this way.

That night, I asked her and she told me how. But, she couldn't tell me why.

"I don't know why! Really, I don't know. I gave in to the moment and had sex with a young man at work." She paused studying my face. "I knew, the instant I felt him cuming inside me, I wasn't going to stop."

I wanted to know why she had sex with him, if as she said, "I Love You. And I enjoy our intimacy, immensely. You always satisfy me in bed."

She couldn't tell me. All she knew was, once she did it, her mind said she wasn't stopping. She doesn't want our marriage to end.

"You have to accept what I am. I'm not going to argue about, or discuss it."

I learned it was this change in her that made her start swallowing my cum. That made her publicly sensuous with me. That brought our intimacy to a whole new level.

She made my position perfectly clear, two weeks later.

She went out to find a man, with me following and staying in the background. After three different places and drinking, she had a young man in tow.

She could have came over and talked to me, but she called my cell to give instructions. I was to get a motel room, call her to let her know where and then wait in the room for them to show up.

"Shit! It was bad enough watching my wife flirt with other men and letting herself be picked up. Is she really going to introduce me to him and make me watch?"

YES! That is exactly what happened! But, I was tortured first. I sat alone in that motel room for two hours. While they drank, danced and had a good time.

When they showed up, they had obviously been making out already. His shirt was unbuttoned as was my wife's blouse. And I saw her panties stuck in the top of her purse. She was wiggling against him and rubbing his chest as she said, "This is my husband." She didn't say my name. "Like I told you. He's going to watch." Then she put his hand inside her blouse and kissed him passionately. After the kiss, she whispered something in his ear that made him laugh.

She came over and gave me a quick peck on the lips and said, "Now you find out what kind of cuckold you are, as you 'Watch' another man fuck your wife."

She sashayed back to him and they began making out and undressing each other.

My heart and stomach were doing somersaults in my chest. I wanted to run. I wanted to beat the dog shit out of him. I just sat there and did nothing. Held in place by something unknown within me.

I grieved inside as I watched my wife drop to her knees and take another man in her mouth. At the same time, it excited me to watch her suck his cock. I knew the pleasure her mouth gave and I envied him.

With her hands on his thighs, she pushed forward. Stopped by the resistance of his cockhead hitting her throat. Opening her mouth wider and pushing harder, her throat bulged as his cockhead slipped in.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Her nose was against his stomach. Her lips were tightly moving on the base of his cock. And her chin was touching his balls. And I could hear her humming.

She stayed like that and I was wondering how she could breath. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, she moved back. Did she breath? I couldn't tell. Instantly, she had him in her throat again.

After several times, I noticed her throat was moving. Somehow she was massaging his cock with her throat. "Jesus, I've never felt her do that to me." I thought.

His legs shook and he moaned. She pulled off of him and stroked him with her hand as she looked up and said, "Cum in my mouth, baby. Feed me your cum, so you can fuck me long and hard." She immediately deep-throated him again.

"Oh My God! She just begged him to cum in her mouth. 'Feed me your cum,' she said." I cringed at hearing my wife ask another man to cum in her mouth before he fucked her.

Within seconds, his face and body gave away the fact that he was cuming in my wife's mouth. And she was pulling hard on his cock with her lips, milking his cum out of him, as she moaned and repeatedly swallowed.

She didn't miss a drop. When he stopped throbbing in her mouth, she milked him with her hand. Licking he end of his cock until no more cum appeared. "That was delicious." She said looking up at him. Then she looked at me and winked before laying on the bed.

Sickened and unbelievably turned on, I couldn't move. I knew he wouldn't fuck her right away because he had softened. What he did next, surprised me. I didn't expect him to pay homage to her.

He picked up her legs and began kissing her toes. He was kissing her feet as he caressed her legs. Oh, how many times I have done that myself. And now I'm watching another man do it. Slowly he kissed and caressed her legs until reaching her pussy.

I expected to watch him eat my wife's pussy until she had a moaning orgasm. But, he didn't. He only licked and kissed her pussy for a minute or so before moving up and putting his cockhead between her swollen wet glistening lips.

My wife quit playing with her tits and reached for his waist, saying, "Fuck Me Baby! Give me your cock, hard and deep." She was pulling him in as he pushed forward. As he gained full penetration, she yelled out, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!"

He began full hard thrusts into her, driving her body up the bed. His ass flexed each time he thrust into her. Causing her to moan loudly each time.

Within minutes she began having orgasms. Her body giving it away. Gasping breaths. Whimpering screams. Flushed face and chest. Three, four, five and then he changed positions.

It began again. Again he changed positions. For over an hour, he brutally thrust his cock into my wife's pussy. Pounding away at her tender flesh as he drove her repeatedly to orgasmic ecstasy.

Finally my wife moaned out, "Please cum! I can't take anymore!"

He lay on top of her, put his arms behind her and gripped her shoulders, for the final assault. His ass came up until the head of his cock parted her swollen red lips. A split second of hesitation and he drove it home. Again and again, until it became a blur. Still I could see his entire cock going in and out.

My wife started begging, between gasps and whimpering screams. "Oh God Please! Please cum! Oh God! Please cum! Please Cum!"

Her body still betraying the fact that she was having orgasms through it all.

With a final thrust that made my wife's scream echo in the room, he came. Shaking and grinding into her, he gave her what she wanted.

When their breathing became normal, he lifted himself off of her. She pulled him up and greedily sucked his slimy soft cock. When she finished, he got of the bed and started getting dressed.

My wife scooted to the edge of the bed in front of me and held her legs open, saying, "Before you go. Watch my husband lick your cum out of my pussy. Remember, I whispered, 'He'll eat my pussy, after you fuck me.'"

I was in shock. I glanced at him. He was smiling, getting dressed and watching me. I looked at my wife, pleadingly.

"C'mon, lick it up. Clean his cum out of my pussy."

I went to my knees and began licking his bitter salty cum from her pussy. Her hands went to my head and I heard her moan as I got into it. As she had an orgasm, I heard the room door open and close.

After her orgasm, I bathed her and took her home for an all night fuck session. I am not allowed to fuck her where she cuckolds me. We have to go home and she literally wants me to fuck her all night.

I know she fucks other men. She always has me eat her pussy after she has. I only have to be there as she fucks someone, every few months. I'm beginning to get used to it.

My marriage is fantastic. It's better than it's ever been. The only bad part is her fucking other men and my sessions watching.

I have accepted the fact that, I am her Cuckold. And I will remain, "HER CUCKOLD."

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