The true stories that I've posted here on about my cuckolding have generated many emails to me. Some hateful and some asking me to coach or mentor them but most with questions or comments so I thought I would post some of them here.

Anyone seeking advise from me, I make it clear that I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist. I'm an engineer but I think it all boils down to the same thing, cause and effect.

I was cuckold against my will and I can not imagine any man wanting to be cuckold but I've found that there are many voluntary or willing cuckolds. Men who desire that their wives copulate with another man. They ask their wives to cuckold them. These willing cuckolds have above average intelligence and they are always looking to be challenged intellectually and emotionally.

The willing cuckold loves his wife unconditionally with an intense love that boarders on obsession. He wants her to experience all that life has to offer including sexual experiences with other men. If she lays down with another man and then comes back to him, then he proves to himself that she truly loves him.

Just the thought of his wife copulating with another arouses him. The willing cuckold is conflicted. He doesn't want his wife having sex with another male but he finds it so arousing that he can't help himself. He will often masturbate thinking of her with another man and then after he climaxes, he will be overcome with feelings of remorse, feeling so ashamed for his cuckolding thoughts and desires.

It excites him to see other men lusting for his wife and he will encourage her to get into an extramarital relationship. He will try to get her to wear sexy revealing clothes. Try to set up situations where she may enter into a sexual encounter with another.

Most women reject or find it revolting to even consider her husband's fetish. She is comfortable in her role as wife and doesn't want to put her marriage at risk so she does nothing. By rejecting her husband's fetish, she compounds his feelings of shame, self loathing, leaving him feeling like he's a pervert. He can't explain why he wants her to cuckold him. He just wants to see her being made love to by another man. Emotions have no morality, they are just there, tormenting us.

Here are some typical questions; A newly wed in her early twenties wrote, "My husband wants me to cuckold him and I would like to but I'm concerned about unintended consequences. What should I do?"

Answer: There are the unintended consequences of boredom, routine, stagnation and a husband who may, over time, loose interest in you if you don't cuckold him.

I thought that this young woman was married a very short time to be entering into a cuckold lifestyle but then maybe this lifestyle is a growing trend. Usually it's people who've been married seven or eight years when the husband begins thinking of cuckolding.

Question: "There are things that I want to do with my Bull that I cannot do with my husband. I'm afraid that my husband will get angry when he sees me doing these things."

Answer: Once your husband has become your cuckold then you can do anything you want with your Bull in front of him. Tell your cuckold that you knew he was watching and you wanted to give him a good show.

Women have a greater proclivity to perverted sex but most of them cannot do it with the man they love. They can only do these perverted acts with men who have no romantic attachment. To them, it's just raw sex. Women also have a greater capacity for sex. When it comes to sex, they are the superior gender.

A woman can sexually gratify ten men in one night and a man can sexually gratify ten women but it will take him ten nights.

Ladies, once you have cuckold your willing husband, your relationship changes. To the world you are husband and wife but in the bedroom, you are now queen and he is your cuckold. You own him, he will do whatever you want and that is the way he wants it.

From the moment you have cuckold him, he will become submissive and subservient to you. Your sexual pleasure is all he cares about. You may feel uncomfortable at first, having so much power and domination over another human being but you'll very quickly get use to it.

Question: "The first time that I'm with my Bull I want to be alone with him but my husband wants to be there to watch."

Answer: The actual cuckolding of your husband should be done alone with your Bull. You and your Bull should be relaxed and not stressed by the presence of your husband. You need to establish a relationship with your Bull. You may want to bring your cuckold into the picture in stages.

On the second date, you can invite your Bull to your home to meet your cuckold. You and your Bull can sit on the couch together talking with your cuckold, who is sitting across from you both. At the proper time, you and your Bull can excuse yourselves and go into the bedroom, taking care to close and lock the door behind you. Your cuckold will derive great pleasure masturbating while he listens to the sounds of your copulating.

The third date is the same as the second, only this time, when you and your Bull enter the bedroom, you may feel comfortable enough to leave the bedroom door open. By this time your Bull should be relaxed and familiar with your cuckold that he can now take you in front of him.

By this time you and your Bull may allow your cuckold into bed with you. As a woman, you will discover the immense pleasure of having two men making love to you at the same time.

Your first date; Most girls refrain from sexual intercourse, three or four days before. They want to be clean, fresh, tight and fully aroused. During that week you should take your husband shopping with you and have him pick out the underwear and clothes that you will wear for your Bull. Your husband will find it very arousing and exciting.

During that week, have your husband do as much of the house work as he can to help you to try and get a week of leisure. You should be well rested. The night of your date, have your husband bathe you, dry you and help you dress. It adds to his excitement and confirms to him that he is the one who is providing for your sexual pleasure and gratification.

The most common question I get from men; "How can I get my wife to cuckold me or can you mentor me?"

Answer: That question I always answer with questions of my own. Are you sure that you really want this? Can you handle another man fucking your wife? Do you know how much shame, jealousy, humiliation and feelings of inadequacy you will have to endure? Once you are cuckold, your wife will have the ability to pick and choose who she wants to impregnate her. What will you do if the Bull makes your wife pregnant?

If he confirms that he really wants his wife to cuckold him than I'll advise; If you are the only man that she has ever been with, then it is going to be difficult but not insurmountable. You will need a few candidates, preferably single men, drug free and disease free so choose wisely. They will have to be appealing to your wife.

Once you have pick the candidate. Then you can start mentioning his name in your love making. You can tell her how you see how he looks at her. A man always know when another man wants to fuck his wife. Tell her that you can't blame him, after all she is very sexy.

Encourage her to wear sexy clothes. Buy her little gifts when she flirts. She gets little rewards when she is moving toward your goal. Make her feel like a sexy woman. You have to romance her just like you did when you were first trying to seduce her only this time, you are seducing her for another man. You have to be a smooth salesman.

If you know the candidate and you're friendly with him then you can drop little hints to let him know in a subtle way that you can't keep up with her.

Another frequent question; What if my wife falls in love with her Bull?

Answer: Make it clear to your wife that as long as she is with you, she can be with her Bull anytime she wants. If she ever wanted to go and live with her Bull, he will become possessive and want her exclusively to himself. Now that she has been married to a cuckold, I don't believe that she can ever live in a monogamous marriage again.

Another question; I love my wife more than anything but she is cheating on me. What should I do?

Answer: If you have no children, divorce her because you will never get back the intimacy you once had. If you have children, then stay with her and keep a loving home for them. Your wife cheated on them too. Don't fight with her especially in front of the kids. She is not worth fighting with. Remember, the second person who speaks is the one who starts the argument.

The cuckold life style has always been with us hidden away, in the closet but now I see it gaining in popularity and soon it will sweep around the world. Let me tell you why.

When a man and woman fall in love, their immediate relationship is intense. So intense that they want nothing else but to be together all the time making love. These intense feelings for one another only last for sixteen months. That's all, just sixteen months and that is a scientific fact.

After sixteen months, she begins to be critical of him and he begins to notice flaws in her. He begins to look at other women and she at other men. By now they are married or committed to be married.

After a few years of marriage, boredom and routine set in and they end up, for whatever reason, getting divorced. For the past fifty years we have seen a gradual increase in the number of single parent households. That is all about to change. The pendulum is about to swing the other way and I believe it is these willing cuckolds that will change the traditional marriage with it's high divorce rate.

The willing cuckolds are keeping their marriages intense and exciting by bringing another man or two into their marriage.

Within the next two decades, we will see a growing number of multiple parent families. They will look like a traditional family. A father, mother and three children living together in a home. This family my also have two male borders living with them.

The wife will be the mother of the three children and each of the three men will be a father to each child. In this family, at night when the lights go out, the wife will decide the sleeping arrangements. The home will resemble a bee hive. A queen bee and three worker bees all tending to her needs.

About twenty years ago, couples in China and India began aborting their female fetuses, preferring to have only boys. They have upset the balance of nature. Now we have more boys chasing fewer girls. The boys are going to have to learn to share these few precious girls. Share them in a way that the willing cuckolds are showing us.

Two months before the writing of this essay there were two rapes committed in India. They were a week apart. The first was a girl ridding on a buss, she was raped by five men and then murdered. A week later, another girl was raped by six men on a buss.

I point out these crimes to illustrate the intensity of the problem for there are grave consequences when we upset the balance of nature. These are my opinions and they my seem extreme or are they?

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