Cuckold, Again


"Yes, in fact, I would enjoy that very much."

"Well, I think you're strange."

"I know. I'm different, maybe unique."

She asked me again, "You really want him to fuck me?"

"Yes, I do."

Then she put her mouth to my ear and in a low seductive voice said, "Well, maybe I shouldn't tell you this but, we said our good byes and as I was walking him to the door, he said that he loved coffee but it left an awful taste in his mouth and made his breath smell bad. He asked me if I could spare a piece of gum. I told him I didn't have any but he was welcome to use my mouth wash. He said yes so I turned and started up the stairs to get it for him. Then I felt a tinge of excitement when I realized he was following me up the stairs."

As she was telling me this, I could feel my cock getting hard in her hand and she noted it by saying, "O, my little friend likes my story."

"Yes, go on."

She continued, "We came up here to our bathroom, I was embarrassed that the bed was unmade. At the sink, we both rinsed our mouths and he said that his mouth was now kissing clean. We started kissing. God his hands were all over me."

She was now lightly stroking my erection as she continued. "As we were kissing, he slipped my shift up over my head so I was nude. I started to unbutton his shirt when he stopped me, saying, "No, I want you to lay on the bed so I can look at your beauty while I undress." So I laid here and watched him undress."

There was a pause as she filled her hand with saliva and then I felt the warm slickness of her hand engulf the head of my cock as she continued her stroking. I started to turn and stretch as I felt my arousal getting more intense.

She continued whispering in my ear, "Then he licked my pussy a little to get me wet and then I felt his wonderful cock slide into me."

I felt myself getting ready to cum, "O honey, I've got to fuck you. I've got to get on top of you and put it in you, right now."

"No! No! You can't! I'm too sore down there. His cock is big and it felt like he ripped me open."

"It's big?"

"Yes. It's big."

"O, I'm cumming, O, Ooooo."

I was cuckold again.

Whenever my wife takes a boyfriend, she avoids having vaginal intercourse with me. I don't know why but I end up cumming only by her hand. For as long as she has her bull, I am forbidden to touch her vagina.

I can hold her in my arms and kiss her. She will let me play with her breasts and suck them until she has an orgasm but she will not let me touch her vagina. It is only for the exclusive use of her bull.

We were lying there in the after glow when she asked, "Now that you came, are you still Okay with it?"

"Yes. It's what I wanted."

She replied, "Yeah, it's what I wanted too but I had to make sure that you'd be Okay with it."

"I'm Okay."

Then she said, "I have to rinse my hands."

When I heard her say those words, I realized that I was once again going to be her eunuch only this time it was by choice. Like a man who forsakes everything and enters a monastery.

The following night she snuggled up to me and began fondling my penis. With her mouth close to my ear she whispered, "I love you and I am so lucky to have a man like you. I called Ben today. I told him that you were Okay with everything, that you signed his proposal and he could pick it up anytime but he disappointed me. He said that he is very busy and I should just mail it. We talked for a while. He said that he can't take off during the day."

"Sounds like he doesn't want to have you any more."

"No. He wants me. He wants to come here at night so he has more time. I told him it would have to be late when the kids are sleeping and if it was alright with you."

Her hand was giving me so much pleasure. "O honey that feels so good. Whatever you want is Okay with me."

"Here, let me wet my hand. (Pause) He's married, so it would have to be during the week. He could come over next Wednesday night around ten, after we get the kids to sleep. You would have to go into the den before he gets here and don't come out until after he's gone."

"Don't I get to watch?"

"Of course not. I could never do that." She said as she put more saliva in her palm.

Now I felt the need to fuck her, "Let me lay on you. Let me put it in you. I want to fuck you. O, I need to fuck you."

"No, no. Just enjoy. Let me save it for him. I want it to be tight, fresh and wanting for him. Just feel the pleasure of my hand."

"O no. I'm cumming."

Wednesday night came and after the kids were settled in bed, I helped her get ready. I watched her put on the black negligee that we had purchased during the week, just for tonight. We had gotten so aroused when we were buying it and tonight, not having gratified that arousal, we were that much more so. I could see she was now in heat.

We both have a great appreciation, almost a reverence, for the anticipation of our sexual gratification. The waiting, puts us in a state of high energy.

We heard his car pull into the driveway so I went to our den to watch TV while my wife entertained her guest.

Sitting there alone, I could feel all the emotions flooding me; apprehension, jealousy, rejection, lust and arousal. What's wrong with me? Why do I sit here with an erection, knowing that another man is fucking my wife and she's enjoying it? That she wanted it. That she initiated it and I let it happen. I encouraged it: all because I get aroused when I see her get hot for another man.

About eleven-thirty I heard the front door open and close. Then my wife appeared in the doorway of the den. We kissed passionately with her expressing her love, gratitude how much she appreciated me. She led me by the hand, up to our bed which was all messed up.

I undressed and laid down in a wet spot alongside of her as she put her mouth to my ear and while she stroked my cock, she described every detail her exciting experience. I was living out my suppressed homosexual desires through her.

A couple of weeks later on a Wednesday night, I put the kids to bed while she got ready. It was very erotic seeing her all excited, bathed and ready for him. I put my arms around her and began kissing and feeling her. She pushed me back, reminding me that her vagina was for his exclusive use for as long as he wanted it.

His car pulled into the driveway and I went to the den. I heard the front door close and they went upstairs. I sat there alone trying to get interested in the TV. Shortly there after my wife appeared in the doorway of the den.

She was in her robe and she put her finger to her lips as if to say, "Be quiet." Then she beckoned me with her finger to follow her. We quietly climbed the stairs, so as not to wake the kids and she carefully opened the bedroom door.

The only light in the room streamed from the partially opened door of the master bath. Ben was reclining on the bed, in the nude and when the door opened he started to get up and walk over to the far side of the room. All I could see was his large, semi-hard, penis swinging like a pendulum as he walked. It was like a big salami and I could not take my eyes off of it. He was well endowed and it made me grateful that I was dressed.

My wife quietly closed the door, then turned to me and whispered, "Stand here, don't move."

Over her shoulder I could see Ben stop and stand in the light stream. His beautiful form with genitals hanging like delicious fruit and the words passed through my mind, "Behold the man."

She slipped her robe off as she walked over to him, he was now standing sideways to me. They embraced, started kissing and his hands went all over her body, feeling her back, her buttocks and her breasts.

Standing in the light stream, they were illuminated like two actors on a stage, performing a holly ritual that only God could conceive. I felt so privileged, so honored to be able to witness this most beautiful, magnificent, majestic vision before me.

My wife is caressing and kissing him and all the while, meshing her nude body against his. Her buttocks, spread open and moving in a circle as she grinds her vagina against his thigh. I see her hand stroking his wonderful erection while the other hand is rubbing up and down his buttock.

He made eye contact with me as he placed his hands on the tops of her shoulders and she lowered herself to her knees. He kept the eye contact as he moved his hand to the back of my wife's head, mussing her hair as he pulled her head to his cock. His other hand, the one closer to me, he kept at his side so as not to block the view of my wife's mouth, kissing, licking and sucking his cock.

I don't know for how long I was watching them when he started to move his hips. The whole time he maintained eye contact with me and I could see he was getting ready to climax.

He started pushing his hips into my wife and I could see her hands on his buttocks, pulling him into her. He was now looking down at her with her head clutched in both his hands as he pushed his cock deep into her throat. She gagged then choked, and I felt a rush of adrenalin as I thought he was about to abuse her.

He raised his hand away so I could see as he pulled back and I could see her hungry mouth going after him, trying to get all of him down her throat. She gagged again as he began ejaculating and she began swallowing. She was swallowing and swallowing like she could not get enough of his nectar.

They stayed like that for the longest time and then he made eye contact with me again as I watched her sucking the juices off his now softening magnificent cock.

Then, in a soft voice he said, "The show is over."

My wife motioned with her hand for me to leave and as I was closing the door, I took one last look at that wonderful vision of her licking his beautiful now flaccid penis.

As I was walking down the stairs, for the first time, I became aware of my own erection. The vision of her kneeling there, bobbing her head on his cock, will be forever etched in my mind.

The next time that we met, they let me join them. Ben directed the action. He told me to suck her tit while he sucked the other. My wife was in ecstasy, having two men making love to her.

What made it so erotic for her was that Ben and I were talking to each other, like we were at a gourmet buffet sampling the many delectable delights.

"Ben, I like to hold her tit with both hands, like this and suck her nipple."

As he was sucking her nipple he said, "Yeah, I love the way her nipples get so big when I suck on them and her pussy tastes so sweet. She has the sweetest tasting pussy that I've ever tasted."

He made me feel proud when continued with his praise, "You are one lucky man. She gives the greatest blow job. I mean it. She really knows how to suck a cock."

I agreed with him but I didn't have the heart to tell him that she never sucked mine and probably never will.

Ben was sucking her nipple while he fingered her vagina. Then he moved his cock up to her mouth. Standing at the edge of the bed, he cupped the back of her head and pulled it toward his cock, saying, "Here baby! Wet this up while your husband wets up your pussy for me."

I was sucking her tit and now his cock with his heavy balls were so close to my face. I never saw a cock up so close as I watched my wife's mouth open and start sucking it.

I scooted down the bed and began licking her vagina till Ben pushed his cock there. I took him in my mouth but he pulled it away saying, "Just guide the head in. Place it at her opening."

I did, saying "Wait."

Then a scooted up next to my wife. Ben was leaning on his hands so I was able to get my face just above her's. Laying alongside of her and leaning on my elbow, I circled my arm around her head. I wanted to watch her facial expressions as she was experiencing the sensations of his magnificent cock sliding into her.

Ben began pushing in; she rolled her head from side to side, licked her lips, clinched her lower lip with her teeth, gasping as he stretched her out. She was moaning in extreme pleasure as his cock continued to push into her. Her eyes went out of focus as she momentarily opened and closed them.

He was all the way in and her face reflected the sensations and pleasures of her fullness of him. He began his in and out motion, slow and tender at first but working himself up to more forceful penetrations.

When my wife and I copulate, we go for three minutes and then she has her orgasm which bathes my glans in her warm vaginal fluids causing me to climax. That's good, we both climax about the same time.

The problem I have, is that I'm not fully gratified. After five minutes I get another erection and I want more but in that five minutes she goes into a deep sleep and she will get very angry if I try to wake her.

Up until this evening, I never realized how violent the act of fornication can be. To witness it live and up close as an observer and not a participant.

Ben was now in a furry; pounding his hot staff into her vagina, he was groaning, she was moaning, all in pleasure, her legs locked around him, her arms wrapped around his back with her hands trying to pull him ever deeper into her, her hips, thrashing up, trying to meet his forceful thrusts, the mattress bouncing up and down, the bed shaking, straining at the forces of his pounding, her breasts, in motion like waves on an angry sea, his balls swinging to and fro, loudly slapping against her anus. Slap! Slap! Slap!

It's near three minutes into her pounding; she's getting ready to orgasm, her face goes pale as the blood rushes to her vaginal organs, the lines of tension fade from her face, she turns her head and looks at my face, her eyes snap into focus like she recognizes me for the first time, she opens her mouth, "Kiss me," I kiss her as she orgasms and moans into my mouth.

I think that's it, Ben will now climax but her warm vaginal fluids only stimulate him into a greater frenzy as he continues to pound into her.

Five minutes into her pounding; her hair is matted from the perspiration along her hair line, she begins to wither again, we kiss, my open mouth on her's, muffles her cries of pleasure as she has another orgasm. This one more intense than the last, it has no effect on Ben, he pounds into her relentlessly.

Seven minutes into her pounding; she begins to have another more intense orgasm, she lifts her head up off the mattress, her body stiffens, her head slams back down into the mattress, rolling her head back and forth, I have to hold it still in my arms as I place my open mouth over her's in a desperate attempt to muffle her screams.

Ben grunts, growls as he pushes all the way into her and holds himself there. The head of his cock is hot and deep in her. He begins to ejaculate with a hard jab into her, he starts to relax but again, another spasm as he ejaculates again, then another and another.

When he is finished, he pulls out of her and falls over on his back. His flaccid penis flops down and rests across his thigh, glistening with their love juices.

He's panting, wiping the sweat from his brow, with his eyes half closed, he murmurs, "It's your turn."

Up until now my erection has been ignored. My wife brings her knees up so her feet are flat on the bed as she opens her legs and reaches for me.

It has been a long time since I've been inside of her. I climb up between her legs and onto her. Her vagina is all open and my erection slips right in. Feeling the sensations of her hot wetness, I gently push all the way into her and slowly begin my rocking in and out of her, gently, passively, I give her my three minutes. We climax together.

After I ejaculate I let it stay in her until it goes soft and when it does; it shrinks, shrivels and falls out of her on it's own. I lay on my back beside her.

Our love making has stimulated Ben and I watch in disbelief as he climbs on top of her again. This time he lasts much longer and her orgasms are more intense. I have to muffle her screams with my open mouth over her's.

When Ben is finished, I take my turn in her again. This time I last a much longer time and while we are making love, Ben gets dressed and leaves.

We had many more of those Wednesday nights. Ben and I referred to them as tag team meetings and they lasted for about six months. Eventually Ben moved away and we never saw him again.

..................4o Years

A few years later my wife's cousin, Rita called us and said that she and her husband Bob, would be moving into our area. He was making a job change. My wife invited them over when they came to town.

We had been to their wedding about eight years before. They were a younger couple. Rita was thirty and Bob was thirty two. My wife was forty at the time and I could see right away that Bob was her type.

When my wife first saw him that day, I could see the pupils of her eyes open up as she devoured him. She was wearing one of her light summer house dresses that accent her fully rounded hips and buttocks.

Over the course of that year, there were times that I would see Bob's eyes light up as my wife bent forward in front of him. I know that she was giving him a view of her breasts. Sometimes she would give Bob an alluring smile that only he could see. All of this was going over Rita's head and I found myself purposely distracting her from my wife's actions.

I guess I became my wife's enabler. It was sick of us to act this way but I found it to be very exciting and so did my wife.

Another time we were sitting in the living room and I got up to make fresh drinks. When I came back into the room, I noticed that my wife's knee was open, exposing her inner thighs to Bob. She quickly covered it when she saw me and I pretended not to notice but I always do.

After dinner my wife was pouring coffee into Bob's cup, she was standing close to him so that her thigh was against his arm. He moved his arm away so she placed her free hand on the back of his neck. She likes to touch and feel.

That night when we went to bed, she could not get enough of me. Every time she was around Bob, she would get so aroused that she had to have intercourse with me. I never said anything to her of my observations. I just enjoyed and benefited from her arousal for another man.

After the year that Rita and Bob moved into our area, we spent more time with them. Bob came to realize that my wife was available and he started responding to her signals. He was a young man and I didn't think he would ever cheat on his wife. It was all just innocent fun.

It was subtle at first. He would touch her shoulder, rub his hand up her back or give her a playful hug. Each time he would get a little more familiar. I could see that she was arousing him and he now wanted to fuck her. He wanted to taste his wife's older cousin. He wanted to know what it's like to have an older experienced woman.

My wife was a tennis player and Bob played tennis. He was free on Fridays so they decided to play tennis on that day. Rita worked, I worked and the kids were all in school. They had the day to themselves.

That night was like any other night, nothing out of the ordinary. Over dinner my wife said that she played tennis with Bob, they had fun and they made plans to play again next Friday.

Later that night when we went to bed, I was excited. She had been with Bob so I knew that she would want me to fuck her but she didn't seem to be aroused. I was. We got into bed, nude like we always do and she turned her back to me. I spooned up to her and pushed my erection up between her buttocks.

"Not tonight honey. Please, I'm so tired."

"Oh, I forgot. You played tennis today. How long did you guys play?"

"We played from nine this morning until about eleven."

"Oh. What did you do after the game?"

"We came back here and I gave him lunch."

"You must have been all hot and sweaty?"

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