tagBDSMCuckold Chronicles: Erick Ch. 03

Cuckold Chronicles: Erick Ch. 03


Cuckold Chronicles: Erick; Ch. 3

AKA; Sex on the Beach

We left the bar and headed up to our room. On the elevator ride to our floor, Heather surprised me with a very tender kiss. No words were spoken, just an understanding that developes between two people who have been together a long time.

While I was unlocking the door, she was rubbing her hand across my ass, almost in a soothing gesture. We went inside and she made a show of taking her new paddle and hanging it in the closet, in plain view. She then gave me the biggest shock of the day. She told me to strip, completely and lay down on the bed. While I was doing that, she stripped to just her panties. She gave me a soft kiss and told me to nap with her, and then we could go to dinner.

Before she joined me in bed, she picked up the house phone and called the bar. She smiled that award winning smile at me while she waited for an answer. I guess someone answered because she said, "Erick? This is Heather."

"Well hello sexy lady, I didn't expect to hear from you again today."

"I just wanted to let you know, our panty clad bitch has been through enough today. We're going to rest up a bit then have dinner and relax. No more playing for us tonight. I hope you understand, you have been wonderful and I don't want to hurt or disappoint you, if you were expecting something tonight."

"Heather, you & Dave are some of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. I'm not upset at all. I do understand you've had a long day. It would be my honor if you would allow me to treat the two of you to dinner tonight, no strings, nothing in return, just my way of saying Thank you for last night & maybe a chance to see you again."

"You are so sweet. You don't have to buy us dinner to see me again, I wouldn't dream of leaving this island without getting together with you one more time {or two} he-he."

"Heather, please, let me do this, I really want to."

"Well, if you insist, can you make the reservation for around six? Maybe set up a call around 5 to make sure we're awake?"

"Of course, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow then."

"I'd count on it Tiger. Thanks again, Lover, I'll talk with you soon."

Heather hung up the phone and climbed into bed. She spooned up against me and we drifted into a restful sleep.

I was brought back to the world by the phone ringing. It was the front desk letting me know it was 5 o'clock. As we dressed, Heather told me about Erick paying for dinner as a thank you for last night. I thought about mentioning the fact this was an all- inclusive resort and we didn't have to pay for dinner, but I decided to keep that to myself for the time being.

We were met by the Maitre'd as we entered the dining room. After hearing who we were, we were given the royal treatment. It was a fabulous meal, great wine and drinks. Erick apparently has some pull with the place.

After dinner, we decided to check out the nightclub on the resort grounds. It was rather busy, but not my kind of music. We sat & had a few drinks. Eventually, a brave young man came over and asked me if he could ask my wife to dance. I thanked him for his manners and discretion and told him it was fine with me if she wanted to. Heather was already standing up and grabbing the guy's hand. That started the pace for the night. Heather must have danced with at least 10 different men, slow dance, fast dance and line dance; she seemed to be having a great time.

It was getting rather late so I asked Heather if she was ready to go back to the room, she agreed, she was getting tired. I got the waitress' attention and asked for our check. She told me it had already been taken care of. Still surprised, I left a generous tip and we went to our room. {note: Alcoholic drinks are extra on cruises and even at all-inclusive resorts}

We woke up Friday morning a bit hung over. We went to breakfast and planned our day. I'll never forget the look on Heather's face as a dolphin pulled her across the lagoon. I went snorkeling on the reef while Heather went para-sailing. We ended this perfect day with a dinner cruise at sunset.

As I unlocked our door, I saw an envelope on the floor, inside the room. It was addressed to us, Mr. & Mrs. Stanton. The envelope was handwritten in calligraphy. I handed it to Heather as I got undressed. She opened it up and had a confused look on her face, then she smiled a little. "Honey, what does Hedonic mean?" she asked.

"It comes from one of the Greek gods", I said. "It means to do anything that feels good, pleasure comes first, consequences come second. As we said back in the '60's, if it feels good, do it".

Her smile got bigger. "In that case, this sounds very interesting. Here, read this."

I took the paper and got a shock from the contents.

You are cordially invited to a private Birthday celebration

In Honour of Jeremy Wilkes

Hosted by the Hedonic Society of St Thomas

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

To be held on Mr. Wilkes private island. Boats will be departing

Every 30 minutes starting at 9 AM from Bluebeard's Marina.

You must present this invitation to board a boat.

Dress is beach casual and swim suits are optional.

Call 340-775-6969 to RSVP

Heather was still smiling as I handed her back the invitation. "Well, I guess we have a party to go to tomorrow. I know it's late, but I'll try to RSVP now, then we can get some sleep."

The effect of the late hour and the drinks I had, knocked me out as soon as my head hit the pillow. I'd find out later the extent of her call to confirm our attendance at the party. My last clear thought was; who invited us?

Heather must have set up a wake-up call because I was startled back to life by the phone. My lovely bride was already in the shower. I ordered some breakfast from room service and looked at the clothes Heather had laid out for me. They looked like normal men's clothes, shorts, a slip over polo shirt, deck shoes and a pair of pink panties. I saw she had a small bag with a change of clothes in it for herself. I knew something was up when I saw the collar and leash in there as well.

We ate breakfast and grabbed the last few things we thought we'd need. I called the front desk and asked for a taxi. Heather scooped up the invitation and we headed out.

The cab was waiting for us, so we climbed in. I told the driver where we were heading, he nodded and off we went. It was about a 10 minute ride and I was paying the driver. As we walked down the main pier, we saw signs pointing the way to the "Wilkes Party". I didn't know why, but they had a couple of booths set up, almost like a registration area of sorts.

We went to an open table and Heather told them our names. After handing them the invitation, the girl handed her a clipboard and asked her to make sure all the information was correct. Heather was smiling even more as she told the girl it was fine.

She then gave Heather a small bag and told us she hoped we had a good time at the party.

We had a few minutes before the next boat pulled in, so we sat and Heather looked in the bag. She pulled out some wrist bands and looked at them. After reading a paper that was in the bag, she reached over and took my hand.

"If I understand this right, this gold band means we are married," she told me as she put one on my wrist. As she put a matching one on her own wrist, she compared the other two bands in her hand, then she started laughing. "This one is for you," she said through her continued giggling. "Notice the solid chain on it? That means you only play with me. Mine on the other hand has a broken chain on it. That means I am free to play with whomever I like. Isn't that thoughtful? I'll show you the rest of this on the way, here comes the boat now."

I was impressed with the boat we were to take to the island. It looked to be about a 38' Sea Ray, very sleek and well taken care of. There were only 8 of us, so there was plenty of room. A young woman, maybe around 20, in a very skimpy bikini made the rounds serving drinks. While we waited for drinks, Heather reached into the bag and pulled out a collar. It had a tag hanging from it I wasn't able to read and something green on the back. Heather reached back in the bag and took out a key on an elastic band, which she slipped around her ankle. It had a neon green "38" on it.

Heather leaned forward and gave me a light kiss on the lips. "OK, Honey, this is it. I'm sure you've figured out what kind of a party this is. I found out last night when I called to confirm. We have a lot of options right now. If you want to just watch everyone, that's fine. If you want to go back to the resort, that's fine, I'll go with you. If we stay you have to let me know what you expect. This collar shows you are someone's submissive. This tag says "WPO", that means "With Permission Only". No one will touch you without asking my permission. I have the only key to your collar. Now that you have all the facts, I'll leave it up to you, put the collar back in the bag and we go back to the resort, no problem. If you put the collar on, you know what will happen, just not with whom. I love you Darling, that can't change, but the ball is in your court." Heather sat there with the collar dangling from her fingers, waiting for my decision. I took it from her hand and studied it. It wasn't a strong lock, more symbolic than anything else. I leaned in and kissed her gently, then clicked it into place around my neck.

Just about then, the girl brought our drinks and handed Heather a slip of paper.

Heather looked surprised, but thanked the girl. "It seems someone wants to see us, in the forward cabin, wherever that is. Guess we ought to go see what is going on."

Finding the stairs wasn't hard, after all, there's only one down stairway on the boat. There were 4 doors in the short hall. The first was marked as the restroom, the other 2 were probably smaller rooms. We went straight to the door at the end. Heather knocked on the door and we waited for the mystery to unfold.

When the door opened, there was silence on our part. When the initial shock wore off, Heather squealed, "Erick!" and jumped into his arms. She pushed him back quickly, looking him up and down. "You are Erick, right?"

"Yes, it's me," he said laughingly, "Come on in, I've missed you."

He took her by the hand and guided her into the room. He put her hand on his shoulder while he pulled her into a deep kiss.

Taking a break from the kiss, he whispered, "I'm so glad you could make it. I'm sure you're going to enjoy yourself today. I'm not so sure about the Limp Dick, but most people don't forget this party."

Heather turned to me while rubbing his crotch, "Speaking of limp dicks, Strip!"

I quickly got out of my clothes while they undressed each other.

Heather was sitting on the bed with Erick standing in front of her. While he was playing with her tits, she was stroking his cock. She looked over at me and motioned for me to come over. She had me stand next to Erick.

"Now, this is a cock, nice long and hard." Looking up at Erick, she smiled as she took him in her mouth. "Would you like to see why I have to find hard cocks?" Without waiting for an answer, she told me, "Pull down your panties, Bitch!"

They both started laughing when I exposed my tiny skinny 3" dick.

Holding his cock in one hand, she slipped her pinky finger under my small limp member, bouncing it up and down.

Heather pushed me away and went back to sucking his cock.

Erick leaned down and kissed her again. "As good as that feels, we need to talk about the party and we only have about a ½ hour before we dock. Let's lay down while we chat. Maybe the panty boy can take care of us at the same time. I really do want you right now, but I think you should keep yourself nice and fresh for the party."

As they were lying down, Heather sounded confused as she asked, "How do you know so much about this party? OH, I get it now, you're the one that sent the invite, didn't you?"

E: "Yes, I slid it under your door last night. Panty Boy, suck my cock while we talk. Just suck, don't try to make me cum, YET! OK, here's the story. This is the #1 party of the year on the island. This is my boat, well actually, mine & Derick's. We own 5 of them; we rent them out to the tourist. The Society rented all of them for today. Did you understand everything in your welcome package?"

H: "I think so, but I guess I'll find out as I go."

E: "Mostly you do what you want with whomever you want. There is basically only one rule, NO MEANS NO! If you're not interested in someone, just tell them. If they persist, just say something to one of the monitors, they are the ones serving drinks."

H: "So people are just fucking everywhere? On the beach? Anywhere they want?"

E: "If they want, but most people use the main house or one of the guest bungalows. The house has 5 bedrooms, plus the den, which is used for groups if you want to join an orgy."

H: "What about the little cocksucker here? What does he do? "

E: "That's up to you. You can keep him with you, or put him in "The Pit". That is where all the subs wait for someone to give them an order."

H: "From what I read, no one can use him unless I give permission, right? I don't want some guy thinking he can butt fuck my bitch."

E: "That's right, but a lot of people, both men and women, might want someone to clean them after they have had some fun. That's when they have to find you. Maybe you should keep him with you until you are more comfortable with the situation."

H: "OK, now tell me about the guy having the party."

E: "Sure, his name is Jeremy Wilkes and he owns the largest plantation on the island. He is the founder of The Society here. He grows pineapple, bananas, kiwi, and sugarcane. He's a great guy, very nice and polite. You would never know he is so rich by the way acts and treats people."

H: "I think I'm ready to face the party now. Let's take care of you then we will go back on deck. Bitch, get down on the floor on your knees. Erick, stand in front of him."

Heather got out of bed and knelt down beside Erick, facing me. She took his cock and gave it a few licks and kisses, then pointed it at me. She softly ran it over my lips, then across my cheek, down to my chin. She rubbed it a bit harder across my nose, my eyes and my forehead. She brought it back to her mouth, smiled at me, then slapped my cheek with his cock, then the other one. Trying to suppress her laughter, she stood up and kissed him again. She looked down and hissed at me, "Finish him off, on your face. Let's make sure everyone knows what you are when we get off this boat." Turning to Eric, she whispered, "Let me know when you are going to cum, I want to watch you coat his face."

While Erick held my head, I saw Heather's hand slide into her panties. She was kissing Erick's shoulder and back. "Get ready," he growled as he pulled her hand out and wrapped it around his cock. Both of them were stroking fast, when he stopped and aimed. I was quite literally coated with his spunk. It dripped off my eyebrows, my nose and down my cheek. While he got over the tenderness on his cock, Heather was kissing him, rubbing her pussy against his hip. When he was ready, she used his cock to smear his cum all over my face, then had me lick it clean. Heather starting giggling as she got dressed. She stopped me from dressing and whispered something to Erick. She went to her purse and got something out. She walked back to me and started writing something on my forehead. Then she wrote something on each cheek. My belly was next, followed by something all over my back. Erick took from her what I now saw was a tube of lipstick. He wrote something on my chest, then added something to what Heather had written on my cheeks. Through their laughter, she managed to tell me to look in the mirror. I walked over to the in-suite bathroom. There on my forehead, written in red lipstick, I saw the word "Bitch". On my cheeks, were the words, "Cum Hole", with the sign for male on one cheek and the sign for female on the other. My chest said "Clean Up Slut". My belly said "Limp Dick ", with an arrow pointing down. I tried but couldn't see what was on my back. Erick laughed and told me it said "I BELONG TO HEATHER # 38" and "Panty Boy", just above my panties.

I started to dress when Erick stopped me.

Turning to Heather he said, "You know the boat is slowing down to dock, I can hear the change in the engine. By the time we get back on deck, they will be mooring. Once we dock, you are officially at the party. There isn't any reason for him to get dressed, unless you want him to."

Heather smiled, picked up my clothes and headed out the door with Erick, leaving me in only my panties and my shoes.

I walked to the foot of the stairs just as they were going on deck.

I was a bit torn by my emotions. This was more than we had ever done. She had never humiliated me like this in public; in front of people we didn't know. I was torn between the shame, humiliation and excitement of it all. It was every fantasy I had ever had.

Heather looked down the stairs at me. Her look told me she understood what I was going through.

She gently asked, in a low tone, "Did I go too far? Do you want to say a special word?" I hesitated only a second before I slowly shook my head no. "Then get your panty ass up here."

She stepped down to the 1st step. When I got there, she pulled out the leash, clipped it on and led me on deck.

Erick was talking with a couple while the boat was being moored. They were an attractive couple, maybe around 40. Both had dark tans and it seemed like they kept themselves in shape. I heard a lot of giggling and snickering as I was led on deck. Heather went straight to Erick and gave him a big kiss.

The woman Erick was talking to smiled and said. "Staking your claim already, Erick? You didn't give the rest of us a chance with her, and who or what is this?" She nodded her head at me when she said that.

They all started laughing. Erick put his arm around Heather's waist. "Heather, this is Carrie and her husband Roger. I've known them forever." Addressing Carrie he added, "Guys, this is Heather and her husband Dave, but as you can see, he won't be called that today. They live in Florida and are my special guests for the party." Turning back to Heather he said, "I have to make one more run to the Marina, so I won't be back for about an hour and a half. I'm going to leave you in their capable hands while I'm gone. They can show you the lockers and introduce you around. When you meet Jeremy, make sure you tell him you're my special guest."

Carrie and Roger perked up when they heard the part about showing Heather around. Carrie stepped forward with a big smile, slipping her hands to Heather's waist, "I'd love to show you how capable my hands are, Honey," and leaning in to her ear, whispered, "And my tongue." She got in a quick kiss on the ear before Heather started pushing her back.

Heather gently pulled Carrie's hands from her waist and politely said, "I'm sure they are, but I prefer men. I've never even thought about being with a woman. However, this party is a first for me, so who knows what might happen, just don't expect anything in return from me. Besides, I'm hoping to get to know Roger a bit better before the day is over."

With those words, Roger stepped closer and kissed Heather, then Carrie, then back to Heather, gently at first, then increasing the kiss. Heather was giving as much as she was receiving. Roger was running his hands up & down her back. She was so caught up in the kiss, she didn't realize Carrie was kissing her shoulder and rubbing her ass. I have a feeling they have double teamed a woman like this before.

As they broke the kiss, the Captain called out, "All Ashore!"

Erick stepped in and broke up the trio. He gave Heather one last kiss and led us off the boat.

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