Cuckolded Again!

byH piltdown©

Louis responded with utter abandon. Big, powerful hands held tightly to Ann's alabaster hips. Louis pulled her back until the entirety of his enormous cock was buried in her compliant sex. Slowly, his hips rolled all the way back until just the head rested on her vaginal lips. Then, he would quickly and forcefully press it home before the tiny hole had a chance to close. With my wife on her hands and knees, Louis could bury his entire length inside of her. Over and over he pulled all the way out before suddenly slamming his shaft back in until Ann's pussy was stretched enough to easily accept the enormity of a real man's cock.

This man had taken my wife for his own. She belonged to him. My heart dropped as my little dick pulsated with excitement. I knew I could not compete with this man, and my beautiful wife desired and deserved only the best.

The pace began to quicken. They drove into each other fiercely. As Louis would thrust forward Ann would lunge her ass backward to take in all of his manhood,. Their skin slapped loudly as they came together with each thrust. Ann climbed quickly toward another orgasm. Just before she started to peak, she looked back toward me. I'm not sure why. Perhaps, she wanted to be sure I knew who was pleasing her. Perhaps, my humiliation helped to push her over the edge. Whatever the case, it was apparent that she experienced more erotic pleasure in that moment than I had been able to give her in fifteen years of marriage.

She turned away from me, now letting herself go completely. She screamed out Louis' name once more. She begged him to fuck her harder. She begged him to fuck her like she needed to be fucked until at last she came violently over and over.

They collapsed forward onto the bed. Louis lay atop of her. His cock was still hard and insistent, and still deep inside Ann's wet cunt. She lay flat on her stomach with Louis on top of her still pumping slowly. I could see his big balls and his dark cock buried between Ann's closed legs. Her ass and inner thighs were coated in their lubricants and shimmered in the dimming light. He straddled her legs as he slid his cock up and down slowly.

I could never fuck her in that position. My dick simply wasn't long enough.

They stayed in that position for several minutes, until they rolled over. Louis' dick sprang out of my wife's pussy bouncing rudely. It was still rock hard and throbbing. They began to kiss. Their hands wandered over each other's bodies. Again, arms and legs entwined wildly. They rolled around in the heat of desire, burning with shared need. They tossed themselves faster and more frenzied in their passion.

Eventually, Louis sat up on the bed, his legs folded in front and under him. He sat on his heels. Ann squatted over him. Taking his big tool in her little hand, she guided it as her hips lowered. That massive organ slid effortlessly into her stretched pussy. Ann cooed lovingly as she lowered herself all the way down. Louis' hands held strongly onto her ass. She held onto his shoulders and leaned back.

I watched Ann's ass flex and roll forward and back for several minutes. Then, Louis raised his hips, stretched his legs out and laid back. Ann straddled his hips. Her feet were flat on the bed as she squatted on Louis' cock. Ann leaned forward to rest her hands on his powerful chest. Slowly, she began to ride that meat with perfect wantonness.

I watched as she pistoned her ass up and forward. Louis' cock and balls were shiny with her juices. Her ass and thighs glistened in those same juices. I wanted to be closer. I wanted to bury my face in the conjunction of the two lovers. But, all I could do was watch as Ann rode faster and faster. Her moans turned more frantic and closer together.

Louis was also moaning. I could see his balls jumping and pulling up.

Ann slammed her pussy down on that big dick. She'd pull up, and then slam it back down, again. She engulfed every last inch of that massive joy stick.

In a hoarse voice, Louis whispered, "Yeah Baby…Gimme that pussy."

"It's yours, Baby." Ann's body was taut. Her eyes were tightly shut. "Yessss…Take it…Fuck me! Take your pussy…Yessss..." She nearly screamed the words.

Her words provoked him on. Louis threw her assertively onto her back. Their thrusts never diminished. He gave up control to his need to be fulfilled and drove aggressively into her. He pinned her to the bed. They held tightly to each other and fucked with abandon, lost in the lust they shared.

I couldn't believe how easily and gratefully she took that massive shaft inside of her. I couldn't believe how completely she gave herself over to him. It didn't seem real. My wife had given up all control and was once again about to cum in the arms of another man. She was once more about to come in the arms of a better, superior lover. I was happy for her as she let herself go to the sensual delirium they shared.

Strangely, it pleased me that Louis was about to empty his seed inside my gorgeous wife.

Their bodies glistened with the sweat of raw, carnal need. They came together in the marriage of perfect masculine and feminine forms. They made love like souls lost in the rapture of pure, erotic pleasure.

Louis thrust into my wife with a singleness of thought that could only be found in that magical place they shared. His balls drew up. His cock flexed and twitched wildly. He grasped Ann's ass cheeks with a grip of iron. Her flesh squeezed between his fingers in shades of white and pink. He pulled her in and bucked beneath her.

Screams of passion filled the room. Ann strained against the pulsating monster within her. Her own muscles flexed and pulled the powerful cock inside of her. She screamed as the first wave of pleasure washed over her. Then, the second. And, the third. Each wave went higher and further. She rode each, bucking and thrusting wildly beneath her lover.

Louis screamed out himself. He pulled Ann's little groin tightly against his own, holding her like a vice. Her pussy enveloped the entire length of his uncontrollably pulsating pole. Her clit pressed against his pelvic bone. His seed rose up. He froze, his muscles locked. Finally, he erupted inside my wife, filling her with his potent seed.

Ann felt Louis' cock explode deep within her body pushing her to the pinnacle of pleasure. One vast wave of Louis' seed drove violently into her womb. Then, another. And another. Burst after burst emptied into my wife as she rode up one giant tide of orgasm after another.

Finally, the waves subsided into ever smaller waves until Ann collapsed into Louis' arms. They stayed in that position for several minutes, kissing intimately. Eventually, Ann rolled off of Louis and lay beside him. She looked over at me. "Your turn," she said. "Come here wimp."

Uncertain of my exact role, I edged up on the bed. I lowered my head to the junction of Ann's legs. Gingerly, I lightly kissed the top of Ann's damp pubic mound.

Impatiently, Ann grabbed my head with both hands. "Goddammit, wimp! Act like you have balls for once in your life. You know what to do!" She pushed my face firmly into her dripping snatch. Their combined juices covered my face. Unable to breath, I hesitantly began to clean the man seed from around her lips as her hands held my face tightly against her muff.

Quickly, the smells and tastes of their love overcame me. I began to eagerly feed on Louis' potent cum. Ann released my head as I moved from reluctant to eager cum slut. I licked all over careful not to miss any of their combined juices. I licked lower into her ass, cleaning any cum that had dripped down and tonguing her tight little ass as I went.

I licked back to her still sodden pussy wrapping my moth around it and snaking my tongue within. Louis' cum flooded out into my mouth, but I continued to eat her until she reached orgasm again. This time, though, her orgasm didn't compare to the ones given to her by Louis, but I did what I could.

Eventually, she pushed me away. I started to retreat to my chair. Ann stopped me. "Where do you think you're going?"

I looked at her curiously.

"You're not finished."

I began to stammer out something incoherent.

"You can't leave until you finish. Clean my lover."

"Oh, no," Louis protested. "I ain't no punk"

"I know," said Ann, "he is." With that, Ann grabbed me by the hair and viciously forced my face into Louis' groin.

Louis made no real effort to resist. Neither did I. Soon, I was greedily licking every inch of his flaccid cock. I licked and sucked like a horny old queen, careful not to miss any part of this man's sex from the tip of his foreskin to the base of his ball sack. I licked and sucked his hardening cock like a true slut.

Soon, he was fully hard, again. He pushed me aside, and rolled over atop my wife. His huge shaft easily slid into her cunt as I went back to my chair, took my own little dick in my hand and stroked until I came all over the floor.

Ann and Louis had forgotten that I even existed. They fucked like young lovers for the rest of the night while I sat neglected in my chair except for the rare times they required a drink or a snack. I served happily, eager for the next opportunity for clean up duties.

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