tagLoving WivesCuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 06

Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 06


Continued from Chapter 5; please read earlier chapters to get the context.


I couldn't understand if that was a smile or smirk. However, I could sense that she was deriving great pleasure in feeding my insecurities. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind as my tongue ravished her vagina lapping up their mixed juices until she could no longer withstand and urged me to mount her. I was reluctant to do so as I knew that I was far too excited and would perhaps cum within a few strokes.

As luck would have it she almost pulled me on top of her and forced me to enter her. And within a few strokes I ejaculated in her. It wasn't worth the trouble going through the pain of putting on the condom just for a few strokes. I again felt ashamed of myself. Manisha, however, wasn't quite disappointed with my performance. She just joked, "Looks like talks about my session with Kishanchanji got you too excited!"

"I will make up for it tonight," I pleaded.

Nothing much was said that afternoon as I soon moved to study room to attend to my office work. Manisha meanwhile prepared to visit her doctor to get a good fit for her diaphragm – she didn't want to waste any time in letting Kishanchanji take her bareback, I guessed. Or was it that she wanted to play it safe?

Once I had drained my balls, the reality struck me that I was no match to Kishanchanji in the bedroom. It at least seemed so the way Manisha talked about it. With sanity restored, I wasn't quite sure about exploring the topic of Manisha's preferences in the bedroom. There was still this small voice somewhere lurking in my mind that told me that may be it is only my perception and the reality could be that she preferred me over Kishanchanji and it was only the novelty factor that made her enjoy her escapades with Kishanchanji. Anyway, I preferred to shelve this topic till I got a better idea.

Nothing significant happened over the next couple of days although Manisha was happier than ever. I suspected Kishanchanji kept in touch with her on the phone. I checked her mobile a couple of times to see if there were any calls from him. However, I couldn't find any numbers but it could be quite possible that Manisha might have cleared her call history.

Things took a swift turn again as Kishanchanji unexpectedly turned up Thursday morning to view another India-Australia match. Even Manisha didn't expect him as she still was in the bed while I was wide-awake waiting for that crucial match. I was surprised to find Kishanchanji at the door when I went to open the door after hearing the doorbell. He had an early morning shower, which his wet hair revealed. Apparently, he returned around midnight and was eager to watch this crucial match.

We both moved to our den next to our dining room. Our dining room is the other side of our main living room. Kitchen separates these two sections and immediately after the dining section there is this family room. The family room is a few steps below the entire flooring. There isn't any separation between the dining section and family room, which is convenient except for that the dining section is a bit elevated. The railing at the end of the dining section that logically separated the dining and family rooms was covered with a one of the bed sheets that was left to dry by Manisha.

Our family room has our main TV and our living room has small TV but we never watch TV there. The surprising element of our house was that the entrance to kitchen was from the living room and not from dining section. We had an opening on the dining section side that allowed us to pass dishes and food items and also an opening on the right side wall, which was bang opposite to the staircase and our main door.

The preferred seat in our family room is the sofa just below the dinning section railing right opposite to our king size TV. Both of us sunk in that sofa to watch the TV. The match was about to start. Both of us were pretty excited to be together again enjoying the favorite sport. Somehow, the hatred for him got replaced with respect perhaps due to the pleasure he gave my wife in our bedroom.

After about half-an-hour Manisha joined us in the family room. Surprisingly she had freshened up before joining us for the match. She was one of the last to brush her teeth even though she is usually the first to get up. I wondered if Kishanchanji called her up on the phone to let her know that he is back.

Somehow I sensed that both of them were up for something. Otherwise, why would Kishanchanji wake up so early in the morning instead of having a good night sleep immediately after returning last midnight? More importantly, why would he take a nice shower so early in the morning? His attention was mostly focused on Manisha who was sitting on our left side next to our window fiddling with her cell phone. That was another surprising thing about our house that our family room didn't have an exit to the lawn back side of our house.

Very soon, Manisha got up and moved to kitchen to make tea for all of us. Kishanchanji followed her saying that he would make it for us today. This wasn't anything unusual of him but I knew that something hanky panky might happen in the kitchen. They could be out of sight and yet keep an eye on me easily from kitchen. A brilliant idea struck me and I took my cell phone and made a call to my wife's phone, which was lying on the sofa. I quickly moved after Kishanchanji to grab a glass of water but quickly dumped my cell phone with speakerphone in the mess around the kitchen wall. With her phone I moved back to my original place.

With the loud TV volume they would be quite sure that I couldn't hear them but with her phone now I could hear what was going on in the kitchen. No sooner did I sunk into my sofa I heard Manisha exclaim,

"How come you are here?"

"You were supposed to come only on Sunday!"

"Oh Manisha I just couldn't wait any longer to meet you!"

"Stop It!" Manisha said gritting her teeth


"Vinit is right there"

"Oh come on! He can't see," Kishanchanji said. And there was some silence and then I heard their lips smacking. They were right next to the phone it seemed. The kiss was fairly long and after about a minute I heard Manisha pull out for a breather and say, "You made my day!"

With the bed sheet left to dry on the railings and my low seat, I couldn't even see the kitchen window facing the dining section. In any case they would be careful not to do any hanky panky stuff in front of the window. Should they do, however, with a slight adjustment to our show case door I could at least faintly see their reflection.

"Now come on you got to make my day," said Kishanchanji.

"What is this?"

"A Gift!"

"A Gift? For me?" she quipped excitedly.

"Oh Lover," exclaimed Manisha and said "that is so cute of you." And then I heard their lips smacking again. Those words would ring forever in my ears. This was the first time she addressed that lecher as her lover. Again the kiss lasted for almost a minute. I didn't dare to turn around to see them as that might have made them suspicious.

"Don't open it"

"Let me see"

"Just wear it and show it to me."


"Yes Now!"

"Wear that and come here to relieve me!"

I couldn't imagine the guts this man had. He wanted to be relieved in my house just behind my back by my wife.

"Are you crazy?"

"We can't do anything here in Vinit's presence," she added.

"I don't care!"

"I have come all the way so early to meet you with a special gift."

"Wouldn't you reciprocate by at least relieving me?" he pleaded

"Oh Kishanchanji!" she whispered, "You are so impatient."

"The whole of afternoon and evening is ours."

"Until then have patience!"

I interrupted their amorous foreplay by asking for tea. To which Kishanchanji quickly asked her to put on the gift that he brought for her. Kishanchanji got two cups of tea for both of us.

Manisha took sometime to descend the stairs again. I needed to make some adjustments to show case door to witness the happenings in the kitchen. I was sure they would go in for another round of petting and this time around Kishanchanji might take some unwarranted liberties. I was not sure if Manisha would have the courage to go through with it in my presence. It didn't take long for me to find out, though.

Kishanchanji received a phone call as all this was going through my mind and he excused himself saying that he would return in about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Manisha descended the stairs as soon as Kishanchanji locked the door behind him.

"Where has Kishanchanji gone?" she asked me. I noticed that she prepared herself well for her morning session with Kishanchanji. She had taken shower and was in her favorite bathrobe now. Kishanchanji might have gifted some kind of lingerie. She came to me and sat astride me on the sofa. I could smell her fresh breath and fragrance of her new shampoo.

She leaned in and gave me a very hot kiss. It was the hottest kiss I ever received from her; or was it my mind making me feel that way. Anyway, the kiss was a leisurely one and did last for a long while. Breaking her kiss she whispered to me in her rather sultry voice, "Kishanchanji wants to take a few liberties with your wife in the kitchen."

"What?" I asked.

"He has bought a very nice gift for me and is expecting something in return."

"Really?" I blurted out feigning ignorance of the events that had transpired a few minutes back.

"Yes, the gifts are lovely and I feel obliged to return the favor."


"Yes, there is more than one."

"I hope you don't mind me accepting them."

"Don't you think it is going too far?"

"Yes. But you wanted me to go that far. Isn't it?"

"We already have gone too far by allowing him to have sex with me. Isn't it?"

"Honey but I don't want you to get emotionally involved with him."

"How could I have sex without having any kind of attachment with a person?"

"Honey that would jeopardize our relationship," I pleaded.

"Not really. In fact, bringing him in our life has actually reinforced our love for each other."

"We are spending more quality time with each other and also having a lot more sex than we used to," she justified.

It was true that we had drawn a lot more closer in the last 3 months every since she agreed to experiment with extramarital sex. We had a lot more sessions in the bedroom and truly loved each other's company. In particular, I was drawn more to my wife, perhaps, by the fear of losing her to somebody else.

"But honey?" I again interjected her out of sheer frustration not being able to reason with her.

"Kishanchanji is lonely and he needs company not just in bed but in his life."

"And hence he is just trying to develop that friendship with me."

"What is the harm in that?" she argued.

"Honey you are half his age; he better try befriending someone of his age," I reasoned.

"If I am able to satisfy him in the bed, I don't see why I can't do so in his life," she said confidently.

"What if our love suffers as a consequence of that?" I asked earnestly looking into her eyes. My harried state revealed my frustration and my insecurities. She very sternly looked into my eyes and said, "I would never stop loving you!"

"No relationship is more important to me than ours."

"Do you understand that?" she said looking into my eyes.

"Now, I am living your fantasy for you. You might as well give me some freedom to play the way I want to."

"Am I asking too much?" she asked almost threatening to back out of the deal if I didn't play along.

"No," was my reluctant response.

"Then I hope you don't mind him taking a few liberties with your wife, right?" she asked me playfully.

"What kind of liberties?"

"I don't know. Why don't you ask him?" she shot back.

"Does it matter?" she asked in a saner tone after a brief pause.

I didn't have an immediate answer to her question but I wasn't sure what that lecher had in mind. If it was only having sex in the kitchen then it wouldn't be so bad but what if he wanted some unwarranted favors. Now, I couldn't think of what he might have in mind but knew that he was too smart to just ask for sex this morning. He had been getting that, anyway. Gathering some courage I put forward my concerns to my lovely wife who was so eager to offer those liberties to her newfound lover, "What if he asks for some kind of a special privilege?"

"What privilege?" she asked intrigued with my question.

"I don't know."

"Something that we wouldn't to grant him," I said shrugging my shoulders.

"I don't think there is anything to lose. He has already slept with me more than a few times and our secret is with him now. If he wanted anything then he can even blackmail us," she said playing down my doubts.

"He is hell bent on impregnating you. What if he asks for that?" I blurted out my deepest concern.

"Oh stop it! Don't be so insecure," she almost screamed.

"If he wanted to impregnate me, he could have done so by raping me or even by blackmailing us," she added.

"I brought this up with you since I was not sure what he would have in mind and what kind of liberties he might ask," she said calmly.

"Now promise me that you would accept my decision on this. Let me take a call on whether it would jeopardize our relationship or not."

"You are unnecessarily concerned about innocuous things. So, please be patient and leave it to me."

"Just trust me," she said looking deeply into my eyes. I nodded agreeing with her decision.

"So, I ask you one last time," she said, "You have no objections to Kishanchanji taking liberties with me." I again reluctantly nodded.

"Honey, I am really in a hot mood. I wish Kishanchanji could have gone for couple of hours so that we could have had some hot, raunchy sex," she said leaning into me for another kiss. She did seem very hot and would have ravished me if we had more time. But Kishanchanji was supposed to return any minute and we didn't enough time to even go in for a quickie. Or did she want to keep herself clean for him?

I had started to think negatively ever since the episode with Kishanchanji had started. Forgetting, that she had expressed desire to make love with me just now. How could I even doubt her ever after hearing this?

Kishanchanji was back as we heard the bell ring. She quickly got up and said, "Fetch him, while I freshen up a bit for him."

"Btw, please leave for office as soon as the match is over and give me some privacy," she added with a lovely smile as she headed towards the washroom.

Hearing that my negative thoughts started again! She wanted to be fresh for him. But she just had a shower – did she want wash off remnants of our kiss? She never bothered to do that before she came to kiss me, especially after having kissed Kishanchanji?

I let Kishanchanji in and he soon joined me on the sofa. The match was getting very interesting but his mind was more on where Manisha was and he asked, "Where is Manisha?"

Before I could reply we both heard Manisha say, "I am preparing breakfast what would you folks like?"

"Oh why am I asking? I have soaked Dal for Idli and Chatni," she answered her question in no time.

"But this is going to take some time," she said to herself.

"Kishanchanji you wouldn't mind helping me. Now, would you?" she asked him in her sexy voice.

"No not at all," saying that he moved to the kitchen. The phone was still on and I could hear the conversation. In between, I had kept the show case door a bit ajar so that I could see their reflection while they were facing the window. No sooner did he reach the kitchen he asked her, "Show me?"


"My gift you are wearing."

"You are so confident that I would wear it."

"I was hoping you would," Kishanchanji said. For once the arrogance in his voice was missing.

"I believe there were conditions attached with wearing them," she said playfully and turned towards the mixer that she had place right opposite the window. Seems that Kishanchanji had forwarded a small note along with the gift stipulating the conditions under which she should be accepting the gift, confirming my worst doubts.

"Yes, there were and I was sure that you wouldn't mind them," saying that Kishanchanji had moved towards her holding her lovingly from behind as she was working on preparing Chatni for the Idli's. Both of them were carrying on their romance right in front of the window completely ignoring my presence. I couldn't very clearly see them in the mirror but they were nevertheless visible.

"How could you be so sure?" she said looking sideways to him. "Apart from such an outrageous condition you had three more conditions that weren't mentioned," she added.

"What is outrageous about it?" he said rationalizing his demand gently playing with her glowing arms.

"We are anyway sort of leading that lifestyle. This is just formalizing it," he said nuzzling into her neck, perhaps giving small pecks.

"Still I am already married. How could I take on another husband?"

"Oh stop it! Keep some distance. Vinit might catch us," she said; her voice full of pretence.

"What did you have in mind anyway?" she asked shooing him away.

"Are you accepting my proposal then?"

"Let me see if you are wearing the dress or not," saying that Kishanchanji tried to sneak his arm into her dress.

"Behave yourself!" she said pushing his hand away and gave him a stern look. It sounded more of mock to me than real.

"I can't accept your proposal unless you let me know the other three conditions."

"You got to trust me," he said again encircling her from behind and trying to cajole her to accept him as her husband. "The rest three conditions are nothing but logical consequences of your acceptance of me as your husband," he said playfully.

"And what may that be," she immediately shot back but then held her words for a brief pause before she added, "bearing your children?"

Hearing this he burst out into laughter, which was loud enough for me to turn back and ask them to share the joke with me. However, they ignored me with a casual remark that it was nothing and got back to their romance. I was glad that Manisha was concerned about it and brought it up at the right moment with him.

"You got me wrong!" he said

"I have never cheated when it comes to impregnating women. They voluntarily opt for my much superior genes!" he said proudly.

"What if I accept the proposal?" asked Manisha in calm and composed manner.

"Then we finish the ritual of putting the ring on your finger."

"And pronounce ourselves as husband wife right here!" he said ecstatically.

"And what about the other three conditions?" Manisha asked in her innocent voice wondering when he would let the cat out of the bag.

"I would pronounce those three conditions and you would accept them by saying "I do" and then we share a kiss to punctuate the proceedings," he said in a merry tone as if they would live happily ever after.

"Is it all hunky-dory as it sounds?" she asked still doubting his intentions.

"You better believe it!" he said very confidently.

"I think you are up with some pranks," she said not trusting Kishanchanji.

"Well, the conditions are out-of-the-ordinary; I have to admit!" he let the cat out of the bag. "But," he added, "Your acceptance of them would prove that you accepted me as your husband, whole-heartedly."

I could see that Manisha was concerned now as she separated from him and paused to think it over.

"I can assure you that the conditions wouldn't jeopardize your marriage," he said as Manisha pondered over the possibilities of his proposition.

"They are just meant to test your dutifulness towards me," he added.

"You are free to call it off if any of the conditions is unacceptable to you."

"But do remember that would be an end to our relationship," he further added. Although, the sentence sounded like an ultimatum but the tone wasn't intimidating at all.

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