tagLoving WivesCuckolding from a Woman's View Ch. 06

Cuckolding from a Woman's View Ch. 06


As Mandy pondered what had happened she knew that it had been a month since her sisters Mary and Jan had had her over either of their houses. She would meet up on the weekend to watch one or both of them get royally fucked by a very handsome, well built and very manly type of man who each had a extraordinary staying power and a large cock. And they were doing this while their husbands looked on loving every moment.

While she joined them, she still only watched the sex take place. She never let anyone fuck her, but she wanted to be fucked by one of those big cocks. That was for sure. "What woman wouldn't want to try one of them." she would say when her sisters asked her? But she refused to cheat on her husband. Her plan with the help of her sisters and their husbands was to convert him like her sisters' husbands had been converted into a cuckolding way of life

She would say, "I mean seeing two people fucking like wild animals and cumming all around you, I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to at least try it and have a good cum or two."

She had let John, Jan's husband, play with her breasts once so far. But, she never let him or anyone else touch her below her stomach or kiss her on the lips. She had masturbated herself into a few hell of a good orgasm the last time she was there! Here's what happened, in her own words.

My sisters and their husbands were now enjoying the cuckolding sex way of life so much that they me how good the sex was each time they did it. But the Saturday I saw them having it, I really wanted to try it.

I was afraid to approach my somewhat straight-laced husband about the idea knowing he would think my sisters' husband's were all crazy. It wasn't that the sex with Bud was bad or boring, it was in fact very, very good. Bud was a good lover and gave me many orgasms. But the fact that each of my sisters were having some fantastic big cocks to fuck and having mind blowing orgasms that were out of this world made me wonder how it would be with me.

So far my sisters had only done this sort of thing on the weekend with other men. Their husbands were getting sex from my sisters during the week like never before. My sisters told me they were giving their men much better sex and more of it as a sort of rewards for allowing them to cuckold them on the weekends. It was working wonderfully for the ladies and my sisters had planted the seed in my brain and it was growing. Of course they were watering the seed almost daily with their phone to me to talk about it. And then, there were the weekends where I witnessed it for myself. Other than those weekends with their lovers, the rest of the time my sisters were normal everyday wives who gave their husband love and attention and more sex until they were exhausted.

They told me again that the extra sex was their husbands' reward for letting them have their lovers. And my sisters always stayed within the rules of only doing it when their husbands were with them so they could watch. To the women, that was a big part of the fun, lust and erotic feature of cuckolding them. Having them watch their wives being fucked better than the husband could ever think of doing gave the two sisters more of a thrill and better orgasms.

While the men stayed true to their wives. For the most part my sisters had all the options to do whatever they wanted on those nights for the pleasure of another man being their lover. John certainly did enjoy playing with my breasts the other night, but the husbands never fucked anyone but their own wives and not on the nights they were being cuckolds.

It seems to me that the wives had the best of both worlds, a husband and a lover, or maybe, two lovers. And the men, well they told me how much they really loved to see their wives being fucked by men with bigger cocks with no strings attached. It was purely sexual, with no love or affection attached. The love was shared with their husbands the night before or after the sex was finished with their wives' lovers. And only if the wife and husband could do it again afterwards!

And then there was the sex! According to both wives, it was the most fantastic sex imaginable for them. According to Mary and Jan their husbands had both told them that they "loved watching their wives have orgasms after orgasms." And my sisters told me that they had never been fucked like they were now. They never had such strong and long lasting orgasms as they were having now. Nothing came close to the climax and the amount of cum their bodies released by fucking those big cocks! They told me that it had to be like being in heaven that the pleasures were so great. They couldn't stop talking about it. I think I stayed wet between my legs for weeks at a time listening and watching my sisters doing it. Yes, I was jealous! Yes, I masturbated thinking how it would be if my husband allowed me to try it.

At the first session I witnessed I watched each husband jerked off and had cum hard covering their lower bodies and pooling it on the floor. They each masturbated at least three times as they watched their wives being fucked by men with big cocks. I had also masturbated twice while watching my sisters having sex. Oh the sex was offered to me, both sisters had offered to let me have a go at their lover to try it. Those big hard dicks sure were and are tempting. But so far I had the will to resist them, so far.

Both of my sisters have a log they keep on the men available for this type of sex. They grade the men! Yes, they graded them during their interviews and then grade the men picked to fuck them. They actually grade them regarding how good they were and how many times they made my sisters cum. Oh and my sisters also offered their husbands to me too but I didn't take their offers, yet.

I was so horny when I got home from my visits I would fuck my husband with wild abandonment. I was giving him more and better sex too just from watching and knowing what my sisters and their husbands were doing. He loved the sex but he also wondered what the hell I was doing at my sisters' houses. It seemed to him that his wife was far more "sexed up" as he called it after I met up with either sister. But, he told me he wasn't complaining. He told me later on that he was wondering what I was doing over at my sisters and that's how he began to wonder what was happening.

Bud had been working on those nights I was with my sisters and at first he felt it was good that I was with them rather than home alone. But then, with me going crazy on him again and again after I got home, he wondered "what the fuck was going on between me and my three sisters"? He decided to come to the point and ask me one night during the great sex we had been having but he never did. He was cumming and after we were done he had forgotten. But then afterwards, he decided instead to wait and see if he could find out for himself what I was doing.

So as it was, it just so happened that the my sisters and I were beginning to cook up a plan for me so I might get my husband to let me try the new sexual game of cuckolding just one time. Since both of their husbands loved how it went, they all felt Bud would also. So we decided that I should start off by sort of talk with him on those nights when I came home all horny and fucked him. I was to see if he had any desire to see me with another man. That was goal number one. I was sure he didn't but I would go very slowly and tell him about my fantasy after he told me he didn't want to see me with someone else.

We cooked up scrip, a sort of list of questions for me that I was to ask Bud during the heat of our sex to see how he handled them. If he didn't have a problem or maybe his problem was small but he wanted to fill my fantasy then the main question would be asked. I would continue to talk about it to sort of plant the start of the seed before asking to do it directly. I would also make love to him more and harder if the questions were answered right. I was to sort of interrogate him. We worked on the plan for a couple of weeks with their husbands' help too. They all wanted to see me fucked.

Part of the plan was once I had put the idea into my husband's head; the two husbands would talk to him. Then my sisters would work on him telling him how good they felt and that he should allow his wife the experience so I could feel it too. Then finally both couples, all four of them, would chat with Bud while I cooked dinner for all of them one Saturday night. My sisters would even offer themselves to Bud while a big cock was fucking me. I wasn't too sure I liked that part of it, but then I said fair is fair and if it works then I'll do it!

Anyway, that was the plan. I would just be the loving wife and work on him by sucking and fucking and giving myself to him as much and as often as he wanted it or could stand it. I would make sure the sex was fantastic too. And, all the time I was making love to him I would talk a little more about what my sisters were doing and how I would like to try it. We all felt sooner or later Bud would brake down and allow me to try it once with his blessing.

Once I received his blessing, he couldn't leave me or want a divorce and take everything since he had agreed to it. I didn't want to loose him after all I loved him, I just wanted to try one of those big cocks! After it was over I would thank him and repay him with such a sexual weekend of love he would certainly want more of it. My sisters also felt that since their husbands loved it so much it wouldn't be long before Bud would become a convert too and learn to love it. He would love seeing me being fucked with a guy who had a huge cock. He would love seeing me climax and my body fucking itself on that big dick inside me. Bud would get hard, just like their husbands did, and I could watch him jerking off if I wanted to as I got the fucking of my life. It all sounded so good so logical and so fair.

Then one Tuesday night I got a call that my sisters wanted to meet with me. My two sisters and their husbands were at it again and this time it wasn't the weekend. It was strange to meet on Tuesday; usually we met on a Saturday or maybe Friday night. We would meet at Mary's house this time to have another cuckolding. It seemed both of my sisters were going to do it at the same time in the same bed and the only night they could get the two men they wanted was Tuesday. So we met.

After the sex, if everyone weren't to tire we would work a little more on the strategy to get me husband to allow me to enjoy the cuckolding way of life. It seemed to me that my sisters were now having their husbands cuckolded more than once or twice a month. It was now becoming at last a once a week and almost every weekend event.

When I told Bud I was going over my sister's Mary house he told me he would work at the office and I should have a good time. He asked again about what we did and I told him we talked about our husbands and sex. He laughed and said how boring! While I waited until it was time to go I called him. Bud was working when I did and I told him I was about to leave for Mary's house. He asked if I would call him when I got there and I said I would.

Unknown to my sisters or me, Bud was doing a little detective work on his own. He stayed at work just like he always did that night as I went over my sister's house. But what none of us knew was that Bud was going to leave work around 7:30 PM and drive the company car to the corner of the street where Mary lived. The car was a black ford and none of us had ever seen it before. There he sat as he ate his dinner of a burger and fries as he watched both Jan and her husband walked into Mary's house. Then he saw two men he didn't recognize. One of them was blonde but both men were rather tall and large and well built. Finally as it was getting dark when his cell phone rang. He answered it and heard his wife ask, "How's it going Bud? You still working until 10 PM tonight hon?"

He told Mandy he was tired and wanted to get home and go to bed. He had a sandwich and would be lucky if he was done by 10 PM. He told her he might be home as later as 11:30PM. She told him she had left some of the dinner for him in the refrigerator. He could have a snack if he got back before she did. But if he wasn't home by 11PM she would be there waiting for him. Then she told him she loved him very much and he told her the same thing. As he closed the cell phone he said, "What the fuck was my wife doing in her sister's house tonight. He started thinking there were four men and two, no make that three women?"

Then he said, "OH shit! What am I thinking? She could do just about anything with four men!"

He exited the car and walked up the street. As he passed Mary's house he cut between her house and the one next door. It was for sale and there were no lights on, so he assumed there was no one home. As he walked next to the house a dog barked but it was a few houses away. He came to the side window and even with the blinds closed he could still see in just enough to see that there were in fact the seven people sitting in the living room talking.

He saw his wife sitting in a chair by herself and her sisters were standing. It looked like they both had on robes. Their husbands were sitting in different chairs and the two strangers were sitting on the sofa facing the wives. Then he saw that the two strangers were completely nude! Bud could see now they must be weight lifters of sorts and both had extremely well built bodies. But the one thing he noticed right away was what he whispered to himself, "Damn these men were huge dick guys".

Drinks and snacks were there and he could hear muffled voices but couldn't understand many of the words. Then there was laughter and he heard Mary say, "Well......all......men......we...get...started......upstairs. OK?"

And with that everyone got up and walked towards the back of the house. They went upstairs and the living room became emptied. He wondered what was going on for sure now and how was he going to find out since all seven of them went upstairs? He looked up to see the light come on in what he was sure the master bedroom.

He remembered when they took a tour of Mary's new house that she had a huge bedroom. They all teased her about being about to have her husband Don chase her and she had enough room to hid and he would never find her. Now Bud knew there were three women and four men in that room and he wondered what the hell they were going to do?

He finally couldn't stand it any more and looked for something that he could stand on or climb on to look in the bi-level house's window. There was nothing. Nothing! So he went to the back door and tried it, but it was locked.

Then he went around to the front of the house and tried the front door. It wasn't locked only closed. He slowly opened it and looked in. No one was there so he walked into the house. He stood in the living room for a few minutes and heard all the voices coming from the upstairs bedroom. He then slowly walked up the stairs and stood on the landing at the top, waiting and listening.

He said he heard a female voice that sounded like Mary's saying, "God look at that cock! It's so big and hard! I'm not sure I can take that one Donny. Jan you take that one and I'll take the other one."

He didn't know what to think at that point so he listened and heard Jan said, "Oh no Mary, tonight Robert is here for you. Don made a special arrangement for him for to fuck tonight! And we all want to see you do it!"

At that point Bud was floored. He said to himself in a low voice, "Don made special arrangements for his wife to be fucked by a guy named Robert with a huge cock? What the fuck is going on here? And why is my wife here? Oh shit is she going to fuck someone too?"

He took a few more steps towards the bedroom and heard Don say, "Just relax baby! You know you want to try it Mary! I mean it must be at least 10 inches long! It's the biggest cock I have ever seen Mary! Just look at it jumping up and down waiting for you baby! Come on we all cane here tonight to watch you and you know we all want to see you take it! And I know you want it too!"

Then Mary said, "Well if he'll go slowly I would really love to try it! OK! Robby you're with me move over Jan."

There was laughter and by that time Bud had heard all of it and he was now at the doorway to the big bedroom where they all had gathered. He saw his wife Mandy sitting there in a chair near the bed watching as her two sisters had undressed completely now in front of all of them. He gave Mary a good long look and saw what he had always wanted to see.

The husbands of the two wives were nude too and were slowly stroking their cocks. The two nude strangers were on their back on the bed watching Mary and Jan standing on the bed over top of them and dancing and thrusting their pussies at them. It looked like what could only be described as a pole dance without the pole, they were squatting and bending over showing the two men everything they had. They were also showing the audience. Then they both started crawling up on the bed on all fours towards the two strangers as they straddled them.

Bud stood in the dark hallway for how long he didn't know but the shadows concealed him perfectly. The lights in the bedroom were low but the view was clear. Mandy's sisters were now sitting with the big cocks from the two unknown men right at the open lips of their vaginas. Then as their husband urged them on, they started to take the cocks of the two strangers into their pussy tunnels. They then began to fuck them, riding them. The rest of the group was watching them do it. Bud had never seen a cock on a person as big as the one guy fucking Mary except maybe on a porn star in a video he had.

John, Jan's husband, was stroking his cock as he watched both Mary and Jan being fucked now right in front of him. Then Bud turned and looked at Mandy and saw her smiled at John as she looked down at his hard cock in his hand. He smiled back as she watched his hand slowly move up and down on his hardening shaft. Then she looked back up at her sisters with the large cock inside them and Bud was sure he heard her moan..

Bud watched as he saw Don slowly stroking his cock in time with his wife's riding that big cock up and down and in and out of her pussy. It was all the way up inside her now and she was moaning and crying out with her passion as her head was thrown back and she had both tits in her hands. Then he saw her turn and look at her husband and heard her say, "Oh GOD yes! Oh fuck yes! Oh God! Yes! YES! It feels so powerful Donny! So big moving inside me Donny! Ohhh! Oh it fills me like nothing I have ever had before Donny! It feels so good! God Donny! Oh yes baby! He's so deep inside me baby! Oh God he's so deep! It's so much deeper than you can ever go! Oh! God yes it feels so good Donny! It's wonderful! Wonderful! Thank you! Thank you for giving me this beautiful cock my love!"

Don smiled at his wife and blew her a kiss as she humped and humped her body faster and faster on the thick long pole of a cock up inside her pussy. With each thrust Mary would scream a little and then she bent forward and pushed one of her breasts into the guy's mouth. He sucked happily on it as he continued to hold her ass with both hands and drive his big dick up into her young cunt! As grunts and moans and sighs were heard all around Bud watched as each person in the room was either being fucked or masturbating now, every one but Mandy that is.

Bud's cock was hard too as he watched the party going on, but it was mainly because he was seeing Mary being fucked. The sight of Mary being fucked by some strange guy made Bud's cock very hard. Bud had always loved how Mary looked with her clothes on. He always wanted to see her nude. So now as he watched her naked breasts bouncing up and down as her body was working on that big cock fucking it, he was hard.

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