Evelyn Chester sat on the patio by the side of the pool at her luxurious home sipping on a perfectly chilled Italian Pinot Grigio in the early afternoon of another standard weekday. That meant that her husband James, nearly a decade her junior, was in his office slaving away for her benefit while she enjoyed the good life that he provided, as she had done for the past twenty years or so. Knowing her wonderful husband, he'd be worrying what to do about his new secretary's probationary period now that it was so close to coming to an end. That young bitch needed to wise up or she wouldn't have a job soon.

James had been just twenty when she'd met him, and she already a divorcee nearing her thirties with a cheating husband disappearing over the horizon. She'd been down, to say the least, but he'd swept into her life like Prince Charming himself and had just taken her with him. He'd been romantic and chivalrous and devilishly good looking, not to mention hung, though he had no idea of the effect he had on women. Now in his early forties he looked even better. He was now a confident businessman in his own right, successful and powerful, and in her eyes almost Godlike.

Her looks, such as they had been, were definitely fading in her opinion. James, of course, disagreed, but then he would. He only ever saw her through his adoring eyes. She'd recently turned fifty and it showed to her. She glanced down over her body in its too-small bikini, thinking that she ought to opt for one-piece swimwear in future. Her breasts and ass were heading south steadily and, despite the fact that they'd never had children because he couldn't, she was developing a bit of a belly. She didn't consider her naturally beautiful face and long blonde hair at all, nor her sparkling blue eyes that could talk all on their own. Everyone said that she still looked great, but she didn't believe it.

Evelyn, or Evie as James called her and only he was allowed to call her that, believed that her husband should be fucking sexy, young chicks as his position in life merited, as the person that he was deserved to be, not an old thing like her. It was no accident that his best and biggest clients were the most powerful and hottest women in town. He just had a way with women, even if he didn't really know it. She wanted him to come home with lipstick on his collar still smelling of another woman's perfume, and his beautiful cock still smelling and tasting of her pussy. She wanted him to tell her all about it, and maybe even fuck her while he was talking. Evelyn didn't believe that she had any right to James any more, maybe never had, but would gladly share him to keep some part of him.

She knew what she was, or perhaps wanted to be, needed to be. She knew what a Cuckquean was and it was her, or at least she was one in waiting. Evelyn knew that a therapist or counsellor would tell her that she lacked self-esteem and self-confidence, but so what? James was her God and she'd die for him in a heartbeat. She wouldn't want to be any other way, and damn the therapists if they didn't understand that! She also knew that she was going to have to make it happen, or else she'd lose him for good to some younger, hotter chick sooner or later, and probably sooner. If that happened she'd die, she knew it, as surely as she knew that there was no air in a vacuum.

Evelyn sipped again at her wine and considered how she could make things work for her, how she could make James understand, how she could make everything perfect again for herself, and for the man that she loved more than life itself. Her mind turned again to her husband's secretary, Deb, and a thought took root and started to grow.

- - - - -

Deb Sovine sat at her desk in the middle of the afternoon wondering what to do next, having cleared her workload for the day already. Her boss, James Chester, was out for the rest of the day meeting clients. Now there was a man. He oozed confidence and was as successful as it were possible to be, and yet there was no arrogance with him, just a courteous and charming way with just about everybody, a respectful way.

She considered her own situation. Not yet thirty, she'd been married for six years and had a three year-old son, her little boy, for whom she'd sell her soul to The Devil if need be. An only child herself, she desperately wanted him to have a little brother, or better yet sister, to watch out for. Deb and her husband, Colin, had run into hard times though, along with many others with the economy falling to pieces around them.

It had never bothered her that Colin was what would be described as an 'unskilled worker'. He'd made good money not too long back, and could turn his hands to most things, but nobody was building anything any more, nobody was making anything. People were barely even repairing anything these days, so Colin had run out of work and was instead running the house while she went to work.

Her work was strictly time limited though, her three month probation nearly up, and she really needed to keep her job. Deb dreaded to think what would become of them if she were to be let go from James' employ. The loss of her income would really put a huge strain on an already strained relationship. Deb sighed. Yes she had admitted it at last, to herself. Her marriage was feeling the effects of the economy, and though she loved Colin dearly, some of his desires, well one of them anyway, just didn't sit well with her either and they were feeling the effects of that too.

She'd had several boyfriends before him, but she'd been his first and was to date his only. He was younger than her by a couple of years. Colin was good looking and had a nice body, and though her perfect man would be better endowed, more like her second lover had been, he really did love her and treated her right, even if he were on the submissive side. Yes, she'd design him bigger and more commanding in bed to be perfect, but she really didn't have any complaints about that. What she had complaints about was the fact that he wanted her to fuck other men and go home and tell him about it, even to share her lover's semen with him directly from her sex. She just didn't understand that.

Deb didn't doubt that Colin loved her, adored her even, but she couldn't reconcile his need to hear stories and see and taste, for God's sake, the evidence of her illicit affairs with that love. Consequently, she dressed down to avoid being chatted up or hit on, keeping her attire modest and conservative despite having a body that she was really quite proud of and in many ways longed to show off. She didn't want others, nor need them, although lately the stress that they were under had just about killed their sex lives. When Deb had taken her vows she'd meant every solemn word of them and had never expected to be asked to break them by the very man that she'd made them to.

That said, she had for a time humoured him with fictional tales of her infidelities and had been amazed at his reaction to them. This had confused her too, not least because she'd enjoyed them so much, and so she'd stopped almost as fast as she'd started with her stories, much to his chagrin. Her mind came full circle back to James. Now there was a man who wouldn't ask for such deeds or stories. There was a real man who knew how to treat a woman, how to be demanding but loving at the same time. His wife was one lucky lady, for sure, Deb thought.

She left her desk and headed for the kitchen to get a coffee, her mind all over the place but mostly worried for her job. It all came back to that. She couldn't lose it, and yet somehow she feared that she would, and she didn't know what to do about it. She just didn't know.

- - - - -

James Chester had finished his business for the day and opted to call in at his golf club for a drink on the way home, where he'd run into his best friend Jim Craig-Knight. Jim had carved himself out a lucrative career in the field of Personnel, or what they called Human Resources in modern parlance. He worked for one of James' biggest clients, a highly profitable business owned and run by the McLean sisters, Alison and Claire.

James and Jim had been friends since school and knew each other inside out. Jim was married to his high-school sweetheart Linda, with whom he had two children and was still as blissfully happy as he had been on his wedding day, or night. They often laughed about their common name and reminisced about the games they'd played in school, pretending not to know which of them the teacher had been talking to.

James had also told his friend that he didn't understand how his employers were still clients of his, given that both of the sisters had made heavy passes at him more than once, which he'd tactfully declined, but Jim had just laughed and told him he shouldn't have declined, that it would at least prove that they weren't incestuous lesbians as the rumour mill marked them down as. It was such frivolities that they laughed about as good friends do, but their chance meeting that day enabled James to talk to his friend about an employment issue that he was facing with is secretary.

"Deb has a three month probationary period that's coming to an end," James told his friend, "And I'm not sure what to do."

"Why aren't you sure?" Jim asked, "That's the first question."

"Well, her work's pretty good and she's a nice lady, but ..." he drifted off into thought.

"But?" Jim prompted.

"Her time-keeping isn't great, she has a young son and I understand that he just has to come first sometimes, and she doesn't make the best of herself, y'know?" he responded.

"Meaning?" Jim prompted again.

"She dresses down, Jim," James said, "And I wanted a secretary that would look good and flirt with the customers, you know, send them away with a smile on their faces and make them want to come back."

Jim grinned. "I know what you mean but you can't terminate her on those grounds my friend," he said, "There's a law suit in that as sure as the day is light."

"That's what I figured. The shame of it is she could be a real stunner if she wanted to be," James responded.

"The good news is that you can terminate her without giving any reason at all, given her contract, but even the time-keeping issue would be enough if you wanted to give a reason," Jim told him, "And if you want a hot one that'll look great I can help you out with that, so long as you don't mind taking a slightly less efficient employee onto your books," he laughed.

James laughed with him. "That's not right though, is it?"

"Not really," Jim answered, "But it's business, and the smart chicks know it."

"I don't know what to do," James sighed, "Her other half is out of work and they have a little boy as I said. It'd be devastating for them to lose her income. It's not as if I can tell her to sex herself up is it?"

"Fuck no, don't even think about it," Jim winced, "That's another law suit all on its own, right there!"

"I know it, and it should be really," James said, "God knows I'm not a chauvinist, but it's what makes the world go around at the end of the day, whatever the politically correct police may think."

"I'm with you on that," Jim said, "Just let her go and let me help you recruit another. I'll get you something nice to look at!" he grinned.

"No doubt you would," James chuckled, "But it's not fair on Deb is it?"

"Nothing's fair in business, James," Jim told him, "It's all about profit at the end of the day, that's why businesses exist isn't it?"

"True enough," James responded, but he still didn't think it was fair and he liked to at least be fair with people.

- - - - -

"You should be lusting after, and fucking, sexy young things rather than fingering me in the middle of the night," Evie told her husband, her lips caressing his neck hotly.

"Why?" he asked, his fingers stroking through the wet folds of her sex as she lay on her back beside him in the darkness, her legs spread for him, her breath heavy with her arousal as she nuzzled into his neck.

"Because you deserve to," she whispered, "Because I want you to and I want to hear about it." Her fingers tightened around his thick, long cock, stroking at his hardness gently.

"I love you, though Evie, I don't get that!" he said, his tongue sliding gently across her throat. It wasn't the first time that she'd raised this topic, though she hadn't been quite so forthright about it before.

"If you love me you'd do it for me," she whispered breathlessly as he slid two fingers into her hot, wet sheath and slid them back and forth.

"I do love you," he told her, "But I don't understand why you'd want me to do that, to fuck other women and tell you about it."

"I need you to," she panted, "I need you to fuck younger, hotter women and tell me. I just need you to. Isn't that enough?"

The first two fingers of his right hand squelched as they slid in and out of her saturated sex, the other two fingers chased her flowing juices between her ass, teasing her there deliciously. His mind couldn't grasp what she was saying, and yet he knew that she meant every word. He was conflicted. Of course he wanted to please her, he'd made it his life's mission after all, but in that way? It was just weird to him.

"I want to give you what you need, Evie," he whispered, two fingers probing at her ass now as well as the two he had inside of her, "But I just don't get that. Why?"

She shuddered at his touch, trembled for his probing fingers that threatened to slip into her ass just as they were probing deeply into her pussy. "Because it would turn me on, James, you have no idea how it would turn me on. Tell me how you fucked Deb this afternoon."

"I didn't!" he said.

"I know, but tell me anyway, make it up," she implored, "She's young and could be sexy if she wanted to be."

"Yeah, I was telling Jim that before," he said, his mind struggling to compute her request, but he had an imagination and he let it kick in to please his beautiful wife.

"Tell me what you'd do if she were all sexed up," she breathed, "And desperate to keep her job. Tell me how you'd use her, how you'd fuck her."

James just went with it. It was obviously getting Evie going and he had no complaints about that. "She was wearing a tight skirt and blouse," he whispered, "She has great legs. I was sure that she had stockings on."

"Yeah," Evie moaned, pushing herself against his fingers, "Of course she did, she wants you James, they all do."

"I waited until she was in the kitchen making coffee," he told her, ignoring her last remark and getting into his little tale himself, picturing it, "And I followed her. I went up behind her, she didn't hear my approach, and I put my arms around her, taking her tits into my hands."

"Ohh," Evie shuddered, "What she did do?"

"She was shocked, asked me to stop," he said, "But I reminded her that her job was on the line. I could've got sued royally, but I just wanted to fuck her so much."

"I bet you did," she whispered hotly, "You're so hot you could fuck any woman. Oh yeah, fuck that feels so good!" She pressed against his fingers and two of them slipped into her ass, the other two still stroked into her saturated sex deliciously and she let her hips rise and fall to take them all.

"She shut up and I undid her blouse and pulled her bra up," he told her, "She has really nice tits and very sexy nipples."

"Mm-hm," Evie said.

"I kicked her ankles with my foot and she parted her legs," James whispered, "And as I was groping her tits with my left hand I pushed my right hand under the waist band of her skirt and between her legs."

"She was wet wasn't she?" Evie moaned.

"Dripping," he told her, "And she was soon trembling against me, moaning, telling me how much she wanted me and that she'd do anything for me."

"I bet," she breathed.

James was pressing his fingers into her pussy and ass with a hard rhythm now and she was responding, thrusting herself back at him, urging him to deeper and harder thrusts. "I bent her over the sink unit and lifted her skirt over her hips, yanked her knickers down, and slid my hard cock right into her wet sex."

"Oh fuck, James," she said, "Was she tight?"

"Yes," he told her, "Tight and wet and so fucking hot, like a furnace."

"Oh shit," she panted, "Did you fuck her good? Did she cum?"

"I played with her tits and clit as I rode her," he whispered, "I fucked her so hard, Evie, I fucked her so good. She came like a fucking train, slammed back at me like a God damned jack hammer."

"Fuck, I'm cumming!" Evie squealed, "Oh yeah, yeah!"

Her muscles clamped down on his fingers as she rode her climax for all it was worth, her mouth locked to his, almost devouring him. James slipped his fingers from her and rolled over her, thrust his big cock into her pussy and started fucking her hard. "I fucked her like this, Evie," he panted, "I really let her have it!"

"Oh God," she moaned, "No wonder she came so hard!"

"She was bent over the sink and I slammed her from behind," he panted, pounding his wife harder than he ever had, "She was moaning like a bitch in heat."

"Oh fuck!" Evie panted.

"I filled her pussy up with cum, Evie," he told her, "I pumped a huge load into her."

"Gonna cum again," she gasped, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum again! Oh God, yessss!"

James slammed into her and held himself deep and tight as he erupted deep inside of her, draining his balls completely and panting and groaning as he did so, partly ashamed that he'd enjoyed the story that he'd made up, and partly truly excited at what he'd been thinking. He held her tight and kissed her gently, still not understanding her, not even understanding himself.

"Please do it for real," she whispered eventually, "Please fuck her and tell me about it, James."

"Not much chance of that, Evie," he told her, "She'd never sex herself up like that little bit of fiction."

"If she did would you?" she asked.

"You'd really want me to, wouldn't you?" he asked in return, still not understanding but starting to believe her anyway.

"God, yes, I'd want you to," she said, "I'd want to smell her on you when you got home."

"I just can't see it happening," he said, rolling off of her and snuggling into her side by side once more.

"If she did sex herself up," Evie said firmly, "Do you promise you'd take advantage?"

James chuckled. Deb sex herself up? Okay, it was so unlikely that he could promise that. "Okay, I promise," he whispered, chuckling.

"You remember that promise, James," she said firmly, "I will expect you to honour it, and to tell me all about it, okay?"

"That idea really turns you on doesn't it?" he asked.

"You have no idea how much," she answered, "Just remember that promise."

"I'll remember Evie," he told her positively, "But don't hold your breath because it won't happen. She'll be gone soon anyway."

"Not if she gets herself sexy she won't," Evie said, "Will she? Because if she does that, you'll take her on and fuck her stupid won't you? Please?"

James chuckled again. "Of course," he said, "And I'll tell you all about it."

"Thank you, James," she said, with such sudden and heartfelt sincerity that he knew that she meant it, for real, "That would mean the world to me."

James didn't respond. He had no idea what was going on, but knew that he'd committed himself to an unlikely event, and yet, somehow it seemed suddenly anything but unlikely.

- - - - -

Colin Sovine watched his wife walk down the path, heading off to work, and wondered for how much longer that she'd have a job. Deb didn't seem too certain that she'd be kept on and was obviously worried about it. Damn, he was worried about it. They'd be on their asses without her income, quite literally. He wished that she'd at least make an effort with her clothes. She had far sexier items in her wardrobe that she could wear to work. She was a much sexier woman than she portrayed herself to be. Even after having their son her body was damned near flawless. He wanted her to wear her sexier things, and not just so that she could keep her job.

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