She felt His fingers squeeze her throat and tears sprung to her eyes. She had been trying to avoid His eyes by staring at the TV across the room. But now, she could not avoid His eyes as she tried to pry His hands from her neck. He yanked her up to His face and hissed, "What did I tell you to do?"

She had completed the task, but some part of her resented her needing Him. She'd wanted to upset Him. She just hadn't anticipated the fierceness of His anger...or maybe she had. It was easier if He forced her compliance and worse when she submitted.

In the supermarket, she had felt Him even in His absence. The cucumber was supposed to be wide enough to spread her wider than she'd ever been spread but not large enough to cause damage. She kept reminding herself that He was not really there. This cucumber was long, but too slim. That one was wide, but too short to hit right. Were the people around her wondering what was taking so long to pick a cucumber? She took a surreptitious look about. No one appeared to be watching her. In fact, they all seemed as engrossed in their fruit or vegetable inspection. This made her wonder if their picks would also be used for something other than eating.

She sucked in her breath when she saw it. It was bumpy and fat. It looked like a thick cock covered in a cruelly ribbed green condom designed by a sadist for a twisted combination of pain and pleasure.

She turned suddenly and headed for the register her heels clicking sharply as she marched with determination. She looked down at the sole cucumber not quite fisted in her hand and felt her face flush. Her clit had started a slow throb.

By the time she got home, her need to cum was making her actions uncoordinated. Having scrubbed the cucumber, she clumsily pushed the skirt of her suit and her panties off as she walked up the stairs and stumbled. Making it into the bedroom, she yanked the comforter to the floor, and then lay back on it. Knees bent, she reached down and spread her pussy lips. Her hole was small, but she was so horny and wet, she knew getting the cucumber in would be no problem. She pushed it in. Tearing pain stopped her. Her back arched off the floor as she felt her walls stretch.

She didn't pull it out, though. She just stopped pushing it in. Her knees open, she rocked from side to side and gave her clit some slaps. She pushed again. This second attempt had her screaming aloud. Her pussy was resisting. She stopped and slowly pulled the cucumber out. Lubrication. She got some warming massage oil and squirted so much on the cucumber that once she had it coated, she had a hard time maneuvering the slippery tube.

On her back, she pictured Him at His most sadistic. Then she opened her thighs, held her pussy wide with two fingers and just shoved the cucumber in in one swift stroke while she pushed her hips toward it. It still hurt. Her scream was louder than the first, but this one subsided into moaning. She was holding the cucumber in while her pussy adjusted. Bit by bit, sensations other than the ripping pain penetrated. She felt the bumps. Her hips began to move. She eased the cucumber out and then back in her tight hole. Her hand alternated between squeezing her nipples and rubbing her clit. Her pussy juices began to leak down the crack of her ass as she continued the steady thrusting into her.

It wasn't enough. She flipped over onto all fours and began to jut her pussy back like she was being fucked doggy style. That made the cucumber hit something and her whole body stiffened as her pussy tried to squeeze the cucumber as the orgasm gripped her. Gasping for air, she leaned forward with her cheek against the floor and slowly pulled the cucumber out.

She stayed there with her ass in the air and her pussy wide until she breathed normally. Turning onto her back and forgetting that she had put on the massage oil, she licked the cucumber. The taste of the oil made her sit up and move too quickly to go rinse her mouth. She stopped abruptly when she felt the soreness in her pussy. She walked gingerly to the bathroom and cleaned up.

Making her way down to the kitchen, she washed, peeled, and cubed the cucumber. She pulled out her salad bowl and added spinach, tomatoes, feta, and her cucumber. Tomorrow's lunch was ready.

The memory playing so rapidly in her mind froze. Her face was flushed with the blood trapped there. Her hands grasping at His were ineffective in alleviating the vice on her throat. "Yes, yes! I did it!" was screaming in her mind, but the vice prevented the words from escaping from her throat. Her small hands clamped on His wrist and tugged, pulled. Her burning eyes tried to plead with Him, but her reaction seemed to satisfy Him not make Him want to stop. While the rage in His face slowly dissipated, the tightness on her neck didn't. She twisted and tried to pull her entire body back. His body followed with such force that His large frame slammed her back against the wall.

His face closed in on hers and just as His teeth sunk into her bottom lip, He released her neck as His torso held her in place. She was allowed one gulp of air before His mouth closed on hers and sucked it back out. It was a bruising kiss punctuated with animal like bites to her lips. She heard the TV turn on. He lifted His mouth from hers, but kept His face mere inches away as He spoke. "I like how you screamed," He whispered just before she heard herself screaming. Her eyes moved to the TV where close-up images of her face and her cucumber-filled pussy were being played.

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