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Cul-De-Sac Introduction


Hello, my name is Harry. Harry M. Commo, I'm an early retiree living in a developed community along the central Jersey Shore. I get laid a lot.

First, about me. I worked just slightly over thirty years for the local Electric Utility Company. I did a lot of different jobs for them and had a rewarding career. When I was fifty-three, the company got bought by a large holding company and things started to change. It was mostly the same old people, but the structure and flavor of the company was different. Work wasn't as much fun anymore and became a little boring.

One of the first things that the new company had to do was to get costs down. They wanted to reduce the staff. A program of early retirements was announced and we all got in line to find out "What's this mean for me?"

For me, it meant that I could retire at age fifty-five with full benefits as if I had worked until I was sixty. The company would give me credit for all the years that I did work plus they would add five years to my credited years and five years to my age in order to calculate a pension. The money turned out to be very attractive. I had a 401K that would help - so I took the 'package'. I knew that I would have to do a little work for a couple of years until the Social Security kicked in - but what the hell, it was a gift of five more retired years. It took me almost fifteen minutes to clean out my office.

I am married to a wonderful and understanding woman. My wife, Mary is two years younger than me. She is very active in the community and our neighborhood. She does volunteer work at the hospital a few days a week, she goes to a lot of the Township meetings and the School board meetings, and has lunch or dinner with some of her "old gal pals" every other week, or so. All in all, I have a good life. But, I fuck around. I am convinced that Mary is totally unaware of my trysts. I don't do it because I no longer love her, I do it because it's exciting and it feels good! Hell, I pound the pork to Mary on a rather frequent schedule, for my age.

We live on a small Cul-de-sac. There are eight houses on in. We live in number three. I have an old pick-up truck. It has a cap. I do odd jobs and chores. I put a small ad in the local paper and put up cards in the community center and on the bulletin boards at the local retirement developments. I get a reasonable amount of business and this lets me pick and choose what work I want to do. I've never been afraid of hard work, I could sleep right next to it. I usually do business for cash. The less records the better. I do pay a little taxes but I keep this to a minimum. Recently, I've started to get business by referral - you know, word of mouth. This has really enhanced my income and gotten me a little more pussy, as you'll soon see.

In my ads, I tell people that I do odd jobs around the house. No plumbing, no digging and no roof work of any kind. I will go to the store and pick up things that need to be put together and do that for you. I will straighten, align, loosen, and tighten almost anything. I hang curtain rods, blinds, pictures, mirrors and around. I prefer not to do rugs but I will tackle a tile job on occasion. I prefer to work during the day (when the wife is home, the kids are in school, and hubby is at work). I will go to the store with you to get something, at night, but I don't do this too often. I do not clean pools.

I am six feet tall. I weigh about two twenty (a little pot belly). I have large hands and everything seems to still work well. I don't take drugs, I don't drink very much and I have a problem passing up any kind of pastry. I have all my hair but it's not still the same color as when I was a young man. I tried growing a beard, but it came in mostly white, so I got rid of that pretty quick. I keep a small mustache and it's usually well trimmed. I stay pretty healthy and try to get laid at least twice a week.

Mary is about five foot four. She goes about one twenty. Mary has nice medium sized tits, well shaped legs and a good ass. She looks good coming and going. We have tried almost everything sexually with each other. Mary gives a good handjob and great head. I try my best to do a good job when I go down on her and we fuck a lot. I think she still really likes spontaneity, and I sometimes 'jump her bones' on the slightest provocation.

We have a son, who is married and lives about six miles away. He does not have any children yet, but I expect to be a grandfather within the next couple of years. My daughter in law is a knockout. If I was him, I think I would rather keep fucking her than tie up that pussy by getting her pregnant. Tom will eventually 'plant a seed'. But I think that they are having too much fun just now to be serious about a family.

Well, that's enough about me and mine. What follows is a brief description of a few of my escapades. Most of my action is here on the Cul-de-sac. I've included a sketch of the street. A few times, I've had some fun at other locations, as you will see. Enjoy, and let me know if anyone needs any odd jobs done.

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