Cultural Diffusion Ch. 04


"Stand up." He grumbled behind her.

"I can do my leg—"

"No." Was all he said. A minute passed before Kat suspiciously stood before him. He swung his legs to the side of the lawn chair and his head was level with her humming pussy. He looked up at her with a smirk and she knew he'd test his limits with how naughty she'd allow him to be when massaging her lower half. He tugged at her shorts and Kat quickly took them off.

"Jesus." Alejandro mumbled when he came face to face with the precise outlining of Kat's pussy lips through her swimsuit. He pushed back a curl that had freed itself from his loose ponytail and ran his pink tongue through his lips. He started at her ankle and worked his way up her full thighs.

"Spread them." He grumbled with a smile when he reached the tops of her legs. Kat rolled her eyes and opened her legs warily and Alejandro's hands rubbed the bottom of her ass and the inside of her thigh at the same time. But before he moved pack downward, the pad of his finger pressed firmly against her already pulsing clit, causing Kat to take in a sharp breath and push his hands away in annoyance. Alejandro on the other hand fell out into uncontrollable laughing fit.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Can you do my back?" He asked while standing up. He reached his hands over his head and exaggeratingly lifted his white T-shirt over his head. Kat was mesmerized. His chest muscles flexed and stretched in front of her and the silky skin lightly gleamed from his slight perspiration. He took the seat on the edge of Kat's lawn chair and handed her the lotion.

Kat put a generous amount on her hands and started at his shoulder blades. Her hand seemed so small against his large back. Kat took her time rubbing him down and was almost sad when she was finished. Alejandro got up and quickly rubbed himself down.

Kat stood and headed toward the water, ready to get in. She could feel Alejandro watching behind her and a small smile formed on her lips. When she approached the kids, they were attempting to build a sand castle. Kat thought that was a terrible idea, considering the tide would continuously knock it down, but she decided to keep her opinion to herself.

She sat in the water where it only reached her waist and the tide brushed around her.


"Alejandro don't!" Kat screamed before he swam up from underwater, grabbed Kat's lower legs, put her high in the air and let her unexpectedly fall back in. It was the second time he'd done it within the last 10 minutes and every second she stayed in the water, she wondered if he'd suddenly disappear below her. Kat enjoyed seeing him act like a little kid and it was kind of rubbing off on her too.

When Kat came back to the surface, Alejandro was howling at her knife cutting expression. He pulled her toward him and forcefully trapped himself between her thighs. His hair was spilled over his shoulders in perfect curls while Kat could feel her wild afro forming around her face.

"Let's have sex in the ocean." He murmured. Kat looked at him with a face of doubt.

"This water is filthy." Kat said with a face of disgust. She gave the water a quick run over and it seemed to prove her right. There were bugs floating around them and a bird nearby sat idle in the water.

"So prude. You really are a teacher." He said back with a smile.

"What? I am not prude." Kat said honestly. She didn't seemed prude in her own opinion. But Alejandro was a wild, childish man and he'd probably think everyone who didn't joke all the time was uptight.

"Alright." He said shrugging. Kat knew he was just trying to agree for the sake of making her feel better. He kissed he tenderly. Kat's eyes briefly scanned for the kids and she saw Maribel fast asleep in the lawn chair while Diego indulged in every snack inside the cooler. Alejandro groped her breasts through her bathing suit and kept her eyes intently.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered. Kat looked away from his immediate stare bashfully and it seemed to make Alejandro smirk. His fondling hand cradled her back. She took advantage of his support and leaned her body back into the water with her legs still coiled around his waist. She let herself float over the water and Alejandro couldn't keep his eyes off her solid nipples. Kat yelped when he fell over her and took them both underwater.


"Do you like my hair like this?" Kat asked Diego. Alejandro and Diego were mummifying Kat's body in the sand but Diego seemed to find himself getting distracted and running his fingers through her damp afro.

"Yes." He replied absentmindedly. Diego loved hair, he loved his father's hair, Maribel's hair but he especially loved Kat's hair. Whenever she held him or was within reach, his hands were busily twirling and smelling her locks.

"Good, that makes me feel better about it looking like this." She mumbled. Alejandro chuckled over her as he caked sand onto her neck.

"Hungry?" Alejandro asked them both. Diego replied before Kat could even comprehend his question.

"Yes!" He replied excitedly. Kat laughed at his enthusiasm.

"Alright. Let's go!" Alejandro said almost as excited as his son. Alejandro led the way back toward the nearby umbrella where Maribel slept soundly and Diego didn't second guess his choice to follow him.

"Um, I'm still here!" She laughed frantically. Alejandro turned around and faked his unknowingness. But Diego's lack of concern seemed genuine and when he did turn around to realize Kat was still buried deep into the sand, he laughed hysterically.


"So you know all about my 'family', but I don't know anything about yours." Kat proposed from across the booth. She had a large chicken empanada in front of her but it was a little too hot so she was waiting for it to cool off. Behind Alejandro was a clear view of the quickly populating beach they had been just minutes prior to their late lunch.

"Well you know Eduardo and Hector. But Hector is moving to America soon so he can do fashion or something like that for schooling." He said.

"Cool, what state?" Kat asked, taking a sip of her Coke. The kids were quietly eating on both sides of the booth and didn't seem to pay Kat and Alejandro much attention while they talked English.

"I think it's Rhode Island but I'm not sure." He mumbled. Kat nodded and put a finger over her empanada to find it was still pretty hot.

"What about your mom?" Kat asked. She noticed he didn't speak much about her and she wondered why she wasn't in Argentina. He shrugged his shoulders before he spoke.

"She moved away when I was a teen. She got remarried. Hector and I went to see her a lot but then we just stopped going." He picked up a forkful of his food.

"Oh. What made you want to be a paramedic?" Kat asked him. Alejandro looked at her thoughtfully before he spoke.

"I didn't want to be one. I didn't know what I wanted when I graduated. But my dad urged me to do something in the medical field for the money so I chose a paramedic."

"Do you like doing that?" Kat asked. She hated to hear about people who were stuck with jobs or degrees they didn't want because of a pressure other than their own personal interest.

"I guess it's okay. The money is good, I can take care of my kids pretty well." He said, stealing a quick look at Maribel sitting beside Kat.

"That's true. Those aspects are important." Kat said while giving a reassuring nod.

"Your hair looks so crazy." He said playfully with a laugh. Kat rolled her eyes and tried not to pay him any attention. She would be getting her hair done tomorrow by Marlennys and that was all that mattered. Her breast length hair shriveled up into a full, shoulder grazing mane.

"It's alright though. I can probably get a better grip on it tonight." He said casually. Kat looked up at him in disbelief and he seemed normal. As if he nonchalantly told her the weather for the day. Alejandro was starting to use the kid's ignorance toward the English language as an advantage for himself. Kat smirked down into her plate and she unexpectedly couldn't wait to get home.

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