tagBDSMCum Again

Cum Again


Her hazel eyes wide and wild, her lengthy auburn hair disheveled, her nostrils flaring, her skin glistening, her body twisting, she rode the tumultuous waves of yet another climax, the penis gag unfortunately muffling her voice yet fortunately unable to silence her. Each uncontrolled, instinctive, primal movement of her pale lithe body caused the bed to squeal in protest, the chains connecting her cuffs to the bolts to clink, the swells upon her chest to undulate.

"Cum again," I instructed, sitting at the edge of the bed and using a dampened washcloth to wipe away the sweat and cool her. "Cum again for me."

Short of invoking her safegesture, she had no choice in the matter. Her head turned toward me for a moment, but her eyes were unfocused. Clearly, she had heard me, but I doubted that she had consciously understood what I had just said.

I plucked at her clitoris again and again and again, and her body lurched instantly, only the secure bonds preventing her from launching herself toward the ceiling as yet another climax ripped through her body with the force of a violent hurricane wind. The abrupt motion caused the pair of powerful vibrating bullets to shift inside her, I noted from the sudden change in their mesmerizing sound. Although muffled by the penis gag, her howl of release was intense, primal, beautiful.

Her natural scent was pungent, heady, arousing, hanging in the air and overpowering the scent of the strawberry oil in the diffuser perched atop a nearby dresser. I yearned to slide into her, to take my pleasure from her and fill her to the brim with my abundant love.

Yet this night was not about me. This night was about her, for she had certainly deserved this.

Trying to ignore my own desire, I bent over her and kissed her forehead, and she calmed a little, stilling for a moment as her orgasm subsided. Lifting away from her face, I reached for the control box and reduced the strength of the rumblings inside her sacred passage, signaling a respite, then stood and walked to the master bathroom, redampening the washcloth and returning to cool her anew.

The break was clearly needed - she said as much with her eyes. Slowly, her vision seemed to focus again as she watched me wash the sweat from her soft skin. From the subtle movement of her cheeks, she tried to smile around the penis gag, but was unable to do so, such was the extent of her exhaustion after having had so many orgasms forced upon her.

Her chest still heaved, her nostrils still flared, her body still twitched. I could still smell her passion, still hear the rumblings emanating softly from within her. She was the embodiment of pleasure, and simply witnessing her reactions was for me a pleasure in itself.

I leaned over her, gently fondling a breast as I kissed her cheek. Her face was still a bit flushed from her previous throes of ecstasy. The expression in her eyes was one of sated exhaustion.

"I want to see you cum again," I whispered, squeezing her breast to punctuate my wish. "Can you do that for me? Can you cum again for me, little one?"

She hesitated, thinking, considering, just a moment, but then she nodded, slowly.

Once again, I had to squelch my desire to just dive into her and use her for my own selfish gratification. Instead, I sat up, watching her eyes as they focused upon the prominent bulge at the front of my jeans. I wondered what she was thinking, what she was envisioning in her mind's eye, but with her mouth filled with a fake phallus, she was unable to explain, so I did not ask.

Her breathing was slowly returning to normal, but her nostrils still flared. I watched the rise and fall of her breasts with admiration, then returned my attention to her expressive eyes to find her gazing at me, the exhaustion still evident despite the bright flame of need and desire burning deep within her.

My hand slithered down her supple body, my fingers slipping easily between her feminine folds, probing her dripping portal. With the obstruction in her mouth, her moan was almost inaudible and her attempt to smile almost completely thwarted, yet the writhing of her body was unmistakable. Although she was certainly quite exhausted, she was definitely ready for more.

...and I was definitely more than happy to give it to her.

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