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Cum Hungry

byGrandflasher C.©

Billy was shit out of luck. His problem was that he was just an average Joe - but he was really, REALLY average! He was twenty-five years old, working as a delivery man, and not a bad person. But he just couldn't get laid. It wasn't that he was ugly or fat or anything else like that. He had ordinary looks with an ordinary body (bordering on the chubby side, though). He wasn't too tall, but at the same time, he wasn't very short. The same could be said about his personality - as was very apparent every time he tried to pick up any girls.

At bars, most girls would give Billy the once-over, and then go somewhere else. When he was able to start a conversation with someone of the opposite sex, they would eventually lose interest in him, and then look for a muscular jock instead. The biggest problem was that Billy knew that he could satisfy these women! He happened to be in possession of a very large cock - thick, very hard when erect, and coming close to ten inches. If only these women would give him a chance! Not only would he surprise them with his monster schlong, but he would also fuck their brains out and give them an evening they would never forget!

But Billy was resigned to the fact that the hotties whom he wanted to fuck, would always pass him by. So - Billy spent most of his days working, and then simply returning home to his apartment. Sometimes he would rent some porno movies to pass the time, but it was always such a hassle to clean up the mess afterwards (he was also a monster cummer, too!). Plus, he was resentful because he thought he could show those so-called "studs" in those movies a lesson or two.

Then, out of the blue one day, Billy's mother phoned him, and in essence told him that a "distant" cousin of his found a summer job in the city, and would need a place to stay for a few months. This cousin was not a blood relative, but something like his cousin's father-in-law's niece - or something like that. Her name was Sam, and he had met her a few times before at family gatherings. She was younger than he was, eighteen or nineteen. He remembered that the last time he saw her, she was just beginning to "fill up," meaning she had some titties, but they would probably become fuller in a few years. Yep, he thought, she was quite a hottie, even at that age! She had long, blonde hair, a promising figure, and an ass that wouldn't quit. "Oh well," he muttered, "she's probably gained weight. Even if she was fuckable, she's off-limits!" (Billy lived by his own code of honor, meaning he thought that she was too young for him.) Anyways, his mom basically ordered him to let Sam live with him, and since he had a spare bedroom, who was he to argue?

The day finally came when Sam was supposed to arrive, and Billy had cleaned up his apartment. He even had the decency to hide his porno mags and movies so Sam wouldn't accidentally find them. The phone rang, and he ran downstairs to help her move her stuff in. Imagine his surprise when he saw her! He actually gulped, as he gazed upon her beauty! Sam was about five feet seven inches tall, had large (but not overly so) breasts, long, slim legs, and (still!) an ass that wouldn't quit! Her face was like a model you'd see on the cover of a beauty mag, and her skin was like cream. In fact, Billy was quickly imagining a certain kind of cream pouring onto that skin.... The fact that she wore shorts that barely covered her ass, and a white, baby-T that showed she had no bra on, didn't help matters. Billy was trying hard not to stare at her nipples poking out of her thin t-shirt, to no avail. He couldn't believe it - a young, incredibly hot female living with him, and he wouldn't be able to touch her. Billy realized that this would be a long, hot summer...

Over next several weeks, Sam and Billy got used to each other, and got along quite well. As Billy thought, Sam just treated him like a brother. She didn't think he was handsome nor ugly - she just didn't think much of him at all! Billy's ego was a little bruised, but he was used to it. The problem was that Billy had a hard time NOT thinking about Sam, as they would both spend their evenings and weekends together in the apartment. The weather was particularly hot this time of year, and as Sam started getting accustomed to living with Billy, she also got into the habit of wearing less and less clothes around the house. The thing was - Sam's outfits were skimpy to begin with, plus the fact that she never wore a bra, and quite often she wouldn't wear panties. These facts, combined with even LESS clothes, began to grind on Billy. A lot of her clothes around the house were too short t-shirts - he could often see her sweet breasts swelling from underneath her shirt, and sometimes some tit if she came running into the room! Sam would wear tight shorts that accentuated her luscious ass, as well as give a hint of the outline of her pussy. Or worse, sometimes she would wear short skirts with nothing underneath. Billy now knew that she frequently shaved her pubes, as one time she was sitting on the couch opposite him, and she shifted and reached behind her to grab something, and he saw her cunt and asshole completely bare of hair.

Billy started to get more and more boners whenever Sam was around, and it was becoming a problem to hide his erect penis from her. Billy thought, "I don't want her to think I'm a pervert, right? She's just an innocent girl." Eventually Sam became suspicious of his behavior - he never got up from the couch, or only got up when she was out of the room. Once or twice he caught her looking apprehensively at his pants, where his hard dick was desperately trying to free itself. One night he couldn't take it anymore, and he had to relieve himself. Earlier in the evening, Sam and Billy were watching a movie he had rented. Billy was sitting on the couch, and Sam was lying on the floor. She was wearing one of her short, white flowing mini-skirts, which barely came past her pussy when she was standing up. The entire time while Sam was watching the movie, Billy was watching her pussy and asshole - as her position of lying on her belly, legs spread apart - gave him a perfect view for over two hours. After the movie, when Sam went to bed, Billy couldn't take it anymore.

He quickly grabbed one of his hidden porno tapes, and pushed it into the VCR. He turned off the volume, pressed play, and pulled down his pants. His cock begging for release, he started to jerk himself off. He wasn't sure when Sam came back into the living room, or how long she watched him masturbate, because he didn't want to dwell on that. He was off on another world, as his mind was full of lustful thoughts of this young lady, not less than fifteen feet away from him! He wanted to run his fingers over her succulent ass, insert his tongue into ALL of her holes, and finally fuck her like she's never been fucked before! He felt his cum rising in his balls, and he hastily grabbed some Kleenex on the end table. THAT'S when he notice Sam was in the room, staring at him while he jerked off his huge dick! However, as he was starting to cum, Billy wasn't really in any position to do anything at all about Sam looking at him.

Having caught Billy off guard, he was unable to collect any of his sperm, and so he earnestly began spraying all over in front of him. Massive streams of splooge landed on his coffee table and onto the floor. He then used his bare hands to cover his spraying noodle, and ended up with a two handfuls of white, gooey cum. About 8 spurts later, he was finally finished. He looked up at Sam and said, "Shit, I'm sorry about all this!" In his mind, he was thinking, "Fuck! Now she thinks I'm a fucking pervert." Billy glanced down at his cum covered living room, and then looked at his hands. And the funny thing was, Sam didn't say a word, but continued to stand there.

It was only when Billy started to clean up, that Sam seemed to wake up. She said, "Don't worry Billy! I know - sometimes a man has to release himself every now and then. I understand!" She grabbed his hands and began to clean them for him. He tried to protest, but she shook her head and said, "I'm not really embarrassed by these things. Really! Let me clean up, okay? You wash up, and go to bed, alright?" Dazed, Billy took the opportunity to leave without a second thought, embarrassed beyond imagining. Then it dawned on him that Sam wasn't wearing any clothes. Normally that would have bothered him, but he quickly banished any thoughts of her from his mind with a cold shower.

It probably wouldn't have helped Billy very much if he knew what was happening in his living room. The very naked Sam was sitting - legs spread wide - on top of Billy's coffee table, in a puddle of his cum. Her ass-cheeks and pussy lips were smeared with his juices. Her hands gathered up his white cum and she spread them throughout her fingers. Her left hand dove into her pussy, as she began to mix Billy's juices with her own. Sam began licking the fingers of her other hand, loving the salty taste of it. The whole time she had a big grin on her face, as she thought of Billy's big, big cock.

The next day, Billy woke up early in the morning. He looked at the clock and thought, "Shit, seven in the morning on a Saturday!" Then he let out another groan as he thought of the night before. Damn! He would have to deal with Sam today somehow. As he got up, he heard a few muffled noises from the living room. He opened his door a nudge, and peeked out.

Another surprise! Sam was half naked on the living room couch, wearing only a tiny tank top with legs spread wide, masturbating while watching the porno vid he had on last night! Billy couldn't believe his eyes! Here was this supposedly innocent girl, frigging herself to ecstasy! Billy thought, "Well ... maybe she hadn't seen a porno movie before, and is exploring her sexuality, thinking that I'm asleep!"

Billy had to go to the can, though, so he coughed and made some noises to give Sam some time to stop her masturbation. As he made his way to the washroom, he noticed that the TV was off, and that she was sitting on the couch with her panties on.

When Billy got out of the washroom, he sat down in his lazy-boy and looked over at Sam. There was a thin shine of perspiration on her skin, plus her hands were wet. If he wasn't mistaken, a slight, pungent odor hung in the air - Damn! He should have opened the windows. He glanced outside - there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and he knew it was going to be a long, hot day. And humid, too, if he didn't open the windows soon. His dick was beginning to stir, and he cursed himself for only putting on a pair of shorts.

Sam smiled, got up off the couch, and started to walk towards him. Billy got a perfect view of her thin white panties coming his way. Was it his imagination, or were her pussy juices starting to dampen her panties? She half stood/leaned on the arm of his lazy-boy, her legs slightly spread. Billy had a perfect view of her body, as she was just inches from him. He looked up and saw her beautiful face smiling at him. He looked straight, and saw her incredible breasts, struggling to burst out her tiny tank top, her nipples large and poking out at him. He looked down, and saw her spread pussy - it was her juices! And the dampness was spreading...

"Ummm .... about last night ...." Billy started, only to be interrupted by Sam.

"Last night?" she asked innocently? "I've already forgotten about last night."

"Oh?" Billy said, more than slightly relieved to get off that topic, but getting uneasy with Sam's closeness, her widening dampness of her panties, and the musky smell coming from that dampness.

"Billy ..." Sam said, putting her hands on his neck, and leaning towards him. "I was wondering - could a couple of my friends come over and spend the night? Please!?"

"Oh," Billy thought, understanding. She's putting on this act, and all she wants is a little party. Well, I guess she's got me by the balls, cause she could just phone my mom and tell her what a pervert I was ... "Sure, what could it hurt?"

Sam grinned and gave Billy a quick kiss on the lips. "Thanks! You won't regret it!" What Billy didn't know was that Sam told her two of her horny friends that she was living with this stud, and that they were gonna give him a night he wouldn't forget.

Billy and Sam passed the day cleaning up his apartment. Her friends were arriving in the early evening, and Sam asked Billy to go out and buy some groceries and alcohol. Billy welcomed the chance to leave, as Sam was flirting with him all day, making him flustered and acting like a sixteen year-old. Just as he was leaving his apartment, he bumped into Sam's two friends. Billy's jaws almost dropped as Sam introduced them to him.

Gina was beautiful brunette who was a bit shorter than Sam, with a well-toned body due to regular workouts at the gym. She had very large breasts, and overall, she reminded Billy of those comic book heroines, only in real life!

Kim had curly blonde hair that came down to her shoulders. She was quite a bit shorter than the other two girls, but not quite petite. She also had smaller tits, but Billy would hardly say that she was flat-chested. She had brilliant blue eyes, and pouty lips that made Billy want to.... In short, the two girls were knock outs.

Billy quickly left the apartment, muttering to himself. He felt that they were playing some type of game, and that he was the fool in the middle of it. He couldn't get the images of those two luscious girls out of his mind. The way their tight clothes hugged every curve of their young bodies. Shapely legs that he imagined running his hands all over. Gorgeous butts that he would love to spray his load all over ... From the way that Kim and Gina looked him over (especially the way they eyed his crotch), Billy finally had an inkling to as what was about to take place. Now, Billy wasn't an especially smart guy, so he really thought that the girls would just try and tease him to no end. But he thought that he was game - that he would let the girls go as far as they wanted.

Half an hour later, Billy returned home with an armful of groceries. What the hell, he thought, didn't I open the windows? It's frigging hot in here! He almost dropped his bags when he saw Sam, Kim, and Gina come in. Both Sam and Kim where wearing very small and tight white baby-t's. Gina was wearing a tight, white muscle shirt which barely contained her ample bosom. All three of the girls had cut off the bottoms of their shirts so that Billy could see the bottom of their breasts. The only other clothing that the girls were wearing was white baggy socks, and he now had a perfect view of their shaved pubes. They all giggled at his sudden erection.

Carefully putting down his groceries, Billy cleared his throat and asked, "Ummm ... Sam. What is all this?"

Sam said, "Well, the only sleep-overs we EVER have are top's-only! This means that you can't wear anything past your belly button! Not even panties!" As she said this, she gave Billy a knowing glance. "Yes! Even YOU! Now take off your pants!"

Billy was about to protest, but then remembered his pledge to himself earlier in the evening. If these bitches wanted to take him on - who was he to stop it? One glance at his monster schlong, and they might want to reconsider toying with him. So Billy took off his pants and underwear, and tried to not show off his nervousness in front of the girls. Kim and Gina stopped giggling and instead stared at Billy's huge ten-inch erection. Gina whispered something into Kim's ear, who in turned began smiling. Billy didn't want to know what they were talking about.

He groaned inwardly when he found out that all of them would be playing games that night - and that the first was a game of Twister! Starting off wasn't too bad. Sam was on the couch, calling all of their moves. However, it soon became apparent that Sam was making up their actions, as it always seemed to Billy that he was constantly thrusting his large penis near some forbidden place - like in contact with Kim's nether regions, or pressed against Gina's breasts. The two girls didn't help matters, as they never shrank away from his hard-on, and even seemed to enjoy the contact! When Billy's cock was between Kim's legs, she placed her slit on it and began moving back and forth, leaving a trail of wetness behind. Billy winced and looked over to Sam, who seemed oblivious to her friend's behavior. At one point in the game, the three players took off their remaining clothes, as they were all beginning to sweat a bit. Sam refused to open the windows, so the small apartment began to get hotter and hotter. Billy was soon engulfed in a slick sea of female flesh, as the aroma of sweat and pussy began to permeate through the air.

Billy lost himself in the later moments of the game, as all he could remember was flesh, flesh, and more flesh! He recalled nuzzling his face in-between Gina's breasts, and Kim pressing her ass so close to him that, if she had had hair, he would have been able to count them each individually. The only thing in his mind now was that he wanted to fuck these girls, and he wanted to fuck them badly! The last straw came when Kim was called to position herself in such a manner that her face was basically stuck between Billy's crotch region. She started to rub her face with his dick. Billy couldn't believe his eyes! This gorgeous young creature was on the ground, rubbing one cheek on his manhood, and then began kissing it! Kim looked up at him with lust-filled eyes, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and slowly - very slowly - licked Billy's balls all the way up to the tip of his cock, before engulfing his head with her warm mouth. Billy gasped as Kim's hot mouth and wet tongue raked, licked, and sucked him to ecstasy. The game was quickly forgotten as Kim used one hand to start jacking off the base of Billy's cock, and the other hand to frig herself off. Billy finally realized that these were plain old horny bitches, and gave in to their whims.

Sam got off the couch, took off her tiny t-shirt, and walked up to Billy. She said, "Now we're gonna play a little game that we've made up, just for you! Do you want to know what the name of it is?" Billy was distracted by Kim giving him head, but he nodded anyways. Sam laughed, "We call it the Cluster Fuck!"

The three girls quickly gathered around his throbbing dick, and Billy soon found out what Heaven really was! Three supple tongues danced over his balls, shaft, and sensitive head. The girls never stuck to one region, as they were content to let their tongues explore every inch of his manhood. Billy didn't just stand there, but began to pinch and play with the girls nipples, who gasped appreciatively. Everyone was beginning to sweat profusely in the heat of the room, but it only added to the feeling of wild abandon. Then all three stopped and leaned their heads back a bit, looking up at Billy and then at each other, smiling seductively.

"Watch this, Billy!" Gina said.

The three girls began spitting onto his dick, until it was covered with their saliva, dripping down towards the floor. Then the girls resumed giving Billy the sloppiest blowjob ever, as their tongues wriggled over his cock and over each other's tongues, not caring that they were sharing each other's saliva. Gina would swallow some, while Kim would spit out some more. Billy couldn't believe it, thinking, These girls DO do everything together!

The girls began playing a new game - trying to see who could swallow Billy's cock the deepest. Gina came first, and the other girls gave her some room. She knelt before Billy - who was also now on his knees - and eyed his glistening cock. "When Sam phoned me and Kim up and told us about your gorgeous dick," Gina said, "well, we had to give it a test run, you see! God, it's so big ..." Sam later explained to Billy that they were fed up with little boys with their little dicks, who didn't know how to satisfy a woman. When Sam saw that it took nearly twenty minutes of serious masturbation for Billy to shoot his load, she knew he was the man for her.

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