tagIncest/TabooCum Loving Mothers

Cum Loving Mothers

byYuu Sakagami©

On the morning of Thursday March 17, 1988, Mrs. Karen Frawley, 40, wife of Mr. Perry Frawley and mother to their son Connor woke up at 5:16 AM in their home located on 1311 Edgewood Place. This was at least 45 minutes before Perry woke up for work and she for a day of wifely and motherly duties around the house. Unlike so many of her girlfriends growing up, Karen truly loved being a housewife.

On this particular morning was her son's 18th birthday. Waking without an alarm, Karen slid discreetly from her side of the bed dressed only in white cotton panties and an oversized Garfield t-shirt. Sneaking atop the wall-to-wall carpeting, Karen took her terry-cloth bathrobe from the bedroom closet, tied the waistband and crept into the hallway.

At 5:21 AM Connor Frawley awoke to the sensation of his dick being sucked. The REM induced image of Becky Berridge, the hottest girl in school, dissipated from his eyes and was replaced by the most familiar face in his entire life, his mother's, with the unfamiliar addition of his cock between her lips. Karen's tongue brushed the underside as she looked up and saw her son was now awake. This made her smile, still holding his member gently between her teeth.

Before he could comment, Karen began violently thrashing her head up and down her son's erection, the tip thrusting practically halfway down her throat as saliva pooled at the base of his crotch and trickled down to his sweaty balls. Her "bed head" flung up and down in disarray. Within moments hot jets of Connor's jizz were shooting down his mother's throat.

While seated at the family breakfast table At 7:03 AM, Connor's dick remained completely erect from his experience earlier that morning. He had chosen not to wash his penis in the shower or under the bathroom faucet as if the water would wash away the reality of what had happened and the possibility it might happen again. All morning his mother's saliva had been drying on his crotch since she'd licked his cum clean off of it, and he could still almost feel her head assaulting his meat.

Across the table sat Connor's father who was reading The Wall Street Journal and chewing a strawberry Pop-Tart. Behind his father was his mother, whose ass Connor was imagining the penetration of as she deliberately rocked her hips and leaned from one short leg to the other to tease him while making a pot of coffee. As Karen held up the coffee pot and smelled the fresh dark roast, Connor recalled the feeling of her round pug nose pressed deep into and inhaling the scent of his pubic hair.

Unlike her son, Karen had showered thoroughly after their encounter and brushed her teeth three times and flossed out the pubic hair before returning to help her husband out of bed. She took her usual careful time blow drying, frizzing and primping her blonde hair to its full volume but had nonetheless allowed herself to "forget" her usual morning attire and had started making breakfast clad only in her bathrobe and with nothing underneath. Perry had not noticed, while Connor could not think about anything else.

"So what do you want for your birthday, kid?"

Perry's question blinked his son out of the trance, at least momentarily. Connor's eyes left his mother's posterior and met his father's.

"Uh...I don't know, Dad. A convertible?"

"Isn't the station wagon good enough to go to school in?" Perry laughed facetiously.

Connor gave his best fake chuckle as his mom turned around with a brimming pot of hot coffee. As she leaned over to pour her husband's cup, Connor's eyes bugged out at how much milky-white tit flesh was spilling out of her bathrobe cleavage. For Karen, carrying her 36C breasts around modestly had never been easy and today she simply wasn't trying. Perry's eyes also popped when he realized what his wife had worn, or not worn, to breakfast.

"Whoa there, Karen. Are you auditioning for a rock video here in the kitchen?"

"Oh, Perry" she giggled.

Pouring her son's cup of coffee next, Karen leaned over a lot more than was necessary and for three amazing seconds Connor got a front row view of his mother's naked breasts, just enough time to register that her pink round nipples were pointing straight out. Karen proudly observed her son's lust as he shifted uncomfortably in his chair. His hard-on felt like it would snap in two under the wooden table.

Karen readjusted her cleavage as she sat down between her two lovers and poured her own cup. Then she turned to Perry.

"I'm just giving our son a little peek-a-boo for his birthday"

Connor's blood froze. There was a pause which lasted an eternity. Then, mercifully, his father began to laugh. Karen winked over her shoulder at Connor like a pin-up model.

"Jeez, honey! You are one sick lady!" said Perry, shaking his head.

Karen hiked up the hem of her robe, exposing her left leg halfway up the thigh.

"Maybe even a leg show?"

Perry continued to laugh incredulously at his pretty wife's twisted sense of humor.

Connor again forced himself to laugh with him. Was he still dreaming? Had he even left his bed this morning?


Watching his father kiss his mother goodbye at the front door of their house, Connor was literally trembling with anticipation of the unknown. His parents held each other in a brief, tight embrace, his dad obviously enjoying his wife's body through the single layer of cloth she was wrapped in. Shooting Connor a quick glance, he whispered something in Karen's ear which made her smile. She pecked him on the cheek and moments later he was gone.

Mother and son stood facing each other alone in the foyer. Karen had a demure expression as she placed one hand upon her hip. The other hand played with a teased strand of hair, twirling it around her finger.

"Connor, sweetie, before you go to school, would mommy's big little man like to help her with a special chore?"

Connor nodded dumbly.

Karen strode to her boy and without pause began methodically undoing his belt, breasts rubbing against his chest. Dropping to her knees she yanked down Connor's acid-washed Levis and his manhood sprung from the slit in his boxer shorts, nearly poking her eye out. Karen regarded it for a moment and clasped her dainty hand around the stalk. Connor moaned at the mere touch of his mom's soft fingers. Without even looking him in the eye, Karen stood up and began to walk with her son's pulsating meat in hand, guiding him into the hallway.

"Come with me to the kitchen, sweetie."

Connor eagerly hobbled behind his mom, shuffling with pants around ankles. He was walking on air by the time they reached the doorway and began assessing the room with entirely new purpose, wondering where he'd get to fuck his sexy and suddenly slutty mother for the very first time. On the countertop where she'd prepared his peanut butter and carrot sticks all the way up 'till the fifth grade? Or would he get to see her with all fours on the floor, bubble butt up and bare naked and waiting?

Instead Karen lead her son decisively to the edge of the breakfast table. Connor's heart skipped a beat as he envisioned his mom spread-eagle atop the round wooden surface where she and his father were eating minutes earlier.

"Stand over my plate, Connor."

Confused, he complied. They were going to have to move the food soon unless she wanted scrambled eggs in her hair.

"Ready to help mommy?"

She stepped behind her son and squashed her tits against his back. That felt good. Her hot breath was making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Connor saw his mom's hands reach around his waist and grasp him like a baseball bat. In his excitement precum had started to leak at the end of his pee slit. Karen used what she could to lubricate the rest of his shaft and began to whisper in his ear.

"Come for me. Come on, come for mommy" she cooed, massaging him.

Connor was starting to feel a little weird but since the day had begun with his mother sucking him off he wasn't about to question what was normal anymore. He relaxed and went with the flow.

"Why won't you come for mommy, baby? Please cum. I wanna eat baby's yummy cum. You tasted so good this morning I gotta have more. Give your mom another taste before you go to school...Pleeeease?"

Karen stuck her tongue in her son's ear. That felt weird in a good way. He moaned, his testicles lurched and she fondled them in one hand as the other stroked him up and down. Connor was reaching the boiling point and groaned helplessly. Hugging him closer, Karen started humping her warm pussy against his leg to relieve some of her own when her eye caught the Kit-Cat clock on the wall.

"It's almost time for school, sweetie."

She stuck her tongue into her son's other ear, released his balls and slipped her pinky straight into his asshole. As she reached the third knuckle, making a direct hit to the prostate, the floodgates opened. Ropes of jism nearly hit the ceiling - but instead landed in an arc on her toast and eggs, Karen noted with relief.

She kissed her son's cheek as he moaned and sprayed the rest like a broken faucet across the table. Karen helpfully aimed his hose directly at her plate and got most of the remainder in her scrambled eggs.


Connor limped out the door with backpack in tow, attempting to mentally make peace with his mother's anal intrusion.

At 9:01 AM Karen sat on the living room couch and turned on the Zenith to watch the latest developments on the indictment of Colonel Oliver North. Watching his secretary at the witness stand had been her favorite part and she'd spent weeks getting her hair to look exactly the same as her new idol.

Stabbing her fork around her breakfast plate, Karen found a piece of egg glazed by a particularly large splash and slowly savored her first taste. The result was a culinary delight! With no one around to judge, Karen greedily shoveled several consecutive forkfuls into her mouth in a most unladylike fashion while the TV blared on. She gulped down some extra pulpy orange juice and let out a rude belch. This could get to be an addiction. Munching on her Weight Watchers toast, Karen rolled her son's jizz from the roof of her mouth and sucked her sperm coated fingers clean. The room began to spin. The lights were fading. Overwhelmed, Karen went someplace else that made her feel warm and gooey inside while a thousand points of light danced her mind.

At 11:23 AM Karen came to on the floor and began washing the dishes. Then she wiped the kitchen floor clean and dusted the furniture, keeping an eye out for pubic hairs on dining room chairs. At exactly 12 noon she gathered her son's bed sheets from upstairs and took them to the basement laundry room, nearly falling down the stairs when she huffed his manly sent along the way.

As the washer entered its spin cycle Karen heard the doorbell chime and jogged upstairs. She wasn't expecting anyone and hoped they didn't mind her answering in a bathrobe.

"Heeeeey, Kerry-baby!"

Keisha Lewis, 37, was Karen's beautiful next door neighbor and the first African-American friend she had ever made. Since moving in the previous Summer the two women had become fast friends, bonding over shared recipes, the difficulties of raising teenage boys, and Oprah. Keisha's son Nathan was a few months older than Connor and had attended his birthday party.

"Oh!! Hey, you!"

"Look at you, girl, the day's half over and you ain't even dressed!" Keisha laughed.

Karen smiled good-naturedly and smooched Keisha on the cheek as she let herself in, black mule pumps clacking along the floor tiles. She was wearing her usual waist high lamé spandex leggings, this pair patterned with newly fashionable African patterns that Karen wished she could get away with - loud clothes and big hair were friendly rivalries between the two moms and now Keisha had another advantage for Karen to be jealous of besides naturally voluminous kinky hair. At least she'd always have the best chest in the neighborhood, though Keisha's perky 34Bs always looked great under her day-glo shirts, especially without an actual 34B bra. The yellow one she wore today was a cutoff with a low neckline, exposing both her ample cleavage (with a tasteful silver cross necklace) and her cute little belly button.

"Oh my god, Keish, way to show off your tummy! I love it!" gushed Karen.

"Yeah, it's been awhile since I felt up to it. But just yesterday, some guy at Food Lion asked for my - "


"Yes! I got carded, baby!"

Laughing together, Keisha and Karen squeezed each other's hands while hopping up and down. Karen drew her fingers along Keisha's taut stomach, tickling her.

"Heehee! Stop it, Kerr!"

"Look at how thin you've gotten lately! My god!"

"Well, thank you, darling."

Keisha pirouetted on her toes like a ballerina, enjoying showing off. She almost tripped when she suddenly felt a pair of hands grabbing her ass cheeks.

"Hey!" she yelped, swatting away Karen's hands.

"Sorry" said Karen, embarrassed. "Your ass looks great, too. Hope you don't mind my saying."

"I don't mind your saying, sweetheart. You'd better get permission to go any further."

Karen pouted and stuck out her tongue.

At the kitchen counter, Keisha set down her handbag and puled up a stool while Karen set a pot of water on the stove.


"Love some. So, how's Connor and the hubby?"

"Oh, I do my best to keep them in line."

Karen pulled up another stool across the counter from her friend.

"God, even your skin looks smoother than usual!" she exclaimed, running her fingers along Keisha's resting arm. "Did you find the fountain of youth or what?"

"I think you could say that" answered Keisha with an odd sly smile.

"Did you start a new lotion?"

Keisha nodded, her odd smile getting bigger.

"Well c'mon, let me in on it!"

"Oh...I don't know" said Keisha, drawing out her words. "This may just be one for the sisters."

"Oh, give me a break" groaned Karen. "I'm your 'sister' just as much as anyone. C'mon. Dish!"

"We-e-e-ll..." began Keisha, "I don't even know if you'd believe me. What if I told you I found something that wasn't just great for your skin, but also tasted good?"

Karen thought for a minute.

"Coconut milk?"

"Close" said Keisha. "But coconut milk costs cash, girlfriend. The best things in life really are for free."

Digging into her handbag, she produced a small jar of thick white cream and set it down in front of Karen.

"Notice any label?"

Karen's eyes widened. Could it be? She picked up the jar, unscrewed the lid and brought the rim to her nose.

Oh, yes. Oh yes it was.


Eleven minutes later Karen was back on the family couch, laid out from one end to another on her back. Keisha was kneeled beside her and carefully applying a handful of her son Nathan's cool thick semen across Karen's face.

"Brrr" shivered Karen.

"Well, I had to keep it chilled to stay fresh. Hold still."

Keisha wiped her palm across Karen's forehead and down the bridge of her nose. Karen's eyes followed her friend's fingers as they dabbed the crevices under her eyes and circled her lips. She couldn't resist darting her tongue out for a little taste as Keisha momentarily turned away to scoop more from the jar. Turning back, she noticed immediately and tisk-tisked Karen, clucking her tongue and shaking her head.

"You greedy little girl. I'm doin' you a favor and this is the thanks I get?"

Keisha drew another sticky finger across the spot under Karen's nose where she'd snuck a sample.

"Sorry" said Karen sheepishly. "The smell drives me crazy. Wow, yours might even be better than mine - what are you feeding Nate these days?"

"Oh, a little of this and that" beamed Keisha. "There's some great stuff in Cosmo about what you can do to make it totally delish that I clipped out. You can pretty much combine it with any recipe from Redbook. Just don't give it to Perry or he'll figure you want jizz coming out your ears.

"God, Keish, what would I do without you?" purred Karen. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool gunk enveloping her fact and melting in her mouth.

"Oh, and hide it in the fridge where he won't find it, either. Daryl found my stash last week and threw it out. He thought some tropical flavor yogurt went bad."

The two moms cracked up. Daryl was Keisha's husband and Nathan's father. Keisha sniffed the air and slowly stopped laughing.

"Hon, you smell something?"

Karen opened her eyes and felt her cheeks burning under Keisha's son's cum.

"Oh god, Keisha, I'm sorry. God, that's embarrassing. I must be so fucking horny. It's the smell, really it is. As soon as I'm around the stuff I'm, like, off on another planet."

Keisha unfolded the flaps of Karen's bathrobe to inspect her friend's burning wet pussy. Juices had indeed started leaking from the little pink lips below her patch of curly brown hair.

"Oooh, girl! Look at you, look at you. All hot and bothered 'cause of my little boy."

"Oh, he's cute and all" giggled Karen. "But you know what I mean."

Karen noticed her friend had a funny look. Like a wicked thought was brewing in her head and she was trying to hide it. She sank her index and middle fingers deep inside her incestuous jizz jar.

"Maybe I should give you a real taste, in that hot little mouth of yours?"

Keisha's fingers had nearly slipped both spermy fingers into Karen's hot snatch before Karen bolted upright and grabbed her friend's wrist. The jar went flying out of Keisha's hand and fell sideways onto her chest, it's contents emptying straight down her cleavage.

"Oh damn! DAMN!!" shrieked Keisha, quickly pulling her shirt over her head.

Karen watched as Keisha's huge naked boobs flopped out. It looked as if an extra large vanilla milkshake had been dropped on her chocolate skin. Her cross necklace lay motionless under the thick molasses of her son's gunk. Keisha glared at her.

"You know cum is fucking impossible to get out, right?" she muttered.

"God, Keisha, I am SO sorry" said Karen. "But putting this stuff in my pussy? Are you crazy?"

"Girl, it was a joke. This stuff is weeks old, it's deader than disco."

"Well how was I supposed to know?!" Karen cried.

"Okay, you're right. I'm sorry too, okay?"

"Yeah. Okay."

There was a long, awkward silence between the two women before Keisha shivered, sending ripples through her melons.

"Brrr. This shit is cold."

Karen's eyes didn't leave Keisha's torso as she placed the empty jar on the coffee table, cum-clad breasts dangling like udders.

"Hey sweetheart, my face is up here" chuckled Keisha, finally breaking a smile.

"Sorry" Karen laughed nervously.

Keisha rolled her eyes and took a Kleenex from her handbag by the couch. As she wiped it across the front of her chest she shuddered. Karen's eyes went straight back.

"Ohh, man" she moaned.

Keisha's fat dark nipples were standing on end. Karen took a deep breath and bit her lip, tasting some of Nathan's sperm. Staring at those glistening tits was making her salivate.

"Um, Keish? Since this is, um, like, my fault and everything, maybe I could - maybe you could let me - maybe you could let me take care of that for you?"

Karen gave her best wide eyed puppy dog look and Keisha tried not to crack up at the sight of the cherubic suburban homemaker looking so apologetic with an ear-to-ear facemask of teenage spunk. She had long suspected Karen harbored latent lesbian tendencies and now was the ideal time to have some fun.

"Okay, Kerr" shrugged Keisha, reclining on the couch. Her arms and legs stretched out lazily.

"Go ahead and clean me up. Only don't use that tissue. You gotta lick it up. Would you like that?"

Karen's heart fluttered as she touched her own face.

"But my facial..." she heard herself say.

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