Cum Loving Mothers

byYuu Sakagami©

"Fuck it" said Keisha. "There's more where that came from. I want you to eat it, bitch" she grinned.

Karen dove into the mess on her tits like a pig into slop. It tickled and Keisha squealed, then cried out with pleasure as Karen's mouth worked around the underside of each breast, scooping Nathan's cum with her tongue and noisily gulping it down. Sucking each of Keisha's nipples clean, the cum from her own face smeared back onto the mother's chest and was quickly lapped up as well. Then she burped.

"Hey, hon" said Keisha. "Give me a taste. Spit it in my mouth!"

Karen's pussy was on fire as she drew a line up Keisha's neck with her tongue and prepared a load of her own son's sperm for her to eat. Keisha opened her mouth wide and unrolled her tongue as Karen dripped the cold sperm inside through pursed lips like a mother bird feeding its young. Once her cheeks were empty, Keisha gulped the load down in one swallow.

"How's your own son's jizz taste, you nasty girl?" asked Karen.

"Almost as good you will, I bet" whispered Keisha.

Their eyes closed and tongues coiled around each other's, mixing the tastes of Karen's breakfast and Nathan's seed. For the cum junkie moms the result was exquisite. Keisha stroked Karen's hair and pulled at the robe around her neck, exposing her bare shoulders and then the rest of her nude body as the cloth fell to her waist. Karen sank into Keisha, draping her arms around her neck and crushing her rock hard nipples into Keisha's, still sticky with her son's ejaculate. Left nub tickled right and right, left, turning the horny middle aged women into giddy schoolgirls making out shamelessly on the family couch.

Feeling the heat beneath Keisha's lycra pants, Karen reached down and hooked her fingers into the elastic waistband. Keisha silently complied by lifting her thick shapely ass in the air so Karen could pull them off with two eager jerks. Tossing them aside, the moms ground their juicing pussies together and sent waves of electricity through their bodies. Keisha spread her legs wide apart, submitting to Karen's pressing pubic bone as it pushed her clit against her own.

"God" gasped Karen, finally pulling back from their sloppy kisses.

Keisha's tongue snaked back out of Karen's throat.


"I wish we had a dick right now"

"I know, huh?" laughed Keisha.

"With a full sack, all ready to go"


"He could spray all over our faces while we kissed and we could eat it all up, and it would be soooo yummy...Keish, do you think we should let our sons fuck us?"

Keisha stopped pecking her friend's neck and gave her a puzzled look.

"Girl, are you crazy? I wouldn't give up my man's loving for Nathan's. He's a boy! He's a little child!"

"Well, I didn't mean we'd have to give up our husbands - "

"How many hours you got in your day, huh?"

"What about showing our appreciation for all this cream?"

Keisha's look turned from puzzlement to pity.

"Jesus, girl, you don't think they like being jizz dispensers? You start fucking your kid too, he's gonna be spoiled rotten. He'll get a real big head."

Karen hung her head. She knew it was true, of course.

"Yeah. You're right. I know. Guess I'm just a horny bitch, that's all."

"Well...c'mere, hon" giggled Keisha. "Let's get you ready for hubby tonight."


At 3:53 PM, Connor Frawley arrived home from school to find the house immaculately clean, except the living room couch which was now covered in plastic. He did not ask his mother Karen why, instead groping her from behind at the kitchen sink and reaching underneath her housedress to squeeze her buttocks. While not putting a forceful stop to his pawing, Karen informed her son that she would need to begin preparing dinner and it would be a good idea for him to do his homework now.

Connor protested that they would only have a couple hours before Perry got home from work, and that she had been giving him a hard on all day, at which point Karen slowly explained to her son that they should not, would not have full intercourse.

Connor walked upstairs to his room in a dejected daze. He came downstairs only for dinner and his father could not understand why his son seemed so unhappy on the day he could now legally vote. Karen acted as though there was nothing wrong, for in her mind that is what she truly believed.

That night Perry Frawley had the best sex with his wife of their entire marriage, culminating in the unexpected act of Karen choking down his "love stuff" as he commanded her to "take it, bitch." Connor might have been crying or spanking it or both all the while, projecting himself into his father's place as the noisy sex echoed down the hall, but for the note his mother had written in the private birthday card she'd slipped him after dinner.

On the front of the card was a football player catching a pass. On the inside:

Dear son,

Happy Birthday. Don't masturbate anymore. See you in the morning.




A few months later Karen and Keisha's skin had become so smooth, their hair so voluminous and their figures so trim that all their girlfriends just had to know their secret. But that's another story.

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