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Several years ago, during a period of life where I was between wives, I ended up dating a gal who at the time was a 36 year old virgin. Before we even had our first date she'd told me that she was a virgin, and planned to stay that way until she was married. She also wanted to have several kids which I thought was unrealistic at her age, and which ultimately led to my breaking up with her after 10 months.

I had known her for a few weeks before we actually went out on a date, and during that predating time she clearly let me know that she was interested. Our first couple dates were the usual getting to know you questions and answers, but by the third date she was freely allowing my hands access underneath her clothing and to my surprise she started to rub my cock through my jeans.

I didn't need a lot of encouragement and on our next date I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and she easily slid her hand inside my pants. She later told me that she'd given hand jobs to a couple of previous boyfriends but that was as much as she'd ever done.

A couple of weeks later I finally managed to get her clothes completely off and she asked me "what do we do now, I've never been naked before with a man?" I offered that we didn't have to do anything different, but after an hour on the couch she suggested going to the bedroom.

This quickly led to a ritual of my trying to see how fast I could get her clothes off, and then moving into the bedroom where she would proceed to play with my cock and eventually jack me off.

She insisted that she loved to see my cock squirt and would usually lay her head on my stomach and watch me cum. This position offered her a close up view as she explored male anatomy up close for the first time. It also often provided her a squirt or 2 of cum on the face which she seemed to enjoy and was in no hurry to wipe away.

It wasn't long before I decided it was time to give her a real close up view of me cumming so after arranging her on the bed, and as I straddled her chest, I told her to keep on playing with me and jack me off straight unto her face. All of this was new to her, but she was always willing to try something as long as sex wasn't involved.

She did as I'd requested and took my load of cum fully on the face. She was surprised when I told her to rub the cum all over her face with my cock but she was happy to try it and accommodate my request. We went to sleep that night without her washing up so she could get used to having a cum crusted face.

From that day on, no matter what she did to give me an orgasm, she always rubbed my cum on her face or her body. Even when she was watching me cum with her head on my chest she would rub her face on the puddle of cum on my stomach before she went to sleep.

She was quite enjoying all of the games that we were playing and she would get really turned on by saying simple things like "cum, cock, tits and pussy."

She began to ask me to "cum on her" and I soon started to call her a "cum slut" which would literally cause her to melt into the bed. I think she would have had great potential for multiple partner facials, but never got to try.

However, it wasn't long before she asked "what else do men like?" So I told her all men want their cock sucked, and if any man says otherwise he's either lying about it, or has never experienced it. Having said that she quickly set about learning how to become a good cock sucker, and I of course was a very willing instructor.

I took it slow to start out and she was very quick to lick, suck and even deep throat as I instructed her. For a couple of months I kept it that way, and when I was ready to cum I always told her so she could pull back and watch me cum and them rub her face or her tits in my cum.

She seemed quite excited when I would call her my "cum slut cock sucker" and would get even more eager to please me as she thought of herself, and even called herself by that name.

Remember, during all of this she wasn't wanting to have sex, but keep herself a virgin, so she was strictly receiving pleasure by giving and being used for my pleasure. She was so into licking, sucking and slurping around on my cock that I'm even more convinced she would have taken on several cocks at once if I would have had the time to train her in.

Eventually I finally chose not to warn her when I was cumming and without warning just let go, filling up her mouth. She was surprised but didn't stop until I was finished. Since she was so used to having my cum to play with afterwards she spit it onto my stomach but still used her face and body to wipe it around.

Afterwards she asked me why I didn't warn her, and I just said that I wanted to cum in her mouth instead. She asked if that "felt better?" and when I said yes she willingly offered to keep doing it. I should add that later that night she gave me 2 more blow jobs before morning because she "wanted to get it right" if she was going to keep doing it that way. She did get it right!!

We kept on that way for a few more months, meeting 2-3 times a week for a great blow job, but she always would empty my cum from her mouth on my stomach and either rub her face or tits in it. Of course I didn't totally forget the pleasure of giving her a facial now and then, and watching while she rubbed my cum all over her face with my cock.

This did lead to some interesting events after we'd had sex as I usually wouldn't let her "wash it off" and we did go out for walks and other activities afterwards several times.

Alas, the fun soon ended, and although she was a great cock sucker and loved to be covered with cum I wasn't about to marry her and have lots of kids as mine were already teenagers by then. I would have done the wedding part as I could see the great potential she had for being a slut wife, but she wouldn't budge on the kids issue. It was fun while it lasted.

As a footnote: I met her about a year later at a social gathering and she told me was moving to another part of the USA. I gave her a ride home and before long we ended up in bed.

She wasn't going to "do that again" but with just a little reminder about how much she enjoyed cum and cock sucking she eagerly relived the past and ended up with a face covered with my cum. I haven't heard from her since.

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