tagIncest/TabooCum to Mommy Ch. 02

Cum to Mommy Ch. 02


Both my son, Josh, and daughter Amy are now in college. It has been a year since Josh and I started the sexual part of our relationship. Fairly quickly after the first time, he went away to college in another state so I only saw him a few times a year, and every time he was home we found a way and time to have sex. It almost seemed like a routine affair between two adults, except of course it wasn't like that at all. We were mother and son.

Most of the fears that I had early on were unfounded. We seemed to have an amazing capacity for compartmentalizing this whole thing. When others were around, we seemed about as normal as any other family. We watched movies together, ate together, played in the pool, went on vacations, typical things that families did. Neither my daughter or husband had an inkling and truthfully, I can see why they didn't because, except for the sex, everything else stayed the same.

And it didn't really affect my relationship with my husband. He still travels in his job and is gone for as little as one or two nights and sometimes up to two to three weeks at a time. I have read about some women who say their sex lives with their husband improved when they had an affair. Mine didn't but it didn't deteriorate either. We still enjoyed sex when he first arrived home after a long trip and after a week or so, we might have sex again. It was perfectly pleasant; I can't say it was hot and fevered but it was fine. And it had not been that intense for the last few years.

The only small concern was that my son didn't seem to be developing relationships with girls his own age, or at least I thought that was the case. That was confirmed to a degree by his friend Kurt that was from our hometown and went to the same college as Josh. Kurt would tease Josh about not having a girlfriend. It may have just been two guys kidding each other and in some ways it wasn't a big deal. I was probably exaggerating things. And there was probably a small part of me that would have even been a little jealous but I also wanted Josh to have normal relations with girls and I was afraid I had affected that. A few times -- well, actually a lot of times -- I would swear that I wasn't going to do it anymore. But, almost as soon as he would get home, we would be at it again.

The last time he came home was a little different. He'd been gone for three months and when he got home both my husband and Amy, and his visiting grandparents were there so there was no occasion for the first two days to get together. We didn't even refer to it and it always make we wonder if he'd decided not to do it anymore, either because he was horrified by the thought of having his mother as a sex partner, or because he had simply lost interest in me. I could understand either. While I consider myself to be desirable and attractive, and yes, sexy, I was also nearing 40 years old and he was barely 20.

But, that didn't stop me from thinking about it -- a lot. We would be lounging around in the den for example and I would notice how he is sitting -- and I would look at his lap to see if I could discern the outline of his cock, or I would imagine that his eyes were on my breasts. And sometimes when the thoughts and images would be so strong, even when I wasn't very conscious of it, and I would discover that my pussy was soaked. I am embarrassed to say that even when I washed his underwear, just feeling his shorts (and sometimes actually sniffing them to try to catch his smell) got me going to the point I would have to rub myself.

The first two days he was home he was rarely home actually. He usually hung out with his friends, going to movies, playing basketball or doing whatever kids of that age do. So there was no chance to do anything and it would have been hard anyway with everyone around.

The third day Josh got up while Amy was still asleep, and his father was out back with his parents. I was in the basement laundry room sorting clothes to be washed.

"Mom, Dad, is anyone home?" he yelled as soon as he got downstairs.

"I'm downstairs Josh, and not so loud, Amy is still asleep."

I heard him come tromping down the stairs. I kept sorting clothes as he asked me what was for breakfast.

"I don't know, Josh. Everyone else has eaten. What do you want."?

As I finished the question, he came into the laundry room. All he had on was a swimsuit. He often had a quick breakfast and then went out to swim in the mornings.

"Hey, where is everyone else?" he asked with a smile.

"You dad and grandparents are out back looking at the new patio and like I said, Amy is still asleep. Did you sleep well?"

"Like a baby," he responded, "we didn't get in until kinda late so it was nice sleeping in. I'm hungry, though. What did you say was there for breakfast?"

As he said this, he looked at me appraisingly, like he was sizing something up. Even then, sex didn't enter my mind because everyone was around, maybe not right with us but close by. Every other time we'd done it, no one in the family was within miles of the house.

"Well, we have all kinds of things...bagels, cereal, eggs...what are you hungry for?"

He looked at me and smiled.


That rendered me almost speechless.

"What?" I asked as if I hadn't heard.

He walked over to me and pulled me close and kissed me, at the same time reaching his hands down to cup each of my buttocks in his big hands. He pulled me close and ass he did, I marveled again at how quickly his cock had gotten hard and how big -- and good -- it felt as he pressed against me.

I pulled away, or at least tried to. "No, come on, Josh, not with everyone all around. What if someone walked in and saw us this way?"

Without answering, he reached down to the hem of my skirt, pulled it up and cupped my crotch, covering it with his hand. He held it tightly and I almost slumped to the floor with surprise, and yes, lust.

He leaned close and said huskily, "You know you want me to fuck this. I can feel the heat coming from your hot little cunt Mom."

"No, Josh, not here...not, not now. Too many people..."

As I was talking to him he roughly shifted the leg-hole of my panties to the side and put a finger on my labia. I clearly didn't want to do this right now because of the risk involved. I reached down to push his hand away.

"Josh, stop it right now. We can do this later. What if your Dad came downstairs, or Amy? Let's just figure out..."

Again, before I could finish my thought, Josh kissed me and as he did so, his finger slipped up inside my pussy. Involuntarily, I spread my legs a little to accommodate him. God, what a slut I was! I could tell that I was soaked and he had no problem probing as far into me as he wanted, with my pussy offering no resistance. What had I turned into?

But, I still struggled against him and kept telling him no. It almost felt like rape and while that had always repelled me and still does, a big part of me knew that if he quit and walked away I would be panting for him. One of his hands was probing my cunt, one was massaging my breasts and his tongue was probing my mouth. I was pressed against the washer and couldn't have gotten away even if I wanted to, and as much as I protested, I also knew what I wanted...his...his cock. For some reason that is as hard to say writing it after the fact as when it was happening. I was turning into his slut.

"Quit struggling Mom. Your pussy is saying something different. You are totally wet."

He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and he seemed to shift a little bit and his shorts were on the floor....he wasn't wearing underwear. His big cock sprang out; he was fully hard. He took one of my hands and moved it to his groin. I was still struggling and while I resisted when he guided my hand, once I touched his flesh, I knew it was all over. I still muffled some protests but my fingers wrapped around his shaft and held it. As I always did, I marveled at how big he was and how hard he seemed to get. It was like feeling a velvet covered steel rod. Almost against my will my other hand reached down to cup his balls and we stayed like that, with him probing my pussy while I massaged his genitals, until he broke away panting. Quickly, roughly, he turned me so that I was facing the washer. He bent me over and almost in the same motion, pulled my panties to the side.

"Now tell me what you want Mom. You tried to pull away. What do you want me to do now, Mom?"

I was helpless, physically and with the lust that was now out of control. "Oh, God, God, fuck me Josh. Fuck me." All the time I was reaching around me to grab his cock and position it at my starved pussy lips. I felt like the lower part of my body was on fire with need. I had lost all semblance of being a mother. Now it was just a woman desperately wanting a man.

He took me totally by pushing into my waiting hole so hard he almost lifted me off my feet. Normally, like any woman, I prefer a man to get his cock lubricated before entering me entirely, particularly if it is a big one. But, not only did he meet no resistance except my writhing, needy flesh but also he was able to sink it up to his balls in one thrust. I pushed back almost as hard trying to capture every square centimeter if his big dick. I obviously don't know how it feels for a man but for a woman, one that is ready, there is nothing like the sensation of having a needy, wet pussy filled by a big pulsing cock.

When relating something that happened, obviously one searches for apt descriptors. I could use a score of words for what my son did to me that day but a few less will suffice. He fucked me. He screwed me. He mounted me like a horse and fucked me silly. His big cock pounded my pussy, probing deep inside it, to the point that I could feel his balls press against my clit. And almost as soon as he penetrated me, I started cumming. I pushed back as hard as he was pushing into me simply because I felt like I wanted to devour him. It wasn't enough to just fuck; it was like I wanted him back inside my womb. Maybe that's the reason for a lot of fucking, but it sure seems accentuated when it's your son. In either case, while he fucked he hell out of me, I gave him a fucking as well.

It took everything I could do to keep from yelling, the whole time but particularly when I felt his load starting to erupt inside me. He always has an amazing amount of cum and this time was certainly no exception. He filled me up and kept pounding, his strokes getting shorter but no less hard and insistent. Finally, grunting and snorting, with my poor pussy no doubt red and swollen from the fucking, he slowed and then stopped and draped over my back. I don't know how long we stayed like that but it finally hit me that if anyone walked downstairs we would be in full view. So, I finally turned, wiped the rest of the cum from Josh's semi-soft cock, sucked it off my fingers and told him to put on his shorts. As for me, I had a major clean-up job; big globs of cum were still dripping from my swollen pussy.

It is still amazing to me how we went from that and then slipped back into an almost normal mom-son relationship. It wasn't totally without its moments of course, but believe it or not, I did not think of our sexual relationship every time I thought of him.

The next few days flew by. Because so many people were around and our busy schedules, it never seemed natural or easy for us to get together. His grandparents left three days before both Josh and Amy had to go back to school so I kept wondering if time was running out and that it would be another two or three months before...well, before I got to have sex with Josh. There were two things going on that inhibited me from initiating anything. One was that I didn't want to act like I was forcing anything in case Josh was growing tired of me. I know that sounds pretty passive on my part but I knew how inappropriate this all was and I didn't want to be the one to perpetuate this if he was somehow reluctant. I knew that sooner or later he would grow tired of my older body; that was natural. The other reason was a little more complicated.

Even though I was bold enough to have sex with my son, and to be the one that followed him down the hall that day and went into his room, believe it or not I rarely had ever initiated sex before. Don't get me wrong - I was a very, very active partner once someone else made the first move -- but it was difficult for me to begin the whole thing, even though I was often constantly horny. I have only recently started learning about being submissive and I think I am a submissive woman by nature. I like a man to take charge. I like for him to be the one that demands and is willing to take what he wants. As mortified as I was to begin with, the way my son took me in the basement was something I just loved. The idea of simply submitting to a man's will was very powerful but frankly it was also one I had never thought too much about because of my lack of experience.

My strongest desire was that Josh would be bold enough again to make the first move. And my greatest fear was that because I am his mother and used to taking care of him, that he would not put himself in the role of taking care of me sexually. God, it was so complicated. But, in one way it was very simple -- as much as I knew it was wrong, I wanted him to fuck me.

Strangely enough, for two people living in the same house, my answer arrived by email.

"My friend Kurt has given me the keys to his family's lake house and I will be there tomorrow afternoon. I assume that is the day you have to go shopping, or to get your hair done, or...well, you figure it out. Just make sure that you have on a pair of sexy panties and call me on the way so we can chat. I want to get you in the "mood." And then I saw a second email, sent just after the first one:

"And while you are my mom MOST of the time, tomorrow afternoon all you are is a woman I want to mount and fuck. I think about it and my cock gets hard. No cumming until tomorrow -- for either of us, understand???"

I don't know how that affects you as a reader but for me, it inflamed me about to a boiling point. I was alone in my room when I opened the emails which was a good thing because I could feel my body changing. My nostrils flared, I began to breathe harder, and I could tell that my boobs were swelling and my nipples were hardening. But, most indicative of my situation is that I involuntarily spread my legs and my hand went down to my crotch. I was wearing pants and I unzipped them and immediately detected the heat. And when I touched my lips, they were dewy already. It would have been so easy them to get off, with just a few taps and touches of my clit. My cunt felt so empty that I wanted to plunge my fingers, or a dildo, or a fucking baseball bat up inside it and fuck it furiously. But, I also wanted to wait and savor and think and anticipate.

I immediately replied that I would be there at 1. I didn't want to say anything else because he had clearly taken charge and I would just respond to his commands.

There's not much I can say about the next morning except that it was very, very long. I went to bed with a wet pussy, I woke up with one and it seemed to be steaming all morning. I don't know about other females but whenever I get in this state, it seems like every sensation is one that reminds me how horny I am. For example, I was dusting some books in the den and straddled an ottoman to reach the lower shelves and as I splayed my legs, my pussy opened and I became much more aware of the pressure. I wanted to grind back and forth in a fucking motion, like I was riding a cock. Or even when I put on my bra, the fabric scrapped against my erect, hard nipples sending a shiver through my body.

My husband would be in his office this afternoon and Amy said that she would be out with friends so I just casually mentioned that I would be out shopping and running errands so the coast was clear for the afternoon. Josh had left earlier in the day while I was on the phone so I didn't even see him.

Late morning, I took a long shower and then got out clothes to wear. This was the first time that we'd -- or he'd -- planned things in advance like this, and since I'd never had an affair or were planning to rendezvous with a sex partner outside of my marriage. And, I am sad to say that I don't "dress-up" for my husband because, well, because he doesn't seem to want it or need it. So, I wasn't quite sure what to put on. After trying several things, I ended up wearing a pair of white sheer panties and a matching bra that clearly showed my taut nipples. I hoped these things wouldn't be on me long but I wanted Josh to be able to see his mom dressed in a sexy outfit. Other than the lingerie, the rest of my outfit wasn't that sexy, just a summery yellow sundress.

It was about thirty minutes to the lake house. It was pretty secluded and fairly basic. We'd picked Josh up there a few times when he was visiting with his friend. As soon as I was out of traffic, I nervously called Josh's cell phone.

"Hi Rita. I take it you're on your way?" He had never called me by my first name before so I was a little taken aback, but I have to admit, a little thrilled at the same time.

"Yeah, I left a few minutes ago so I should be there by 1:00. How long have you been there?"

"Most of the day. And Rita...my cock's been hard almost all day. Do you want to feel it when you get here? Do you want to taste it? How about sliding it up inside your hairy little pussy Rita? Do you want that?"

I gasped as he talked to me and I could barely reply, "yes...yeah, you know I do, Josh. Very much."

"Say it Rita, tell me what you want. Say it out loud...and Rita, tell me how you feel right now."

I actually whimpered a little bit I was so hot. "I want it, Josh. You know how much I want it."

Josh's voice was harsher and more guttural than I'd ever heard him. "What do you want Rita. Tell me what you want. You know what I want don't you?'

"God, Josh, ok...I...I want to hold your cock and suck it. And I want you to fuck me with it. I want you to fuck mommy. Please...please, Josh."

"Good Rita. And how do you feel right now? Is your pussy wet Rita? Is your pussy ready for fucking?"

I knew I had to get off the phone before I had an accident, even though there was almost no traffic. "Yes, Josh, very, very wet Josh. It....it has been all day and all night Josh. So wet Josh, so ready. God, Josh, I have to go...bye."

And I hung up the phone before I went crazy. For the next few miles, I was in a daze. I couldn't believe how wet and hot I was. I was afraid I was going to cum just remembering the sound of Josh's voice and hearing how horny he was.

I had forgotten how secluded this place was. It was down a long winding road and as I pulled into the driveway, the only houses I could see were across the lake. I parked next to Josh's car.

I didn't know whether to knock or just walk in so I first tapped lightly and when I didn't hear anything, I opened the door slightly and stuck my head in. "Josh, are you here?"

"In here Rita." His voice even sounded different.

I didn't quite know where he was because I was not that familiar with the layout of the house. So I just followed the sound of his voice. I entered a room that looked like a great room or large den overlooking the lake. I still didn't see Josh, and just as I was about to call again, I felt arms wrap around me from behind.

"God, Josh. You scared me to death. What are you doing?"

"Getting ready to get some pussy Rita. Are you wet?"

I tried to turn but he held me; I could feel his breath on my neck as his arms crossed and massaged my tits.

"Yes, Josh....I am so, so wet."

"Let's see." He reached down and pulled up my shirt and put his hand on my crotch and held it. I spread my legs a little to give him more room. I was almost embarrassed by how horny and wet I was. His hand pressed my crotch and my knees almost buckled.

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