tagNonHumanCum Vamp Book 2 Pt. 02

Cum Vamp Book 2 Pt. 02


Ch. 3

I don't remember him cumming, I only remember the constant orgasm my body seemed to have achieved and waking in a warm very comfortable bed. Opening my eyes I found a tray of food, and orange juice waiting for me. The breakfast food was still hot and I gobbled it up. I was famished. I assumed I was in the residence connected to the club and after I ate I put on a robe, lying on the bed, and wandered out of the room to find someone.

I turned the corner into what looked like a kitchen and found Lana sitting, enjoying some coffee. On the table next to her cup was a glass container that I assumed had cream for her coffee. She saw me, motioned to a chair across from her and I took a seat. She picked up the cream without saying anything to me and began to pour it into her coffee. It wasn't cream, well it was cream, but from a guy not a cow. The semen was thick and white, globs mixed in with the thinner liquid dropped into her coffee and she smiled.

"Nothing like a cum coffee in the morning," she laughed.

I smiled, not knowing what to say to that."

"Did you sleep well?" she asked, taking a large drink.

"I did, very well, where's Levi?"

He had some things to do, he'll be back soon. Did you enjoy your time with him?"

"It was unbelievable, I was so gone I don't remember going to bed."

"He mentioned that. He said you passed out from pleasure before he came. I hope you don't mind I finished him off, saving him for this morning," she said nodding to the cum in the pitcher.

"Mind? Umm, no that's good... I mean that it was useful," I said stupidly.

"Useful, yes, that's a good word for it," she giggled.

I felt my cheeks flush from embarrassment, she intimidated me and sitting across the table from a cum vamp was a bit nerve-racking. She took another long drink of coffee and I saw the pleasure it produced on her face. Her energy surged as she finished the glass and then picked up the pitcher and poured the rest of Levi's load directly into her mouth. My mouth dropped open as she sucked down a huge amount of semen.

"Delicious, and so much. You must have really had lil' Levi excited to produce such a load. Thank you," she said.

"My pleasure, I smiled."

"Yes, I'm sure it was," she giggled.

It was strange but sometime she acted young and immature and other times she acted ancient almost like there were two separate people inside of her.

"How long have you been head of the house?" I asked.

"Lana, has been head for only two years, but my history reaches thousands," she answered.

She called herself Lana, I found that really weird as if she was speaking of herself in third person. I must have had a confused look on my face because she explained before I said anything.

"Memories, power, knowledge are passed down from head to head. Bobby was before me. I have her knowledge as well as my own. She was killed by Brody, who was trying to gain Bobby's power but we stopped him."

"Stopped him? But you said he killed Bobby."

"We were too late to save her but her essence, Brody was collecting, was recovered. She is me, I am her."

"How does that work?" I asked.

"I consumed her. It has everything to do with cum, it's the only way to kill us. Brody was draining her and planned on consuming it for himself, instead I was chosen and partook.

"Wait, So Bobby was a guy?" I asked.

"No, I can see how you might think so. No she was all women and an exceptional one at that."

"So your kind eats both sexes?" I asked perplexed.

"Not normally, only in dire circumstances, which you'll learn later. Right now we should join the others; I hear some fun about to happen."

I hadn't heard a thing, it was then realized her enhanced abilities. She stood up; I followed her through the residence and out into the club. We found the others next to the bar. Two new women were also there and Levi was missing. The new women seemed different, normal I guess, like me. I took them for human and the way they looked at me when I walked in with Lana was pure jealousy.

"Ah, Mindy and Rebecca, making the rounds today are we?" Lana asked.

"Yes, Mistress, were here to supply anything you need. We have samples and both of us are ready for manual excretions if needed," one of them said.

"Very good, Mindy, have you asked if they need anything yet?"

"No, we just arrived," Mindy replied.

"By all means proceed," Lana said, then turned to me, "Come, Ginger, sit with me and watch."

I took a seat next to her at a table and she explained what was going on. "You see, these ladies are only human, like yourself. They wish more than anything to become one of us, but must prove themselves. They do this by roaming our ranks, supplying our members with fresh cum. They themselves are the vessels for the men and inside that case they have is a good supply of semen, they have collected for me and the girls. I don't need any since Levi supplied my breakfast and I doubt Sam, Roxy and Deb do either after yesterday."

I listened with much interest. There were humans begging to become cum vamps and doing anything they could to be changed. Lana had already offered to change me, without doing a thing. I quickly realized why the humans had looked at me the way they did. They wanted to be in my position more than anything.

Turning back to the group I watched TJ pick up Mindy and set her down on the bar. He lifted her skirt and started eating her pussy. She had no panties on and moaned with delight as he feasted on her sex. Zack backed Rebecca up against a bar stool and turned her around, bending her over it. He lifted up her skirt and spanked her ass before unzipping his fly. He stroked his huge cock to full height and rammed it into Rebecca's flushed pussy. She screamed in pleasure as he began thrusting in and out very hard.

Movement to my left caught my attention. Deb was getting into the case the humans had brought; she took out vials of semen and walked behind the bar, opened a hidden cupboard and stored the vials. On her way back around she kissed Mindy full on the mouth while TJ was still eating her out. Zack was fucking Rebecca so hard I thought he might rip her in half, she was screaming loud, her hands on the edge of the bar so he didn't slam her head into it with his thrusts. It looked like he was testing her, to see how much she really wanted to be changed. With the size of his member and the rate at which he was fucking her I was amazed she wasn't crying.

Zack continued for several minutes until pulling out and kneeling down to feast on the white foam he had created in and around Rebecca's pussy. He sucked and licked it all away and went back to making more. That was when Mike joined in. He walked up to the bar stool and stopped Zack, picked up Rebecca, sat down on the stool and eased her down onto his cock facing him. Then Zack, using the creamy cum on his cock stuck it in Rebecca's ass. This was when Rebecca screamed the loudest yet, and it was mixed with pain I was sure. These guys were huge and they both had their cocks in her, pumping away like mad men.

I turned to Lana, "Wow, these girls must really want to be vamps."

"Indeed they do, the boys will do this to them for hours, the girls pretty much hobble out of here after they are done sore as hell."

"And you're okay with this?" I asked, looking shocked.

"Hey, it's their choice, we're not forcing them to be here and they know what they're in for each time they come. They keep returning," Lana said with a smile.

"So why don't I have to prove myself?" I asked.

"Oh, honey, you already have," she replied.

"What's it like to be changed?" I asked, still watching the humans getting fucked.

TJ was done eating Mindy and had sat her on his lap, sticking his cock immediately in her ass. I had a great view because she was facing me, backwards on TJ. His wide cock somehow fit in her tight ass, as it struggled to spread over his wide member. She was biting her lip and there was actual blood on her teeth.

"For me it was very pleasurable, I had no idea what Bobby had done or that she had even done it to me. I woke up the next morning with an uncontrollable thirst for semen. I attacked my roommate's boyfriend in the bathroom when he went to take a leak. It got crazier from then on. When you are first changed the thirst is all you care about and comes back very quick. It will hit you when you least expect it and you'll do anything to quench it."

"So what do you do to me? To change me?" I asked.

"It's very intimate, and involves a little bite, I bet you can guess where," she smiled.

"Yeah, I think I can," I smiled back. "Levi said you are the only one that can change a human. Why is that?"

"Well, that's not entirely accurate. We all have the ability to change others but it's a law among us that only heads of houses can create others."

"So Levi, could do it?"

"Yes, he could, and I guess if you want I could give him permission," she said.

"Really? Would you do that?"

"I'll consider it, but you still haven't decided yet, have you?"

"No, not yet, but I'm leaning that way, I still want to learn more first," I replied.

"Yes, that is wise. I didn't have a choice. Bobby choose me, she changed me without telling me anything about her or what was going to happen to me. She saw something special like I see in you," Lana said.

"So why are you giving me a choice?" I asked.

"I think it's because I didn't get to, and that part inside of me that is still Lana, would have wanted that choice. That's not to say I wouldn't have chosen this, I would have, it's totally awesome. All your imperfections are gone, you never age, you heal from any wound rapidly, I can see great distances and in the dark, hear things from miles away, smell as well, run faster than anything on the earth, jump higher, were stronger than a gorilla, pretty much invincible," she explained.

"Sounds amazing, especially the not aging part."

"I thought you might like that one. That awesome rack you got," she said looking down at my breasts, "Yeah, those will never sag; they will actually become firmer and perkier after the change."

"Damn, that might be worth it right there, "I laughed.


I turned back to the gangbang session at the bar. Sam was keeling in front of TJ and Mindy with a shot glass, scrapping off the secretions that were oozing out of Mindy as TJ slid his enormous cock in and out of her ass. When she collected a good amount she handed it to TJ and he slurped it up then proceeded to increase his thrusts. The other three had changed places. Mike was now fucking Rebecca's ass and Zack was doing her very wet pussy. That was about when Levi walked in the door, after Roxy let him in. She was standing guard with the automatic rifle this morning. Something I needed to ask about. Except I forgot when I saw Levi.

I immediately stood up and he walked over to me.

"Good, you're awake, you had me a little nervous last night," he said.

"Sorry about that. You took me out of this world and I don't remember falling unconscious," I said pulling his head down to kiss him.

He looked at Lana, who was still sitting as if worried about something.

"Don't worry, Levi, I told her what happened after she fell asleep. She's fine with me helping you out," Lana said.

"Oh, good... so were good?" he asked me.

"More than good, I get how this works, I'm not stupid," I said.

"No, you're not," he smiled. "Looks like the roamers are here," he said turning toward the group having sex.

"Yep, and they are making them earn it," I said shaking my head.

As I said that I heard one of the guys say he was ready to cum, it was Mike. He was buried deep in Rebecca's ass and his cock looked rock hard and his balls tight. He pulled out of her and Deb was immediately there, I mean literally! She all of a sudden appeared in front of him in a blur. It must have been that super speed, Lana had mentioned. She had a large glass in her hand, standing next to Mike. She grabbed his throbbing cock; all covered in pulsing veins and stroked it until he exploded into the glass. Huge bursts of cum hit the side and ran down into the bottom, filling the glass a quarter of the way full by the time he finally stopped. It was amazing how much these guys produced. Deb pivoted onto her knees and sucked him clean before standing up. She didn't touch the cum in the glass, but held it protectively, and waited for the next vamp.

"You going to join them?" I asked Levi, seeing the large bulge in his pants.

"What? Really?" he asked looking at me shocked.

"Well, you are a cum vamp, I know you want to," I said.

Lana smiled at me, Levi still looked stunned that I would suggest he go and fuck another woman while I watched. It's not like I owned him and if it was part of his nature I knew it would be driving him crazy not to join in.

"Wow, okay, yeah I would like that," he said unbuttoning his pants.

I watched him walk right up to TJ and Mindy and shove his raging hardon into her dripping pussy above TJ's cock. Mindy screamed but this time it was in pleasure. Levi wasn't as big as the other guys and his cock fit nicely into her open pussy. It was hot, I had to admit. These guys were so gorgeous and to watch them double fuck these woman was turning me on. I felt myself getting very wet and aroused. I was naked under the robe and put my hand between my legs, feeling the slippery moisture there. I began fingering my clit and sliding my fingers up and down my flushed lips. I wanted to be fucked or licked at least. My other hand found my right breast, pinching the erect nipple and moving to my left to do the same. A little moan escaped my lips and I looked around to see if anyone noticed.

Lana was watching me with a big smile on her face. My instincts told me to stop and to pull my hands away from my body but I resisted and continued to play and watch the exceptional men fuck the humans. Except, I soon noticed that they were looking at me, watching me play. I looked to Lana for an explanation.

"They can smell you, you must be very wet," she said.

"I am, probably making a mess of this chair."

"Good, the more the better," she smiled.

"Should I try and collect it?" I asked.

"No need, one of them will be over soon, I'm sure," she replied.

Of course it was Levi, he quickly pulled out of Mindy and was kneeling at my feet before I knew what had happened. He reached up, spread my legs and put his head into the robe. When I felt his tongue touch my clitoris I lost it. I was already close to orgasm and his hot wet tongue took me over the edge instantly. I convulsed, squeezing his head with my legs and he drank, he slurped and sucked all of my juice from my pussy. I felt him gain in power, his body under my legs vibrated as he feasted upon my sex, swallowing my nectar and searching for more. Good hell! It felt amazing!

I think it was in the guy's nature to know how to coax every drop out of a woman because I had never been eaten out like this before from a human. I had never cum so hard and so much from oral sex either. My eyes rolled back into my head as I convulsed and shook on the chair, gripping his head like a vise between my thighs. I couldn't control my reaction. What he was doing to me was so intense I lost coordination in my limbs. I screamed and clawed at his hair, as another wave of rapture crashed over my body.

I didn't know that Lana had stood up and walked around to me, but she was there, whispering in my ear as I came and came.

"What you are feeling now will be multiplied when you change, pleasure beyond imagination awaits you."

I wanted it; I wanted to feel like this forever. I wanted this life, I wanted Levi and to hunger after his cum like he hungered for mine. I wanted to be changed.

I turned my mouth to her ear and said "Do it... change me."

Ch. 4

I never felt the bite. I was climaxing too hard to feel anything other than the orgasmic bliss flooding my body with pleasure. Lana must have told Levi what to do when I had my eyes closed, squeezing his head with my legs as he continued to suck and devour me. When he was finished getting his fill and I finally opened my eyes to the world everyone was gone. The roamers had left. Lana and the rest of the house were missing. I was alone, even Levi had left me. Something had happened. More time had passed than I first realized. I must have blacked out again and they had gone about their business. I realized quickly that I had been moved. I was no longer on the chair but lying on a sofa in the dark with an irritating twinge between my legs.

Moving my hand to the spot I found my clitoris was three times its normal size. Swollen from where I had been bitten. I had no idea what time it was or what would happen to me now. I expected to be thirsty, I expected to have an uncontrollably urge for semen but I didn't feel any different. I began to doubt. Maybe they had made the whole thing up. Maybe they weren't really inhuman and had duped me into thinking they were. Was it all an act? All the sex and eating cum? Was it staged? Then a terrible feeling came over me. Maybe I wasn't free, maybe they were the ones that had kept me prisoner all this time and were just messing with me now. I was scared, paranoid and did what I thought was right at the time. I ran.

I ran into the night, not knowing where I was or where I was going. I didn't even know what city I was in. I ran and ran. All the working out I was forced to do paid off. I was able to run for hours, trying to get as far away from those who had me as I could. Looking back now I know I wasn't thinking straight. You're probably wondering what is going on. Why would she run when Levi had saved her? I wasn't myself, I was a scared, paranoid little girl that had just been through months, possibly years of torture sex with thousands of men. And then there was the bite. I didn't know it at the time but it was changing me, messing with my body and mind, making it harder to concentrate and think about what I was doing.

I ended up falling into a ravine in the darkness and rolling down through brush, trees, rocks and dirt and knocking myself out before I hit the bottom. When I woke the next morning from the hot sun hitting my face I knew I had made a huge mistake. The thirst was there. It wasn't the normal thirst for a cold glass of water. No it was deeper, angrier and was consuming me before I even sat up. I knew what it was I hungered for and how wrong I had been for running. I was one of them now but I was also lost, and filthy. I was covered in dry blood, dirt and my robe I had run off with was ripped to shreds from my fall. From the amount of dried blood in my hair I should have been dead but the change had saved me.

I didn't know how to get back to the club; I didn't know where I was or what to do. All I knew was I needed to drink. I needed semen! I wrapped what was left of the robe around my naked body and clawed my way up the ravine. At the top I looked around. I was at the edge of a neighborhood with nice houses that butted up against the edge of the ravine for a beautiful view of the valley below. A few cars were pulling out of garages with people heading to work and I saw men driving. Men I craved and wanted more than anything. The thirst had complete control of me and it wasn't until after that I remembered what I had done.

Apparently I had picked the nearest house. Jumped the back fence with incredible ability and landed in a swimming pool since I had underestimated how strong I was. The pool ended up being a good thing since it washed the dirt and blood from my body. I ended up climbing out naked and going to the back door of the house. I listened to the noises inside and as soon as I recognized a male voice I twisted the doorknob, snapping the lock and let myself in. I went right after the voice I heard. I didn't care what was in the way or if he had a wife or kids. I didn't care about anything except the voice and the smell I suddenly recognized was cock.

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