tagNonHumanCum Vamp Pt. 01

Cum Vamp Pt. 01


Chapter 1

My name is Lana and I have a thirst I can never quench. Everyday sometimes 3 or 4 times I have to feed, and if I don't I go crazy and get weak and if I don't get what I need it will kill me. It all started on my 21st birthday I was out with friends clubbing and now legal to drink I went overboard and drank way too much. From what I remember, it's all hazy, I ended up in a back room of this place and there was this woman I'd never seen before but she began to be really friendly to me and I was so out of it I didn't recognize what she was doing until it was too late.

She was extremely beautiful, long black hair perfect skin and body and her breasts were high and perky on her chest and she didn't even have a bra on. She looked about my age but carried herself like she was much older.

Between the liquor, loud music and late night I was pretty much helpless to stop her, and it did feel good so I pretty much just sat on that couch and let her fondle my young perky breasts and run her hand up my short skirt and rub my pussy and clit until I was soaked. I should have stopped her then but I kept drinking and enjoying what she was doing.

She had my panties pulled to one side now and my skirt was pushed up enough for her to start eating and licking my wetness. She really knew what she was doing, she licked and nibbled better than any man I've been with and she was the first woman that I let do anything like this. She got me to cum by licking my clit really fast and rubbing my G-spot with two of her fingers. While I was cumming I felt a sharp quick pain in my clitoris like she had bit me but the pain was gone as soon as it came and the pleasure of my climax washed over my body.

I must have passed out soon after because I don't remember anything else until the next morning. My roommates must have carried me out to the car and put me in my bed because when I woke up the next day that's where I was. When I got up to pee was when I noticed my clit was swollen and very sore. I got a hand mirror and took a look at it and could see the bite marks from the woman. She had bit hard enough to draw blood for sure and my poor little nub was so sore and tender it hurt to sit or touch it for about a week.

Well from what I guess when she bit me she must have passed the thirst to me because as soon as my clit healed the urges began. I couldn't control them my whole body became stimulated and all I could think of was sex and cocks and feeding on cocks and men cumming and getting as much as I could. I had never been so horny in my life I had to have a cock and a man's cum as soon as possible or it felt like I was going to die.

I was crazed I didn't even care who it was I just knew I needed some man juice as soon as it was possible to obtain. I lived with a group of girls so men showed up a lot around our place for dates or just to hang out. I really didn't have a steady boyfriend so I couldn't just rush over and get what I needed. But as luck would have it one of my roommates had a guy over in her room that night and I knew it. So when the first urges started to take control that morning I went right for him and didn't even care about the consequences of my actions.

I'll admit, most of the men I feed on now are willing participants, I contribute this to two things, one: men are men and two: I'm damn hot. I keep myself in good shape and have a gorgeous face and hair and my perky young C cups get most men's attention before the rest of me enters the room. So finding cocks and cum isn't too difficult.

Anyway back to the first, like I said the urges stared that morning and I had to have a man and he was the closest one available. It was really early in the morning and I was woken up by the urges and sat up in my bed not knowing what was going on. I was sweating and my nipples were as hard as rock as well as my clit and my panties were just soaked like I had masturbated to five orgasms already. It was odd but I could smell the guy, Clark was his name, in the room across the hall. I could smell his cock I could smell his cum in the towel on the floor he must have used to clean up Cindy after he shot his wad on her. It was so intense it was like I was in the room already and I was seeing his cock and the towel.

I got up and snuck out of my room and went to Cindy's door, the aroma from within was driving me crazy and cum was already dripping down my leg I wanted it so bad. I tried the door but it was locked because of Clark being in there. I giggled the handle loudly and heard someone stir inside. All my senses were heightened. I could smell, hear, taste, feel, and see everything even in the darkness. My body was alive like never before.

One of them was getting out of bed because of the noise I made and I hid around a corner to see which one it was. I almost ran and tackled Clark as he came out of the room I could see his morning boner sticking up in his boxers and that's all he was wearing. I had to have that cock like I needed air. He was heading for the bathroom and I followed him quietly in the dark. He had no idea I was behind him and he was still so sleepy he left the door part open when he stood in front of the toilet and tried to bend his cock far enough down to pee.

I crept in behind him and all I had on were my soaked panties and my tits were hard and pointing straight at his back. He finished urinating and turned around and found me standing behind him rubbing my tits with one hand and my clit with the other. He about jumped a foot but then seeing me half naked looked very taken aback. I must have been quite a sight because he couldn't take his eyes off me and didn't even speak. My body language was telling him everything he needed to know and his cock was still slightly hard from his morning wood and it was getting harder the more he looked at me.

I knew I had him and lunged for his member throbbing in his boxers. I fell to my knees and pulled the thin material down to the floor with me. His cock was the most amazing thing I've ever seen, it was just a normal cock but with the urges it was beyond belief. Every vein, bump and pulsing inch of his cock was spectacular to my heightened sight. Reaching for it I grabbed his shaft and just the small touch made my pussy flood with new juice, everything was intensified. I engulfed his cock in my mouth and sucked him deep and the taste was pure bliss to my body, his smell was intoxicating and I could hear his heartbeat increase as a moan escaped his lips.

I was on a mission, I wanted his cum, no, I needed his cum and I sucked and sucked and rolled his balls in my hand and stocked his shaft like I've never before. I was totally lost in the moment and the pleasure I was receiving from all my senses as I sucked this mans cock. I grabbed at his ass and pulled him further down my throat tonguing his balls when he bottomed out. I scratched his cheeks and small of his back hard and he quivered in pain and pleasure as I'm sure I drew blood. His balls were already beginning to tighten and his heart rate increased more and his cock engorged with more blood until I felt his legs tighten and he exploded inside my mouth and down my throat.

I've eaten cum before and given head many times but this was out of this world. His cum was like pure energy to me and my body was completely satisfied with his nectar spurting down my throat and in my mouth. I sucked and sucked milking his cock of every drop I could coax out of it and didn't waste a speck. He jerked and bucked as he came and came and I fed and fed. My body felt strong and more alive and energized then every before.

He had to push me away because I continued to try and get more of the precious liquid out of him and I guess I started to hurt him when no more would come out. He sat down on the closed toilet and looked at me still on my knees sucking and licking my fingers trying to find more of his juice. Finally I stopped and looked up at him.

"Lana right? Wow what was that all about?" He asked.

"I just needed a little treat that's all and you were the closest guy. Don't worry I won't tell anyone it can be our little secret," I said and stood up and walked back to my room.

I don't know how long he stayed in there or what he thought but I felt better and sat back on my bed and my body returned to normal other than I still had heightened senses but my tits and pussy relaxed. I was worried about it coming back and new that it wasn't normal and started piecing together what had happened to me to cause such a reaction. I started feeling guilty as well, I just sucked off my roommates boyfriend I barley knew! I kind of started freaking out and almost couldn't believe I did what I did.

At noon during lunch it started again, we were all at our favorite hang out and Clark was still there eating with Cindy and a few of our friend. The urge hit me like a strong wind and I looked right at Clark and he knew what I was after. I guess I had given him the same look in the bathroom. He got really nervous and made up some story why he had to leave and bolted before I could get to him.

The thirst took over and I could smell every cock in the restaurant even over the food, perfume and other smells. Every guy in there looked like dessert and I could scarcely contain myself from attacking all of them. It was then I realized I was in trouble and had been infected by something that wasn't going away. I got up all flushed and my nipples were pressing out for all to see and I excused myself and headed for the ladies room.

Walking to the bathroom I could tell how many men were behind me and in front of me and I new how many were in the kitchen and everywhere in the building. I needed one bad and every second that passed the urges got worse. I burst into the ladies room and found an empty stall and sat down and started rubbing my tits and clit trying to get myself to cum hopping it would make the urge go away if I could satisfy myself. It didn't work, it only got worse, even after I came, it was still there worse then ever and I knew the only thing that would make it go away was semen. I jumped back up off the toilet and left the bathroom and looked for the first guy I could find. As I was leaving a young dark haired waiter was coming down the small hall towards me and I moved in front of him before he could pass me. He stopped short and before he could speak I gave him a sexy ass look and biting my lip I said, "Meet me out back in two minutes and you can put this anywhere you want."

His eyes got huge and I grabbed his crotch to show him I was serious and turned and left the building out the back exit. Normally he wouldn't have been my type but I could care less right then and all I could think about was his cock in his pants and the smell and his cum running down my throat satisfying my thirst.

Those two minutes seemed like forever for me and I was almost shaking I needed it so bad. Finally the back door opened and he stepped out but he wasn't alone he had grabbed one of his waiter friends and they both looked around to find me. I stepped out from behind the dumpster and the first guy pointed at me and motioned to his friend whose eyes got really big like he couldn't believe this was happening. He was shorter and stocky and seemed older as well as the first guy.

Motioning to them they slowly walked over to me, not knowing if this was really going to happen but as soon as they were close I grabbed their shirts and pulled them both behind the dumpster in between the building. My thirst was out of control and I tore at their pants trying to get to their cocks. It happened so quick that neither of them was hard yet but as I tugged and licked each in turn both of their hot cocks grew and throbbed to attention. One of them started grabbing at my ample tits as I sucked his friend and I had their pants around their ankles as I sucked and scratched and grabbed their asses and balls.

The shorter stocky guy had a really wide cock and as I sucked his friend he got behind me and pulled up my skirt and started rubbing my ass and wet snatch.

"Damn dude she's fucking dripping wet," he said to his friend who just moaned and enjoyed my oral delight.

I felt him pull my thong to one side and shove a few fingers into my soggy hot twat. I was going crazy on the younger guys cock and had the whole thing down my throat so I couldn't tell the guy behind me to fuck me. But he got the idea soon enough as he withdrew his fingers and rubbed my juices all over my ass hole and pussy. I felt his wide cock slowly fold my lips back and he pressed the rest of his fat cock into me and grabbed my hips and pulled me as he thrust hard and deep. He obviously knew what he was doing and began a perfect rhythm fucking me from behind.

"I'm going to cum...... now!" the younger guy I was sucking yelled and he pulled way from me.

"Good, give it to me!" I complained as he pulled away.

"Not yet, you said I could put it anywhere I wanted," he said breathing hard and pinching the head of his cock trying to keep himself from cumming.

I yelled in frustration as his cock withdrew out of my reach and I didn't get the cum that I so desired. The guy behind me was still pounding my pussy and his hips slammed against my ass hard and fast and he held me in a firm grip so I couldn't reach his friend.

"Fine then where do you want it?!" I voiced getting angrier with the young one. I needed some semen quick, I could feel myself getting weaker and my legs were shaking under the barrage of thrusts from behind me.

"Dude trade me places I'm about ready to blow anyway," the guy behind me said and I felt his wide cock slide all the way out of me and he and the younger guy traded places.

I hungrily started to suck the wide member now before me and swallowed my own cum I found on his shaft. The younger guy behind me was playing with my juice and ran his fingers over my tight asshole and I knew where he wanted to put his cock and I didn't even care. It didn't even hurt as his cock widened my tight ass and he shoved his cock further into my bowels. I was surprised by this because normally I don't like anal much and only do it occasionally when I'm really horny. But this time it felt great, he pulled out and back in only a few times and I started cumming big time and my ass milked his cock with my convulsions.

I heard the younger guy behind me mumbling to himself with my heightened hearing, he was saying stuff like, "Fuck I can't believe I'm fucking her ass....Anal sex finally, it's so hot and tight.... Damn her ass is grabbing my cock."

The older guys legs tightened up and I knew I was about to get his load in my mouth. Unfortunately the fucker pulled away and took his cock in his own hand and started stroking it himself about a foot away from my face. As his cum started to shoot out I opened my mouth as wide as I could hopping his precious cum would find it. Some did but most hit my face and hair and still more missed all together and landed on my shirt or the dirty ground at my knees. I ate as much as I could get off my face, shirt and hair and he stepped closer as his cock just started to ooze out the rest of his load and I hungrily sucked it out.

With nothing left in his cock I searched the ground and started dapping my fingers in the small puddles and licking his cum off. I was out of control and I sacred the guy and he looked at me like I was crazy while I licked dirty cum from behind a dumpster off of my fingers.

"Dude she's nuts man," he said looking at his friend, who had continued his slow assault on my asshole.

"Who gives a fuck, this ass is so fucking good," the younger guy said.

As he thrust forward I pushed back hard and fast trying to speed him up, I needed his cum as well because I still felt thirsty. He picked up on what I was doing and began to ram his cock deep and hard into my ass, harder then any man has fucked my ass before. Once he got up to speed it didn't take long and I felt him pull it out and he was going to just cum on my back and I couldn't have that.

I spun on my knees with lightning fast speed and felt the hard asphalt cut into my flesh, but I made it around just as his first rope of cum left his hard wet cock. It hit my open mouth and I eagerly swallowed and put my mouth around his head as he stroked the rest of his seed into my wanting mouth. I must have really turned him on with my ass because his cock shot load after load of hut spunk against my tongue and I could barley keep up with it. What did escape my lips was easily recovered with my fingers and tongue after I sucked the rest out of his balls.

The two friends watched me as I licked my fingers and ate every last drop of cum I could find on my body. It was enough and I felt the thirst dwindle and my lust return to normal. They pulled up their pants and kind of didn't know what to do or say. I was still on my knees and wondered why they weren't hurting like they should have been.

"Well thanks guys I appreciate you helping me out today," I said to them.

"Umm okay well sure thing. We need to get back to work now so we'll see ya," the older one said and they both turned around whispering to each other how crazy that was and they couldn't believe that just happened.

I got up and looked at my knees which should have been bleeding, but there wasn't a scratch on them just dirty. I blew it off thinking I must have not cut myself but I learned later that I was mistaken. I fixed my skirt and tried to fix my hair but it had the older guys cum still in it that I couldn't get out with my fingers. I returned to the restaurant ladies room and cleaned up the best I could but now my hair and shirt were wet in places and I had to come up with a good reason.

Back at my table I told my friends that I threw up and some got on my shirt and in my long hair and I wasn't feeling well and was going to take off. It was a huge lie I felt great and having just fed on two guy's cocks and cum I had enough energy to run a marathon I felt like. As I was leaving I crossed paths with the younger waiter again and smiled at him as I left the building.

Chapter 2

I got in my car and started to cry, "What the hell is wrong with me, I just sucked and fucked three complete strangers in less then eight hours!" I screamed out loud.

In my anger I hit my car window and my hand and arm went right through it with super human strength. I screamed and pulled my arm back in and cut it on the broken glass. Grabbing my wounded arm I looked at the blood and cut. It was deep and I knew it was going to need stitches for sure when right before my eyes I watched the cut heal itself leaving no trace.

"Holy fucking shit! What am I, what has happened to me?!" I said totally freaking out now. My mind raced and I thought back to when this could have happened and I traced my thoughts back to the club and to the mysterious woman on the couch. Starting my car I squealed my wheels leaving the parking lot and headed for the club. I used a wet napkin to wash the blood of my arm and pulled into the club's parking lot which was basically empty at this time of day. I got out anyway and knocked hard on the door.

A few seconds later a guy came to the door and opening it said, "The club doesn't open till 7."

"I know but I really need to find someone maybe you know her," I blurted before he could close the door.

I described her to him the best I remembered and from how I was acting and who I was describing I saw recognition on his face and he got this wicked smile.

"So you're the one she told us about, we've been expecting you," he said.

"What? What the hell do you mean?" I questioned.

"Its okay we will explain everything. My name is Zack but everyone just calls me Z. Come on in and I'll get everyone," he said and opened the door to let me in.

"Thanks Z, I'm Lana," I said walking in.

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