tagNonHumanCum Vamp Pt. 06

Cum Vamp Pt. 06


Chapter 16

Showered and dressed I met the others in the lobby and we walked to the limo. There was an excitement in the air and everyone was pumped and stoked with anticipation.

"You nervous?" TJ asked me as we walked.

"A little, I don't know why, I mean I know what's going to happen from Bobby's memories of her Raising and Coronation but still there is something special when it's really me," I tried to explain.

"You're going to do great, I'm excited for you," He replied and helped me in the car.

With all eight of us in, the driver pulled out and headed towards the mountains again just as the sun was setting, lighting up the sky in red. It was a perfect night, clear and warm and I knew the stars were going to be bright once we got out of the city and reached our destination.

We headed the same direction as earlier and drove past Fabian's Villa and then further up the narrow winding roads about another hour driving. We picked up other cars on the way and had quite a line of traffic by the time we reached the iron gate leading off the main road into thick trees and brush. The road was so overgrown that the branches scrapped the cars as we drove slowly on the dirt road. It was completely dark now, save the car headlights and the soft glow from the stars. No moon could be seen and the trees finally gave way to a large clearing. All the cars parked and the lights went out.

Only our kind had been invited so the need for lights wasn't a big concern since we could all see just fine in the dark. Not everyone was invited, that was impossible but 100 of the higher echelon of the family were here and everyone seemed to be on time. The one exception I knew of was Mandy, whom I allowed to come as my personal guest. Ahead of us was an ancient stone structure with soft light from candles lighting the few small windows. Everyone was walking towards it and the eight of us followed and blended into the crowd.

The building had a tall arched entry way and over the arch was the Seal of the family etched in the stone and worn down by the elements. It was almost unrecognizable now but I knew what it was when I saw it. The shaft of the penis sheathed in the lips of the vagina all encircled by interlinking hands could just be seen if you knew what to look for.

I followed TJ inside and the line of people split shortly after, women one way and men the other. I was escorted yet another direction by two young women dressed in sheer white robes that revealed their body outlines in the glow of the candles. As I looked back I watched the two different lines begin to undress and replace their street clothes with the same light robes as the two women.

I turned back and followed the women into a side room and was given a similar robe but mine was outlined in gold around the sleeves, hem and neck in a V shape cut low between my breasts. I began changing and the women offered assistance and helped me dress. They were both very beautiful just like I've come to expect. I knew I was to wait in this room until everyone else was assembled in their places waiting for my arrival.

The room was bare, just stone walls and floor and I could hear the others filing through the structure and out the back. With no place to sit the three of us stood silently and waited for the sounds of the people changing to cease and then the two women excused themselves and joined the rest of the gathering.

I waited another five minutes and then walked barefoot with my sheer robe on to the back of the structure and through another arched exit and followed a stone path that gradually began to climb higher into the mountains. The path steepened and became stairs cut right out of the mountain side and curved around disappearing up ahead. Candles were placed along the path, with a gap between each so that you could only see one at a time because of the curve.

My heart began to race and my excitement increased the closer I got to the gathering place. The path ended at the top of a cliff with a large flat area, large enough to hold the amount of people. As I reached the top I could see all the guests lined up down the center with males on one side and females on the other facing each other in a long isle leading to an altar about six feet long and two feet off the ground. Torches and candles lit the entire area and all eyes were on me as I reached the top step. There were additional stone benches around the opened area and a stone railing for protection from the sheer cliff.

It was then that I smelled it. Fifty hard cocks all oozing and erect in front of me. I could see each one of them sticking out from the gap in the robes. The women were stimulated as well with each of their nipples pressing out on the thin material and I knew they were all wet and had erect clits as well. As I walked towards the altar I lifted my hands and brushed each breast and each cock as I walked by and my body became stimulated as well to match the rest of the people. Familiar faces and bodies passed by me and I smiled at Vinny, and others that I knew more intimately as I brushed their cocks and tits. The last three men were TJ, Mike, and Zack and directly across from them were Sam, Roxy and Deb. Mandy was further down the line and I had already brushed her nipples.

I could see the Seal representing my house engraved on the front of the altar and this time it was much clearer with the man's erect cock and balls shown under and in the woman's folds with her erect clit sticking out prominently, surrounded by the hands. I turned around and faced the row of guests, viewing the awesome site of 100 stimulated perfect bodies here to give homage and honor to me as their head. All at once they dropped their robes and stood completely naked, the men each took hold of their penises and began to stroke them. The women followed suit and pressed both hands on their clits and pussy masturbating in front of me. A singular male voice pierced the silence and began a chant followed by a female joining him and back and forth they began until each one of them was saying the words clear and loud.

"Here we gather, baring all,

with our essence we impart

our sacred secretions to our Head

and pledge our love until the end.

With our bodies we conjoin to

sanctify the sacred Seal.

Begins as two, ends as one,

Our bodies join in holy zeal.

As we peak we shout the call

And feed the Heir of us all."

Over and over they kept repeating the saying and masturbating until the 10th time when the man and woman facing each other stepped forward. The woman turned around and the man picked her up and held her over his penis. She spread her legs completely strait out and he eased her down onto his cock. The symbol representing our house was imitated by all 100 people and looked like the engraving on the structure and the altar behind me. They didn't move; the men held the women perfectly still down on their cocks and all fifty men walked towards me and surrounded the altar with the women.

TJ had Sam, Mike had Roxy, and Zack had Deb, it was so damn hot all fifty couples engaged in penetration and all staring right at me. They all looked so good with stimulated nipples and clits poking out above the hot throbbing cocks. Pussy juice was already running down most of the shafts and even dripping off their balls but they still hadn't begun their thrusting.

Now it was my turn....... I dropped my robe and stepped back until I could feel the stone altar touch my legs and I fell onto it and said,

"I as one among you accept your pledge,

to fill the void in our house.

To be the Head I humbly submit

And except your offering

as recompense.

Commence your sacred chore,

and with your secretions feed me well

That I might gain the lofty height

And lead this family into the night."

As soon as I finished my quote every man lifted his woman up and slammed her down on his cock and let out a cheer that echoed among the rocks. Then again they lifted her and thrust inside but this time the women cheered. I turned my head side to side watching all of my family engaged in the ritual and the smell was wonderful. So many hard cocks and I knew I was going to have the honor of eating each one of their loads before the ceremony was complete.

After the second yell the scripted portion of the ritual was over and the participants now had the option to do whatever they wanted to each other until the men fed me and only me their sacred cum. Moans and cries of pleasure rang through the crowd as everyone started fucking each other. Some men put their partners down so they could suck them off, others just kept slamming their cock in deep while they stood. It was crazy around me and I couldn't just focus on one couple with all that was going on. Positions varied and ranged from missionary all the way to anal double penetration.

Everyone looked so good since there wasn't an out of shape body in the group. My hands instinctively went to my sides and up my body to my breasts. The thirst was returning quickly with all the cocks around me and my nipples were erect and highly sensitive as I ran my fingers over the taunt nubs. Pleasure cascaded from my breasts down to my moist pussy and I felt my first drip of cum seep out between my legs to the stone altar. I kept my eyes on the crowd as I pinched my nipples and watched the many cocks pounding away at pussy and ass.

It didn't take long before I smelled a cock about ready to feed me and I turned my attention towards the smell. As soon as I saw him I could see why he was excited so quickly; he had his large cock deep inside a really sexy blonde's ass. She had her head and shoulders down on the ground and her ass propped up by one of the benches with her legs over her head. He was pounding down into her while standing and even from where I was I could see her ass grabbing at his shaft and her pussy juice running down her stomach to her breasts. She was screaming in pleasure and telling him to fuck her harder and deeper.

My eyes were frozen on them and his smell was the most potent out of the entire group. I knew the woman was cumming and a flood of clear juice surged from her pussy and ran down her body all the way to her neck catching the torch light and reflecting it so she seemed to shine. A few more thrusts from the man and he pulled out of her, grabbed his long hard and shinny cock and headed towards me through the group of fucking bodies.

I turned my head as he placed his cock over the altar and began to stoke himself off inside my mouth. As his first burst of cum shot from his cock he yelled the call signifying his orgasm and end to his part of the ritual. A cheer went up from the crowd from hearing him scream and echoed again off the cliff. He tasted incredible and power surged thru me as I swallowed his thick load of cum that had filled my mouth. He pushed his head in for me to suck and clean him off once he was done, then he returned to the blond who was waiting for him and began munching on her soaked pussy and body satisfying his thirst in her.

From my past memories with Bobby I knew that he would tend to the blond until he was hard again and then feed his next load to her so she wouldn't go with out. She just had to sacrifice and be patient and wait for him to be able to again. I also knew that if it was a man that was being raised to the Head of the family that all the women would be required to feed him their cum and the other men fucking them wouldn't be able to partake until the Heir received the first serving. Since I was a woman I got first dibs on all the men and the other women had to wait for seconds.

I licked my lips and tasted the blonde's ass and smiled to myself as I smelled my next devoted follower about to add his load to me and the ritual. He was a large dark man with a really fat cock. He actually jumped up on the altar with me and squatted down over my tits to lay his big juicy member between my boobs. His dick was covered in the woman's juices he was fucking and it only took a few thrusts between my cleavage for him to shout "For the Head of us all!" and spew is load in my mouth. Delicious! I thanked him and he grabbed one of my tits before walking away with his cock swinging back and forth.

Some of his load had dripped down my chin and on my neck and I dabbed my finger in it and licked it off while I waited for my next ejaculating cock. My body felt amazing with just the two men's offerings and the noises and smells around me were surreal. More and more cocks were getting close now and I realized I was going to have more than one at a time soon. The puddle of cum under my pussy was enlarging and if it wasn't for Bobby's memories I would never had believed this was happening to little me. I was a nobody and now I was becoming the leader of a race of creatures beyond my imagination.

There were couples and groups close enough for me to touch and the orgy in the pool house back at the hotel paled in comparison with what I was seeing now. Everyone was expert and everyone loved what was happing. Women were cumming and screaming all around me and I knew there wasn't any rule against the men touching me but so far only the second man used my body to finish himself off. But that was about to change.

I smelled four men all about the same arousal level and all about to cum. They approached the altar at the same time but there wasn't enough room for all of them to feed me at the same time. Two men stood on each side of my head and the other two waited for an opening. One of the guys that were waiting lifted my legs and pushed them towards my head bringing my ass off the stone altar. The two men next to my head were stoking their beautiful cocks and moaning as the cum approached. Right before they yelled "For the Head of us all!" I felt a finger penetrate my ass and root around inside and then pull back out.

Hot sticky cum hit my open mouth from the guy on the left and the guy on the right screamed his chant and began adding to the others load. It was so much cum and a few long spurts splashed on my cheeks and chin. As I was trying to eat what I could the guy below me shoved his wide rod deep into my butt without warning and I screamed in pleasure with a mouth full of cum. His cock in my ass made me orgasm almost instantly and he pulled out and back in, fucking me while I swallowed. He kept slamming my ass until the guys at my head finished and moved back into the crowd. Once my head was free the cock withdrew from my quivering ass and he walked around to my head. The final guy took over with my butt and easily slid his longer cock deep.

I turned my head and caught the first rope of cum as the man yelled and moved forward taking his purple head partially in my mouth as he stoked his vein lined shaft long and hard, pumping me full. It never got old, I loved eating the cum and the sensations of power and vitality only increased with each addition load. My ass was sending blissful pleasure through my body as the cum added to my strength and I swallowed and sucked him to the end.

I saw more men already lined up and from that point on there was no waiting between loads of cum and my pussy or ass had a hard cock almost continually shoved deep. I lost track of the number of ejaculation cocks I fed on because as soon as one guy finished up I had another in my face spurting before I could take a breath. It was crazy and exciting, so much power and so much delicious cum. My face, chest and neck became coated with spunk that missed my mouth and I had no time to clean it off before another cock was spurting. I couldn't even look to see whose cock was next and if I recognized the guy it was happening so quick now.

Time passed, and cock after cock exploded in my face and mouth and the shouts went out and echoed among the mountains until I was left alone on the altar covered in the offerings and my family was still around me engaged in wonderful displays of sex. I can't describe how I felt, that much cum and that much energy can't be put into words. My whole body was vibrating and alert. I looked around once there were no more cocks to suck and saw that the men were now attending to the fifty women that had become really thirsty after having to sacrifice and let me have everything.

I looked down at my body and I was sure I had enough on me to quench at least two women if not more but none approached the sacred offering and left me alone in my state of heightened power. I began cleaning myself off with my hands and eating what I could and even the altar had become splattered from the many men. The puddle of my cum from the anal sex and pussy pounding was dripping off the stone to the ground it was so large. My Raising was complete and I was now the official Head of the family and Heir to everything.

I sat up on the edge of the altar and watched the large crowd around me. Some of the men had already cum twice and fed their partners by the time I had finished with all the men. I searched for my friends, my elite group, but it was such a tangle of naked bodies everywhere it was almost impossible to find them. I never even knew when TJ, Mike and Zack had given me their loads it was just so crazy I was just trying to swallow all I could and between the cocks in my ass and pussy I was cumming most the time.

Sitting there watching the hungry women beg for the treat they so desired and screaming as they were pounded in all positions was something I will never forget and never see again. If there is another Raising it means that I'm dead so I won't get to partake of anything like this again.

I took it all in around me and watched cocks burst forth and feed the many woman over the entire night and as dawn approached the crowd had thinned out with many of the group leaving and waving good bye to me after they had their fill. Eventually it was just my small group left and they came and sat down next to me after being satisfied themselves.

"You did very well Lana the Head of us all," TJ said smiling as he sat next to me.

"I'm still buzzing, it's insane how I feel right now," I said to him wide eyed.

"I'll bet....quite a rush to eat that much," Sam said.

"Ahuh, understatement," I responded.

It was almost sun up and bright enough to be called morning. Mandy seemed to have handled the Coronation pretty well considering she had just changed today. She was fitting in well.

"Okay well that was awesome to say the least, shall we head back?" I asked seeing them all staring at me.

They laughed and began to stand and walk to the stairs. I remained, watching them find their robes and put them back on to walk down the mountain. I kind of didn't want to leave and have the experience end. When they didn't see me with them TJ turned and called after me, "You coming?" I looked up, smiled and put my gold rimmed robe on and headed towards them.

The End

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