tagGroup SexCum With Me To The Party

Cum With Me To The Party


Office Christmas parties. Penny really didn't like them and never had. It all seemed so forced; getting together with people from work, even those you don't particularly like, and having a few drinks and nibbling bits of warm chicken nuggets and cocktail sausages on sticks. She'd rather not even be there. But like many others, she felt it would look as if she was being antisocial if she stayed away. She sighed and took another sip from the glass of mediocre white wine she was nursing. She looked around the all-purpose meeting-dining-banquet room that her firm had booked again for yet another Christmas party. A few imitation holly wreaths and piped in jolly Xmas music as background to the bursts of laughter from the salesmen clustered round the open bar. She wondered which one would be first to grope the chairman's wife or make an offensive remark to the CEO.

Unlike a lot of the female staff, Penny hadn't made a particular effort to dress up for the party. There was no-one she needed to impress and she wasn't interested in attracting the lecherous glances of liquored-up office boys or the red-faced old lecher from shipping.

Penny glanced at her watch and wondered how soon she could diplomatically slip away and get home to Mike. She was looking forward to an early night with him.

As she looked up, she was startled to see an attractive woman standing a few feet in front of her, looking her directly in the eyes. Penny couldn't help staring back. The woman looked strangely familiar. Penny couldn't place her but it felt as if they should know each other. She was aware of a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. The woman took a step closer, still staring at her as if trying to communicate silently.

The woman was perhaps just a little taller than Penny, the extra inch or two coming from the four-inch black leather pumps she was wearing. Then Penny noticed the woman's shoulder- length hair, envying the strawberry blonde color with a hint of copper and gold.

Penny felt almost hypnotized by this strangely compelling creature. The woman was looking at her with an ironic smile beginning to play across her lips. She raised an eyebrow and lifted her chin, still staring into Penny's eyes.

Penny began to be aware of a silent message crossing the distance between them telepathically.


The woman was telling Penny that her name was Carol. Penny silently mouthed the name. Carol. She saw the woman nod almost imperceptibly. Her name was Carol. The hubbub of the office party continued around them, but no-one paid them any attention. Penny thought it was odd that none of the men there had come over to hit on Carol.

Carol was wearing a very slinky sleeveless black evening dress with a deep cleavage that revealed almost all of the upper halves and inner curves of her breasts. The dress clung to Carol's body like a second skin; jet-black silk with a scattering of tiny sparkles that caught the light as Carol breathed in an out. The dress ended at mid-calf but was cut high on one side to just above her knee, revealing the gleaming black pantyhose (or could they be stockings? wondered Penny) that flattered her beautifully shaped legs. She wore no jewelry except a black velvet choker with a small cameo at her throat. Her make up was understated but expertly applied, drawing attention to her beautiful eyes and full, moist lips. A dusting of minuscule sparkles, echoing those on her gown, touched her cheeks and shoulders. The contrast of the black silk served to accentuate the flawless white flesh of her arms and bosom.

Without warning, Carol turned and walked away from Penny. If you could call it walking, thought Penny. Carol was moving across the room, letting her hips sway sensually with each slow step. Penny could see that Carol's dress was low cut in the back. There was not a sign of a panty-line to spoil the sheer beauty of her undulating hips and bottom. No underwear, no pantyhose, thought Penny. So the hose had to be hold-up stockings.

Oddly, nobody seemed to be paying any attention to this beautiful creature that was passing between the chatting groups of drinkers. Penny could see that Carol was heading for a door that she hadn't noticed before in a corner at the back of the room. Just before she reached the door, Carol reached behind her and unzipped the black dress, shrugging off the shoulder straps. Penny gasped with shock as she realized that the dress was slithering down Carol's body. Just as she pushed open the door and passed through, Carol paused and looked over her shoulder. Her eyes made contact with Penny's for a second and then she was gone.

Penny glanced quickly around her. Had nobody... nobody... noticed the beautiful woman whose every movement oozed raw sexuality as she moved amongst them? Could she, Penny, be the only person in the room who saw her slipping out of her dress as she entered the quiet side room?

Penny took a long swallow of her wine and set the glass down on a buffet table. Slowly, as if in a trance, she followed in Carol's footsteps, as if she had no control over her own movements. She moved through the crowd, her eyes fixed on the closed door in the corner. She felt like a character in a Hitchcock movie. There should be ominous music playing, she thought, but over the din, all she could hear was a Muzak version of "White Christmas". She stopped in front of the door and took a deep breath. Should she go through? Probably not, she thought. But she knew that she would anyway.

She pushed open the door and entered the room, conscious that the noise of the party faded as the door closed behind her. Her eyes adjusted to the low lighting. A red glow came from dimmed wall sconces. There was one slightly brighter light source from an overhead lamp in the center of the room. Penny became aware of a group of people, mainly men but some women, standing around the room, or moving slowly as if waiting for something. She gasped as she noticed one man was totally naked. Then, through the gloom, she saw the gleam of the red light fall on bare breasts and realized the woman standing next to her was topless. Small, high pointed breasts. Beautiful perhaps, but not the full, voluptuous breasts that she somehow knew to be Carol's. And where WAS Carol?

Penny moved toward the center of the room, aware that she was brushing against men and women, many of whom were fully or partially naked. And then she saw Carol.

In the middle of the room, under the glow of the soft overhead light, was a hotel table, perhaps five feet long and three feet wide, covered in a starched white tablecloth with a pleated white "skirt" attached all around it. It was almost identical to the tables in the main room that held the buffet and drinks. But on this table, lying on her back was Carol. She was naked, except for the sheer black stockings, the heels and the black velvet choker. Her shapely legs were lifted high in the air, her ankles resting on the shoulders of a tall, muscular man who was standing in front of her, fucking her with a steady relentless rhythm. With every thrust, Penny could see a shockwave travel up Carol's body, rippling her full, firm breasts up and then back.

Carol turned her head and looked at Penny, seemingly unsurprised to see her there. The man fucking Carol was speeding up now as he reached the final strokes, his slim buttocks clenching as he pistoned into her. His body tensed and he groaned as he emptied his balls deep within her. Penny saw him withdraw his dripping tool as Carol writhed on the table in a state of ongoing ecstacy.

Another man immediately moved forward to take his place. He was shorter than the first man and more solidly built. Penny could see his penis, thick as her wrist and uncircumcised with a sac of big heavy balls swinging below. He pulled Carol's body around and positioned her so she was lying face down across the table, her nyloned legs spread wide, her high heels planted firmly on the floor. Wordlessly, the man moved her feet further apart, pressing down on the small of her back until her gaping cunt was positioned at the perfect height. Nodding his satisfaction, he grasped his thick meat in one hand and fed it into Carol's vulva that glistened with the previous man's semen. He grasped her hips and began lunging into her. Carol let out a long groan of total pleasure as she felt the thick cock stretch and fill her.

Penny saw that she was now the only person in the room who was still fully clothed. A slim youth brushed past her, his erect penis jutting straight from his almost hairless body. He walked to the other side of the table and took Carol's head between his hands. He moved forward and waggled his hips slightly so that his prick slapped Carol back and forth across her cheeks. Penny could see a pearl of pre-cum forming on the tip, glistening as the overhead light caught it. Carol opened her mouth, allowing the youth to slide his cockhead between her lips. He let go of Carol's face and stood still, hands on hips, allowing the urgent thrusts of the man across the table to push Carol's mouth forward and back on his shaft. Penny saw Carol's cheeks hollow with each forward thrust, her jaws working as she apparently bathed the sensitive underside of the youth's prick with her tongue.

Penny noticed that the two men who were simultaneously penetrating Carol's body were making eye contact, and Penny suddenly guessed that they were trying to time their orgasms to coincide. She was right. Both men nodded slightly to each other as their breathing became more rapid. At the same moment, they both pulled out of Carol and grasped their wet cocks, their hands a blur as they wanked furiously, aiming towards each other along the length of Carol's prone body. They both ejaculated at the same instant. Penny saw a white rope of semen shoot from each cock. The jets of cum arced towards each other like heat-seeking missiles and collided in a wet explosion a foot or more above Carol's body, showering her back with hundreds of white-hot droplets. Penny could hear Carol whimpering with pleasure as the warm sticky semen continued to rain down on her body.

The stocky man and the youth stepped back into the shadows to be immediately replaced by a tall athletic-looking black man, his toned body and shaved head gleaming with a sheen of perspiration. Penny watched him lift Carol as if she were as light as a child's doll. He turned her over and sat her on the edge of the table facing him, coaxing her to lean back until she was supporting her upper body on her elbows and forearms. He put his large but gentle hands behind Carol's knees and lifted her legs, parting them as he leaned forward. Penny noticed that the group of naked men and women surrounding the table were all looking down at the black man's groin. She followed their eyes and gasped. His cock was truly a monster! At least twelve inches of gnarled ebony with a bulbous head the size and texture of a tangerine. Penny could see it throbbing, a thick vein pulsing visibly. The black man moved forward until just the tip of his huge weapon was between Carol's labia. He began to move his hips forward, slowly but relentlessly. Penny looked at Carol's face. It was flushed and her hair was matted and stuck to her forehead. Her eyes were wide as saucers, her mouth open as she panted loudly in a mixture of lust and fearful anticipation. Her breasts and belly was covered with droplets of her perspiration. The black man continued pushing deeper, deeper into Carol's hot, wet cunt.

The woman that Penny had seen earlier moved through the group of spectators and stood at Carol's side looking down at her. Penny again noticed the woman's small high breasts, and now in the light could see they were capped with hard nipples, the size and color of cherries. She bent down and began lapping the droplets of perspiration from Carol's breasts and belly. Penny watched the woman's long pink tongue swirling around Carol's erect nipples. She then moved up and kissed Carol gently on the mouth as if reassuring her and telling her to be brave. She stepped away from the table as the black man completed his entry. He was inside Carol as far as he could go. He pulled back a little and began thrusting.

Carol's head fell back and she screamed. Penny was worried that Carol was in agony, then suddenly realized it was a scream of pure lustful pleasure. Carol was exploding in an earth- shattering climax as she was filled to capacity with the man's hot, shiny log.

It was apparent to Penny that Carol was on a plateau of endless sexual bliss as one orgasm rolled into another like waves crashing on a Caribbean beach. The man plunged into her steadily for several minutes; then with his own orgasm about to crest, he withdrew his gleaming shaft from Carol's violated pussy. He held her labia apart, holding her cunt wide open, his spasming manhood only two or three inches away. With a gutteral roar, the black man ejaculated, squirting a scalding stream of semen across the gap and deep into the twitching wet, red tunnel. Carol screamed again as she felt the thick cream coating the walls of her ravished pussy.

Carol turned her head and looked at Penny through glazed, half-closed eyes. She smiled and nodded slightly. Penny was suddenly aware that she was trembling. She felt her moisture trickle into her panties as if it were she and not Carol who was being taken over and over again.

The black man had been replaced by a statuesque woman. She was a brunette with blue eyes, broad shoulders and muscular jutting breasts crowned with thick, rubbery teats. Penny thought fleetingly that she looked like Lucy Lawless playing the role of Xena, the warrior princess. But, instead of a costume, this Xena was wearing only a strap-on dildo jutting menacingly from her groin, with the other end lodged snugly inside her own vagina. Penny could hear the dildo humming softly. Xena reached between Carol's legs and, pushing two fingers into her aching pussy, scooped out some of the hot, sticky liquid. She rubbed the liquid, a mixture of Carol's own juices and the spunk of the many men who had been fucking her, along the shaft of the dildo until it gleamed with the lubricating wetness. Xena gripped Carol's nylon-clad thighs and pushed her knees up and back until they were touching her breasts. Carol's hands were gripping the edge of the table, either side of her buttocks, prepared to steady herself from the onslaught of this hard- bodied amazon.

Xena towered over Carol's helpless body and pushed the slippery dildo into her slick hole. As Xena began her merciless thrusting, Penny silently backed away from the table, melting into the crowd of naked men and women. Most of the men were slowly masturbating, while many of the women were stroking vibrators and dildos, all anxious for their turn to penetrate the beautiful sex goddess lying passively on the table, wordlessly accepting and thrilling to whatever they would do to her.

Penny realized that she had left the room and was once again standing in the main hall, surrounded by the unsteady crowd shouting loudly at each other over the thud-thud of the music that had moved from Christmas standards to disco dance tunes. Penny caught sight of herself in one of the large ornate mirrors that lined the walls, designed to make the room look larger and grander than it was. She could see her reflection. Her face was flushed and her chest was rising and falling as if she were slightly out of breath. She smoothed some hair from her eyes and felt that her brow was moist. Again she was aware that her panties were damp with her own aroused moisture. Her hand, holding a glass of mediocre white wine, was still trembling.

She turned from the mirror and was startled to see Carol once again standing in front of her, now fully dressed in the slinky black silk dress, without a hair out of place. Carol was looking at her with a sophisticated half-smile, one eyebrow raised quzically. She spoke for the first time, her voice strangely familiar.

"Enjoying the party?"

Before Penny could answer, Carol turned around until her back was to her. Penny could smell her expensive perfume and the hint of her sexual excitement. Carol's back was extremely close to her. Penny could almost feel the tips of her breasts touching Carol's shoulder blades. Suddenly, Carol took a step backwards. Penny jumped, expecting to feel Carol's body bump into her. But there was no contact. Strange. Penny looked around her, then turned to see if Carol was behind her. But all she could see was the reflection of her own flushed face. It was as if Carol's body had somehow merged with her own, disappearing into her. Suddenly, she wanted to be home with Mike. Right now. Penny put down the wine glass and strode purposefully towards the cloakroom.


When Penny got home, she found Mike seated at the computer. He turned and smiled at her.

"Enjoy the party?"

Penny smiled back at him with one eyebrow raised quizically. "Hmm. You're the second person to ask me that. Let's go to bed and I'll tell you all about it."

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