tagIncest/TabooCum With Us

Cum With Us


My name is Veronica. I have been described as being a beautiful blonde with big firm tits and a tight ass men love better than women with implants. My sisters (Tina and Sandra) and I are triplets with the same physical looks. We always share each others boyfriends in our depraved sexual fantasies.

Tina's boyfriend, Jack, is a gorgeous 6 foot tall hunk of a boyfriend with black hair and blue eyes. His body was tight and muscular. She always speaks of his insatiable 10 inch cock that can cum enough for three women. So my sisters and I wanted to see if this was true.

One night Tina's boyfriend stopped by while Sandra and I were making out in our living room. We were taking each others clothes off and rubbing our naked bodies against each other. My tits were rubbing against hers as we kissed passionately. Our tongues were slowly rubbing each other as well as our lips. Then, our hands were running over each other as we worked our way down, rubbing each other's tits, ass, and pussies. I fingered her clit as we continued kissing. Then, I moved my way down Sandra's body kissing her neck, nibbling on her gorgeous tits, and finally licked the juices from her pussy while sucking her clit between my teeth. I tongued her clit as I wrapped her long beautiful legs around my neck while stroking her tits.

I made my sister cry out my name as she came. Tina and her boyfriend were really turned on by our display and began to join in with their own desire. Tina, expecting Jack to come over to the house, wore only a short robe with nothing underneath. She untied her robe displaying firm, round tits. Jack began to touch her tits while Tina unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his jeans.

She kissed her way down his neck and muscular chest, licking and sucking on his nipples then proceeded to removing his briefs and his cock stood became hard. She licked the pre-cum from his cock and put the head of it into her mouth. She took him in deeper, grazing her teeth on him while her tongue swirled around him. His hands were on her head while his hips moved in rythm to her mouth.

I was still tongue fucking my sister while the other two were at it. Tina then took Jack's cock and rubbed the head of it against her nipples. She rubbed his cock up and down making her tits hard. Jack was going crazy watching the erotic action Tina was doing to him and watching me and Sandra fucking each other. Sandra and I then sat up and pressed our wet pussies against each other. Our juices mingling and our clits touching, we kissed again and moved against each other until we both came at the same time.

As Jack watched on, Tina continued rubbing her nipples against the head of his cock and Jack could take no more. Tina knew it and she took his cock in her hand and placed it over her mouth as he came. She guided his cock to shower her mouth down her neck and to each of her tits. She drank and bathed in his creamy juices. As he poured what he had on her, Tina looked at him with desire, brought her tit up to her outstretched tongue and licked his cum from her nipple. Sandra and I watched the erotic display and moved toward them.

Sandra and I wanted to join in the action so we crawled over to them. Sandra and I began to lick his cock while our tongues rubbed against each others. We shared a 3-way kiss with the head of his cock and licked the remains of his cum. Our hands moved up his legs, his tight ass, and to his chest. Sandra and I were again rubbing our tits with each other, nipples against nipples. Jack became even harder again at seeing and feeling us. I began to suck on his cock to get more juice out of him and he came into my mouth.

"No fair!" Sandra complained. "You both have had him and I haven't tasted his come." Me, feeling charitable, I kissed my sister giving her a taste of what she wanted with my cum filled mouth. She drank a mouthful of his juices from me. Her tongue licking every drop inside and around my mouth.

Finally, we all shared him moving him onto the floor on his back and had our way with him. Tina straddled his face while my sister and I rubbed our pussies against each other with his cock in between us. Our clits rubbed against each other and the head of his cock. Tina was getting tongue fucked by Jack while my sister and I continued to fuck his cock. Our clits would meet as our pussies felt his cock up. Jack was raising his hips circling his cock between us making us more hot. He then gave one final thrust and showered his cum between us. Our tits were bathed in his cum and we rubbed up on each others tits feeling the silky wetness rub on us. Tina watched us and came to lick us both. Her tongue licked up his cum from between our tits. Sandra and I kissed each other passionately, our tongue rubbing each other. Then Tina joined in for a 3-way kiss. Our tongues all licking and laving each others.

Jack continued tonguing Tina. She came again gushing juices into Jack's mouth. He lapped all of her juices, cupped her tits in his hands while rubbing her nipples. She cried out his name before falling over him in sated state. Living up to what Tina said about his neverending cum, he was still hard and he continued fucking us. Then we changed positions.

I laid down on my back as Sandra began to lick my pussy. She sucked my clit while rubbing her tongue around it. My hips were moving up and down to match the pace Sandra was placing. Tina was licking and tonguing Sandra's pussy while Jack took Tina from behind. We all continued our movements until I came on Sandra's mouth, Sandra came in Tina's mouth, and Jack once again came into Tina. We were all lying on top of each other after that position.

A few minutes later, Jack was hard again. He couldn't get enough of the three of us. My sisters and I saw that and we once again had the energy to fuck some more. Jack stood up and my sisters and I went down on him. Tina in the middle with Sandra and I on both sides of her. Sandra and I took her tits from both sides. We licked her tits and her nipples became hard. Sandra and I rubbed our tits against both his legs from each side. He then took my head and Sandra's and brought it to his cock. "I want all 3 of you now. Suck my cock from all ends," rasped Jack. We did as he begged and had a 3-way kiss now with his cock. Our lips and tongues rubbed him and each other.

Jack was holding onto Sandra and I to guide our mouths over his cock. We all asked him to cum with us. Jack once again gave a final thrust and splashed his cum over all our tits. We rubbed his cum all over our bodies. Our tits were glistening with his juices as we rubbed his cum all over each others bodies.

Finally, we all became sated in our needs. Jack saying, "This was the greatest evening I have ever had. We definately have to do it again!" Me being insatiable as well said, "how about in 5 minutes?" We did just that with him and our other boyfriends and every night since then.

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