Cunt! Ch. 03


I awoke the next morning – still in Derek's bed – still wearing my pink, lacy cheekies. I could feel his arm draped across my stomach; his lips breathing hot air across the nape of my neck. It gave me chills. I lay there thinking of the previous night: the flirting, the kissing, the passionate sex. The things we said to each other, the things we did with one another. I had let him fuck me; I wanted him to fuck me... I wanted to be his girl. I submitted to him completely and I was fine with it. Now, the morning after, I was still fine with it. It was an amazing feeling and I loved it.

I lifted Derek's arm off of me and laid it down softly; he stirred a bit but remained asleep as I headed to the bathroom. Staring at myself in the mirror I couldn't believe how feminine I looked, even without the makeup. The only remnant of my masculinity was bundled in my pretty, pink panties, shrunken and dainty. I turned around and checked out my butt; I loved how my ass looked in a pair of lacey cheekies. My ass cheeks hung out just below the bottom of my t-shirt, tempting all who had seen it. I looked at myself and I bit my lip; I felt so unbelievably sexy, I had never known it could feel this good to be so desirable. I picked up a brush and brushed my hair, used the restroom and headed downstairs.

The kitchen was particularly warm and bright from the sun that shown in this winter morning. I grabbed the box of Reese's Puffs off of the top of the refrigerator. I grabbed a bowl and added milk and, voila... breakfast. After a few bites, Derek strolled lazily into the kitchen in only his underwear and sat at the table. I stared at him while he brought himself out from his morning haze. His body was hard and well-defined. He was young, that was apparent, but still had an older charm to him. I would definitely call him an early bloomer. "Uhhh.... Make me some breakfast, please!" he pouted childishly.

"No!" I replied.

He rose from the table and looked at me.


"No, do it yourself!"

His drowsiness quickly faded and he coyly smiled as he realized I was still wearing my panties. I smiled back that satisfied, troublesome look a girl gives when she knows she is being ogled. I continued eating my cereal as he came around behind me. I felt his chin near my neck; I felt his hot breath again. Then I felt him lift my shirt slightly and slide his hands down the small my back as he grabbed my ass through the lace. He leaned in and kissed my neck lightly. "Make me breakfast please!" He repeated in a low, demanding tone as he traced his fingers along my legs to the from of my thighs and back again.

"No!" I replied more weakened than previously.

He then kissed my neck again, it tickled and I jerked my head down towards his. He continued on kissing my neck and massaging my cheeks as I began to moan. I set my cereal down on the counter-top. Then he spun me around to face him and kissed me hard on the lips. I kissed him back, our tongues dancing in out of each other's mouths as he continued fondling my butt with one hand and the other now holding me around my back. We became more aggressive; our heads constantly shifted as our lips and tongues collided. Pressed against Derek, I felt his dick begin to grow; my whole body shook with chills. I slid my hand into his boxers and grabbed his swelling cock. I squeezed lightly and pulled it back and forth. Within seconds he was fully erect. I jerked him a few more times before he lifted me up by my sides and set me on the counter.

Derek took the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head. I took his face into my hands as we returned to making out. He slid his hand into the hair behind my head, holding me lightly. He pulled away and began kissing down the sides of my neck before working his way down to my breasts. When he reached my nipples, he kissed them lightly, then began sucking on them and flicking the tips with his tongue, sending a chill down my spine. My own cock began growing too big for the panties that constrained it.

"Oh Derek!" I moaned.

"Do you like this?" He said before he returned to sucking my nipples.

"Yes! Oh yes!" I tried to move my hand to my panties but Derek playfully slapped it away.

"Not yet, we've only just begun."

He alternated nipples and then began kissing down my torso. He kissed further down around my panties: kissing, licking, and sucking my inner and outer thighs. My erection begged to be released but he wouldn't allow it, he continued to ignore it. Derek bit the edge of my panties, pulled, and flicked them against my body, then he kissed his way back up my stomach and my breasts and neck before kissing me passionately on the lips. Once again, we made out furiously. Derek still hadn't taken off his boxers. His cock strained against the fabric of his boxers creating a tent I'd love to take shelter under. I broke our kissed and hopped of the counter. I got onto my knees and was at eye level with his hard, covered dick. I grabbed both sides of his boxers and jerked down angrily, freeing his raging member. His cock came down with the boxers and flicked up hard against his stomach making a smacking sound. I grabbed it with my left hand and began licking the head like a popsicle. "Oh god!" Derek exclaimed.

I grabbed Derek's scrotum with my other hand and began playing with his testicles as if they were baoding balls. Derek began oozing pre-cum; I let it gather a bit before licking it off. I would squeeze up and down the shaft to pull more and more to the head. Finally, I placed my pursed lips against the tip and then engulfed only the head. I stayed there and lightly sucked for a bit, all while still working his testicles. "Oh, god. Ashley. Deeper! Please, take me deeper!" He moaned.

I moved down his rod slowly with my mouth, feeling every vein, bump, and ridge that passed along my lips and tongue. I loved the skin of his dick; it felt like silk wrapped around wooden baton, soft yet firm. His salty taste only added to the whole experience, not because of the flavor, but because I knew I was tasting him. I went down his dick as far my mouth would let me before stopping. I didn't get very far, only about half way. I pulled back and tried again, repeating the exact same motion, hoping to get further. I looked up into his eyes. He was watching me with this wild lust, as if he may grab and devour me at any second. I didn't break eye contact as I continued devouring him. I started turning my head side to side as I went down his cock, gaining an inch. I attempted to go further but gagged and had to pull off. I returned to the tip and kissed it, and then kissed all along his length randomly before returning to engulfing as much of him as I could. Derek was really leaking now, I could taste him strongly and I knew he was getting close to an orgasm. I put the tip of my tongue into his urethra and wiggled it around. His legs started to give, he was getting weak in the knees.

"No more, Ash!" He said as he grabbed me my shoulders and set me on feet. He got behind me and pushed on my back, pressing me against the counter. He grabbed my panties and pulled them down exposing my ass. He grabbed both cheeks and kissed them sporadically. He kissed them with a long, sucking motion, each kiss lasting for several seconds before pulling off. Then he dragged his tongue along my ass before reaching the top of my crack. He pulled my cheeks apart and ran his tongue down my crack, lightly caressing my hole. Derek then lapped at my hole, like a dog does water. It was very wet. He pressed his tongue into me, trying to get as deep as he could, pointing his tongue up as he came out. I could feel myself leaking all over the sides of the cabinets, below the counter. He licked me up and down, kissing the tender area's of my ass, soaking me and preparing me for more to come. With his finger, he wiped some of the pre-cum from the cabinet and from the head of my dick and wiped it onto my asshole, then he licked it off slowly. "I wanted to really taste you!" He said.

He applied more of my emissions to me, this time pushing his finger inside of me. "Ohhh!" I moaned. He pulled his finger out of me and again gave me a long, deep lick with his tongue. Then he returned his finger and pressed into me again.

"You're getting very loose!" He said.

"Mmm... this girl knows what she wants!"

"Oh, really!" He replied fingering me a bit faster now, "And what does this girl want?"

He added a second finger and stretched me wider.

"Ahh... she wants... mmm... a fat cock!"

"Okay – and she wants it to look at or to hold?" He fingered me rapidly.

"IN HER ASS! Ohhh! She wants it in her ass! Uhhh..." He pulled his fingers out.

"I don't think she could handle this fat cock."

Once again, He pulled my cheeks apart and returned to eating me out. I began pushing my ass out, trying to get his tongue deeper and deeper into me. His tongue was really going at it, worshipping and soaking my hole. I was biting my lip, moaning, and squealing; I couldn't control myself. Derek was driving me wild with his quality analinguis. My erection was leaking terribly, I could feel myself getting close to cumming and I had yet to even touch myself. It was becoming unbearable, I wanted release. I reached my hand back to rub my dick and Derek grabbed it firmly and pressed it against the counter. "You aren't allowed to touch that!"


"No, you want to be a girl? You'll orgasm like a girl, cock or not!" He pushed his tongue deep into me and smacked my ass.

"Oww! Unnhh... Fine, but... mmm... give me your cock... please!" He stopped rimming me.

"You think you can handle it?"

"I think I did a pretty good job last night!"

"I did the work last night, you just enjoyed it!"

"Oh, is that so?"

"I think so!"

"Well – I think it is you, who can't handle me!"

I rose up and turned around; I grabbed Derek's dick and gave it a few quick tugs. He leaned in and we embraced once again; I could taste myself on his tongue. We stayed like this for a few minutes, making out heavily while I stroked his cock and he kneaded my breasts and ass. Finally, I broke the kiss, grabbed his hand and led him over to the kitchen table, then pulled out a chair. I positioned him in front of the chair, put my hands on his shoulders, and forced him to sit down. Derek sat there with an inquisitive look on his face. I smiled, turned around, and began to sway my butt from side to side as I lowered myself onto his lap. I ground my ass against his hard cock, pinning it between us. He grabbed my hips and assisted my movements. I leaned back onto him and he moved his hands up my body to my chest and softly squeezed. He took his hand and combed my hair over my shoulder, then kissed and nibbled on my neck. "You're so sexy!" he whispered.

"Why thank you! You are not so bad yourself." I replied.

"So how much longer are you going to tease me?"

"I'm done! I just wanted to have some fun!"

I slid off of his lap and onto my knees, turning around as I did. I grabbed his cock and jerked him a few times before putting him in my mouth. I was sucking him very quickly and sloppily. I wanted him soaked when he entered me. I took him as deep as I could into my mouth before returning to just the tip and then back again. After repeating this a few times, I took my mouth off his cock. Then, I spit a large amount of saliva on the tip. I rose to my feet and began positioning myself over Derek. I grabbed his shoulders with one hand and his dick with the other, placing his rod at my asshole. Derek pulled my face to his and we kissed as he began to enter me. "Mmmm...." I moaned into his mouth as I lowered myself onto him..

He felt so warm as he went deep inside me, filling me with his large cock. Just like I could when he was in my mouth, I felt every swollen and angry vein that protruded from his shaft. It tickled me and sent a shiver through my body. I could feel a buzzing in my ass, radiating through my entire lower half. After just a few second, I felt his pubes and balls on my butt-cheeks. I broke our kiss, "So, am I handling it?" I ask.

"You're doing good so far," he smirked, "we'll just have to see!"

"I hope you are ready!"

I placed both hands on his shoulders and slowly lifted myself back up his cock, then lowered myself slowly again. Derek and I stared each other in the eyes as I raised, lowered, and repeated. Soon sounds of grunting, moaning and squealing filled the kitchen. My toes curled as I continued; I began to move my ass in a circular motion on his dick. Derek moved his hands to my ass and helped with my gyrations. From time to time, he leaned his head back, his eyes would look up toward the ceiling, and he let out a quick "Uh!" This emboldened me; I grabbed his hands and moved them to my breasts, hoping I could feel him deeper. I ceased my circular movements and began rocking on him. My dick rested on his abs and would rub up and down them as I rocked, leaving trails of pre-cum. "Ooo..." I began to squeal, "...Unhhh!" Derek just held his hands to my chest; he seemed too distracted currently to play with me.

"Oh god! You're amazing!" He exclaimed.

"You like?" I moaned.

"Being inside you... is like heaven!"


"Ohh – yes – so good." He was having trouble speaking.

I leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips and we began making out. He grabbed my ass with one hand and left the other on my breast. Derek pulled me too him and I began rocking on him faster; his assistance made it easier. My orgasm was building; I had a violent buzzing deep inside me and a tingle in my toes. My erection was rock hard and leaking upon his stomach.

There was a tremendous heat between us; beads of sweat were forming on Derek's forehead. I know I was perspiring as well. Our skin began sticking slightly. Derek squeezed my breast and removed his mouth from mine. He began sucking on my nipples. "Uhh – Ahh – Hmm!" I couldn't control the sounds that left mouth. I was riding him faster now; my entire body was buzzing with energy and euphoria. Derek couldn't keep my nipple in his mouth so he leaned his head back and enjoyed the ride. My ass made a loud slapping sound every time it would hit his lap. "Fuck me, Ashley!"

I couldn't speak, all I could was moan, groan, and squeal.

"Ride that cock, you dirty cunt!"

Derek slapped my ass and grabbed it with both hands; he began thrusting up into me. We were fucking hard now. He moved me up and down with his hands as I did the same with my legs. A tremendous pressure and tingle built in side me; it was like the sensation when your stomach drops on a rollercoaster, but prolonged. I grabbed him around the back of neck and placed my elbows on his shoulders. I laid my cheek against his and moaned into his ear. We were pressed together tight. I was being pleasured inside and out as my cock slid up and down in between us and his cock fucked my ass. Derek breathing was becoming erratic, as was mine. He was grunting heavily into my ear.

"Ashley! I am going to cum!"

"Me too! Me too! Ahh..."

"Where do you want it?"

"Cum inside me, please cum inside me!"


"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Uhh!"

I pulled away from him and sat straight up. Derek's pace slowed down, as did mine, then he came. I could feel him spurting deep inside; a warmness spread throughout me. The thought of him cumming inside me turned me on all the more. My body trembled; my toes curled and popped. "Ahhh... Unnnhhhh!" I whined. My dick twitched hard as it released a torrent of cum onto his abs. I rode him slowly, my entire body humming in euphoria. My whines eased into a soft coo. I didn't want this feeling to end. I kept riding him until the wave of pleasure over me had passed.

Derek's head was leaned back, resting against the back of the chair. I collapsed against his chest and laid there trying to catch my breath. We stayed like this briefly, remaining in the moment. I began lightly kissing his chest. He took notice and leaned down and kissed me on my head affectionately, still panting.

"So," he said, "are you going to make me breakfast!"

I looked up at him and replied, "I may be your slut, but I am not your bitch!"

He laughed, "Okay, okay... Damn, that was a hell of a thing!"

"I think I proved I can handle your cock!"

"Yeah, you win!"

"I think we both won on that one."

"And we've the whole day ahead of us."

"Yes! Yes, we do."

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