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I was first introduced to Cupid when he showed up on one of my "Be my Valentine" cards. You probably remember those little cards that we so freely handed out to our grade school friends. I gave out plenty and got my fair share. I still have some in an old scrap book my Mom made for me. I was a boy, it was something we did. Why, because, everyone did it. It was a nice change from the school routine, but beyond that, the rewards were small, but that would change.

Add some time, some hormones, the Valentine tradition, and a guy could get a embarrassed thank-you, a little hug, a peck on the cheek or the grand prize, a kiss on the lips! For a lot of us guys, it consumes a lot of emotional energy looking for a Valentine, but the rewards are desirable so we suffer on, looking for that ONE.

Iris was the girl to bring my Valentine experience to the next level, when she gave me my first French kiss. Her lips were soft, her tongue tantalizing. I was hooked. But our paths parted and it was quite some time before I found another Valentine, a Rose this time.

Rose liked to laugh and have fun. She was educated but accepting, blunt but not mean. She had had several boyfriends before I met her. The last relationship was a serious one. Her heart had been wounded by his departure so she was a bit cautious about getting involved again. With Valentine's Day approaching, I enlisted Cupid's help and gave Rose a long stem rose and a box of heart shaped candy. I was rewarded with a beautiful smile, a thank-you, a big hug, and a long awaited kiss. Most importantly, we were friends and I had her thinking about me.

We did the formal dating scene through the Spring and I knew I was making some progress as our time together became less and less formal and we'd just hanging out together. There was a YMCA not far away that we would go swimming at. That was the closest I got to getting her out of her cloths. Judging from what her swimsuit revealed, happy was the man who succeeded in doing so. Afterwards, if the gym wasn't too busy, we shoot a few basket balls. She shot the ball like a girl and it made me feel warm and tingly inside because she was my girl. I was sure Rose was the one for me but she still was healing so continued to move slowly.

About the time the University was over for the school year, Rose announced she was going to study overseas for the summer. She had finished her graduate work and said she wanted to take a 'fun' history tour. She would be traveling with a group but wanted to use the time to collect herself. I'll write, she promised. I gave her a little camera and she promised to take me along on her trip in pictures. Still I was worried I would lose her to some suave foreigner and told her so. As the time for departure neared, Rose decided to relieve some of my anxiety by inviting me to spend a night with her. Up to this time our physical interaction hadn't passed the hand holding and kissing stage.

While being excited, I also was anxious. She would be my first and Rose was already well experienced. At every new level it is like starting all over again, with the challenges of the unknown, the insecurities and self-doubts.

We spent the day together; did some window shopping; dined out; watched a romantic movie. We were feeling warm and accepting toward each other so moving to intimacy felt right and natural. I'm not a visual person, but looking upon her naked beauty burned an image on my mind that I'll never forget. With flesh pressed against flesh, our kisses were magnified with passion so intense I could scarcely control myself. I let her know how much I loved and respected her and would do anything to please her.

"I love you too," she replied, "then asked me to kiss her all over.

I nibbled her ears and neck; sucked her tits; kissed her tummy and thighs. Silky Pubic hair caressed my face as I bent down to kiss her hidden lips. I was an amateur but loved the experience and Rose didn't seem to mind my clumsy efforts.

"I'm ready for your penis," Rose said, as she directed me with her hands.

My cock was as big and hard as I had ever felt it. Her soft hand guided it to her vaginal entrance. In spite of the pictures I had seen of pussies, I was still surprised about how far down her pussy it was. As Rose's vagina enveloped my super sensitive penis, just one squeeze from her vaginal muscles was enough to trigger my orgasm. It felt so good to ejaculate into her.

Rose had been watching me intensely. She gave me a sweet smile when my eyes focused on her face.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it," she said.

"My first time," I admitted.

"I hope it was everything you had dreamed about," she smiled.

"You are more than a guy could hope for," I responded. "You make me feel so wonderful. I'm sorry about coming so quickly. I wish I could have pleased you more and made you feel it too.

"It's not just you," Rose replied, "it felt so good having you penis in my vagina, I couldn't help but give it a bear hug. Besides it takes time and practice to learn anything. Learning to be a lover is no different. I'm enjoying our time together. I like knowing I was the first girl to get your weenie wet. That in itself makes me feel special. Come to think of it, you are my first too." Seeing my puzzled look, she continued. "You're the first guy whose cherry I've popped! So all in all, this has been a rather eventful evening."

Getting up, she went to the bathroom and got a wash rag and she wiped her pussy. Then she got a small camera from her purse. "Here," she said, "take a picture of me so you'll have something to hang on your wall. I want you to think of me while I'm gone."

She gave me several seductive poses and I snapped the pictures.

We spent the night snuggled together. I kept waking up, just to enjoy the feel of her body pressed against mine. The morning came early, as Rose's flight left at five. I took her to the airport. As we kissed good-bye she handed me a note with a name, phone number and this little message.

"I have a good friend, someone I trust," she wrote. "She's a good teacher, I know, I had several of her pupils practice on me. Call her in a few days and see what you can learn. Thank you for being patient with me and giving me time heal. I love you. P.S. Don't forget to dream about me."

bout a week later I got a call from the Wal-Mart photo department telling me my photo was ready. This must be Roses doing, I thought, because I had never had pictures developed there. When the woman at the photo desk gave me the picture, I could tell she was eyeing me in a curious way. I absent mindedly pull the picture from it's envelope then quickly shoved it back in, once I realized this was a photo of my naked Rose. The clerk caught my eye and I could tell she wanted to say something.

Smiling, she said, "We develop those pictures right here in the store you know. I took extra care to get the colors balanced just right for you."

I could feel my face redden as I thanked her, but she wasn't through. "It was my pleasure. And don't be embarrassed about your manly desires. Your woman is obviously pleased that they are directed toward her. By the way, the picture frames are over there. A picture like that deserver a good frame."

When I put the picture by my bed, I noticed the note Rose had given me. I promised myself to check out her friend and find out what this mysterious learning was all about.

At the mid-morning break the following day, I called Jane, Rose's friend. I explained who I was and why I was calling. I was startled when Jane said she had already read my file and had a tentative plan ready for me to look at. I was to stop by after work and go over it with her. If it was acceptable then we could get going on it right away.

When I arrived at the address, I found myself in a strip mall, standing in front of a small store called "Cupid's Workshop." To one side was a candy store and on the other was florist. A little bell tingled as I open the door. A pleasing fragrance from a perfume display greeted my noise. A tasteful soothing lavender decor suggested a feminine dominance. Making my way to the counter, I past a book display. One title caught my eye, "Romance for Dummies." I was beginning to get an idea why Rose had sent me here.

Alice, the girl at the counter, led me back to where Jane was. The store only occupied the front third of the space; the rest looked like an office, conference room, exercise room, and a couple more that had the doors closed. Jane had a sunny disposition, while commanding the authority of someone who knows what they are doing.

As I sat down across from Jane, she had an open folder in front of her.

"I was just going over Rose's report about you again. She called you a diamond in the rough."

"Is that good or bad, what does it mean and why did she write a report on me and give it to you," I blurted out?

Jane smiled, "It means that you are a good find but not ready to go on a wedding ring yet."

I cast my eyes down as I tried to process what was going on. I was a little disappointed in the analysis but even more confused why Rose had written a report on me and given it to Cupid's Workshop.

"Look at me," Jane said in a soft but authoritative voice. A diamond in the rough is good, you're good, and it's our job to get you polished up. A lot of that polish happens when you learn how relationships work. What we do here is like "boot camp." It's short but intense. This is not a buffet where you pick and you choose. Yes there is dessert but that is but a small part of the meal. Do you hear what I'm saying?"

"I hear you but I'm not sure what it all means," I replied.

"It means, as a man you have the natural animal instincts and behaviors of a male. Females want a man like that, someone who is responsible, a provider, protector and lover. Here at Cupid's Workshop, you will learn and practice how to be a man, women love to love."

"OK," I said, "I admit I have a lot to learn, so how much is this going to cost me?"

"Rose donated a lot of time here, so we're not going to charge you our normal $5000 fee. You can thank Rose. There is a medical physical that you or your insurance will have to cover. When that is done we want you to see a fitness coach and a dietitian. That will cost you. We recommend you give our volunteers $20 to $30 dollars per visit. This is between you two, but remember, they are struggling University students so it seems fair to help them while they help you. All this is explained in the packet will send home with you. Everything we do here is strictly confidential. We give you the training material that you read, listen to, watch, at home, then you'll have a practice session. For example, if it is how to talk on a date, will give you the material to study, then you'll take one of our trainers out on a date and practice the techniques. The date will cost you but not our trainer's time."

Then pointing to the report, Jane continued, "I see you are a ten second wonder. That's great in the animal kingdom but in a man woman relationship we are going to make that ten minutes at the minimum. You'll work with our trainers and volunteers. As you get better, we recommend taking one of our trainers on a three day weekend retreat where you can practice a number of things you have been learning. That retreat is on your nickel. It's not unusual for our clients pay another $2000 for volunteers, dinners, flowers, hotels and so on."

Jane pushed a document and pen across the desk toward me. "I need your signature, testifying you are doing this of your own free will and will hold us harmless from any actions that may go on. Everything we do is confidential on our part and on your. You cannot reveal the identity of anyone you work with here. This is especially critical when it comes to sex. Do you have any questions?"

"How did Rose know about your work here?"

Jane smiled, "Normally I couldn't tell you but," she paused while thumbing through Rose's report, then read from it. "'If Steve asks about my work at Cupid's Workshop, please tell him.'"

Jane thought for a moment before answering. "Premature ejaculation is a common issue in men. Many men think three minutes is great but a woman wants more than that. We have a number of University girls who volunteer as sexual partners for the men who need practice on their ejaculation control. Rose was working on a research paper for a sociology class and became one of our volunteers. Now most of our volunteers are not trained so they just record how long intercourse took but those men who worked with Rose progressed faster. Because of her interest, we invited her to work with the men who were learning to routinely bring a woman to a penis induced orgasm. Rose wrote several papers on the subject for her classes and shared them with us. What it takes for a woman to have such an orgasm, or a man to have control, is that their largest sex organ, their brains, must be property stimulated so their bodies can respond in the desired way. We put a lot of emphasis on thinking as the doorway to a good relationship, and a good relationships leads to good sex!"

"So," Jane concluded, "you are going to learn a lot about thoughts and thinking, as well as good health, proper manners, handling conflict, seduction, making love, and a host of other things, all at the same time, all jumbled together."

A few days later I received an email from Rose. Attached was another revealing picture of her.

She wrote, "I hope you like my picture. I call it, 'Pussy Heart.' Anton, our French guide took it for me. He's really good at what he does. Let's say were looking at a building, and I'll be thinking here's an old building. But then he'll start pointing out features in the architecture and giving us some history. It becomes a different place altogether. I want you to see me differently too so I'll share with you what signs I give when I'm sexually aroused."

"Unlike a man, a woman can have intercourse without being aroused. Just cover your penis with some lubricant and you can slip right into her. On the other hand, a man cannot have intercourse unless he is aroused. Good sex required both man and women be aroused. In a good relationship a woman won't be an 'instant on' like her man but she'll be there with just a bit of foreplay and oral sex."

"First, there must be peace and harmony between us before I can give myself to you. Talking and touching, helps quiet my mind and draws me closer to you. I love to kiss, of course. Kisses that progress to French kissing, is a sure sign that I desire to go all the way with you. When things are 'clicking' you'll notice my nipples become erect. I'll breathe faster and you may see a sex flush, where pinkish spots appear on my body. Increasingly, I'll become sensitive to touch in places like my neck, breast, and of course genitals. It may be hard to see in my photo but when aroused, with my vulva is swollen and my clitoral glans is erect. My vagina has prepared itself too by expanding in length and secreting a slippery wetness. The enlarged male member will find his welcoming female counterpart, enlarged and moist, eagerly awaiting his arrival."

Rose Continued. "I used to try to lie to myself but then I realized, deep in the back of my mind, there sat my real motives, desires and plans. I've been working on bringing those thoughts to the forefront and acknowledge them for what they are. So, why this photo? I truly did want to make it for you, to help you, and benefit me too when we get together again. It helps me hold onto you, even as I feel myself being pulled away. I knew I wanted Anton to help me make it, because it's hard to get to this point of excitement and not take it to completion, and I wanted that too."

"Do I dare tell you how good it feels to have a penis fill my vagina? I do think about being a wife someday, and lately I've more and more been fantasying that you are my husband. I want you to know everything about me and still want me. So I confess that Anton and I have made love. I laugh to myself when I think that now, I've had a real French kiss and it has led to a real French fuck! His manhood lacks your sized, but he makes up for it with passion."

"In preparation for this picture, during foreplay, Anton had kissed my clitoris until I had a delicious orgasm. As good as that was, I knew having his cock in me was going to be better, and it was. His slow moves were making me quiver in excitement. He is 46, married for the last 22 years; his experience was evident as he caressed my body while fucking my pussy. My thoughts went quiet, my body ached with pleasure. Time and space blurred, my body and his, merged into one. I wanted to speak but only incoherent sounds came out. I got the orgasm I was seeking, as euphoric burst of sexual energy pulsated around his penis and radiated out across my body. Wonderful colors flooded my mind; I felt love and peace, at one with everything. So strong was my vaginal grip on Anton, I could feel his penis pumping his cum into me. This touched off another round of indescribable orgasmic delights. Someday I hope to share those delights with you and not just a picture after I had them!"

"Tomorrow we go to Belgium. Anton and I part ways, and that's how it should be."

I finished the letter. It left me wondering what was going on. She loves me, she loves other too. She wants us to be close, so she tells me everything, even things that you don't do when you already have someone special. Yet reading between the lines, it was becoming clearer to me what I was supposed to learn with the help of 'Cupid's Workshop.'

After getting cleared by the doctor, I scheduled my first session with Jane. I told her of my fears and shared what Rose had written. "How was I to measure up," I asked?

Jane reassured me, that the best thing I could do was some self-improvement and there was no better time to start than right now. She checked the schedule, crinkled her nose, and then went to check on a room. "I don't have a trainer available so, if you don't mind, I'll let you practice on me."

"Alice," Jane call out, "I'll be in room C with a client so you handle everything, OK." Not waiting for an answer we headed to room C. "I'll send home a video for you to watch, but we'll go ahead and get in some practice. Are you ready," she said with a big smile.

As we undressed, Jane continued to talk. "Cunnilingus, as you know, is using the mouth, lips and tongue to stimulate a female's genitals. The clitoris is the most sexually sensitive part of the female genitalia. A woman will easily achieve orgasm from clitoral stimulation, so it is a mainstay in ever lover's arsenal."

Jane had taken a fresh wash cloth, dampened it in the sink, and proceeded to freshen up. Lying on the bed she continued with the lesson by spreading her legs to reveal her vulva. Reaching down she lightly touched her clit. "My clitoris is under this little hood of skin. In the early stages of arousal it is too sensitive to touch and can easily be irritated." Jane took a bottle of grape seed oil (a favorite at Cupid's Workshop) and squired it over her genitals. "By the time you get to this stage of love making, you'll have hugged, kissed and fondled each other. The grape seed oil is great for a massage. It's light; very slippery; good for the skin; has no odor; and has no taste; plus it is cheep. So let say we've done all that and now you gently begin to massage the area of my genitals."

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