tagRomanceCurt Comes of Age

Curt Comes of Age


This story includes First Time, Erotic Coupling, Incest and Romance all via the experience of one young man.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I'm Curt, eighteen, just graduating from high school. My next oldest sister is Ingrid. She's two years ahead of me (one year and nine months older) and is finishing at the local community college and will transfer to the state university in the Fall. My other sister is Kirsten, four years older, she's finishing at the university this year although she'll need to take some courses this summer to graduate. She's engaged and will be marrying shortly after finishing school, I believe. We're all big blonds, blue eyed, good looking, Nordic like our parents. When I say big, I don't mean fat. We're tall. I'm six feet four inches and growing, Kirsten is about five feet ten and Ingrid is maybe an inch shorter.

While we're all family, close to one another and very caring about each other, because of the age difference I've always been closer to Ingrid. However, I've always thought of both my sisters as being what most any guy would want in a girl. Kirsten was always an athlete. A very good one, went to college on a scholarship. Ingrid is, too, but not as successful. I think she's more interested in boys than almost anything. I have no proof and am not really very concerned but I doubt if Ingrid is a virgin although I am. I don't want to be but that's how it's worked out. I've dated. I've kissed and felt up some girls but keep going with "good" girls that are saving themselves for, maybe marriage, but certainly something more meaningful than a high school romp in the back seat.

Kirsten always had friends but they were enough older that I wasn't involved or even interested. Ingrid has lots of friends, lots of truly beautiful and sexy girls. They're a little older than me but I'm definitely aware of them and very interested. When they're at the pool in our back yard I usually manage to also go swimming just to get good looks at those gorgeous bodies. But that's all I get, looks.

I know they see me and appreciate my maleness. When I leave they always quickly start talking. When I first show up they giggle and always quit talking. So I know they talk about me. I mean, I'm certainly at least okay looking, have always been athletic, am in good, trim shape. But that year or two difference in age means a lot and I suspect that they're being friends of my sister means something, too.

I have a part time job to make some spending money. I'll start at the community college in the Fall, will play basketball for sure, perhaps do some track. My long stride is a help in track. But this summer, mostly I'm just hanging out, not doing much at all. Today, it's close to noon. My Mom and Dad are at work, Ingrid is off somewhere with her friends and I'm laying on my bed in some boxer shorts wondering what to do today. There's a light knock on my door, even though it's open. I look up and it's Anya, a friend of Ingrid.

If you've seen Kate Beckinsale in the movies, you've just about seen Anya. Black hair, really black. Trim and slim to the point of almost being skinny. But with breasts that are a little too large for the rest of her body. A very pretty face, lovely eyes, great mouth, good strong chin. And while I said skinny, she's definitely female with curves. She's just extremely fit, works out a lot. I've overheard Ingrid and others, they all talk about each other behind their backs. I gather that they like Anya but she tends to do what she wants, or what appeals to her, regardless of what the others might like. So sometimes she doesn't quite fit in like some of the others that are basically followers. But to me, she's very, very sexy. And having her end up at my bedroom is a major surprise.

"Hi, Anya," I say. She steps into the room and closes the door behind her. Closing the door is a little odd but I guess she wants some privacy. Well, there's no one else here so whatever we do is private.

"Do you think I'm attractive?" she asks, standing next to the door.

"Oh, I definitely think so. You're very sexy." I reply. What the heck is this about?

"Good," she says. "Because I want to have sex with you."

This gorgeous girl is standing about eight feet away, telling me she wants to have sex. What is this? "Is this a joke? Ingrid and some others are going to show up in a minute and laugh at me?" is how I answer her.

She actually grins. "No, it's no joke. I'm here because I know Ingrid and the others will be gone for hours. In fact, part of this is, you can never tell Ingrid about this because she wouldn't like it. You're off limits to her friends. It's just that I need, well I want is perhaps more accurate although it seems like a need, more sex than I'm getting. I don't want a boyfriend, I have one. I want a willing cock and I've seen your bulge in your bathing suit so I know you probably have a good one. "

"You just want me as a fuck buddy?"

She smiles really big. "Well, yeah, that and more. I mean sex involves more than fucking. A man and a woman can keep busy for a long time together appreciating each other's bodies."

"I better tell you, I've never had sex with a girl. I've never done whatever it is you want us to do with each other so I don't know if I'm the right one for this." I don't want to say no, I would love to fuck her but I think I better be honest. She may be thinking she's getting something she isn't.

She grins some more. "If you're anywhere close to as horny as your sister, I'm sure it will all work out fine. I can teach you how to lick me. In fact it might be just as well that you have no bad habits, I can make you into the lover that I want." With that, she takes the bottom of a T-shirt she's wearing and lifts it up over her head and tosses it to the side. She then reaches behind herself and unfastens her brassiere and tosses it over with the shirt. Those great breasts bounce a little. Free and on their own they look even bigger than in a bra. The nipples seem to be almost staring at me. She unbuttons the top of her shorts and starts pushing them down over her hips and legs. She steps out of them, kicking them towards the shirt and also kicks off the thong sandals she's wearing. She has no panties on. She's naked. She holds her hands out wide and smiles at me and says, "You like?"

This is the first, live, naked female body I've ever seen and it's being displayed in my bedroom by a girl that wants me to fuck her. And she's gorgeous with a body that's actually sexier than I'd imagined. "Anya, you're sexier than anything in my dreams." She grins some more and walks the few steps to where I'm laying on the bed.

"We need to get rid of these," she says and takes hold of the tops of my boxers. As she starts pulling them down I lift my hips so she can pull them off. She tosses them over toward her shirt and looks at me. I'm not fully erect but I'm on my way, and my cock is starting to stand on its own. I've been in enough locker rooms to know that my cock is fine. There are a few larger but most are smaller. Mine fits my tall body. "Ooh," she says, reaching to wrap her fingers around my cock. "I knew it would be terrific," she says and leans down and licks her tongue around the head.

I've never had my cock sucked before although I've watched on the 'net a lot. But she doesn't just suck me. She licks up and down the side, she holds it and looks at it, runs her hand up and down on it, takes part of it into her mouth. She tells me how beautiful it is, how big it is, how she can hardly get her mouth open enough to get it into her. She licks it some more. She gets the first three or four inches in her mouth and starts sliding up and down on it with her lips while almost jerking me off with her hand on the rest of it. It seems to go on and on and I love every second of it. I've imagined this while I jerked myself off before but I never imagined anything this good. It's as sexy as anything could ever be. And when I finally shoot off, it all goes in her mouth and she swallows and licks her lips and swallows some more and milks my cock with her lips as if she's trying to get every last drop. Then she looks up at me with a big smile. "You're absolutely delicious," she says. Then she adds, "Now it's my turn."

"I've never done this," I tell her. "I'm more than willing, I want to, but I'm not sure what to do."

She lays her naked body on top of me. "Hold me, kiss me, make love to me. Feel my breasts, kiss them, suck on them, lick me." So I try and do what she's asked. I kiss her, get my arms around her and roll us so she's under me and slide down a little to get at her breasts. I hold them, trying to be careful and not maul them but still wanting to really feel them so I squeeze a little before I start kissing around on them. The nipples seem to get really hard. I get my lips to one and suck on it while I use my fingers to sort of tweak the other one. She makes little sounds as if she likes what I'm doing. And I do like it. I've imagined doing this with breasts like these for years so I spend some more time moving back and forth from one to the other. She moans even more and holds the back of my head like she's caressing it but after a minute or so she starts pushing on my head. She wants me down further on her body.

Well, I want to be there, too. I've watched guys eating pussy on the 'net and fantasized about it but in my sane mind had to admit that I didn't even really know what a pussy was truly like. But here I am now, on the bed between her legs. She moves her knees back up toward her head which rotates her hips and brings her pussy right up in front of my face. It was just like the ones I've seen on the 'net, shaved and clean. She uses her hands to pull on the sides and spread herself open. It's all pink and red and glistening a little as the light reflects off the moisture. "Just start licking me," she says. So I move my head forward and get my tongue into her and lick up and down.

It's like I'm licking raw meat, not like anything I've ever done before. And it's not just a flat surface, it has dimensions. When I lick down I can feel with my tongue that I'm at her vagina. I push my tongue into her a little and she makes quick breathing noises. I lick up some and feel a bump and flick my tongue on it and her hips actually jump a little and she lets out a little squeak of a breath. "That's it," she says. "That's where you should spend most of your effort, licking me there. Push a finger into me, down where your tongue was a second ago."

I get my hand up under my chin and feel around a little with my finger. It isn't directly obvious where the opening is and since I've got my mouth on her clit up above I can't see where my finger is going. It's all a little awkward, really. But I manage and push my finger into her. I've actually done this part before and it feels the same, all tight and moist and warm around my finger, her insides holding me. "Oh, yeah," she says. "Move your finger in me and keep licking me." So that's what I do. I move my finger around a little, pulling it partly out and pushing back in while I flick my tongue back and forth on what I know is her clit.

She's into "oohs" and "yesses" and after another little while says, "Put another finger or two in me." It's easier said than done. I have to pull out the one that's in there and then start to shove two back into her. It's almost too tight to get them both in there but I do it. More "aahs" and oohs" and then, "Use your lips and suck on me instead of just licking." I do and she makes a little scream. "Oh, yeah," she says. "More and more and faster." So I move my fingers in and out of her as fast as I can and get my lips on her bump, that's more than a bump now, sort of a little worm or growth, and grab it and pull on it and suck on it.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," she sort of yells and I can feel some liquid or juice or something coming around my fingers and they're moving easier inside her as if her insides have opened some. Her hips really bounce some. "I hope you're hard again," she says, "Fuck me, fuck me." While I've never done it, I know what she means. So I pull my fingers out and pull my face back and shuffle forward just a little on my knees to get my cock, which is hard and ready, toward her pussy. I push forward with my hips and my cock runs into her. She reaches down with one hand and grabs my cock and helps aim it at her and now when I push I can feel my cock starting to spread her pussy lips open.

I had never thought of this but it's as if my cock is too big for her opening. It's really tight and it feels as if I must be hurting her. "Go ahead, fuck me!" she almost yells at me. I push some more and I can feel my cock head forcing its way into this tight, tight space, spreading her open and feeling as if it could almost pull my foreskin off it's so tight. "Yes, keep pushing," she says and I do but I don't want to hurt her. "Fuck me, damn it, get that thing in me!" she blurts out like she's issuing an order. So I push even more and move in more and soon I can feel my belly up against hers and I'm in there.

I pull out a little and push in again. I don't know what I'm doing but it feels great and from the way it feels I know that I need to continue that in and out so I do. I pull back more and push in, then pull out just a little and push in. I don't know why, it just seems good to vary what I'm doing. "Faster and harder," she says. So I speed up, pulling back until I'm almost out and pushing all the way back in, over and over. I can see her face, it's contorted, almost as if she's in pain but I know it's the opposite of pain. I can also see those terrific breasts. I hold myself up some with one arm and move one to start feeling and fondling one of her breasts as I pump in and out of her.

She makes a rather sharp scream and I can feel her insides grasping me, sort of rippling along my cock, holding me even tighter. I don't know what to do so I keep on fucking, now almost pounding into her, banging into her. Her screams go on and on. I'm glad there's no one else in the house because they'd all be in here, wondering what was going on. Then I can feel that I'm going to cum and I push really hard, getting as far into her as I can and start feeling it shoot out of me. I shoot over and over and then I'm done. I've never done this before but I know that I'm truly done. I leave myself in her for a moment and look at her and she looks back and grins at me. "How'd you like that?" she asks.

"It was unbelievable," I say.

"Yeah, it was great, wasn't it? Now you know why I wanted to do this." I didn't know what else to do so I kiss her. I'm laying on top of her, my cock still in her and I kiss her. She wraps her legs up on me and gets her feet on my butt and her arms come around me and hold me tight and we kiss again. We stay like that for a minute or so. "Okay," she says, "Get off, I need to clean up a little." She moves her legs and arms and I pull back and sit back and she moves her legs up and swivels and moves to the side of the bed. "I'm going to start leaking everything you put in there," she says and gets up, reaching down with one hand to sort of cup her pussy and scoots awkwardly towards the bathroom.

I don't know what else to do so I get up and follow her. She's sitting on the toilet. I realize that my cock and balls are sticky, my face is sticky, so I go to the sink and start washing myself with soap and my bare hands. I can see that she's wiping herself and then she gets up, flushes the toilet and comes over and reaches in to start using her hands to wash my cock and balls. "You really do have a nice cock, Curt," she says, moving her face up to mine and kissing me while she moves her hand on my cock.

"Well you have a terrific body, Anya," I tell her, "and a really tight pussy. I wasn't sure I should keep pushing in. I thought it would hurt you."

"Partly, that's because you have a big cock, Kurt. A lovely big cock. But that's how it's supposed to be. If it wasn't tight it wouldn't feel the same. And, no, you weren't hurting me. You could have banged into me even harder."

We both dried off and went back to the bedroom. We lay down next to one another. "You said that you needed some sex. Is this a one time thing or should we do it more?"

"We definitely should do it more. I'll be back here as often as possible. I'd like to keep it sort of secret and not let your sister or the other girls know. And I do have a boyfriend so I can't be with you just anytime you might want. But I sure want it as often as possible. I think right now might be a good time to do it all over again. If you ate me really good you should be up and ready again once you've got me ready. Okay?"

I kiss her and start down her body, spending a lot of time on those lovely breasts, then eating her as much as I can until she's screaming again and then we fuck again. And fuck and fuck, I seem to last forever. Then over the next several weeks it happens over and over. Every couple days she shows up. In between we talk about things. I ask her about shaving her pussy . She tells me, "Curt, my family are like apes, so hairy. I have hair all over my arms and legs. The forest around my pussy was so dense you probably couldn't have worked your way through it to get at my clit. "

Another time I ask her about her saying that maybe I'd be as horny as my sister "Curt, Ingrid spends 24/7 thinking about sex or having sex with anyone that she can, male or female. For instance, she knows I shave my pussy from personal experience but then, I know she doesn't, also from personal experience. That's because I think about sex 24/7, too , I'm just a little more selective about who I'm with."

Another time, mentioning Ingrid, she says, "I figured the reason she didn't want any of the rest of us to be with you was because she was saving you for herself. But now I realize she thought she was protecting her brother from us predatory girls. If she knew how good you were, I bet she'd change her mind, though."

Still another time she told me, "If ten years from now I'm married with kids and you're still around, I'll still want to get with you regularly. I don't care who I'm married to, except that he'll have to be very rich, I'll always want a little more."

I found myself looking at girls much differently. At the mall, I would see hundreds of females walking around and I would think that each and every one of them had a pussy between their legs and each of them was getting fucked regularly or if not, wanted to. And if things only worked out right, it could be me that was fucking a lot of them. I got hard ons all the time just looking at completely innocent girls that didn't even know I was thinking about them.

I also found myself looking at Ingrid a lot different, too. She's a good looking, well built girl. And I knew that she loved sex, had sex a lot. I know she's my sister but I couldn't help having sexual thoughts about her. I also knew that maybe she didn't have those same thoughts about me so I didn't do anything about it. I did think about walking into the bathroom naked when I knew she had just finished her shower and was naked but was afraid that she'd scream in fear rather than in lust.

One morning I wake up a little earlier than usual for me and go down to the kitchen to have some breakfast. Mom and Dad are finishing their breakfast before they both head off to work. After they leave, Ingrid comes in, wearing a robe. A rather short robe. We say good morning to one another and some other minor pleasantries. I'm sitting at the kitchen table having a bowl of cereal. She puts some bread in the toaster and looks around. The butter and jam are on the table. She comes over right next to me, almost against me, and leans to reach the jam and butter. I look to my side as her robe falls open and I'm looking right at her pussy. It's maybe three inches from my face.

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