tagLesbian SexCurves Ch. 02

Curves Ch. 02


This follows on from my first story when Ashley & Rachel first met and spend a day in the sun together in "Curves" Ch.1 – now read on...


"Curves" idled into the cove I had been promised by the concierge. As we slowed down Rachel awoke from her orgasmic slumber.

"Hi baby."

"Oh Ash, what have u done to me"? as she put her arms around me and gave a reassuring squeeze that all is well and she approves. "I see you were able to handle "Curves" much like you handled me (giggle)..."

"Ya, I just followed the course on the GPS. Simple, once the Island came into view."

The Island was enchanting, the water so clear, you could see the fish from the boat. It was everything the concierge had said it was. Rachel took over and manoeuvred us into a spot to toss anchor.

"That should do it. Now come here!"

I approached and we touched again... our mouths met like they had known each other for years. "Mmmm what shall we do (wink)?"

"How about a swim?"

I agreed wholeheartedly - I would love to get in the waters of the Arabian Sea.

"Great. Let me get some snorkelling gear for us... you don't mind if I come along do you?"

"Not all... after all, you're in charge!"

"Yes I am, and I insist."


Sitting on the aft deck we put on our fins and masks... Rach took off her top, and dived in. OK, if that's the way it is going to be, I thought - off comes my top as well. Then I dived in after her... and as the sounds of the outside world left us and the beauty of the undersea heaven became clear and alive... Rachel looked so sexy underwater, her skin shimmering from the sunlight above, her trim, tight body and breasts full of life as she pointed out the sea turtle on the reef.

I was in heaven. We joined hands and swam, diving now and then together to explore the reef, fish and... each other. She looked so adorable suspended in the water, eyes wide open, happy to share her world with me. I started to tingle when she took my hand and lead me to spot on the reef where there were schools of little coral fish, orange, white and black... it was wonderful.

After half an hour or so we surfaced and returned to the boat. I instantly gave her a huge hug and a deep kiss.

"Oh, thank you, Rachel... that was incredible, so beautiful and we're so alone out here... how could I ask for a better day?"

"Let's take a shower to get this sea salt off our bodies."

"Ok, but how?"

"I have a fresh water nozzle onboard."

"You have it all."

"Not yet, m'lady, not yet..."

Rachel hooked up the nozzle and slid off her bikini bottoms. Wow, she was sexy, I felt weak at the knees just taking her beauty in.

"Come on – let's not waste it."

So off they came and I joined her... Ohhh, the water was so cool, and felt so good on our hot skin. I closed my eyes and felt her hands gliding over my body, stroking all the salt off of me. I moaned with delight as she caressed my breasts, making my nipples react, harden with my pleasure.

"Mmmmm... Rach... that feels soooo good."

There we were standing on the deck showering with each other in the middle of the ocean. OMG what a rush. My turn, and I grabbed the nozzle from her, pouring the water over her, letting it trickle over her body.

"Ohhhhhh... Ash, that feels great." My other hand was busy gently stroking her from head to toe, feeling her soft skin... and I began to get wet. I stood behind her and pressed my body next to hers... mmmmmmmmm... a mutual moan of delight came from us both. My hand moved to her breasts, as the water flowed over her, down her stomach, to her shaven mound. I plunged my finger into her sex feeling her moisture there as well.


"We have to get the salt out of everywhere, I purred."

Rachel laid her head back on my shoulder and took the nozzle from me, leaving both my hands free to explore her body. Carressing her breasts, pulling on her now swollen nipples, while my fingers found their own cove...

"Uhhhhhh," I cried, as I ground my sex into her bottom.

"Mmmmmm, let's go inside," she moaned softly in my ear.

Rachel dropped the nozzle, turned off the water and lead me to the cabin, down into the bedroom. She turned to me and deeply kissed me holding me tight... kissing me while walking us to the bed, all covered in soft white sheets. Once I was down on my back she opened the windows to let the air in. It was nice getting out of the sun - we had been in it for hours now. The sheets were cool, and soft almost like water. The motion of the cruiser was hypnotic as Rachel crawled toward me... longingly looking into my eyes like she was a cat hunting her prey. I was willing prey at that. I shivered with anticipation as she touched me, almost like it was the first time. Crawling on top of me, her thigh pushed against my throbbing mound as she kissed me deeply, passionately. Our mouths tasted so good together, so sweet... and she bit my bottom lip as she moaned...

"Ash, I am going to fuck you..."

"Mmmmmm... yessss, baby... oh, yesssss please..."

Our kiss deepened as she held my hands above my head trapping me under her. I was hers.

Sucking and kissing my neck and shoulders, she moved over and began to lick my armpit, taking her hands and caressing my face and down to my pulsating nipples. Ahhhhhh... uhhh... it felt so good. She swung her hips around and was facing my feet, sliding from my pits to my breasts, devouring my flesh.

"Ohhhhh, Rachel, kiss me baby, make love to me... FUCK me!!!"

Biting my nipple and still holding me down, she slid her hand down to my sex. I was wet, and wanting... and I spread my legs inviting her love. She found it and began to play with my now glistening pussy... circles on the outside... mmmmm... penetrating... back out to my clit... rubbing it...

"Ohhhhhhh, don't stop baby, don't stop..."

I held her head on my breast as she bit my nipple hard, making me hurt with pleasure. Gritting my teeth in pain and writhing with pleasure was too much for me.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss... Rachel!!!... Fuck your Ashley.... Ohhhhhhhhhhh... don't stop!!!!"

She left my mound and grabbed a pillow, rolling me onto my stomach and placing the pillow under my pelvic bone. Spreading my legs, she moved her mouth down my back to my now spread and open ass. Now moving her tongue down my crack and over my hole, her fingers returned to my sex... penetrating me... on top of me as I lay there being preyed upon... my bottom now raised to give my predator her opportunity...

"OHHHHHHH... God, Rach... that feels soooo good," as her tongue, found my hole. In... spreading my bottom apart... out, as it contracted back, my juice began to flow as her tongue danced inside of my ass and her fingers deepened their pressure inside my wet sex. I was throbbing there and accepting her into my ass all at once. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... this is fucking incredible, Rach... don't stop!!!"

In and out her tongue played, sending shivers up my back into my neck... she moved and used her thumb in my pussy, spreading it further. The sound of my holes being fucked and the motion of the cruiser created a state of euphoria for me... "uh, uh, uh... ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk, Rachel ohhhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyy, d... d... don't stoppppppp!!!!"

She slid off my back and onto her knees at my side, never leaving my sex, never leaving my ass, as her tongue slid in and out with the rhythm of the water my senses we losing control. Tingling, shivers, excitement as my new lover was fucking her prey... making me hers. She removed her mouth from my wet, throbbing hole and replaced it with the thumb from her free hand... "ooohhh myyyyy god, take meeeeee!..." intensifying her double fucking motion in unison and then at random... "ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Rachhhhhh!..." as she leaned into my ear... "You're mine, Ashley. MINE!"

"YESSSSSS, ohhhh fuck yesssss... I ammmm, baby!"

She kneeled, now lifting me to my hands and knees. Still at my side she pursued what she wanted, making me cummmmm. INNNN – OUTTTTT – INNNNNNN - OUTTTTT... her thumbs fucked her new lover. "OHHHHHHHHH! I.. I... cant holdddd it, Rach... OHHH, I was thrusting my love to her, rocking my pussy and ass to my lover's hands... nggggggggg... RACHHHELLLL!!!! Fuckkkk! I'm cummmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggg, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggg ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

She withdrew her thumb from my ass and drove her tongue into me again enjoying, drinking the cum from my hole, never relenting her pounding into my sex. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH... FUCKKKK, RACHELLLL... I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggggggggg..." sheer ecstasy as another and another orgasm hit me over and over again.

My toes were numb and my legs shaking and I just fell to the sheets.

"I came just watching you my love," was all I heard as I felt Rachel lay at my side caressing me... her vanquished prey. All I could feel were her fingers gliding up and down my back as my body continued its pleasure... little cums still flooding over me uncontrollably as I drifted off into a state of blissful unconsciousness.

Later... as I woke... I heard nothing but the water against the hull of the cruiser. "Rachel!" I called out.

"Right here, baby," as she put her head into the cabin... "out of your coma, I see."

"Mmmm... yessss... how long have I slept?"

"A couple of hours."

"Oh, Rach..." as I leaned in for a kiss... "never, ever have I felt like that... thank you, baby..."

Blushing, she says: "Get up – here, I have made us some thing to eat... you must be hungry – I'm starved... and after we eat we can take a dip, go lay on the sand and then head back."

"Oh, baby, can't we stay the night here? Please?"

"Well, let me check and see if I am booked tomorrow. If not, well then let's see."

I hugged her and we sat in the late afternoon sun eating fruit... soaking in each other as well as the sun.

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