tagIncest/TabooCustom Fantasy Video Ch. 2

Custom Fantasy Video Ch. 2


DeeDee had fitful night's sleep. She had awakened several times during the night with a burning itch in her loins. She had relieved herself on those occasions with her trusty vibrator, fantasies of her father swirling in her psyche. After yesterday's discovery she concluded that bedding her dad was exactly what she wanted, no exactly what she needed. She still however, could not figure out how muster the courage let alone the method to approach him. The clock at her bedside read 7:30 am. Giving up on the notion of getting any more rest, she got up and drank some coffee. She packed her gym bag and made her way to the gym hoping that a good vigorous workout would help relieve some of her frustration.

She had a great workout. Sweat was pouring off her and her muscles felt fatigued but rejuvenated. As she cooled down and stretched she could not help but notice a woman, wearing a nice leotard and thong that accentuated her great figure, stretching beside her. The woman looked familiar somehow. Instantly, it dawned on DeeDee that this woman was the same gal her dad had fucked in the video. Dee could not help herself as she scrutinized her father's video lover. She noticed her well- toned legs and abdomen. Her tits were clearly visible through her workout garment and her ass was beautiful. No wonder dad had chosen her, Dee thought to her self, as she continued to stare. The woman looked up at Dee and smiled. Realizing she had been caught staring she smiled back.

"How was your workout?" The woman said.

"I had a great workout thanks. And yours?"

"Good also thank you. My name is Jenny."

"I'm Dee."

"Nice to meet you Dee. Care to join me for some coffee at the snack bar Dee? I'm about through here."

"Ah…sure I'd like that." Dee was both excited and cautious. Regardless, she was too curious to say no. She had to find out what this woman's connection was to her dad.

They showered and changed in the locker room. Dee couldn't help but sneak a few peaks at her new friend while they changed and chatted. Dee was impressed that Jenny looked even better in person than she did on video. Dee wasn't sure but she thought that Jenny was also looking her over as well. She was however impressed by Jenny's casual and self assured style that put Dee completely at ease. It was as if she were spending time with an old and familiar friend. Still she had some burning questions she had to satisfy about her new found acquaintance.

Later, over coffee and breakfast at the snack shop the picture became clear. Jenny soon divulged that was part owner of the "very successful" business that made adult custom videos. She and her partner were always on the lookout for potential models and actors.

"Dee, I must confess that when I first saw you I thought you would make an excellent model for some of our videos. You know I'm always on the lookout for good talent. Do you have any experience? Would like to come over to our shop and let me show you around? We can even do a screen test."

"God Jenny I don't know what to say." She really wasn't expecting this and didn't know what to say. She figured that things had gone too far and it was time for a dose of truth, "Jenny its my turn for a confession. I've seen one of your videos and recognized you from it. I was curious and had to meet you."

"Really now? I hope you liked it. Which one was it, we shoot so many you know?" Jenny said, her smile was disarming and put Dee completely at ease.

"Well Jenny it was very well done. In fact I thought it was hot…"Dee struggled to find the courage to go on.

"Wait don't tell me. Let me guess," Jenny interrupted with a wicked grin, "Of course, you're Rob's daughter DeeDee, aren't you?"

"Well yes, but…"

"I knew it! He is so hot. I had a blast shooting that piece. So he showed it you?"

"No he certainly did not," Dee replied trying to put on a righteous air, "I kind of discovered it my mistake."

"Oh you naughty girl," Jenny laughed. And in a more seductive tone she said, "Still you said it was hot. So you liked it didn't you."

"Well…yes I really did." Dee had become visibly uncomfortable.

"Well don't be embarrassed hon," Jenny tone was reassuring and nonjudgmental, "Your dad is one sexy man. And that was one of my better videos. You'd have to be dead not to get excited by it, if I may say so myself." Jenny laughed which elicited a similar though slightly less relaxed response from Dee.

"I have an idea," Jenny continued, "lets go to the my shop now and I'll show you our setup. If you like we can even shoot some video, you know, like a screen test or even a present for Daddy. I still think you would make a hot model."

"I'd love to go," Dee was intrigued, "but I'm not sure about shooting any video."

The studio was located not far from the gym in a small but classy business park. From the outside it bore no clues as to its true intended function other than a small sign that said "Studio". The layout on the inside was simple but tidy and clean. There was a small business office as they entered, replete with desk and lounge chairs. Jenny led Dee to the next room, which was the shooting area. It was quite spacious and had various lighting and camera gear neatly arranged around the sides of the room. Also, in the room were various pieces of furniture that made up the elements of a set, including a large bed. There was a bathroom that had a tub and shower stall, which was also rigged for lighting and taping. The final room was the editing room, filled with electronic gear. There was a single occupant in the room, a man in his mid to late forties, obviously in excellent shape. Dee immediately noted how handsome he looked as she concluded that he must be Jenny's partner.

Upon seeing them enter he got up and introduced himself to Dee, "Welcome, my name is Harry, I'm Jenny business partner."

"This is Dee. I just met her at the gym" Jenny chimed in as Dee shook Harry's hand.

"Dee what do you think of our little playpen?" Harry asked, greeting Jenny with a kiss and a hug.

"I'm quite impressed." She concluded that Harry and Jenny were a lot closer than just business partners.

They chatted for some time. After a while Jenny suggested they watch some samples of their work. Dee agreed, as she was feeling very comfortable with this interesting couple. Jenny played various videos. Some of the videos had other models and some had various combinations of actors that included Jenny and Harry. All of them were well done and judging by her increasing wetness, Dee concluded they were hot. Even Jenny and Harry were getting excited, cuddling cozily while they watched. Dee soon began to imagine her self in these videos. The idea of being in one definitely excited her but she wasn't too sure she'd have enough courage to do it.

The next video that Jenny showed was a hot scene of Jenny being fucked in the ass as she sucked another man's cock. As the scene started the faces of the men were not shown. Jenny however, was not acting as she moaned wildly taking it from both ends. Dee was enthralled by this scene, and she was getting very hot. The camera panned back and Dee almost came when she realized that the man fucking Jenny's ass was her father. Harry was fucking Jenny's mouth. In the darkened room Dee rubbed her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. Her hand rubbed her clit through the fabric of her shorts as discretely as she could manage. Stifling a moan Dee shuddered as she came just as her father and Harry showered Jenny with cum.

Jenny turned up the lights and looked at Dee sitting not far from her, her face red trying to conceal her labored breathing. "Dee, I knew that would turn you on." Jenny smiled, "Harry, did you know that Dee is your friend Roberts' daughter. She snuck a peak at the video we made for him."

"You don't say," Harry replied, "Rob told me you were hot but I never imagined you this beautiful. Well what are you gonna do about it, now that you know your dad's feelings."

"Dee, I think you should make a video right now. We'll help you make it hot. And if you like maybe you can give to your daddy." Jenny had moved close to Dee and reached out and gently caressed her shoulder. Dee shuddered at her touch but did not move away.

Still Dee had some uncertainties about this whole situation, "But you guys are talking about incest!"

"Dee right now we are talking about getting your hot little ass on video. Would you like me to get naked with you, you know show you what to do?"

Jenny stroked Dee's hair. She slowly brought her lips and touched them on Dee's lips. Dee responded by slightly opening her mouth and allowing Jenny's tongue to tickle her parted lips. Jenny just as casually broke the contact and smiled, "It'll be fun, I'll show you how it's done."

Jenny stepped out of her shirt and shorts. In her lace bra and thong panties she beaconed Dee to do the same. As if in a trance and getting hornier by the second Dee followed suit. With Harry running the video gear, Jenny guided Dee through some solo poses. With time and with encouragement Dee began to relax and get into her modeling. Jenny stood behind her and unfastened her bra, helping Dee take it off. Gently cupping her breasts Jenny gently kissed Dee on the neck. Dee felt her nipples harden and her wetness mounted. She leaned back into Jenny as she continued to lose her inhibitions. Jenny kneeled behind Dee and helped Dee off with her panties. Jenny gently kissed Dee's ass cheeks and stood up behind her friend.

"Dee you look so hot. Look you even got Harry hard. Now lie down on the bed and play with yourself. I want you to imagine your hot daddy watching you."

Dee did as she was told. She was so excited that she lost all capacity for reason. With the continued encouragement and genuine admiration of Jenny and Harry, Dee continued to pose. She came on several occasions and as time went on she enjoyed herself more and more and became more wanton. Both Harry and Jenny were wonderful and supportive. After some time and several of Dee's orgasms Jenny announced that they probably have enough video shot to edit a really good tape.

She sat next to Dee on the bed. She gently caressed her shoulders. Shivers ran through Dee's already trembling spine. "You were wonderful Dee. Your daddy is going to love this when you show it him."

"Jenny, thank you. I really loved making this. But," Dee hesitated, "what you keep alluding to is incest! You realize that don't you?"

Jenny smiled. She squeezed Dee's hand and still holding on to it she stood and moved near Harry. Jenny's free hand stroked Harry's bulging cock through his pants. " For me the best sex I have is with my father!" She did not let go of Dee's hand as she kissed Harry fully on his lips.

Dee watched with fascination as the impact of Jenny's revelation made her tingle with excitement. Jenny still held Dee's hand as she unzipped Harry's pants and released his hardon. Jenny stood naked beside her father and stroked his hard cock as his hands massaged her breasts and ass. "Dee doesn't this make you hot? Seeing me like this with my daddy?"

Dee unconsciously rubbed her nipples as her hand toyed with her still throbbing clit. "Yes Jenny I can't help it does make me hot."

"Good baby, then come here and help me suck my daddy's cock. Your posing for the video has sure gotten him horny," Jenny pulled Dee towards them, smiling seductively. With their faces inches from Harry's cock Jenny kissed Dee on her lips, her tongue exploring her mouth and her hands cupping Dee's full breasts and tweaking her hard nipples. Dee had never been with a woman before, though she had fantasized about it regularly. Dee opened her mouth accepting Jenny's tongue, her own tongue intertwined with Jenny's hot tongue. Dee's body was on fire as she felt Jenny explore her body with her hands. She reached for Jenny and touched Jenny's body with her own hands exploring her charms.

Jenny broke their kiss. She guided Dee's hand to Harry's hard cock. With both of them stroking it Jenny began to lick and suck her dad's cock. She then guided it towards Dee's lips who accepted it hungrily. "Yes Dee that's it suck my daddy's cock." Jenny then placed her lips on Harry's member as Dee continued to suck, both sets of lips working Harry's member and kissing each other.

Jenny's hand stroked Dee's pussy and she slipped a finger inside sending shivers up Dee's spine. "Daddy she's really wet. Do you want to fuck her?"

Harry managed a moan, as both ladies continued to suck on his cock.

"Dee would you like my daddy to fuck you?" Jenny continued to work Dee's pussy with her finger. "You know Dee your daddy feels remarkably similar to my daddy! Come on ask him to fuck you you'll love it."

"Ahhh," Jenny's finger felt so good inside her and Dee was so hot and excited by the idea of being with this hot incestuous couple, "Oh Jenny yes, I want your daddy to fuck me. Harry please fuck me good and hard with that beautiful cock...Please!"

Jenny positioned Dee on her hands and knees. She then guided Harry's cock slowly into her wet and waiting pussy. Harry began to thrust his hips as his cock sank deeper and deeper into Dee's hole. Dee cried out in ecstasy as she felt Harry all the way inside as and wailed with pleasure as Jenny slapped her ass hard once as Harry started to pump. "Fuck my daddy you little slut. Fuck him just like you want to fuck your own daddy."

With Harry's cock sawing in and out of her with force, Dee lost count of the amount of times she came. Her eyes were closed as she imagined her own father fucking her. "Yes, fuck me. Oh my god it feels so good." Dee opened her eyes and discovered Jenny kneeling in front of her. Her hand was in between her legs stroking her pussy furiously and with the other hand she held a portable video camera which she aimed at Dee and her father. " You guys look so hot. Mmm you're making me cum just watching you. Daddy let's shoot one your world famous cum shots."

Harry pulled out of Dee. He positioned himself in front of her face. Dee grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. Harry exploded in Dee's face as she hungrily opened her mouth catching thick stringy streams of Harry's rich cum. What she could not catch splattered on her face, hair and chest. Jenny came also, as she stroked herself and captured the scene on tape.

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