tagErotic CouplingsCute & Squeeze Tempt Rick

Cute & Squeeze Tempt Rick

byCute Joy©

A story for a friend by a friend to re-light the imagination...

Rick approached the ordinary house in the ordinary street. The car which had been advertised in the paper, and which was the purpose of his visit, was parked on the drive. He had a quick look at it as he passed up the drive, it seemed to be what he was looking for. He reached the front door and rang the bell, remembering it was a Mr Robin he was looking for.

Moments after the bell rang, the door slightly opened, he could just make out the outline of a female in the dimly lit hallway.

"Is Mr Robin at home?" he enquired, "I've come about the car"

"He is out at the moment but said you should come in and wait for him" she replied. Rick was somewhat irritated by this, he had after all made an appointment to visit, he hesitated and then decided to wait, if only because the car looked to be just what he wanted and at a reasonable price.

The front door opened wide and he stepped in...

The hall was dimly lit, and he could see very little as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. The woman was in front of him and she walked forward turning into another room, he followed. This room was more brightly lit and he quickly tried to take in his surroundings.

"Do sit down," the woman whispered, indicating a leather settee to Rick's right. As he moved towards the settee, he was aware that the woman was wearing a black silk dressing gown. It was difficult not to look; she had something about her that seemed to draw his attention. As she stood in front of him the gown parted slightly, he could just see teasing images of what lay beneath....black leather and erotic he thought.

"Would you like a drink?" she asked.

Rick replied, "yes please" that would give him time to collect his thoughts.

She turned and left the room. His mind was a whirl, who was she? Where was Mr Robin? He could make out quiet voices outside the room, as he wondered who else was there, the door opened once more...

The two women who entered the room caused him to almost gasp out loud. They were both erotically dressed and facially so identical they had to be twins. The first twin had now discarded the dressing gown, she was wearing a black leather corset, with half cups so her breasts were clearly visible resting within the shallow cups, attached to her nipples were jewelled clamps linked by a gold chain, which is turn led up to a black collar around her neck. The corset ended on her hips and a tiny black thong barely covered her pussy, black lace top hold ups covered her legs, and her feet were wearing 5"black strappy, shinny FM shoes. His eyes swept up and down her body, he could sense that she was aware of the impact she was having on him. He turned to look at the other twin. She was wearing a red PVC skintight mini dress. It had several zips that were strategically placed; it also had one main zip, which fastened the dress from the hem right up to the low cut neckline. This zip ended just below her bust, and the dress was so tight that her breasts were bulging out at the top, desperate to be set free. She was bare legged and Rick suspected that the dress was her only item of clothing. That thought excited him, he hoped it was true, he hoped her pussy would be naked and shaven, he wondered if he would be able to catch a glimpse...

Suddenly Twin one spoke

"Mr Robin has called to say he has been delayed, and that we are to 'entertain' you until he returns. My name is Cute and this is my twin sister Squeeze. Would you like to us to entertain you?"

Rick seemed unable to speak, was this a dream? he wondered, he was vaguely aware that he managed to nod his head in reply.

Cute stepped forward and kneeled down between his legs, instantly her hands unzipped his trousers and released his already erect cock from his shorts. He shuddered in anticipation of what was to come, her hands began to work, up and down, firmly, then her tongue began to lick and dart, round, up, down, probing the very tip, her hands gently caressing his balls, she looked up and their eyes met, it was mutual enjoyment. He knew he would not last long, his hands reached forward and grabbed at her breasts, squeezing them and tweaking the nipple clamps. Her tongue and hands worked harder now, faster, firmer, licking, sucking, up, down, round, she sensed he was near...nearly ...nearly...his groans increased...he arched forward...she took his cock into her mouth ...his juices erupted....he groaned again....she continued to lick and clean his now spent cock...he slumped back onto the settee.....content to let her continue...

Finally she stopped, and remaining kneeling at his feet, without speaking began to undress him. Firstly his shoes were untied and removed, then his socks, she reached up and slowly began to unbutton his shirt, as the shirt parted her fingers slowly caressed his now bare chest from his waist up to his shoulders. She pushed the shirt back over his shoulders and pulled him gently forward allowing the shirt to slip down his back. Her hands moved to grasp his and she stood quickly, pulling him up towards her onto his feet, his trousers, which were already undone, fell to the floor. Leaving him standing she placed one hand either side of his shorts and gently slid them down his legs, once at his feet she gently lifted first one foot and then the other to remove both the trousers and the shorts. She rose again and stood directly in front of him, she leaned forward and gently kissed him full on the lips, as she broke free she again reached for his hands and walked towards the door, taking him with her. It was only at this moment that Rick realised that the other twin was no longer in the room..................

Cute led Rick towards the staircase, it was again difficult to see much in the dim light but he followed Cute up the stairs. As he did so he was aware of a humming sound coming from one of the upstairs rooms. As they reached the landing, Cute kicked open a door and propelled Rick in ahead of her. His eyes blinked wildly at the sparkling lights, he quickly realised that the walls and ceiling of this room were completely covered in mirrors, and the spotlights placed around the room highlighted every inch of it. He was also aware of Squeeze, the other sister, who was lying spread-eagled on the bed. Her red leather mini dress was now hoisted up to her hips displaying, (as he had suspected), a naked shaven pussy. Within her right hand, Squeeze held a large vibrator, and was making full use of it as she worked it in and out of her moist pussy. Her left hand meanwhile was caressing her breasts, pulling her nipples, squeezing the breasts together and occasionally her index finger would rise to her mouth only to then draw a line down her neck encircling first one nipple and then the other. She stared at Rick, the lips of her mouth parted slightly as she moaned and she slowly, seductively ran her tongue over her red lips, Rick reached forward....but quickly realised that he had been so engrossed in the erotic image before him that he had been totally unaware of the fact that Cute had sat him on a chair and bound his hands and legs to it...he was completely unable to move. Cute was standing behind him, she could see he wanted to be free....

"not yet" she whispered into his ear. She reached forward, one arm either side of his neck, and grabbed her sisters' ankles, she pulled her sister towards them down the bed, and placed her sisters feet upon his shoulders. Rick moaned and squirmed within his seat, the warm moist pussy, which belonged to Squeeze, was about two feet away from his face, so close and yet so far.... He longed to be able to lick at the juices he could see glistening on the naked skin... He tried in vain to extend his neck forward to get closer....

"hey" said Cute "not so fast, those juices are for me!" and she swiftly climbed on to the bed, discarding the small black thong as she did, her knees either side of her sisters body, her arse above her sisters face, and her face directly in line with Rick's and her sisters pussy. She smiled at Rick as she gently began to finger her sisters pussy, she was acutely aware that this was just what he wanted to do....Rick had never been so aroused, the images in front of him were so intense.......Squeeze had now begun to use her vibrator on her sister Cute.......Cute was moaning and thrusting her hips as her own pussy became aroused......at the same time Cute was fingering and licking Squeezes pussy just out of reach of Rick.......Cute suddenly leaned forward....the fingers that she had been using on her sisters juices were thrust into Rick's mouth....his tongue licked them ...he could taste the juice....

he moaned...."let me please..."

"not yet" said Cute....as she took the fingers from his mouth she returned them to her breasts, which were still resting above the cups of the leather corset, and encircled her nipples with his saliva......suddenly both sisters began to thrust more......each working more intently on the other......they were groaning and whimpering......Cute licked faster and faster at her sisters pussy....Rick could tell they were both about to erupt ......he watched....his own breathing increased....their thrusting soared harder...faster....then ....together as one.......they arched their backs...a single gasp escaped from their lips......and their juices erupted from both pussys......Cutes juices ran down her thighs and Rick was aware that Squeeze was licking it up as it did.....Cute continued to gently clean Squeezes pussy, but as she licked she kept her head raised and her eyes were locked onto Rick's......

Rick could only sit and stare...he needed to fuck either or both of these sisters and he needed to do it now...Cute suddenly sat up and climbed off her sister...Squeeze rose from the bed and moved to behind Rick...

"ready to play?" she whispered to him...

"yes yes" he replied......his mind reeled he could already guess that it would not be a straightforward act......what did they have planned......

Squeeze bent down in front of him and untied his feet, before raising to her own feet she leaned forward and kissed him hard on the mouth...her tongue forcing its way in and entangling with his...she drew back and moved to behind the chair...Cute meanwhile was back on the bed...arse towards him...on all fours...he was aware of a metal sound..His hands seemed to be being untied and yet.... suddenly Squeeze raised both his arms above his head.........and just as he thought they were free...his wrists were snapped into handcuffs attached to a chain that had dropped from the ceiling...the chain began to retract into the ceiling and the pressure pulled him to his feet...

Squeeze began to speak, "My Sister would like you to fuck her ...but you must firstly show some respect...we can see that you are already aroused...but you are only allowed to enter my sisters pussy as you are whipped by me.... one lash of the whip equals one thrust inside...I will tell you each time how many you are to receive.... if you thrust more than the allotted amount the game will be over. You will lose and I will pleasure my sister...understand?"

Rick nodded.... he understood but how could he control himself...this heightened arousal was something he had never experienced before he was not sure how long he could last............

Squeezes voice suddenly cut through his thoughts..."we will begin" she said "we will start with 5 lashes, you may thrust 5 times, begin .........now!" Rick felt the whip lash against the cheeks of his arse, but his mind was not registering the pain he knew he had to enter Cutes pussy quickly .......he thrust forward .....His erect cock slipped inside.....he felt Cute tightened her muscles to grip him within her....1........2.......3.......4......5

"stop" said Squeeze, "excellent, now 3 lashes I think", Rick groaned only 3.......this was agony....Cutes pussy was so warm........so moist.......so inviting......he just wanted to experience the most erotic coupling of his existence so far......"Begin...Now" ordered Squeeze. He thrust again...still unfeeling of the whip on his arse...his mind drinking in the sensation ...1......2.......3......"Stop......you are doing well, so this time we will have 10 lashes......but......you must still control yourself –Cute requires further arousal – this must continue longer.....begin .......now!"

This was more like it thought Rick...... 1...2.....3.....4......5........6... ( his excitement grew he thrust harder... faster... deeper with each thrust)...7......8......9....10 "'Stop". Rick shuddered how much longer could be last? Squeeze spoke "My sister and I are pleased with you......the whipping will cease and your arms will be released....my sisters pleasure awaits you......"

Suddenly the cuffs on his waists flew open his arms dropped down...he immediately leaned forward and pulled up Cutes head .....His hands began to squeeze and tease at her breasts...she in turn reached behind and pulled his arse into her hard...his cock entered her again.......and they both watched in the mirrors as they began the ultimate experience......harder...faster........hands exploring each other ....Cute rode his cock in.....Out......he held onto her hips forcing himself deeper and deeper......they groaned together....and although he wanted this experience to last for ever he knew it could not ......they were both....so...very.....nearly....nearly....there ......with one last deep hard thrust he erupted just as she did ...their eyes met in the mirror as their juices mixed and they shuddered and slowly.... slowly ....lessened the thrusting of their bodies....till they finally stopped and slumped down on to the bed......spent.....complete...

Rick was still lying on the bed when he was aware of Squeeze speaking to him, "here are your clothes, please dress and come down stairs". Both sisters left him alone in the room; he quickly dressed and made his way down the staircase into the living room. Once more he gasped in amazement....the two sisters had also dressed.....but this time they looked demure and ladylike....Cute had on Brown trousers with a cream polo neck jumper whilst Squeeze wore a plain blue wool dress which was knee length...they would have looked totally at home at any family social gathering. Rick could not believe the transformation.

Cute spoke " Mr Robin has asked us to tell you that car appears to have been sold, but if you would like to leave your telephone number he will ring should the situation change." This hardly registered with Rick, after all that had happened he had forgotten about the car. He wrote down his number on the piece of paper that was offered, and handed it to Cute, he then followed her out to the front door. As he walked down the path Cute called out to him "and if Mr Robin doesn't call you, we CERTAINLY will!" and giggling with her sister she quickly closed the door. Rick would look forward to that call for sure......

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