[My 'Summer of 42'; I was still 'untouched' that summer I visited my cousin. She was only too willing to teach me what I didn't know.]

It was strange. Growing up, I had cousins from my mother's side but none from my father's. My mother's two sisters: one had only boys and the other only girls. Of the girls, two were nice, quiet, unassuming young women. One became the model for 'Elaine' on Seinfeld, a driven professional woman with no home-life. The other was a woman who gave it all up for only home-life.

Ah, then there was that third one: A brunette who patterned herself after Joan Collins. She was the ultimate heartbreaker, the raven-haired hussy, the tramp that all women hated and all men desired.

As a youth, I watched her as she conducted a titanic war with my mother to curry my father's attentions. She wore plunging necklines and short shorts to my mom's fury; whether my cousin and him ever hooked up I never knew.

It was summer. Joel had had her first child several months before. She'd regained her figure, except that her boobs were still huge from breastfeeding. So imagine a Joan Collins (in her prime!!) but with a real set of boobs, a slim, spectacular figure, with great legs and gorgeous smooth feet.

I emphasize that her breasts were not the amorphous mass that most nursing mothers have but Playboy quality...only larger and engorged with warm, sweet mother's milk. She had a perfect tan 24/7 and padded about her home barefoot and scantily clad. THAT was what I was to encounter on my first foray away from home...

I had just turned eighteen and was about to head for college. It was tradition that we went away each summer around Labor Day; we used to go to the Cape [Cod], but it had become overrun with tourists. Instead, we went to the Connecticut coastline, much less traveled by tourists with slightly warmer weather too.

My family was all there as we visited Joel for the first time in years. The baby was still nursing at the ripe old age of one. I know that because everyone was in the house in the living room. That is, everyone but me. The baseball playoffs were going on and I was in the sitting room.

My cousin came in unannounced carrying the infant. She said that she had to do something and she didn't want to do it where everyone was talking. Would I be offended if she fed the infant? Looking up from the game, I said no, of course not. I went back to the game, not thinking much about it.

Now, if I was any kind of gentleman, I would've looked away. That explains why I watched: the side of her dress fell away and I heard the snap, snap! She had opened one side of her nursing bra. My God!! Looming out was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, sort of like a boob from a pin-up or a foldout, except this was much bigger, the nipple much more pronounced, and—best of all—it was real and only inches away.

My supersexy cousin gently put her pinky in the lucky kid's mouth, making him open wide. Then, she inserted that angry nipple. With a smash of his tongue and tug of his lips, I heard the 'zit zit' as he noisily slurped and suckled that white nectar of the gods.

To my surprise and embarrassment, I felt something growing. Sure enough, as the baby nursed on that perfect boob, my cock grew and grew. Finally, it was iron hard and at a record size. I'd once measured it at six inches, but with maturity and my sexy cousin, I crossed the nine inch barrier easily. As for the sperm-filled globes below it, let's just say they were about to burst...

Well, all good things have to come to an end. As she pulled the baby from her other breast, there was a thin stream of mother's milk that extended to his tongue. His lips had disengaged with a noisy slurp and pop. She set the infant down in a crib against the wall, did herself up and then turned to me. I quickly went back to the game, hoping I wasn't 'busted' for staring.

Most guys who stare (which is, oh, what, every one of us?) think (hope?) that the subject (woman) doesn't have peripheral vision. Well, like all women, my cousin did and she had noticed me staring after thirty seconds. She then decided to put on the sexiest nursing show ever seen. Well, it was...God I was turned on.

Joel: "So, did you enjoy the floor show?"

Me: "What, that?'s just that I never had, umm...seen that..."

Joel: "Never saw a baby fed, or never did 'IT'?"

Me: "I shouldn't admit it, but, well, both. I never saw such a lucky baby and I am a good little boy too, entering college in the fall."

Joel: "Is that the way you WANT it, staying just a 'good little boy'?"

Me: "Well, sure, I kind of wished I'd done something...anything. I guess I should have worked on that instead of playing games..." [Pause.] I can't believe I admitted any of this to you."

Joel: "It's okay, it's okay. As much as I have 'explored' I've never broken any confidences. I never told you about your mother and father and..."

Me: [interrupting] "What? I, I always pictured them as gothic Americans..."

My cousin laughed, almost waking the baby.

Joel: "I'll just say this. You know that they went to parties every single weekend, right? Well, some of those parties were as they said, just returning a party given by someone else. However, half of the time, they had gone to a marital retreat, but it was NOT to be alone. Other married couples were there too, and they liked sharing."

Me: "You mean my parents 'swung'; swingers? I can't believe it."

As I contemplated that, my cousin (ten years my senior at 28) sat down in the loveseat next to me. As I gazed at her magnificence, she cooed that I should close my eyes. I did. Then, making my blood pressure skyrocket, I heard those same two telltale 'snaps' as the dress and nursing bra were re-opened.

She took one of my hands and placed it on that breast. The nipple was hard, ready for nursing. It almost burned the palm of my hand it was so ready, so firm and popping. I looked upon this like an apparition, a dream. My eyes teared, my mouth watered. She sensed this and prodded my head down. With eyes closed, I felt that nozzle of goodness cross my lips.

As I drank, I got a few drops of tasteless warmth. Then the rich vanilla goodness of mother's milk splashed into my mouth, overwhelming my senses. With a glug glug I drank and drank to my heart's content. As I loomed within an inch of the breast, dazed, she pushed me to the second one. I finished that one too with a noisy swallow.

Joel: "Well, how was that?"

Me: "Like a dream--like a real wet dream...I can't think of anything better."

Joel: "Stand up, sweetheart."

I did. With that, she tugged at my shirt buttons, my belt, everything. A woman would've protested instantly, but being a guy, I didn't care if I was clothed or not. Within moments, I was just wearing my shoes. At the last moment, I was modest and covered my huge unit and jewels with both hands.

Joel pried them away and keyholed my cock until it slapped against my rippling abs, some ten inches of steel-hard cock. Its size even surprised me. Swinging freely and manfully below it was a set of balls worthy of the largest bull. So much potent seed, so much sperm; as I said, I'd been a 'good little boy' and had never done the 'deed' before that day.

Joel: "My God, it's gorgeous! So big, so very hard! After talking to your mother, and I won't give details, if she knew that you were THIS well-hung, I'm 100% certain that she would've fucked your brains out at least five years ago."

Me: "But, I only just turned eighteen."

Joel: "That's true, but she wanted to have another child. If she knew that her beloved son was this well-hung, I think that you would've gotten a chance at it. Of course, you'd never have wanted to fuck your own mother now would you? I mean, your mom might be the identical twin of Doris Day or some movie star, with an even better figure, but could you have actually made love to her? And, would you want to have made a baby in her? I can't conceive of that."

Me: "Wait, was that a joke? [Okay, I wasn't the swiftest mind at work.] Well, yes I'd wished I'd known that...and done that. What you said. I would love to fuck an older beautiful woman...and get her pregnant."

That was a thought that a lot of guys had: what if the woman of their dreams actually wanted them? How many nights of love and days of ecstasy had I foolishly missed? How big a many cribs could I have filled up? Such was the fantasy.

Then, something snapped me back to reality. My hot cousin stood up and pushed the button in on the doorknob, giving us a modicum of privacy. She turned to me with this naughty look.

Joel: "You know, cousin, after this first baby, my husband and I had the worst kind of argument. He said that we could only afford the one child. I thought it would be terrible to have an 'only child' and demanded we have another. He said no, and to emphasize it, we've not made love since. I am so fucking horny! I need loving, I need sex, and I want another baby."

Joel: "My chart is peaking right now: I'm incredibly fertile today and tomorrow. So, if you make love to me, you'll probably get me pregnant. Would you like that, your sexy cousin Joel, her belly swollen with YOUR babies? Her breasts filled with creamy smooth milk, just waiting to satisfy those babies, or the man that made them. Would you like that? Sex, pleasure, loving, babies, mother's milk...being THE man of the house?"

I heard laughter from the other room—we were really taking a risk. I knew if we were discovered, I'd be mortified in front of my own family and her husband. An irate husband, even one far less muscular than me, would be an ugly thing to confront.

On the other hand, I had the ultimate brunette here. She was available, horny, willing, unbelievably fertile, and begging for a baby...for MY baby. Jeez, unless I secretly wore dresses myself, I just had to go for it.

I never answered her. I stood up and motioned for her to stand up. Off came the rest of her clothes. I sat down on a big oak chair. I then brought her to me and kissed that tummy which had a few stretch-marks but overall was flat, firm, and soon to be ruined again as it swelled with life...swelled with my babies.

I pulled her until she was right above my huge ten inch cock, and then let her slide down, letting my proud babymaker brush up against the wet, slavering lips of her pussy. Holding her by her firm bum, I moved her up and down so that my oversized cockhead just brushed those sensitive lips at the gateway to heaven.

She gasped from the pleasure, having her first mini-orgasm. I didn't keep score, but throughout this entire act of love, she either had one intense, incredible 27 minute orgasm—or--about 22 of the shortest but hottest mini-orgasms.

She threw her head back, mouth agape, as I fed her inch after inch, inch after inch. My cockhead was not centered and dragged against the tingling walls of her inner womanhood. She put a hand on my broad shoulders, bracing herself. She whispered for me to stop, that it was too intense. I smiled and kept going, kept the drill plunging forward, seeking out her depths.

I went as far as I could go and her body seemed to relax. I looked down and saw at least three inches of manhood still outside. This was a waste of cock power, so I grabbed her bum and pushed hard.

With that, what seemed to be solid gave way, and my innocent cockhead pushed into this opening, like a secret room within. After a rubbery resistance, it gave way and I was finally in openness, as if I'd played some game and reached the goal.

I was in her womb; somehow, even in my naiveté, I sensed that THIS was where I was supposed to do my manly task. I also sensed that it was as she described: warm, waiting, welcoming, and incredibly fertile: A warm garden bed, just needing some seeds to make life grow.

Just as we were reaching the 'promised land', to our horror, someone knocked and rattled the door. With my powerful cock deep inside of her, my cousin still had the presence of mind to respond:

Joel: "Please keep it down; I'm tending to the baby, who had a little problem with his last feeding. I'll be right out. Jim is here watching the game. I'll be there in a few minutes."

To our relief, the mystery knocker apologized and left. Knowing now that we had only limited privacy and little time, I used every scrap of strength to lift and drop my supersexy cousin in my lap as I went into overdrive.

We were making love with such fervor that I didn't even watch the mesmerizing sway of her breasts as they bounced and bounced out of synch with our humping. The suckling nipples were leaking, the mom's milk dripping out and smearing my chest as they brushed up against it.

My mind was reeling, thinking of the baby I was about to create and what my cousin said about my beautiful mother. I made one last high lift and then full speed drop of my Joan Collins look-alike cousin onto my hard cock.

With it now lodged as deep as possible without coming out her other side I proceeded to fill that unprotected and fertile womb with my potent semen. I had no idea that my cum was almost 98% pure sperm, but I knew that I was pumping a lot of it, rope after rope, shot after shot, spurt after lengthy spurt, into that unprotected womb. I finished seeding her with a short fifteen second gusher.

We were making out as she sat motionless atop me, my spear penetrating her to the hilt. With a final lingering kiss, my huge cock finished off its mission of transferring my genetic material into her baby factory.

I slowly lifted her off of me. What looked like white lubricant rolled down my still hard pole, as if a mighty piston had been doing work. Gently, I laid her on the couch, with a pillow underneath her bum to keep all of that warm cum pooled deep where it could do its job.

At that instant, the baby awoke. So my cousin could rest and that precious seed of mine could do its evolutionary work, I held the baby and kept him quiet. He was easy to rock back to sleep.

An hour later, I snuck out silently. The baby was napping as was my beautiful cousin.

To my surprise, my parents had left for the motel. Only my cousin's husband was there. I had no idea what was going on. I also didn't know that their house had cameras for their home security service. It turns out that HE was the knocker on the door. HE sent my parents home, saying that he'd bring me to them after I'd watched the playoff game.

Me: "That was nice of you. I didn't know about the security cameras. I guess they, what, send home pictures when you're on vacation to a monitor service...or the web?"

He smiled and popped a DVD out of the system; he then re-inserted it. To my dismay, it showed Cousin Joel and I getting really 'well acquainted'. I felt about one inch tall at that point. You can imagine my stunned surprise when he slapped me on the shoulder, mussed my hair, and smiled.

Husband: "I know you're terrified, but relax. At your age, if I ran into someone like Joel who offered herself to me, I would've jumped at the chance, too. I mean, anyone would. The thing is, I didn't tell her ALL of it. Not only did I not want another baby, I didn't want the CHANCE of making another one. So, I got a vasectomy. I don't know how she will take that. Anyway, there's no harm done. I got second thoughts about that operation. Reversing it would've been costly and risky, so with you providing us that next child, all questions were answered, and for free."

He stuck out his hand to shake. Any guy in that situation would've jumped at a chance to get away with it and just leave. But I sensed I could get even more so I pressed home the issue.

I took his offered hand.

Me: "Well, I'm glad I could be your sperm donor. Talk about fast service, with free delivery! I'm off to college now so I won't see you for at least a year. When I come back, I'll see how you two feel about another 'free delivery'. Either way, I'll look forward to that get together." [I grabbed a cab and re-joined my parents.]

The next year, I went to visit my one year old who was nursing; it was just like Joel's first born, nursing the year before. And just as the year before, I did her again in that sitting room. I didn't mind that we were being recorded or that her hubby apparently replayed the DVD later (especially when he was alone?)

It was fantastic, thirty minutes of incredible sex and bareback goodness. I never came so intensely or copiously. When I left her, I laid her out on the couch again, her pussy opening now a wide chasm. She had changed to accommodate my huge cock, making her useless for her modestly equipped hubby.

After bending over and kissing her, I stood up and saw that sperm-filled pussy, a torrent of thick white foamy goo seeping out, oozing down a silky thigh down to the cloth couch pillow. There, a little lake of love had formed a tribute of our unbelievable passion.

Before I returned to college that second year, I had made that visit to my cousin and then back home to pack for school. I'd never told mom about Joel's gossip so I figured this was as good a time as any. Her old man was out getting hammered at the local tavern. My still beautiful mother was home alone.

She still looked like a version of that old timey actress Doris Day who was the penultimate mother-next-door soccer mom. Well she was all of that, but men might've noticed she also had a fantastic figure. My mom was like her, but her blouses were 'better filled', MUCH better filled. Now an 'old lady' at forty, she still was a solid 35D up top above the best legs outside of Hollywood.

I braced myself for the scream and slapping of a lifetime from my still gorgeous mother as I repeated the really tasty bits that old cousin Joel had laid upon me.

Mom: "Truth or dare: I want to hear everything you did with Joel, and I mean EVERYTHING."

I took her challenge and told her every detail. By the time I finished, mom had the same look of lust as Joel did: the same teary eyes, moist lips, and heaving perfect breasts, the nipples throbbing, about to pop off her sizeable 'rack'. As if I was in yet ANOTHER wet dream, my insatiable mother grabbed me and absolutely bathed me in kisses. Soon we were making out.

I didn't worry about the preliminaries or foreplay. I wanted my sexy mom; I had for so very many years. Now I had the ultimate chance to bed this sexy forty year old soccer mommy and I wasn't going to ruin it.

In my mother's room, on her marital bed, our bodies came together with all the pent-up passion that only years could have formed. That poor bed rock n' rolled as we sang a song of love with our bodies, completely out of control. By the end, mom was rolled up, her legs over my shoulders as I penetrated to places never touched before.

Finally, as if an old master of love, I gripped my mother's slim waist, held her tightly, and pressed forward that last vital inch. Like a moon rocket take-off, my balls pulled tight before sending one gigantic pulse up the vas deferens and out into my beautiful mother's receptive depths.

With my cockhead where it had to be, the little opening at its end opened magically to the size of a quarter as it spewed out one solid wall of life-giving baby batter. Just one single shot from my hugely swollen testes had more sperm than she'd received in her life. Each shot was sent with titanic force and frightening power to the absolute depths of my mother's fertile womb, splashing back around like a tsunami wave. A deep puddle formed there, teeming with potential life.

It was my last day home before returning to school, and I had 'made the most of it' you might say. I gently put her on her marital bed, with two pillows holding up her shapely tanned legs so that my good stuff would stay deep inside to do its manly duty.

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