CvsN 09: Threepeat

byTx Tall Tales©

"I've got one rule for tonight. Lay off my ass. I'm so sore I can barely sit, you beast." She rubbed her butt with her hand, as if she'd been spanked.

"What is it with you and butts?" Beth asked me.

"I don't know. It's just one more thing I like to do. There's something really naughty about having sex in the ass, and it sort of means the girl is holding nothing back. I don't know. It's different with different people." I confessed.

"You've never touched my butt, Jack." Debbie said.

"With you, it's not your ass you're holding back. I know that you'll give me your body unquestioningly; it's your heart and soul that seem so hard to get. Feeling my emotions returned from you is more intimate then filling your ass with my cock," I confessed to her, running my fingers down the side of her face.

"You know it's yours whenever you want," she told me, "now if you'd like."

"No, not now. Although I wouldn't mind sheathing this damn thing somewhere."

Debbie crawled up and lowered herself onto my cock, rocking back and forth, while we continued this bizarre conversation.

Beth piped in from beside me. "I know you've been playing with my butt, and I've teased you a little, but you haven't really tried to do me there, either."

"My god, Beth, you gave me your virginity in both your pussy and your mouth. How much more can a guy ask for? Someday we may do it back there, but only if you want to. Not that I'd say no to the offer, of course." I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss, which stretched out longer and longer, as Debbie picked up the pace in her lovemaking.

I eventually broke off the kiss, and leaned back, enjoying the leisurely fuck I was receiving.

I finally spoke up. "Karen, there was something you told me we could do."

"And that was?" she asked, her head on my shoulder.

"You said we could repeat our first weekend with the positions reversed. Would you do Debbie, while I take you from behind?"

"Whatever you want. Honestly. Even my ass if that's what you really want. This weekend, consider me your absolute play toy," she told me, very seriously.

"I wonder if I'll survive this weekend." I joked. "Debbie, let's shift."

Debbie got off me, and under my direction, sat at the head of the bed, with a couple of pillows propping her up. I positioned Karen with her mouth at Debbie's pussy, and then lay down beside her. "I hope you don't mind if I watch for a bit."

"Of course not," Karen answered. She hesitated, her face hovering over Debbie's smooth shaven slit. I watched her breathe deep and then shudder before placing a tiny kiss on the side of Deb's thigh. "You know, I've been thinking about this moment from before that first weekend; wondering if you'd expect me to do this. I've always wondered what it would be like. I thought I'd be really nervous." She hushed a second before placing a long slow lick the length of the entire pussy in front of her. "But it's nice. Really. She smells so sexy. And the thought of your fat cock buried inside me while I see how far my tongue can reach is giving me goose bumps." She leaned back in and planted her mouth, her head making small back and forth motions, while Debbie closed her eyes and leaned back.

Beth moved behind me, and stroked my cock with her hand while she watched the little show with me. Karen put her heart and soul into pleasuring Debbie, and was rewarded with a squirming, panting thing of beauty.

Beth soon pushed me onto my back, and used her mouth on me. Once she'd gotten me ready, she tried to work my cock down her throat. The first few efforts she either pulled off or choked, but then she had it, and forced her face all the way down my cock. She pulled off and gave me a big smile, before doing it again, and again.

"Show off," Debbie gasped, watching the job Beth was doing on me.

I eased away from Beth, and took up position behind Karen, then entered her slowly, a little at a time, making that first penetration last.

"Why do you like to see us girls doing things to each other? I would think that as long as someone was working your hunk of meat over you'd be happy." Beth asked this time.

"My, aren't you full of questions tonight!" I laughed as I slowly screwed Karen.

Debbie echoed Beth's sentiment. "Why do you like it?"

"I don't know. It's so incredibly sexy to see any one of you when you are hot and on the verge of coming, it just makes my blood boil. I never really liked girl-girl scenes that much. But with you here, together, it's different. It drives me crazy."

"I can tell," Beth said, stroking Karen's butt, as I was plowing her from behind.

"I have to say, I never thought any of you would do these things. This is so far beyond anything I could ever even have dreamed. You are all so open to everything; I probably just get carried away experimenting with anything and everything I've ever imagined. If it bothers you, just tell me to go to hell. I won't mind." I told them.

Karen pulled her face out of Debbie's open gash, and rested her head on Debbie's thigh. "I don't know about Debbie and Beth, but with you, I feel so feminine, and you are so male, it's as if I was meant to be yours to do with as you please; I just can't find myself saying no. I've always had a hard time saying no to you." She told me hesitantly, breathlessly.

"That's a joke." I told her. "You must have told me no a thousand times."

"And I seemed to be always losing ground, and slowly losing my resolve," she snapped back. "I was in a relationship, yet you convinced me to first rub your cock, then give you hand jobs almost daily, and then let you play with my tits and ass. I was frustrated; listening to all the things you said you wanted to do with me, do to me, was driving me crazy. Finally I just gave up and threw myself at you. I threw in Debbie to sweeten the pot, in case I wasn't enough."

Ouch. True confessions. "Foolish girl, when you made me that first offer you almost stopped my heart on the spot. I thought you weren't into sex that much. You said you didn't like to give blowjobs, but you're mouth always seems ready. I know you talk about it a lot, but it seemed like you were always having to get talked into it, or getting something in trade."

"It's more about who the offer is with. Craig wasn't a bad guy, and he appreciated what I gave him, but he had to fuck me dry more often than not. We went through a lot of KY. You may have noticed you don't have the same problem. Your touch makes me cream." Karen gave a wiggle to her hips, to emphasize her point.

"You know what, Karen, that's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me." I pulled out of her, and lay down beside her and Debbie, then helped Karen climb back on top of me, so I could continue my delving of her pussy.

Things were quiet for a bit as the girls caressed each other and me, while my hard-on slid in and out of Karen, who had just bared her soul to us all. The sound of the flesh slapping was only interrupted by the occasional moans and sighs. I took advantage of the position to nibble Karen's delightful nipples. Her tits were really spectacular, and so responsive to my mouth and tongue. I thought about rolling her over and tit-fucking her. I'd never done that to completion. I wondered what it would be like.

Beth laid down next to me, threw an arm across my chest and kissed my shoulder. "I guess with me it's a little different. Everything's new to me, and it all feels so incredibly good. You're my teacher. I'm willing to let you guide me, unless you fuck up. Then we'll see." She smiled. "So far, so good, and I mean very, very good."

Debbie was stroking Karen's hair, as I picked up the pace a bit, and Karen's body rocked under my attention. "I... It's hard for me to talk about it. But I believe in you. And it's just sex. You're my man, and it's right that I should pleasure you."

"Please, Debbie, tell me that's not true." I said. "You mustn't just do whatever I ask, you have to let me know what you like and don't like, and what you want. This should be good for you to."

"But it is. It's never been like this. I want to be whatever you need. That's what I want. To be what you want, how you want it."

"Speaking of want, what do you want me to do?" Beth said softly.

"How would you feel about doing what Karen did to Debbie?" I asked her.

"Uh, Ok I guess, if that's what you want." She answered me hesitantly.

"It's not what I want, not if you don't want to. I just want to know what you're comfortable with." I told her.

"No, it's not that I don't want to, I just don't know how really. I've never really been on the giving end of something like that. And I'm, well I guess I'm a little scared."

"Don't worry. It's a great night for learning." I pulled her around where I could kiss her, fondling her breast, while my hips drove my cock in and out of Karen, seemingly of their own volition.

I eased Karen off my hips, desiring a change in position and opening. As I got up on my knees, Karen said she had to go for a second and she'd be right back.

I put Beth on her back, and lifted her ankles up around her ears for a while, while I plowed her pussy, firmly and fast. I held her arms out to her side, and she was trapped under my body, my weight pinning her to the bed, her arms immobilized, and her tender pussy being ravaged. She was grunting under my attention, the strength of my thrusts driving the breath out of her, and Debbie came over and started rubbing her clit while whispering to her. She came quickly, her pussy clutching at my cock, while I continued to fuck her hard. I released her wrists, and held her shoulders in my hands, her ankles on my shoulders, and made her come again and again on my cock, with Debbie my assistant in passion. When Beth was crying for release, and coming almost on demand, I finally could hold back no longer, I released her legs, lay down on top of her, and covered her mouth with mine, while I fucked her hard until I achieved release, finishing deep inside her.

As she felt me come, her eyes opened wide, and she came explosively on my cock, biting my lip, and hunching up at me, crying out.

"I've never seen anyone come so hard and so long," Debbie finally spoke, running her hands possessively over Beth.

Beth just laid there, eyes shut, breathing hard, moaning. She curled up in a fetal position, and for just a second I thought about taking that third opening of hers while it was so neatly exposed.

Karen spoke from behind me. "Looks like you wore one of us out for at least a while, Jack. Now just two to go." She gave me a teasing smile. "You half finished me off today already, so I shouldn't be too hard, but I'll be interested in seeing you wear out that one," she nodded indicating Debbie.

"Yeah, I've got my work cut out for me." I smiled, only just then taking in why she'd been gone. She had some sex toys laid out on the bed. Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and a variety of things I didn't really recognize.

"If you want to get started on Debbie, I thought these might help." She said wickedly, holding a massive 18 inch flexible dildo in her hand, and a set of balls on a string in the other. "I had to find out which box I'd packed them in, sorry it took so long."

"What do you think, Debbie?" I asked her.

She laid back her hands behind her head, her legs apart. "Whatever you want. The only thing I ask is that you take me in the rear before this night is through."

"That's the nicest demand I've heard in a long time." I laughed.

Karen and I played with Debbie a long time. Karen had an encyclopedic knowledge of sex toys, and I found out that somewhere between her Tupperware parties, and her most recent job, she used to host Sex Toy parties for the girls. We stretched out beside Debbie, using a dildo and vibrator on her pussy, making her come for us. Unlike Beth, she didn't have multiple continuous orgasms. She would come hard, and then would come down, and needed to be worked on for a while to get her to come again. We turned her over, and while she and I were in 69, Karen worked a vibrator in her pussy. I nibbled on her clit, and worked a small butt plug into her ass, using plenty of lube.

I felt like she was trying to get me to come before she did. I finally pulled away, and she smiled at me, knowing she'd won. We played with her ass and pussy a while, using the butt plugs, dildos, and vibrator. On the advice of Karen I decided to screw Debbie with the string of balls in her ass, pulling them out as she came. I fucked her for at least 10 minutes, while slipping those large balls in her ass.

"I'm going to love using your butt tonight Debbie." I told her while I massaged her cheeks with all the balls inside.

"Do it." She answered me.

With my cock working Debbie over, and the six 1-inch balls lodged deep in her ass, I watched Beth getting herself involved again, sharing an incredible kiss with Debbie, while Karen applied the vibrator to Debbie's clit. I could tell we were building her up to a huge orgasm, and when she pulled her mouth off of Beth's, moaning, I knew we had her.

"Come for me baby, come for me." I told her, fucking her with long, fast and hard strokes.

She cried out loudly, and I pulled the first ball out of her ass, tearing a second cry out of her. On the second and third balls she moaned but on the fourth she shivered all over.

"Oh!" she finally exclaimed on number five. I kept my cock going in and out of her on each of these.

"Only one to go," I told her, very slowly pulling it out. When it was visible and ready to pop out, I held it there, holding her hole wide open, just short of coming out of her.

"God, please Jack," she moaned.

I pulled it out, and without a second thought, I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and entered her gaping ass with one hard push.

"Oh my God!" she cried, her whole body trembling.

Karen slapped me on the back, hard. "You are just plain evil!" she told me.

I was already pretty close, and I drove in and out of her ass as if my life depended on it. She fell to the bed, lying flat, and I grabbed her hips and pulled up enough to continue my assault. I clutched her ass cheeks in my hands and watched my cock split her. Karen started the vibrator on her again, but she pushed it away.

"No more, please, no more vibrator, just his dick in my ass," Debbie gasped. "Come for me Jack, come in my ass," she demanded of me, pushing back against my strokes.

"As you wish," I answered. I drove the full length of my thick cock in and out of her tiny stretched hole. On each stroke I watched as the head came all the way out, and her ass stayed gaping open just long enough for me to fill it again, driving balls deep. The feeling was incredible, and I grabbed her hips tight, screaming out as I filled her ass with my cum, before I collapsed from exhaustion.

"If that was any hotter, it would have set these damn sheets ablaze," Beth told us, caressing us both where we lay, completely spent.

"Two down, one to go." Karen joked, "And it looks like number one is getting her second wind."

I was so tired, it ached to laugh, but I tried.

Debbie rolled over and gave me a kiss. "That was nice."

"Nice?" Beth asked. "Nice?? Oh my God, you all are crazy." she gasped.

It was then the doorbell rang.

"Who the hell could that be?" I groused, getting up and putting on a robe.

I looked out the door, and saw Jim there, flowers in hand, all cleaned up. I almost laughed out loud. I opened the door. "Hey Jim."

"Hi, Jack." He stuttered, taking in my wardrobe. "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't think you'd be in bed, it's not even 10:00 on a Saturday. I just wanted to stop by and say hi for a bit." He was talking a mile a minute, red in the face. He knew that I knew good and well why he was there.

"No, it's Ok, Jim. Mi Casa es su casa. Help yourself to a beer and have a seat in the living room. I'll be right out." I sat him down, heading back to the bedroom.

"What the hell is he doing here, and why did you invite him in?" Beth asked. "Doesn't he know it's after 10:00?"

"That's right Beth; you're not caught up on the latest news. I'm sure Karen can tell you why he's here." I told her, teasing Karen.

"Jesus. I didn't think he'd be back tonight. What am I supposed to do?" Karen asked.

"That's up to you. You can send him home, or you can take him upstairs and play with him. We could even take a break and visit for a while. But he's definitely your problem." I told her.

"That's not fair. You are the one who invited him to use me," Karen hissed.

"I wouldn't put it that way. Debbie was there when you wanted to play after the moving," I reminded her. "I was only along for the ride."

"Shit, Jack. Help me here," she asked, seriously.

"Why don't we toss on some clothes and go out and visit for a while. If you decide you want to get rid of him, let me know, invite me out to the kitchen or something, and I'll let him down easy. If you decide later you want to play, just take him upstairs."

"What about us, tonight?" Karen asked, anxiously.

"We already had 'us', tonight, and we'll have 'us' tomorrow, and the day after. There's no shortage of time for us." I tried to reassure her.

Debbie had already gotten up, and put on her panties, and a t-shirt of mine. Karen and Beth were climbing off the bed, when I heard the front door close.

"Oh shit, I'll be right back." I told my girls, as I made a beeline for the door.

I caught Jim before he could get to his car.

"I'm sorry, it was a bad time. I don't know what I was thinking." He apologized.

"Not at all Jim, it's a great time. The girls have worn me out, and the night is still young. We just had to get a little more presentable. Come on back and visit."

I cajoled him back into the house, and the ladies exited my room in a group, three women running the gamut from cute to pretty to beautiful, all disheveled, and dressed in T-shirts that were far too large. They sat around the living room making drink demands which I fulfilled before joining them.

"You guys are a little loud, want to keep it down just a bit? There're girls sleeping in here," I cautioned them.

"You have MORE girls here?" Jim asked incredulously, nearly choking on his drink. Debbie and Karen broke into a case of the giggles they couldn't stop for a full minute.

"Six-year-old girls," I reminded him.

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry." He mumbled, turning red.

We talked about his dance class for a while. He was on a country line-dance team, and they were practicing almost nightly before heading off to the Nationals in San Diego, in two weeks. I was apparently the only one that knew about it, and it gave us lots of stuff to talk about.

The girls all professed to be bad dancers, and before long we were clearing out the furniture as Jim gave us a little private instruction. We learned a line dance, and then he gave the girls individual dance lessons, and we could all see how the contact with these beautiful women was affecting him.

Truth be told, it was really a good time, and we all agreed we'd have to hit the dance-bars together, even though I was a classic-rock kind of guy, and detested the country twang. I could also see that Karen was thawing to him again, and I guessed he wouldn't be sent out into the cold night anytime soon.

While Debbie got her private dance lesson, I went to refill the drinks and Karen followed me into the kitchen.

"You really don't mind if I take him upstairs?" Karen asked me, leaning into me, her hard nipple against my chest.

"Of course not." I told her, leaning down and giving her a kiss. "I love to see charity work."

That appeared to piss her off, and I knew I'd slipped up. "That was uncalled for. I thought he was like your best friend," she told me icily.

"He is. He and Joe. I'm sorry; that was mean of me. But I've tried so hard in the past to get him hooked up and he always self-destructs. I keep waiting for him to really screw up, knowing it can't last."

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