CvsN 12: Joe's Sleepover

byTx Tall Tales©

Beth took the plunge, raised her head, and gave a soft lick to Debbie's thighs, just at the edge of her lips. Another lick on the opposite side. And then a long slow lick right up the middle, that separated those blood engorged lips for our viewing.

"Joe, I could watch this all night," I told him, "but I think it's show-time, and you're on." I nodded toward the end of the bed, and he smiled and walked over to watch what Beth was doing.

Joe got on his knees, and lowered his head right next to Beth's. I couldn't hear his words, but he reached out and used his fingers to open up Debbie, while Beth's artful little tongue drove in deeper. It looked like he tried to lick Debbie as well, but there didn't seem to be enough room so he did the next best thing. He started on the next opening up, tonguing Debbie's exposed brown eye. He worked diligently at it, before he finally stood up breathing hard, his cock pointed straight out in front of him.

He took Beth's face in his hands, drew her back away from where she'd been ministering to Debbie's needs, and leaned her head back.

"Open your mouth," he told her, gruffly.

Obedient, she opened wide, and wiggled her tongue as an enticement.

Prick in hand, Joe laid the head just inside her mouth. "Suck."

Beth's mouth closed over the last couple of inches of his cock, and her cheeks hollowed as she took him literally, sucking voraciously on what he'd given her. Her eyes burst open now and her entire body arched, as Debbie took that moment to give Beth another huge orgasm.

"Now Joe, fuck her mouth," Debbie urged over her shoulder.

Joe didn't need any more encouragement and pressed forward, his substantial rod disappearing to the root down young Beth's accommodating throat.

Debbie raised her hips up a bit, wiggling them, a lure to his need. "How about me, lover? I'm dying to feel your huge meat inside me."

Joe rocked inside of Beth's mouth for a few more short strokes, before pulling out. She gasped, sucking in huge amounts of air, as Joe realigned his missile.

Debbie was looking straight in my eyes, an almost malevolent gleam in them, as she encouraged him. "God, please be gentle Joe, you could hurt a girl with that pole between your legs."

He made his move, and pushed into that perfectly formed pussy, attached to that most perfect beauty, my Debbie.

I was feeling jealous again. Having the girls suck Joe off, and even when Beth took him down her throat didn't get to me like this did. Watching him stick his dick in my girl, I almost wanted to stop him, fight him off.

I think Debbie sensed what I was feeling. She gestured for me to come closer, then spoke again for Joe's pleasure, "Easy Joe, please, I've got to get used to that beast in me, before you pound me like a piece of cheap meat."

She waved me close, and as I leaned in, she pulled my head closer, "He can only touch me on the surface, everything inside is for you." Her whispered words gave me goose bumps.

"Harder now Joe, harder," Debbie told him, and the look in her eye now was absolutely mischievous. She whispered to me, "Watch this," as her body rocked under Joe's increased tempo.

"I know Beth is dying to taste my pussy, straight from your cock, Joe, don't deprive her."

It was like he's suddenly woken up, remembering Beth's mouth down there, waiting for him. He pulled back and fed it to her. I scooted to the edge of the bed, and watched him play. His cock looked red and angry, and now he was taking turns, pushing into Debbie for about half his length, and pressing that wet cock into Beth's waiting mouth. She'd suck him for a few strokes, and then he'd repeat the action. Sometimes he'd just enter Debbie, other times he'd fuck her half a dozen times or more, then each action would end the same, lowering his cock to Beth's open waiting mouth.

"Joe," Debbie called out plaintively, "I need to come. Can you make me come? Please?" She almost sounded like she was begging, but when I crawled up next to her, she was grinning.

"Oh, thank you, Joe. God I needed that, that full feeling. Now fuck me. Fuck me like a man." She almost growled at him, and the teasing look seemed to disappear from her face.

Joe responded well, and fucked her hard, fast and deep. And the harder and faster he went, the more she begged for.

"Harder! C'mon fuck me! C'mon Joe," she cried out, her body shivering under his assault.

Shit, I was hard again, and I shifted sideways, sitting in front of her, between Beth's limber legs. I didn't have to say anything, Debbie got the hint and went down on me immediately.

"Can you believe this?" I asked Joe, with a smirk on my face.

"God it's incredible," he huffed, while pile-driving my woman.

We fucked her at both ends, for a bit, and then she yanked her head off my cock, and cried out.

We watched her come on Joe's cock, and he slowed down, while she finally stopped coming. She crawled off of Beth, and lay down beside her, still head to two, breathing hard.

"God that was nice, but don't waste those things, boys."

We took the hint, and I lifted Beth's legs and entered her, while Joe dropped his cock down to her mouth, and slowly pushed in deeply. It was wildly erotic to see Joe's cock sliding in and out of Beth's hot little mouth, while I gently took her. I was enjoying having her, and was playing around a bit timing my strokes to counter Joe's. When he went in, I pulled out, and vice-versa.

I hadn't been paying enough attention, because suddenly he was crying out, "Damn, I'm so close baby, so close."

I decided to change up my end, and now worked with him. When he went in, so did I, skewering the 18 year old bombshell. We were both fucking her a lot harder, and once again I was astounded at her ability to take a cock in her mouth. She almost never gagged anymore, and just let him face-fuck her, while I drove into her. I fucked her hard, almost in syncopation, pushing her hard against his cock, just after he bottomed out on each stroke. Driving him just a hair farther down her tender throat. She was breathing hard through her nose, every chance she got, and turning red in the face, but refusing to ease up.

Then he cried out, leaning over and squeezing her tits hard, as he drove his cock to the root into her willing mouth. She couldn't pull away, my cock thrusting her back against him, and she took his full load down her throat. He took forever to finish, and then she was pulling her face away sideways, gasping, and coughing.

"Jesus, Joe, a girl's gotta breath!" she finally gasped out, still occasionally coughing. She was still skewered on my cock, but I was just holding her, a sweet young cock-sheath.

Joe almost panicked, dropping to his knees and stroking her head, apologizing.

"I... I forgot, I'm soo sorry, it was so incredible, I just couldn't think. Oh, God that was incredible," he gasped, holding her.

I went back to having my own fun, while Joe stayed there at the foot of the bed, telling Beth how wonderful she was and holding her, while I continued where I'd left off, slowly picking up the pace, until I was pounding her hard. Debbie hadn't given up her involvement, and I watched as her hand crept between Beth and I, and started rubbing her.

I could hear Beth talking back to Joe now.

"Oh, Joe! They're going to make me come, Joe. They're going to make me come so hard. Oh! Oh I'm going to come, here I come, here I come..." her voice slowly melted away, and then her body arched and felt her coming for me.

It was so beautiful, it was dragging me to my own orgasm, and just as she was coming off hers, I was telling her I was about to have my own, fucking her harder, holding her legs tightly, my fingers digging into her flesh.

I exploded, grunting mightily, as I emptied inside her once again.

"I love that," she said softly, taking my cum, as I pounded my way to completion.

Debbie hopped up on her knees, and laughed. "That was a fun start! Who's going to fuck me now? And where?"

It was a good question. Joe and I were both done for the short term. But we lay in bed, playing with parts, and putting mouths to good use, and it was inevitable that we were at it again before too long.

While Beth and I were playing, I watched Debbie ride Joe. Then she looked over to me and said, "I want you, too."

"Really?" I asked smiling.

"You want to suck him again?" Beth asked.

"No," she said breathlessly, still working on Joe.

Beth caught on pretty quick, "Oh!"

It was a hell of an offer, and I wasn't strong enough to turn it down. Debbie got Joe to settle down for a second, and Beth helped get me ready with a little bottle of lube. Then I watched in amazement as my cock slipped into Debbie's tight little sphincter.

She grunted under the pressure, but when I slowed down she moaned, "Don't stop."

I couldn't have if I wanted, and continue pushing forward until my entire cock was crammed up her tight ass.

"That's it," I told her.

"Now fuck me," she gasped.

So I did. Slowly sawing in and out, for about half my length, but once I recognized that she was taking it in stride, I fucked her ass long and hard, just like a pussy, but tight - tighter than Beth.

Beth was close beside me, taking it all in. She reached down and played with Joe's balls, while he did what he could to work his cock in and out of the double-plugged blonde whose ass I was plundering.

"Is that what it's going to look like when you fuck my ass, Jack?" She asked, her tone one of wonderment.

"Not quite. I think we'll take it a little easier on you the first time." I confessed.

"Tonight?" she asked.

"No baby, I don't think so, I think that will be a more private thing," I laughed, taking a short break, and resting with my cock buried in Debbie.

We shifted positions shortly after that, and I laid down, then Debbie took my cock up her ass and laid back on me, face up, legs open and ready. Joe was given a minute of Beth's beautiful oral, while Debbie and I got ready, and I started in. Then he climbed on top of her and fucked her like a madman. Her legs were curled around mine, and my hands were holding her tight by her oh-so-perfect tits. She was immobilized, and he pounded her pussy like there was no tomorrow - which for him was probably true.

The feeling from inside her ass was wild. I couldn't move much, but she was shifting back and forth just a bit on my cock. I could feel Joe's action from inside her, like someone was rubbing my cock through my pants. I would never have guessed I could come like that, with so little movement on my part, but it was happening.

"Deb, I'm going to come," I told her, squeezing those marvelous tits, and whispering in her ear when I wasn't chewing on her neck.

"Hold. On. Just. A. Little." she gasped out softly, then she was urging Joe on, "Come for me Joe! Now, Come in my burning pussy, do it, do it." She cried out.

It was too late for me, and I creamed in her ass, moaning in her ear as I did.

It set her off like a fuse.

"Fuck! Oh Fuck!" she cried out, her ass squeezing me painfully, as her body tensed.

Like domino's, her orgasm kicked off Joe's, who pulled out of her, and came all over her belly, hips, and pussy.

"Ohhh!" I heard, and looked over to see Beth beside us on the bed, her hand half-way up her teen twat, as she joined us at our finish.

That was it. We eventually all cleaned up, and crashed back in the bed, and in spite of a couple of half-hearted attempts to get something going again, we were soon all dozing off. I was half-under myself when Debbie whispered, "God, my ass is sore, you beast." I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

* * * *

I woke up, a little self-concious that I was pressed up against Joe. We had the bed to ourselves, and what might have been Ok, while in the midst of wild and crazy sex with two young beauties, was just so wrong. It took me a few moments to realize what was going on, and I almost leaped out of the bed, suddenly awake.

He was a little slower coming fully awake, and I heard him speaking to me as I did a little of my morning ritual.

"Damn. I'm sore all over. I can't believe you live like this." He said, stretching out in the bed.

"Every night's not like that," I laughed, but had to admit to myself, they were pretty fucking awesome anyway.

"This is going to drive Cathy nuts, when I tell her. She's going to be so jealous that she couldn't have been here." He laughed, walking past me, his morning wood leading the way to the john.

"You're not going to get in trouble, are you?" I asked him.

"Not as long as she hears it from me. She hinted that she expected I'd head over here while she was away for the weekend. She was more optimistic about it than me." He shook his head, deprecatingly, as he leaned over the toilet waiting for his erection to subside enough to let him pee.

It was interesting to see another man going through the same process I went through. Not something I'd ever really expected to see first hand, though.

Beth showed up in the doorway, wearing an oversized Tee of mine, and who knows what else.

"Oh! So they're finally alive? Deb's got your breakfast ready. The whole house is up and awake except for you to. Everyone else has eaten." She told us, a hint of attitude in her tone.

Whatever happened to the sweet little submissive from the night before? Oh, well. Who was I to complain?

It was the start of another day in my own private paradise.


Thanks as always for reading my work, and watch for yet another lovely joining in soon! And, as always, your vote is appreciated.

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by M4rtyr05/16/18

So long

I’ve been reading this for almost three hours now. I’m still as hard as when Karen jerked Jack off in Ch 1. I haven’t cum yet (not due to a lacking story) and I’m not even halfway through yet somore...

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by Anonymous09/18/17


Ditch the extra guys and toss in a couple of the girls with strapons.

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by LupusDei08/13/17


The only thing missing was me there. I would be glad to patently watch until Deb asked 'who's next?' Although I would probably come on my own the moment they lifted Beth up for the two end act, I can imaginemore...

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