CvsN 26: Royally Fucked

byTx Tall Tales©

But Ana Isabel was more. More than a casual lustful passing. She was an incredible woman who deserved more than I could offer. An amazing woman, with a tangled life, waiting for the man who was worthy of her.

I knew I wasn't that man.

And yet. Here I was, after what we'd been through with each other, openly going to her home, suspecting that perhaps tonight, the rules might not be as stringent. For once, I pondered the consequences, and my own intentions.

If I had any doubts about her intentions, they were somewhat mollified when her hand reached between my legs, stroking my burgeoning hardness. Damn. What was I doing there? With her, of all people? Her hand kept up its teasing, and I just leaned back and closed my eyes, enjoying her attention.

I felt the car slow in front of her house, pulling into the driveway. We were at the edge of town, but the houses were still closely packed together. They looked old, but then again, so did so much of this beautiful country. I entered the building behind her, wondering what I'd find.

The house reeked of old wealth. The furniture all looked to be antique, and dozens of paintings were plastered across the walls. It was spacious, with high ceilings, and open rooms, but I didn't have much opportunity to observe more. Ana Isabel took me by the hand and led me down a hall, directly to her bedroom. She closed the door behind us.

She turned, but any words she might have had for me were interrupted when my lips hungrily met hers.

She fell into my arms eagerly, letting me kiss her, nearly devouring her. I reached behind her and unzipped her dress which she allowed to drop to the floor, leaving her dressed in the sexiest of underwear, all lace and frills, barely covering her, and mostly see through. That and her jewelry. When she reached behind her neck to remove the necklace I stopped her.

"Leave it. It's almost as beautiful as you."

She smiled, lowering her arms. Then she was back in my grasp kissing me fiercely, while my hands massaged her ass, squeezing her. I ran my hands over her body, still enthralled by her soft skin and sexy form.

My need was upon me, and I carried her to the bed, laying her in the middle, then moved down between her legs. I kissed her and licked her, touching her thighs and all around the edges of those sexy panties. I rubbed her through the material, running my tongue between her legs, pushing the thin fabric into her. I rolled the panties down her hips, slowly exposing her to my view. No warnings about boundaries and rules this time, she lifted her legs allowing me to pull them down to her ankles.

I pulled her panties off and settled in, making love to her sweet pussy, inhaling her fragrance, exploring her all over again, learning her feel, her sensitivities. She allowed me free rein, and I worked to pleasure her, taking my time, enjoying the moment. In this I was successful, eventually making her cry out for me. She pulled away and took off her bra, exposing her sweet small breasts, capped with the most delightful dark areola and perky nipples.

"Take off those stupid clothes," she snapped at me, tossing her bra at me.

"You do it."

She was a tiger, leaping off the bed and tearing my shirt off, and yanking my pants down to my ankles, boxers and all. She leaned over and took me in her mouth, quickly pressing forward, taking most of my length on her first attempt. Unlike our previous, constrained activities, she went after me with complete abandon. She sucked me aggressively, then suddenly stood up and pulled me to the bed, stumbling, kicking off the clothing around my ankles. She fell back upon the mattress, scooting up. I looked down at her glorious form, naked except for the necklace which glittered against her flesh.

She leaned back in the bed, parting her legs. I followed quickly, poised between her tender thighs.

"It's a night for celebration I think. For our project, and for my freedom," she said.

I opened her legs and pressed my cockhead against her. "A great night for celebration," I told her smiling.

"Mmmm. Celebrate me, Jack. No more rules."

I took her quickly, sinking deep within her. The feeling was exquisite; all I'd hoped and dreamt of each time she'd turned me away. My deep penetration wrested a groan from her, which was accentuated when I slowly pulled back and thrust into her again. After just a few strokes, I was completely ensconced in her warm nether embrace.

Withdrawing, I played with her, diddling her, corkscrewing my hips, exploring her depths. How long had it been for her? She was tight and squeezed me as I penetrated her repeatedly. I loved the playful feel, but I couldn't resist taking her for real.

I opened her legs wide and fucked her hard. The long night of dining and dancing was like hours of foreplay, and I wanted her so bad I could taste it. All the nights of coming so close to this, and leaving frustrated. I had to have her, hard and fast. Take her; make my claim against her, in the most elemental of ways.

She was quiet, moaning softly, but seemed to enjoy it as much as I.

I pounded her, driving her into the bed, filling her thoroughly. I wanted her to come for me. I needed to feel her surrender. Leaning over her, I grabbed her shoulders, pulling her against me, slamming into her as hard as I could. Again, and again, and again.

I couldn't think straight. I felt my arms trembling, holding me up, while my hips pistoned away. I stared into her eyes, and watched those dark orbs glisten, as her soft moans took on a new intensity. She gasped softly, when I grabbed her necklace, twisting it and pulling it tight against her neck. Her head leaned back, her eyes rolling back in her head, and she grabbed my wrists in her hands, tugging, until my hands wrapped around her slender neck, squeezing gently.

"Jack!" she cried out, and I felt her body react underneath mine, thrusting back hard. It was what I'd sought, and I released her throat, reaching behind her neck and tugging her head forward while I achieved my own desperately needed release.

I groaned as I flooded her insides, coming in waves, pushing deep, forcing myself as far into her as possible. I kept at it, even after I knew there was nothing left for me to shoot.

Sitting upright, I held her thighs in my hands, parting her legs, and gently continued screwing her, easily, concentrating on the feeling between my legs, willing myself to stay hard. I closed my eyes, moving my cock just a few inches back and forth, until I could feel the stiffness return, becoming firmer. With the return of my hardness, I could withdraw all the way. I looked down where my cum-coated cock was resting just outside of her, and slowly pushed back in, repeating the action, until I was certain there was no chance of my trouser buddy failing me.

I looked up to see her watching me, a tender smile on her face.

"That was incredible, Jack," she sighed, stretching her arms out over her head. She pulled her hands down, and rubbed her neck, where I could see a red line where her necklace had bit into the skin. She lifted it and looked at it.

"I'll never be able to wear my grandmother's necklace without thinking of you."

I slid into her to the hilt, and leaned over her again, my lips seeking out hers. The kiss was soft and intimate, not the aggressive need we'd shown earlier. She relaxed beneath me, opening her mouth wide, and surrendering completely until I was sated with her generous mouth.

"Are you always like that? So fierce?" she asked when I moved my lips down to her soft neck.

"No. Not like that. I just had to have you, I couldn't help myself."

"You've had me now. Happy?"

"Beyond words."

She pulled my head up and kissed me softly. "Me too."

From there we were much more carefree in the bed. We changed positions often, experimenting and playing around, and when I could get her to come, I could barely tell. She moaned so softly, breaking into Spanish, telling when she was on the verge, encouraging me.

My prim and proper Major was fun to have, and beautiful to watch when she rode me. Watching her body move above mine, seeing that emblem of her status bouncing off her bounteous breasts, dropping down to rest on my chest when leaned over for a kiss. It was cool against my skin.

We spent hours in that bed, while I learned every inch of her patrician body. I lost track of my own orgasms, never wishing to stop. And the lovely Ana Isabel was always game to help me get ready for continued love play. Her teasing mouth was a wonder, practiced and patient, willing to work to get her way.

We took a few breaks along the way, but never for long. Lying beside her I couldn't keep my hands of that body, and when I couldn't stand the inaction, she accepted me willingly.

I could sense she was releasing herself in ways she'd been denied for far too long. I was ecstatic to be the instrument of her release.

It was nearly three when I was spooning against my Spanish love goddess, my hands still fondling and caressing her. I loved her body, and knowing that every inch of it was mine to share. My lips sought out her skin at every opportunity, nibbling, kissing, licking, tasting. Somehow, her necklace had survived the sexual marathon, and I played with it, while nibbling her shoulder.

"You should go soon," she said regretfully.

"I know, but I wish I didn't have to," I told her, kissing her shoulder. "I hate for this night to end."

She turned and kissed me gently. "It has been a most wonderful evening. Perfect. You belong here in Spain. You should stay. I can make you a very good offer. Come work with us. Take over our development team. It would be a great coupe. Bring anyone from your team you want. Stay here. Stay with me."

I kissed her back, surprised by her unexpected request. "It is an amazing offer. Incredible. But I can't right now." I kissed her neck. "God, I wish I could."

She sighed. "Maybe someday?"

"I'd like that," I told her.

"You are a bad liar. It is those women you have at home, isn't it?"

"It's difficult to explain. I'm in a relationship, yes. With some very wonderful women. But none more fabulous than you. I have obligations, and commitments," I explained.

"If that changes, remember, you are for Spain," she kissed me one last, lingering time, then climbed out of our bed. She turned to face me, a vision of loveliness. "I don't make this offer lightly, Jack. I think we could have something special. Something remarkable."

"I wish it were true. It would be difficult."

She got a hard look in her eyes. "Fuck difficult. Fuck obligations. We deserve happiness. We could make each other very happy. I believe this with all my soul. Your soul sings to mine."

I stood and took her in my arms. "You deserve more than happiness. You deserve complete joy and freedom. Someone who loves you for all the wonderful things you are. Someone who loves you completely, with all their heart and soul, freely and with complete abandon. I'm afraid at this moment, that's not me. Though God knows, I wish it were."

She hugged me tightly, clinging to me like a life preserver at sea. I held her just as tightly. Her arms lost their tenseness, and she released me. I gave her one last squeeze before she pulled away.

She picked up the phone.

"Carlos? I'm sorry we're so late. Mr. Morgan is ready to leave."

We dressed in silence, a tenseness between us that saddened me. She escorted me to the door, and pulled me down for one last kiss.

"Tell me we'll see each other again. Please. Say it."

"Ana Isabel, you and I will be together again. Someday."

I stepped out into the night, my heart feeling like it was being crushed in a vice. The sound of the door shutting behind me had a finality to it that was devastating.

I hated to lie, but I suspected that was the last I'd see of my favorite Major. And I hated it.

* * *

"Jack? It's so late, why didn't you call?" I heard Beth's voice across the many miles.

As soon as I'd arrived at my room I realized I hadn't made my nightly call. I felt terrible about it.

"Is that him?" I heard faintly in the background. Then Debbie was speaking. "Tell me you're coming home to me tomorrow. Tell me." She sounded crazy.

"Of course I'm coming home tomorrow. I get on the flight around one. I should be back in your arms before dark. Nothing's changed."

"Are you sure? You'll be here?" she asked again, almost shrilly. It wasn't like her.

"I'll be there. Being away from you has been hard. It's made me realize how much I belong with you."

"It's been terrible. Terrible. I need you here," she said on the verge of tears.

"I know. I won't leave you like this again. If I have to travel, I'll take you with me. You and Beth if we can peel her away from the pool and classes long enough."

"Just come home, Jack. Come home." I heard her pass the phone to Beth.

"Hey Jack, what's with calling so late? She's been a bear to be with."

"It was a big celebration here, for the end of the project. Everyone's been so happy for it to go well. We had tapas, dinner and dancing. This city never closes. I only got back to my room a few minutes ago."

"And still no pretty young Spanish girls for Jack?" she teased. Beth certainly didn't seem to be worked up like Debbie had been.

"Lots of girls. Our hosts made sure of that, recruiting every cute young lieutenant and admin in any way associated with the project. I've never danced so much. I'm sure I'll have blisters in the morning. But once again I came home alone. The life of the lonely traveller."

"I'm in the kitchen now," she said softly. "Debbie was inconsolable. She was convinced you'd found someone special, that we were losing you."

"Be serious. Where could I ever find a woman to match up to either of you? Never mind both of you? I'm spoiled for life."

"Make sure you tell her that." She switched subjects, "Business is looking good. We've got eight kids lined up already, for Monday. And there's several more on the fence that I think will sign up soon."

"That's wonderful. I'll tell you all about this place when I get there. I really have missed you."

"And I've missed you. The house seems so empty when you're gone."

"Come on. Four young women and a little girl? Doesn't sound all that empty to me."

"It's not the same. It'll be good to have you back. Debbie's going to need some reassurance, I think. I don't know what's gotten into her. She hasn't been herself since the day you got there."

"I can tell. It's finally over. It's been fun, and really good for business, but I'm done travelling for a while if I can help it. This gets really old, fast."

"Good. I'm going back to the room now. Try to get some rest; you'll have a long evening tomorrow."

"I'm looking forward to it. I love you Beth. Give my love to Debbie, and get some sleep."

"I think we'll both finally sleep now. Love you too. See you tomorrow."


I took a long shower, then settled into my bed, for my last night in Spain. I felt horrible about the Ana Isabel situation. I'd never committed myself to hiding anything from the girls. If it had come to it, I'd have told them about my Boss, and my flight attendant friend. But they'd never hear about my lonely Major from me.

I thought I'd pass straight out, but I found myself wondering about Ana Isabel, and what she'd do once I was gone. I was certain she wouldn't lack suitors. I could almost see her, smell her, with my eyes closed, thinking about what might have been. What possibly could be?

* * *

I woke to a warm body cuddled up to mine. A hand was gently stroking between my legs, and miraculously I was responding.

I rolled onto my back, sighing. There were a lot worse ways to wake up.

"Good morning sleepy head."

I reached out to pull her close, her head resting on my shoulder.

"I take it you had a good night?" Chris asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"Very. You?"

"Decadent. Two men. Two! I felt so naughty. And they must have found some miracle drug, because they were ready to play, long and hard."

"You little slut! Two more broken hearts left behind. I'm surprised you were able to walk this far."

"Barely. I was walking funny. I'm worn out. Thoroughly."

"Ditto." I gave her a squeeze and kissed the top of her head.

We lay quietly for a while, each lost in their own thoughts.

"What are we doing, Jack?"

"Nothing yet, but if your hand keeps that up things are going to change."

She slid her hand up to my chest and hugged me. "I mean, why are we doing this? You and I having a little fun is one thing, but it's all gotten so out of hand."

"You're irresistible."

"I'm married, Jack. I would say happily married, although my behavior this week might make that sound silly. And look at you. You've got two incredible women at home that most men would kill to be with. Either one of them. And they're both there waiting for you while we pull these stunts."

"I know. It's not what I'd expected this trip to be like. That's for sure."

"I don't know how I'm going to face him. God, the things I've done!"

I hugged her close, and it broke my heart to have her crying on my chest, sobbing hard. I soothed her, stroking her back, trying to calm her.

"It's over now. It's out of your system. He never has to know."

"But I'll know!" she sobbed. "And what about us?"

"We get off that plane, and it's over. We had our fun. Now we go back to the ones we love, and put this chapter behind us."

"Is it that easy? Are you going to forget about your Major just like that?"

"I have to. It'll be tough for a while, but I'm sure that once I'm back with the girls we'll be back to business as usual."

"I hope you're right. I don't want to lose my marriage."

"We'll have each other to lean on. Friends. No weirdness in the office, right?"

"Friends. I need a friend."

"Anytime you need to talk about it, you've got me. Remember that."

Her hand had wandered back down between my legs, and in spite of the seriousness of our discussion and her recent bout of crying, having a sexy naked woman in my bed stroking me produced the expected results.

She slowly climbed on top of me, sliding me into her moistness. "One last time, as friends?"

"Do you think I could ever say no to you?"

"When we get back you'll have to, for both of us. I'm not sure I'll be able to."

I pulled her down for a kiss. "You're stronger than me. I don't know how to say no to a woman. Sometimes I wish I did."

"Like now?" she asked.

"No. I'm happy to be with you now." I nudged with my hips, setting her to moving again.

She sat up and screwed me easily, gently, while I toyed with her breasts.

"I'm going to miss this," she said softly.

"Me too. A lot."

"Bullshit. You're never going to do without. Not in the house of lust."

"I may not do without, but I'll still miss being with you."

"Friends?" she asked, rocking against me more forcefully.

"Always. We've shared too much now."

"Yes," she moaned. "But we'll always have Spain."

"We'll always have Spain," I agreed, pulling her down to me thrusting into her hard.

It didn't take us long for her to get me off, and I held her close, while she cried again, when it was all over. Then she kissed me and got out of my bed.

"Late checkout's in less than an hour. I already called down to let them know we'd be late. I'll check in with you when I'm ready."

She walked back into her room, and I had to wonder again, if this hadn't all been a mistake. Had I done this to her? If I had just left her alone, would we both have been a lot better off?

Was I growing a conscience?

Damn it.


Thanks for reading my story. Another change up back at the house is coming. As always, votes and comments are greatly appreciated.

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