tagErotic CouplingsCyber Affair: Wildflowers

Cyber Affair: Wildflowers


Author's Note: This story was written as a series of emails from one author to another. It is a fantasy shared by two people separated by miles but connected through the Internet. The gender changes with each mail sent. This is how we conduct our version of a 'Cyber Affair". Any feedback is appreciated. We hope you enjoy.

* * * * *

From: M@hotmail.com
To: S@hotmail.com
Sent: Monday, July 9, 2001, 2:22pm
Subject: Tag, your it!

Hello Darling,

I've been thinking about you. I started a little something with you in mind tell me what you think.

Blue skies and sunshine!


I was waiting on the corner. The entrance to the park was just behind me and I was pacing nervously. A car pulled up and stopped just in front of the fountain. It honked once and I jumped, startled out of my thoughts. Turning to see him behind the wheel, I ran to the passenger side and jumped in.

"Take them off."

"What?" I was a little confused by the gruff order.

He looked pointedly at my shorts and said, "Take them off."

I remembered how he would like for me to pose, and to let him look at my body bared and vulnerable to him. I slowly worked the button and zipper until the waistband hung loose around my hips. Slowly I worked the shorts down my hips and thighs until they rested at my knees. Looking over at him, I slid my fingers down to caress the smooth bare skin and skimmed the shorts all the way to my ankles.

He stared at my hairless pussy while he drove. Occasionally he would reach his hand over to pet it while he drove, but mostly he would look. Every time we stopped at a red light he would stare longingly at it. Taking quick peeks as he drove through traffic. He drove aimlessly for almost an hour just staring at my sex as I got wetter and wetter each minute. By the end of the drive I was slipping in the seat every time he turned a corner.

I didn't know where he was driving to, but I was so ready by this time that it wouldn't matter if he stopped and took me in the middle of an intersection.

From: S@hotmail.com
To: M@hotmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2001, 1:08am
Subject:Tag, your it!

Hello My Love,

I love the way you think! Here is my contribution.

Smiles and Kisses to you!


We drove to an isolated area of the countryside, turning off onto one side road and then another, finally ending up on a dirt path that went nowhere. I parked next to a stand of trees, then walked around to open her door. She started to gather up her shorts.

I said only, "Leave them." Nothing more. She stepped out, leaving the shorts in the car, nervously looking around to see if anyone could see her nakedness, as I closed the car door behind her.

"Trust me," I said, as I slipped the blindfold over her bright blue eyes. She wore little - a t-shirt and sandals. She stood on the grass next to the car.

"Please cross your wrists behind your back, my love," I asked, and when she did I snapped the fur lined wrist cuffs on her.

Taking her arm in my hand, I said, "Come with me now, my love, we're going for a walk," and headed us deeper into the woods. I guided her around fallen logs and carefully led her on a slightly worn path I had found the previous week.

I had a blanket tucked under my other arm, and soon we arrived at the edge of a large meadow filled with wildflowers. Walking her to the center, I stopped, then spread the blanket in front of her.

"Two steps forward, my love, then kick off your shoes and sit down." I said. I sat next to her and took her shoulders in my hands, maneuvering her onto my lap facing me.

"Shh, my love," I said, "be very quiet and listen - the birds, the gentle breeze, the sounds of the woods around us. Beautiful, isn't it"

She nodded in agreement, smiling.

We sat silently for several minutes, then I leaned forward to kiss her, just a soft brushing of lips at first, then again and again. Finally deepening to full contact kissing, then I pushed my tongue between her lips and our tongues met. We kissed like that for some time, only the sounds of the birds and frogs serenading us. With the sun warming us, we kissed.

My hands moving up and down her sides, I finally gather the bottom of her T shirt in my hands and slide it up over her breasts, then pull it over her head and let it slide down her arms, coming to rest against the wrist cuffs behind her back.

As our kiss continued, my hands caressed her firm, flat belly, and upward to brush against her breasts. She was squirming, trying to move her breasts to make contact with my roaming hands. I was happy to assist, placing each hand squarely over a breast, then squeezing and kneading the firm flesh. I let my fingers slowly slide over her nipples, both at the same time, and she moaned into my mouth.

I broke the kiss, saying," I want you on your knees now, my love," and helped her move off my lap. I stood up and stripped off my clothes as she got into position, still blindfolded with her hands behind her back. She was naked, save for the t-shirt bunched around her bound wrists - her breasts bare, nipples hard. I stood in front of her, my cock a fraction of an inch from her lips.

She smelled it, I'm sure, because she instinctively opened her mouth and moved forward - her tongue sticking out to touch it first. That was something about her I had noticed when we first met - anything that goes into her mouth, she touches with her tongue first. It's pure pleasure to watch her eat a banana.

But now, watching her take my cock, just the tip of her tongue touching it first, was the single most erotic thing I've ever seen.


From: M@hotmail.com
To: S@hotmail.com
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001, 9:31am
Subject: Tag, your it!

Hello Darling,

I can almost taste you. I NEED to taste you!


Smelling the warm spicy scent of a man in heat. I lean forward with my tongue extended. Using my tongue to find the head of
your erect cock, I sigh when I make contact with the tip. There is nothing like the salty tangy taste of cock. I hum a small sound of pleasure. I
slide my tongue through the slit then curl it around the head to drag toward my mouth.

I stop with the tip of his cock resting on my lips. Teasing. Allowing my small short breaths to hit it. I hear a groan as he pushes forward into my mouth. Keeping my tongue soft to wrap around the head. I make a warm moist bed for the head to rest inside just briefly while I curl my lips around it and begin to use suction to draw it deeper into my mouth.

Again I hum. Feeling the first few inches of your shaft vibrate with the sound. I feel your hands caressing my bare
shoulders and breasts. Pinching at my nipples. I feel the breeze against my bareback and a sweet floral smell tickles my
nose along with the crinkle of body hair.

Trying to pull my arms around to caress his thighs. I am reminded that my hands are tied behind me. The slight frustration
of not being able to touch boosts my arousal and I feel a bead of moisture begin to slide down the inside of my thigh. I
suddenly want more, I want it all.

I begin to move my upper body back and forth. Dragging my lips and tongue along the hard shaft. I want to taste his cum. I
want to devour the warm moist flesh inside my mouth until it spurts cream. Grazing the head with my teeth I allow it to slip free.

Angling my head up as if looking up his body. My voice pleading, "I need you. I want to feel all of you." Taking the head
back in my mouth for an almost brutal sucking then allowing it to slip free again. Almost begging. "I want to feel your cum, in my mouth, on my face, on my breasts. I want to be smothered with you."

From: S@hotmail.com
To: M@hotmail.com
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001, 12:14am
Subject: Tag, your it!

Hello My love,

I can feel your mouth on me. Wonderful -

As she sucked my cock deeper into her mouth, I bent down to caress her breasts, her shoulder, her back. This was exquisite, her tongue and lips were rapidly bringing me to the brink of the orgasm of the century. I felt the sunshine on us, the breeze over bare skin, the scent of the flowers wafting over us as she sucked me.

Overcome with animal lust, my hands moved to her face, caressing her cheeks, then slipped the blindfold off and gripped her head, fingers slipping through her hair, grasping her head and guiding her mouth over my cock to my own rhythm. Her bright blue eyes looked up at me and our eyes locked.

She had just begged me to cum all over her, and I wasn't about to let my lady down. I felt the cum churning in my balls and forcefully pulled her face against me, driving deep into her mouth, pressing the head of my cock against the back of her throat.

The first volley shot straight down her throat, then I pulled my cock out of her mouth and shot the next one on her lips and chin. I knew there would be several more, so I aimed the next one at her breasts, covering first one, then the other with my hot cum.

Your turn,


From: M@hotmail.com
To: S@hotmail.com
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001, 1:28pm
Subject: Tag, your it!

Hello Darling,

I want you,


As his cock exploded in my throat I swallowed working my throat muscles against his cock as he pulled free of my mouth. I felt the second hot blast on my lips and smiled, my tongue licking across my bottom lip.

I looked up into his face as the next volley splashed across my breasts. Blinking against the sun I could make out the grimace of pleasure on his face. He looked almost as if in pain, but as if he were enjoying the pain.

I looked down as I felt another splash on my ribs, then again on my left breast. I laughed a husky sound from deep in my chest as I saw the slit in his glans open to spray across my chin yet again. Grabbing for his cock with my mouth capturing it between my lips. Circling it with my tongue and suckling on the head. Moaning at the wonderful musky flavor, my tongue pressing insistently against the head of his cock. Wanting more of the sticky fluid to bathe in.

Remembering to be gentle as I sucked, I stroked my tongue over his sack. Gently caressing his balls, milking him of any last drops of cum. I continued gently licking, sucking and stroking until I felt him twitch one last time then he began to soften.

Looking up at him I wondered at the strength it took to remain upright, As he bent behind me to unfasten the cuffs on my wrists. I felt a rush of pain as the muscles that had been held in one position for so long were released from strain. Then I felt the breeze on my face and was suddenly happy. I giggled as I brought my hands to my breasts. Gently rubbing. Spreading his cream into my skin as my tongue shot out to lick at my lips and chin. He opened his eyes, looking down at me on the blanket spreading his fluid all around my body.

I lifted my right breast as I tilted my chin under. I extended my tongue to delicately lick at my nipple. I heard his groan as I tasted him there. Greedily I moved my tongue to reach as much of my breast as possible before moving on to give the other breast equal treatment. The salty taste was driving me wild. I rubbed my hands down my ribcage feeling his essence coat my body.

I lay back on the blanket giving him a sun drenched view of my cum covered torso. My breasts were still peaked and reaching up to the sun. I allowed my hands to leisurely roam across my chest and abdomen, then down to the juncture of my thighs. He had joined me on the blanket and sat watching me. I closed my eyes. Enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze alternately playing over my damp body.

The fingers of my left hand wandered along the lips of my pussy. I spread my thighs. I brought my right hand up to glide its fingers along my torso collecting milky fluid as it went. Then slowly moving down to join the fingers tickling along my slit. I spread my thighs wider and slowly pressed two cum covered fingers into my body. Arching slightly and moaning, "More!"

From: s@hotmail.com
To: m@hotmail.com
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2001, 3:48am
Subject: Tag, your it!

Hello my love,

Ahh, the picture you make is too tempting. I can't wait to help out.


I watched, mesmerized, as she spread my fresh cum over her breasts and then her belly. When I saw her dip two fingers into her hot pussy, I smiled knowingly. She needed some attention in that area, and I was happy to provide it. Her wet pussy glistened in the sunlight.

Kneeling between her outspread thighs, I lay on my belly, my face inches from her sex. Cupping her ass with both hands, I brushed my nose along her slit, extending my tongue as I moved up. She pulled out the fingers she had inside herself, and offered them to my waiting lips. I sucked both them inside my mouth, tasting her juices and my cum together. She pulled her fingers away from my mouth and went back to caressing her belly and breasts. I returned my full attention to her sex, extending my tongue and licking with broad strokes the full length of her pussy, bottom to top. After a few strokes, I thrust my tongue deep inside her and wiggled it sideways, then up and down, brushing against the tight walls of her pussy, licking inside of her. My tongue moved upward slowly, finally brushing against her clit, circling around it. Firm licks directly over the tip of it, then quick short thrusts against it with the tip of my tongue.

That got her attention, as she moaned out loud, "OH GODDD!" while she writhed on the blanket. She had her feet on the ground on both sides of me, and was using the leverage to thrust her pussy against my face. As she moaned, I sucked her clit between my lips, gently brushing my teeth over it, then pulling away, letting it stretch out as it slid between my teeth and lips.

She had both arms out to her sides, outstretched fingers gripping the blanket as she writhed, moaning out her pleasure. Her clit slipped away from my lips, and I moved back in to suck her pussy lips between my lips, first one, then the other, gently nipping at the tender swollen flesh as it slid away from my mouth. Again I licked deep inside her, gathering up her moisture and swallowing it, then dipping back inside her pussy for more of her wonderful juices.

She moaned out, "OH, God, I'm gonna cum NOW!!" when I returned to suck her clit once again. As my tongue scraped over her clit, she bucked wildly against my face, her body thrashing in every direction as she was overcome with orgasm. The taste of her, the wonderful way she enjoyed this, was having a very nice effect on my as well - I could feel my cock hardening, pressing into the blanket as she came.

I gripped her ass tightly, keeping my tongue in place, now gently licking while she slowly began to come down, her moans gradually decreasing in volume and intensity. While she was still breathing hard, I said, "I'd like you to turn over, my love, and get up on your knees" as I playfully slapped her ass.

She quickly complied, her ass up in the air, resting her face against her crossed arms, still breathing in quick pants. I pushed her knees a bit farther apart, and kneeled behind her, my hard cock aligned with her wet pussy. Placing a hand on both hips, I pulled her back against me, the tip of my cock barely parting her wet lips. She moaned again, pushing back against me.

Taking the hint, I shoved deep inside her, pulling her ass hard against my thighs. I bent over her back, using my hands on her hips to hold her in position while my cock pistoned in and out of her tight pussy.

One at a time, I moved my hands to her shoulders, then using both arms, I pulled her body back against me as I impaled her, thrusting hard and fast.

From: M@hotmail.com
To: S@hotmail.com
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2001, 3:05pm
Subject: Tag, your it!

Hello Darling,

I wish you were here-

I could feel the broad tip of his heavy cock prodding for entrance to my wet hole. The only thought in my mind was to be filled. Even though I had peaked, I needed to feel full, to have the walls to my vagina stretched by that broad shaft.

I pushed back against him. Accepting him into my body as I also demanded more. The deep penetration achieved in this position enhanced the feeling of fullness. Moaning out loud I pushed back again, wanting more. Wanting him deeper, needing the roughness of it. The slapping and pulling that comes with the wild feelings clamoring inside me. A small growl escaped my lips as I reared back. Raising my torso up slightly to feel him flat against my back.

I brought one hand up to pinch at my nipples and the other slid down my torso to the juncture of my thighs. Trusting in his strength to keep us balanced and upright, I reached down to glide over my still sensitive clit. Jerking a little at the contact then going past it to feel the base of his shaft as it slid in and out of my body.

The moan that came from me sounded like another growl when I felt our combined juices dripping onto his balls. I cupped his scrotum, gently pulling and fondling it, until I heard his growl of response. My fingers moved back up to my clit slowly circling. I felt him use his teeth to apply pressure to the side of my neck just where it meets my shoulder and with another groan I felt myself shatter and fly away in a million pieces.

Have a lovely weekend. Goodbye, My darling.


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