tagLetters & TranscriptsCyber Sex 2/19/2007

Cyber Sex 2/19/2007


Glory: Hey

Indiana: Oooohhh baby...I am so hard for you!

Glory: Fuck yeah!

Indiana: I hope you're wet; I'm not in the mood for foreplay today.

Glory: Mmm yeah I'm wet! Do me now!

Indiana: Bend over, grab your ankles.

Glory: Mmm.... I'm exposing my ass to you as I bend over ... do you like my crotchless panties?

Indiana: I love the crotchless!! My cock is so hard....I press the head against your asshole and force it into your ass.

Glory: I whimper in pain and shock, but mostly shock. Your big hard cock feels so huge in my ass!

Indiana: You are so tight!! I have to try not to cum right away. I slide in and out, slowly.

Glory: I gather some juice from my pussy- while my fingers are inside me, I can feel your cock in my nearby asshole. Then I start rubbing my clit, moaning because I love how you fill up my ass.

Indiana: I pull my cock out so you can rub your pussy juices all over it... I slide back into your ass with the new lube. I can fuck you faster and harder now. Oh god it feels good! I grab your hips and thrust deep into you.

Glory: Feeling your strong hands grip my hips makes me feel so good, so controlled... I love being pounded hard in my ass, as deep as you can go! I moan as your cock plows deep into my rectum. I can feel every inch of your big cock slide in and out of my ass as it passes over every little ripple in my anus.

Indiana: Oooohhhhh FUCK, Glory....I can't take it any longer I'm going to cum!

Glory: Mmm I squeeze my ass because I know you're close... the hard pounding makes my pussy start to quiver.

Indiana: Ooohhhhh god oooooooo!!!

Glory: Mmmm yeah! I feel your cock pulse in my tight ass.

Indiana: I'mmmmm cumming in your ass!

Glory: Oh yeah baby! I'm cumming too! I rub my clit really fast as I feel some wetness. Yes, I fucking ejaculated!

Indiana: Oooohhh fuck yeah!

Glory: I am all wet from my cum and your cum. Your hot cum is so nice in my ass. My throbbing clit is a hotbutton!

Indiana: I love seeing my cum dripping out of your ass and down to your pussy!

Glory: Mmm yeah.

Indiana: Mmmm now I want to lick your clit. I lick your clit and put my fingers in your pussy to rub your G-spot

Glory: Mmm yeah, I love feeling your breath on my freshly shaved pussy.

Indiana: You taste so good, with just a hint of me.

Glory: Mmm yeah.

Indiana: I lick your clit faster.

Glory: My clit is so hot right now I'm convulsing. It hasn't 'reset' yet.

Indiana: I rub my fingers faster in and out and suck hard on your clit.

Glory: Mmm yeah suck my clit out!

Indiana: Ooooo I back off a little, feeling you squirm under me.

Glory: PUSH HARD on my G!

Indiana: Oooo I push hard on your G-spot as I suck your clit.

Glory: Mmm yeah, I love feeling your tongue on my button!

Indiana: I suck your clit and flick it with my tongue as I rub your G.

Glory: Mmm yeah my insides feel so pressured, as your long, strong fingers are putting pressure on my urethra and moving side to side just on the inside of my pussy behind my pelvic bone.

Indiana: I keep licking you and sucking your clit. I move my fingers in and out and pull hard on your pelvic bone to really pressurize the G-spot. It is so swollen from the excitement. I suck hard on your clit.

Glory: I start bucking my hips involuntarily - you are so good, your mouth and hand stay with my cunt. My breathing gets faster.

Indiana: I keep working your body, licking, sucking and applying pressure. I hold you down so you can't squirm away.

Glory: I love the feeling of being restrained, and the feeling of your strong body holding me down, along with the suction on my clit, and the pushing on my G, I gasp as I feel the orgasm start.

Indiana: I suck more and harder, feeling you start to squirm with an orgasm. I put my full body weight to hold you down; I lick you as you begin to buck.

Glory: All my muscles involuntarily tense up for a second, then suddenly relax, as they all start rhythmically contracting, letting out my second cum of the night.

Indiana: I hold you hard as you squirm. I keep licking and sucking to give you that almost painful but oh so pleasureful orgasm.

Glory: Mmmm yes, with your suction still on my clit, it definitely makes the orgasm 'painful' but the pleasure completely washes any bad pain out. I smile as I put my hands on the sides of your head.

Indiana: Mmmmmm that was fun.

Glory: Yes thanks!

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