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Cybernetic Dreams


The squalid heat of a mid summer Cyberia hung on his shoulders like a ton of bricks as he made his way down the crowded market street. Klaus brushed past a crowd of glossy eyed consumers obsessively trying to find the next best deal into a dimly lit narrow alley. The heat wasn't so bad here among the deep shadows of the buildings. Soon the noise of the crowds behind him was replaced by the constant dripping of water and the buzzing of flickering neon signs.

It was the C-5 slum, no place for the weak of heart, the place he called home. A world of it's own making, C-5 was the place of the seedy underground meat markets where any pleasure you could dream of was waiting for you, for a price. Sex, money, and drugs ruled here. The enforcers rarely set foot into this little world, and if they did they weren't here to enforce the laws. It was too early for anyone to be out, a few lonely looking characters wandered aimlessly through the street. C-5 was dead during the day, although you couldn't tell by the looks of the static gray holographic sky that reminded him of an ancient television tuned to a channel that was out of service.

Centuries ago this place was called Brooklyn, it still kept the old look he had seen pictures of in old data drives he'd run across while jacked in to cyberspace. Only everything was run down, dark and dirty. Where bright barber shop poles and painted store front glass once stood were holographic ad signs and prostitutes standing in the luminous red glass showcasing their bodies.

Coming to a red door in one of the many whore houses in the strip he pushed it open and slid past the guard with only a nod or recognition to the gruff man. He brushed a hand along the smooth skin if the sides of his head and groaned at the hangover that had been dragging him down all day. "What the hell did I drink last night?" He muttered to himself as he tried to ignore the throbbing headache.

Heading up the dimly lit back staircase to his apartment. The world around him felt heavy, hard and cold. The only thing on his mind was a bit of shuteye before C-5 became a bustling hub of biz. Leaning into the door of his apartment he sighed heavily and pushed the non descript keycard into the electronic lock and stepped into the small room with a tiny kitchenette he called home.

Dumping his messenger bag off at the door he looked to the bed in the center of the dimly lit room and smiled softly. There was one certain thing in life, Romy would always make the ornery bastard smile. Coming to kneel beside the temper foam mattress on the floor he brushed auburn hair from that angel's face and lay a kiss on her forehead. Fluttering brown eyes opened and a sleepy smile warmed that face.

"Hey baby, missed you." Romy propped herself up on her elbow allowing the thin black satin top sheet to slide away exposing her perfectly round milk white breasts. Leaning up to plant a soft peck on his lips she lowered herself back into the cool comfort of the satin and murred sleepily.

"Want some coffee?" He went to stand up and head toward the cheap plastic Japanese coffee maker when he was yanked onto the bed suddenly by the back of his pants. "We have unfinished business to take care of you snot." He found himself trapped beneath a sleepily grinning Romy straddling his lap, her palms pressing down on his chest like a kitten with it's prey.

There were no complaints from him, being he had a beautiful naked woman in his lap assaulting his neck with sweet kisses. Hard callous hands wandered up the sides of her body and held tight before he rolled her over on the bed and pinned her down with a deep kiss . Sitting back up he gave her a smug little look and canted his head to the side. "What's got into you?"

That innocent little face was given as she pouted and fluttered her eyes. "Aw I'm just happy to see you." Wrapping her legs around his back she pulled him closer to her, grinding her naked sex against the growing bulge beneath the ripped up pair of jeans he was wearing. "Looks like you are too..." A whimsical raise of her brows was given as she curled her fingers beneath the edges of his shirt and yanked it over his head before he realized it. Her lithe fingers trailed down his chest, taking in every scar on the marred surface of his chest. He was completely under her power. Unfastening the buttons to his pants she opened the fly wide open and reached inside, grabbing the swelling flesh of his cock and pulling it free from it's cotton prison. "Aw, its still so pretty." She said with a lustful voice as she rubbed the length of his tool a couple of times.

Tossing Klaus over with those powerful legs she straddled him once more, giggling at his surprised expression. Klaus merely lay there grinning like an idiot, the fact that she was able to toss him around so easily was just that much more of a turn on for him.

Klaus watched her as she crawled backwards, he hooked his thumbs in his jeans and lifted his hips to pull them farther down as Romy tanked on the legs of the stubborn pants. Unceremoniously she tossed the pants over her shoulder to let them land on the television broadcasting the black and white static of a dead channel. A sudden bite to his thigh made him jump as he heard Romy giggle again. "That's for not kissing me goodbye this morning."

hose wild brown eyes stared up at him as she slid her pink tongue the length of his shaft before wrapping her beautiful soft lips around the head of his cock, rolling over the hard hungry flesh with her tongue before giving the head a kiss. "And that's for being one sexy bastard!"

Her petite hands moved over his stomach and scratched back down leaving angry red marks as she moved her mouth around the throbbing cock, teasing the sensitive head with that talented tongue. Klaus was beside himself with crippling pleasure. Unable to find a coherent thought in the onslaught. He felt her stop for a moment, causing him to open his eyes.

Finding her pretty round ass in his face was a surprise to him, he hadn't expected her to move that fast. She moved her mouth down to the base of his cock before she grabbed the base of the tool and stroked it in rhythm of those sucking lips.

The exotic scent of her nectars filled his senses as he grabbed her ass and licked his tongue along that dripping snatch. Parting her dripping lips he plunged his tongue inside of her, fully immersing himself in the pleasure of making her squirm with his mouth. He explored every bit of her pussy before pushing back her hood with his tongue and licked slowly over the hungering pink nub.

She pushed her pussy hard into his face in response, nearly smothering him with the juicy delicious flesh. He felt her nails scratch up his thighs and stop just near his balls where her hands gently stroked the sensitive flesh.

She moved away from him, circling over his body like a kitten looking for a comfy place to lay down. Klaus sat up on his elbows as she straddled over him and grabbed his cock as she lowered herself onto it. The velveteen lips parted to engulf the wet skin inside of that hungry tight hole, those hot walls gripping firmly to his cock.

He groaned in pleasure as she began to rise up and down on him, pushing her hands onto his chest causing him to fall back into the bed. He felt those breasts crush against his chest, soft and supple with her hard nipples pressing into his. He wrapped his arms around her back after she grabbed onto his shoulders and began to push herself down on him.

Whimpering gasps were given from the two as they were entwined in the embrace. That hungry wet sex gliding effortlessly over the hard thick cock, the mechanics of erotica. Fingernails diggings and moans growing as they passionately moved together as they rolled off the bed and onto the hardwood floor.

Her legs around his back she moaned as Klaus pushed against her, burying his cock completely inside that quivering pussy. Pushing her back on the polished floor his loins ached with the burning desire of exploding inside of her. He could tell she was close too, she always bit at her lower lip and squeezed tighter when she was going to cum. Kissing her deeply and letting their tongues intermingle over and over, and worshipping that delicate neck of hers he felt the passions move them away to a better place where only the two of them existed.

He felt that quivering clench as her juices flooded over his cock and let himself go, his body rejoicing in the pure white light of pleasure. "oh gods.. Romy..." He managed to choke out in the immense waves of ecstasy washing over the two before he held tight to her, kissing her deeply. His hips pushed hard and slow until their shared climax subsided and slowly slid out of her. Rolling to lay beside her he pulled her over to his heaving chest and she set her head on the scarred surface where a bullet nearly took his life. Pressing her ear against the flesh she listened to the beating heart rejoicing in the exhilaration of the moment.

Love ya..." The simple poignant words were uttered, he had said it a million times before but it still made his heart soar saying it to Romy. "Love ya too" She murmured and close her eyes, those hands holding tight to him as she murred softly.

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