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Cybersex Memories


I loved every moment of
your kiss
your touch
your tongue
your wonderful tongue...
Feeling your hands and
fingers on my breasts
I moan
shivers radiating
down to my very core
soft tongue everywhere
seeking my heat
my passion
you were here
you were really here
I came with your mouth on me
glorious contractions
wanted to keep
your mouth on me
how hot you felt
with your first thrusts
bracing myself
your pounding fury
again and again
a slap on the rump
hot, so fucking hot
inside of me!
I loved how you pulled my hair
as I began to cum
my head came back toward you
tension increased wildly
fireworks began
shattered stars in the heavens
sent trails of light in the darkness
in waves
in a pool of love
I can still feel you inside of me...

sweet, sensual man,
I long to have you in my mouth
to taste your passion
on my lips...
stay there, I'll be so gentle
just stay there
through my night...

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