tagErotic CouplingsCyndi Finally Gets Her Young Man

Cyndi Finally Gets Her Young Man


I had been working at an designer apparel warehouse in Tennessee probably since it opened. I always enjoyed my time there flirting with all the guys that I worked in shipping with was a blast. I mean I know I am not the sexiest woman in the world physically, but being sexy is a lot in your attitude and baby I got the attitude.

I am not ugly or anything so please do not think that I am I just turned 39 years old. I am roughly 5' tall with a thick head of curly salt and pepper hair; I always keep a nice tan year round. I have a nice ass it is a bit big but it is firm. My breasts are a nice C cup. So I am not homely or anything but I do carry a bit of extra weight but I do carry it very well.

So anyway onto the point of this story, I have been here for almost 8 years when this new guy got hired straight out of High School named James. Him and me worked together a lot when he first started here, it took me awhile but I broke him out of his shy and quite shell. I really was into him a lot since he wasn't offended by anything so I could be my full crazy self. We always seemed to talk about sex no matter what, we joked about it more then anything, but I always made sure he knew I did not care to cheat on my husband.

James like me was not exactly a stud or anything but he was definitely cute he usually kept his head shaved or at least cut really short. He was 6'1 inches tall with a red goatee and brown eyes. He carried a bit of extra weight but he was by no means fat he looked good. He had one ear pierced and usually wore a silver hoop in it. I really liked it, the combination of the hoop and the goatee along with that great fuck in all attitude made him hot to me.

As time went by James and I became closer and closer, I started telling him on a daily basis about these dreams I was having about him and me having sex. He joked about them with me but he never seemed to take me seriously; which really started getting under my skin because the more he joked the more he made me want to throw him down and do insane things to him.

Well finally one day enough was enough work was slow and they were letting all of us go home early. So I decided to hatch a plan to get what I need from him, so I hauled ass out the door and headed to the nearest motel down the road. I got our boss to delay James, so I had enough time to get the room and get ready for him. Robbie our boss told James to go to the Richland Inn and go to room 113 immediately after he left the parking lot. I can only imagine what the hell was going through his mind as he drove out of the lot and headed down the road to the inn.

I could see his shadow outside the door as he gently knocked, I imagine he was beyond nervous as he showed up there. I yelled for him to just come on in, he opened the door slowly and I almost laughed as I watched his eyes dart open as he saw me laying there naked my arm covering my bare breasts and my other hand over my freshly shaved pussy. I could see the bulge in his pants starting to form as he stared at me speechless. "Well Mrs. Moore what do you have on your mind today?" He asked me nervously, as he couldn't take his eyes off me.

I crawled across the bed keeping my eyes locked on his the whole time; he was lightly sweating as he stared back into my eyes. "Come on James, you know you want this as much as I do." I told him as I lay on my back and held my legs open for him.

James quickly jumped on the bed and pulled my pussy lips apart, his tongue danced across my clit. The shock waves ripped through my body like electric waves. I was instantly dripping wet his tongue was very very talented. He licked and sucked my pussy like I never felt before; I involuntarily locked my legs around his head as I moaned harder and harder from his tongue darting across my pussy. He sucked and nibbled on my clit, before he slid his tongue deep inside my pussy. "Oh my god!" I screamed out as I squeezed my own nipples hard. My eyes were rolling back into my head as his tongue surprisingly hit my asshole. I had never experienced anything like that before.

I was breathing harder and harder, my breasts heaving up and down as my orgasm built up again and again. The multiple orgasms were something I rarely experience since no man ever ate me like this before. He kept lick and sucking all my juices like a madman, my body trembled and shook as he slid 2 fingers inside me and began working over my clit. My head spun as I finally had to scream out for him to stop, I just couldn't take it anymore the pleasure was becoming too intense.

James stood up from my dripping wet pussy; I could see my juices smeared across his face and in his matted goatee. He without a word stood up and peeled his jeans and shirt off; I looked at his throbbing cock. He was not huge but rather 6 to 7 inches but his cock was very thick which is what I loved more then anything. I inched up on the bed with my head laying against the headboard as he climbed the bed holding his turgid member tightly in his hand. He finally spoke as his cock was a mere inches away from being inside me. "Cyndi, I don't have a condom." He spoke in a very nervous and shy tone.

"Don't worry baby you can't knock me up!" I told him in a commanding tone. Mentally I was just thinking shove it in babe.

He popped just his head in first, I moaned hard as my pussy stretched to accommodate his thick dick; my hot wet pussy wrapped around his shaft. He grunted hard as his eyes rolled back in his head, I was almost in a state of shock and disappointment, as I realized that my hot moist bald pussy was too much for him to take as he was already exploding inside me. I bit my lip nervously as I wonder what we should do now, but it didn't seem to matter to him as his cock stayed rock solid and he began to start thrusting rhythmically in and out of me.

I could hear the sound of his thick hot cum splashing out of me and landing all over him with each thrust. He was beginning to grunt harder and harder as he lifted my legs over his shoulders, his cock was banging in and out of me faster and harder. I could see the sweat forming on his brow as he stared deep into my eyes. The headboard on the bed was beginning to bang on the wall with each powerful stroke, I seemed to be moaning and screaming louder and louder with every stroke. I could fell the orgasm building inside me; it felt like wonderful agony as my orgasm built up. I was almost biting through my lip to stay quite when I felt his hand on my throat telling me he wanted to hear my every moan and scream. It was all way too much for me as I finally got the orgasm I had been waiting for; it felt like a 1000 volts of electricity ripped through my body. I screamed and writhed in wonderful pleasure.

James continued to pound in and out of me all the way through my orgasm. His sweat dripping off his face onto me, his face contorted as another orgasm hit for him. He once again slowed and barely pumped his cock in and out of me, I wrapped my legs around his waist to hold him inside me I wanted to milk every drop of his thick seed inside me. But what happened next was something that I couldn't believe; he actually began to pick up the pace again. I was in shock and awe as his hips began to thrust back and forth again; he had came twice and was still fucking me. My body had begun to reach a level of pleasure I had never felt before, my orgasms began to come one after another almost going into a state of constant orgasm.

My juices and his cum were splashing all over the place as he kept the hard pace up. The headboard beating the wall, his balls beating against me so hard it almost hurt. He grunted like some kind of animal as his pace was reaching a fever pitch. His fucking was hurting so good, I could hardly stand all the orgasms I was having my body trembled and shook hard almost non-stop. I was raking my long red nails up and down his back, I knew I had to be ripping the skin off but it only seemed to make him fuck me harder.

His cock continually pounding in and out of me fiercely made me scream harder and harder. I was damn near biting through my bottom as my writhed all over the bed; James wrapped his fingers around my throat as he pounded me like his personal slut. "I want to hear all your moans!" He grunted at me as I opened my mouth to unleash all my pent up moans and screams that I had been trying to hold back. I could hear his breathing becoming faster and harder I knew he was about to cum again.

I wondered to myself how much he could have left as I felt his cock spasm inside me, he felt like he was flooding my pussy again. His sweaty body fell against mine as he pumped into me his final few strokes; I wrapped my legs tightly around him. I wanted to milk every single drop of his cum from his cock. He lay against me his cock still slightly hard inside me, he was trying to catch his breath as my body still trembled and shook.

I looked him in his wonderful brown eyes and asked him. "Are you a real man?" He looked at me and just smiled; he knew exactly what I was referring to from all the years we have been working together I had always told him what I believed a real man was.

James crawled off of me and the bed he grabbed my hands and pulled me off the bed, we stood there kissing each other deeply our tongues twisting around each other as our hands ran all over each others bodies. He lay back on the bed and motioned for me to crawl on top of him, I slowly did what he was telling me to do. He grabbed my thighs and pulled me all the way up to his mouth, his tongue was probing my cum filled pussy as I sat over his face. He was using a finger to rub my swollen clit as his tongue was probing my pussy for his cum. He lifted me slightly up just to tell me "I am a real man I will eat what I fuck!"

My body shivered with those words as my eyes were rolling around inside my head. My body was again building towards another orgasm; I couldn't believe how easily James was making me cum now. It was making me so hot knowing he was under me eating his own cum out of me. My head thrashed back and forth as I was already cumming again. I grabbed the headboard and used it to help me turn around I moved my hips back and forth over his face before I lowered my head to his cock.

I opened my mouth wide to take it all in, I swallowed all of his cock taking in all in. I deep throated his cock as he let out a loud moan. I sucked up and down his shaft my red lips leaving lipstick stains all over his shaft. His cock was so sensitive that he could barely keep licking my pussy every time I swallowed his cock. I was in heaven, as I tasted my own juices all over his dick, his tongue was still probing my pussy when he surprised me by moving his tongue to my ass.

I had never really let a man do anything to my ass until now, I thought about protesting but it felt so good I didn't want him to stop eating my ass. But I figured that if he could I could also, so I sucked my middle finger getting it good and wet before sliding in it his ass. I was expecting a loud yell but instead was greeted by his cock becoming rock solid again. I sucked hard and fast on his dick as I fingered his ass deep and hard. He grunted hard and loud as he couldn't keep eating me as I took over fucking his ass, I kept up the pace sucking and fingering hard and fast as his dick began to jerk hard. He was cumming again very little was actually cumming out but I swallowed it all.

I rolled off of him and moved up next to him, I laid my head on his shoulder and looked at him I could see all of our cum all over his face. I kissed him again tasting us all over his lips, we lay there for a few minutes just catching our breath before we both fell asleep. I slept so soundly as did he, after several hours we woke up in time for us both to make it home.

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